“In Defense of Anti-Semitism” – that ridiculous bogus word

The bogus smear-slander word “antisemite” means that a mafia jew is accusing YOU to be a NAZI.

Forget all other nonsense blablabla about semite etc. This has NOTHING whatsover to do with anything but a jew is accusing people of being Nazis. A “nazi” to a jew is every single non-jews in the whole world. Black or white, yellow or red skin dosent matter. To understand this you must understand how the jews think.

Most people do think that there is no difference between non-jews and jew. The jews have 22 secret weapons and this is one of those weapons. Jews know how YOU think, but you dont know the first thing about how jews think. If the jews knows everything about you because they have studied you very carefully and you think that the jews think like you do, who do you think have the upper hand? The jew or you?


“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”) – Video


The book


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