Heresy in twenty first century France

Or how the global jew mafia will rule the world.

This man got prison and the state, the “democracy” France stole everything he owns. The state has utterly destroyed this man. Why? Because he says he dont belive the jews when they say that six million jews died in “gas chambers”, thats why.


What the jew mafia does is that they write the laws and then turn the whole state apparatus against its own people. The first law in the jew run Sovjet was death penalty for the bogus word “antisemit” accusation. That is a jew written Hate Law, and it is EXCATLY the same Hate Law that France, Germany and soon the whole EU uses to crush its own citizens.


The only difference is that the state dont kill people over Hate Crime, but to get you life smashed by the state and get five year prison and all your property stolen by the state is next to be killed.


What the Global Jew Mafia wants is a global Hate Law on “antisemitism” and the are on the way to get it. In Jerusalem ther is a new Supreme Court, paid for by Rothschild. The next thing the jew mafia wants is that to be the Supreme Court of the whole world. What the jew mafia wants is that all countries in the world shall expel its own citizens and send them to Jerusalem. And the only thing a jew – any jew – has to do that is to accuse anyone of being an “antisemite”.


Once you are in Jrerusalem, do you think you are nothing but a palestinian to the jews? You are even lower because what the accusation “antisemite” really means is that ONE jew accuses you of being a NAZI. Ask any jew what he or she thinks of a NAZI. How do you think a NAZI will be treated in “israel”?


The day you dont dare talk back to a jew and say that you dont belive what the jew say is the truth, that is the day YOU are the jews slave. Search for Ernst Zundel and Fredrick Toben. The global jew mafia got Ernzt Zundel expelled from USA to Canada and then to Germany, total seven years prison because some jews accuses Zundel of being a NAZI. Toben lives in Australia and was in London, the jew mafia in Australia accuses Toben of being a NAZI, and the jew mafia in Germany called the jew mafia in London and got Toben in jail. If you think Im paranoid, dont tell me that – tell Zundel and Toben and the man that wrote this book, that they are just paranoid and that they are just imagen that they are hunted by the global jew mafian and in prison, that the state steals their property and so on is not really happening.


They are not the only ones, there are many, many more that jews have accused to be NAZIS and crushed the life for, but you dont know this because the jew owned “media” dont tell you what they are doing behind the screen. Internet is the only chance you will hear about this and guess what? The jew mafia is doing all it can to censor internet. They already do it in Germany and got 10.000 books banned. Yes, that is four zeros. 1984 anyone?


As the jews say: Next year in Jerusalem!


The book

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