Jesse Owens (black) and Hitler

This is an article but reads like a book. It show very clear how we all have been lied to about anything to make Hitler look like a madman, climbing the curtains and chewing on carpets, foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies, blaming everything on the jews.

This is hate propaganda and we are told to hate what the jew mafia wants us to hate. We are being brainwashed by the jew owned propaganda-machine and tought to hate what the jews hate. Hate is one of the jews 22 secret weapons. If you can aim hate you got a powertool, and the jew mafia knows everything there is to know about hate and how to aim the hate at the enemies of the jews.


We are told to hate 24-7. About white men you can say anything you want, any white male is in essence a new Hitler to the jews. Read any jew owned paper and the hate propaganda agains white males are all over. We are being told to hate white men and there is not one problem in the world that cant be blamed on the white man.


You can say anything you want about muslims, anything goes, just read any jew owned paper. That is hate propaganda and its jews who is behind and that is “freedom of speech” to the jews. Now, ask any modest question about what the jews are doing and the very same jews that ranted “freedom of speech” and spewed hate, will tell you that YOU is a hater, nazi, bigot, reactionary, etc etc. To the jews hate is right as long you hate the people they tell you to hate.


When you dont do as the jew mafia tells you to do, then you will immediately be labeld hater. To the jews there are only two kind of people, good people, the jews and bad people, all non-jews. We are brainwashed into hating Hitler and all non-jews that hates Hitler are acceptable non-jews to the jews. Any non-jew that say Hitler was not that bad in some regards is a hater to the jews. We are told that Hitler hated negros. Really …?!



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