My opinion about the global criminal jew mafia has NOTHING to do with the book called the protocols of zion, I havent even read the whole book, just a few excerpts. My opinion about the jew mafia is solely based on what the jew mafia themself say they are doing and by their proven actions. And what the good jews say that the jew mafia is doing and how they are doing it. There are many good jews who opposes the jew mafia and are doing their best to wake up the non-jews and jews alike to what the criminal jew mafia is doing.

I have not read the whole The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. To me the protocols is proof of nothing except that someone evidently wrote or copy and past from other books a little book with the title The Protocols of Zion. The evidence is that the book was published in Russia 19o5 in a major russian paper.


What the protocols proves is that it was an educated man that wrote the protocols before 19o5. Women dont think and write the way the book is written. This is more then hundred years ago and very few people had this high education at that time. I think that its most likely that the protocols are genuine and written by jews.  But fake or real dosent matter to me and should not matter to anyone else, simply because if something is written down you must have people to implement, to make the plan work in real life. Soooo … what is writte on a piece of paper is proof of nothing – until some jews try to make that blueprint for world domination into action.

There are some that say that most of the points in the protocol is already in action. Some are, for one the jew mafia owns the whole propaganda-machine in the western worl, what you call ”media”. That is a well established fact and so is that jews control Hollywood, the worlds biggest propaganda-machine. To deny or refusing to to admit the importance and the impact that fact, is like saying the earth is flat. Many people is in denial of this fact and as I wrote in my post The 22 Secret Weapons of the jews, stupidity and ignorance among non-jews is a bliss to the jews.

-The jews are just like us and so what does it matter that jews own the whole propaganda-machine?

It matters because when you own the whole propaganda-machine you can tell the (m)asses anything you like, and the jews loves to tell us how much the jews are just like us. Did you get that? The jew tell YOU 24-7 that jews are just like you, and you belive the jew. But what if the jew is lying to you?

If I was a jew and knew that the protocols was real, would I tell you that? Of course not, I would ridicule anyone that say the protocols are real. And what more, stupid and ignorante people loves to ridicule people for the simple reason that when they ridicule, they think they are smart. Again, stupidity and ignorance is the mafia jews best friend.


This blog is about books about jews and the protocols exist and that is the reason Im posting the protocols up, for educational purpose. To me the protocols has no importance whatsoever, I dont base my opinion about the jew based on the protocols and neither should you. But what if they are real and some jews is trying to make the protocols happend? What are you going to do then? Keep beliving the jews that tells you that you are just like the jews in your head?  Instead of reding the protocols you might be better of reding the jews ”bible”, the Talmud and ask yourself: Is the jew like me in the head?

The book

Chapter by chapter

Talmud Unmasked

Waters flowing eastward – Did the protocol come from here?

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  1. Perhaps you should read some of the scholarship on the Protocols. I highly recommend Nesta Webster’s book ‘World Revolution,’ in which she digs into the literary predecessors of the Protocols and shows links to documents 100+ years earlier. Incidentally, she also debunks the well-worn but erroneous thesis that the Protocols were plagiarised by Joly. Far likelier, both texts used a third source in common. Ciao

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