The “soap made from jews fat” L-I-E debunked once and for all pictures from Jerusalem-Post

This jewish lie really – and I mean REALLY pisses me off!


Why? Because I have been to Jerusalem in Palestine and the holohoax “museum” and seen those “soap made from jews fat” firsthanded. They was on wooden shelfs above head, so you had to look up, the whole place was like a cave and candles all over in the daytime.


I remember this very well because I was looking and thinking a lot if you really can make soap from human fat? At that time it was a “irrefutable fact” that no one could question, just the same as the holohoax is a “irrefutable fact” no sane can dispute.


Its a lie, the jews have even DNA-tested the soap and not one trace of human DNA. We have all been LIED to for decades about the “soap” and when even the jews admit it was a lie, then its page 12 in Jerusalem-Post. And not only that, the fucking lying jews have the nerve to say that it was the germans who made it all up, to scare the jews.


When I started educat myself about the jews, the first thing I realised was that the jews lie, and the jews will lie about anything to anybody if it gains the jews. 19o2 a leading jew in America, S Weiss claimed that six million jews had perished,. Then during the  FIRST world war the jews lied and said that six million jews perished.


The First Holocauast – book

Lying jews – once a lier – always a lier!


Other site


The jews are proven lier, so the question is not if the jews lies, the question is: What more have the jews lied about to us?

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  1. Hoff, you are right!

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