The so called “kristallnacht” is a jew mafia fraud – and it’s easy to prove!

Watch this video that shows synagogues in Germany that is burning. Notice first how big … no … how Gigantic they all are. Next notice where those synagogues are located, right in the city center – right next to houses where german was living. 


Any civilian german caught with torching a house would be severe punished. Any SA or other german soldier torching houses in big city would probably be shot. There is no way that Hitler and Co would have allowed that synagogues en mass to be torched in Germanys biggest cities. Period.


No, the simple truth here is that the jew mafia torched every single synagogue in Germany 1938! That is the truth. What you have to understand is we are dealing with the branch of the jew mafia called Zionism. Most people don’t know the first thing about zionism so lets look at the history of zionism.


The main idea is that every jew one day shall return to Israel. The religious judaism says that shall happen when God says so. The zionist says: We can’t wait for God, we have to do it ourself. Most jews at this time late 1890 rejected zionism as blasphemy, against God’s will.


The zionist where few but extremely influential. The zionist got it their way, israel is proof of that, but the zionist had one major problem: Very few jews did want to go to Palestine. The first zionist settlement in Palestine in 1880, payed for by Edmund Rothschild, see Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971. Some few jews did go to Palestine in wawes from 1880 to 1920, but 80 percent or more returned to where they came from or moved on to a new country.


Most jews did NoT want to “return” to Palestine and the few that tried left after a short while. The zionist jew mafia diden’t doing well but they where totally dedicated to the zionist cours, to colonise Palestine with jews.


What you have to understand that the zionist jew mafia lacks any sympathies for jews who diden’t want to go to Palestine. “One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland” ….Izaak Greenbaum


jews against

What you have to understand is that a jew who diden’t want to go to Palestine was of no value whatsoever to the zionist jew mafia. The jews in Germany did not want to go to Palestine. If the zionist jew mafia could make one jew go to Palestine by burning down the biggest synagogoue in Germany, guess what, the zionist jew mafia would torch that synagogoue, and that is what the zionist jew mafia did November 9 1938 in Germany.


I consequent write the JEW MAFIA, not the jews as in all the jews, and that is because not all the jews are moving as one body, not all jews are mafia, but the jews that belongs to the jew mafia has NO limit to what they are prepared to do in the name of the “course”. The jew mafia do NoT hesitate one second to kill other innocent jews that has nothing whatsoever to do with the deed.


Just look up SS Patria and King David Hotel in Jerusalem. A jew mafia kills innocent jews. The zionist jew mafia did this – not the german people or the “Naaazzzis”.


“Kristallnacht- German pogrom of 1938” – o5:20 video


Video Click Here

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