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This blog have 100 books in full text online about the global crime network known as “The Jew”. lt is NOT links to Amazon or somewhere else you can buy the book, it’s here in full text. Copy-past and read the books, l did, well at least 80 of them.

This blog is about full text books in one page, easy to read and easy to copy and save. It will take you less then five minutes to copy and past even the biggest book.

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Your TRUE history explained easy

I dont know what more evidence you want, here are evidence abundant that Hitler was forced to go to war – Hitler did NOT want war. But this dont start with Hitler, it started many years before anyone heard of Hitler.

Read the rest – Click here

A jew tell the truth about jews – short video


This video make me sick. Jews shooting children for – sport. Gaza is nothing but a shooting range with live game for the criminal jews.

“13 Year Old Shot with Live Ammunition in Palestine” – video.

Criminal jews kills children for sport

Why the jew mafia hates irans president – short video o:59


500 + videos about the global jew mafia

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  1. I will put your blog in my blogroll…

    Nice blog…

    Tabik… :)

  2. Hoff, I have just stumbled upon your Fantastic Site!!!. My parents had a copy of “Our Crowd” and one day I decided to read it. Only later after I had read NDCC did I realize these same people want me dead or a serf and we know they don’t care which.
    About 2 years ago I discovered Douglas Reed and I am reading Far and Wide at the moment before I delve into The Controversy of Zion. I have also read Insanity Fair. It’s good to see Eustace Mullins on here. I recommend iamthewitness.com and realjewnews.com for starters. Stay Strong. nomad

  3. Hi, thx 8O) Our Crowd, yes that would be good to have here. Real Jew News . com is a good start for beginner and Judicial-Inc. org or biz

    This is the first time I have seen a piture of the haircut. Just belove mid page. The gas chambers was about killing the Typhus lice. The gassing had nothing to do with jews. Every single person got gassed – including the germans.

    The lice egg dont die from the gassing, that is why everybody got a haircut, physical removing the Typhus-lice egg. The haircut had nothing to do with jews. Zyklon-B is a bug spray, you can buy it at your local shop, just ask for bug spray.

    When done reading click Judicial-Inc at bottom page to goto Main Page.

    Haircut mid page


  4. Great site! Excellent source of information.

  5. Hoff it’s Marsh from Incog’s- I just found these FANTASTIC A+ audio links on Bolshevism from top to bottom. Would be great for you to get together with these guys, give a listen when you get some time


    E-mail me anytime Hoff :-D

  6. http://www.thetruthseeker.com.uk/?=27073

  7. tried to leave link to Fred Leuchters forensic evidence about the holocaust at thetruthseeker site.
    But it didn’t work,mustif done something wrong,Im still learning to do this.

  8. you are very knowledgeable Hoff,on all things about ww2 and the jews.

  9. Hoff,why is my comment still awaiting moderation?

  10. Your a ledge old Hoffy,you son of a gun.

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