Lost illusion by Freda Utley

This book is most interesting and the reason is that Freda Utley was married to a jew from Russia, and she was a naive communist that moved to Soviet in the 20s.  She describe herself as middle class in Soviet. She saw the famine in Soviet with her own eyes.


Revival of Serfdom is a recommended chapter. Only insane communist can defend the wholesale massmurderer in Soviet. Those insane communist are today calling themself “journalists” and occupies all the jew owned “media”. They dont say a word about the slaughterhouse Soviet masskilling factories – but they can rant NAZI NAZI NAZI!


How many times on a daily basis do you hear about NAZI atrocities?

Stalin? Ohh … We call him Uncle Joe.


The primary question is : Who owns the state? 


This is the first ex-communist or any other before who asked: Who own the state?

The workers? This book will take you out of that illusion. The secret police owns the state and the Soviet secret police was TOTALLY controlled by jews!


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The book


Freda Utley.com

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