The jews in the eastern war zone by ajc 1916

The Global Jew mafia propaganda from 1916. Compare that with todays jew mafia propaganda.

Its pure bull repeated all over again. Lies then and lies today.

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  1. This is straight from AJC, American Jewish Committee and that is the globel jew mafia HQ. AJC was started by a small number of self chosen jews and I think they were 30 at the most. Among them of course Jacob Schiff, the global jew mafia boss. I stress GLOBAL jew mafia, because what everyone must understand is that this mafia jews operates on a global scale. Do you think Mossad, the jew mafia terroristorganisatio is restricted to operating in Palestine?

    Those super rich jews was who organised the jew coup in Russia 19o5 and 1917. The first time I read that Jacob Schiff and other super rich jews was financing the communist coup in Russia, I simply refused to believe it and did for many years that it was a conspiracy theori by paranoid jew haters. For what reson would rich jews support communists?

    Jacob Schiff & Co did support, and not only that, they lead the onslaught on Russia. The key to understand this is to understand how jews think. Communism is all about take control of the state and that jews shall control the state. Communism is the biggest jewish fraud in history of man second only to the holohoax. Because once the jews control the state they can steal everything and take all non-jews as slaves.

    If you call that capitalism or communism the jews dont care about as long as the jews control the state. Not one jew would touch a hair on any of the super rich jews. Jacob Schiff and the Rohschild had nothing to fear as long as the jews controls the state.

    Most people do not understand how jews think, most non-jews believe that jews think like themself. They dont and that is the reson why the jew mafia is getting away with it. All jews think: Is it good for the jews? 99 percent of all jews are communist. Some jews calls themself socialdemocrats or liberals, but that is all watered down communism and dosent matter because the extremist jews will take over and then all the other jews will follow the extream jews. Just look at ”israel” politic, its the extremist jew who sets the agenda.

    If you read into the differente groups who fought ower being top dog in Sovjet you will see that two of the major groups was totally dominated by jews and the most extreme, the bolshevik took over Russsia and renamed it Sovjet. The bolshevik jews called the other jews for Menshevik, mening The minority. (actually funny 9o)

    Well, open any paper or watch TV, and its all JEWS JEWS JEWS. It dident start yesterday, the difference is that the jew mafia hadnt taken control of all the media in 1916. Jewish propaganda 1916 JEWS JEWS JEWS !!!

    Then compare with this propaganda in American Hebrew from 1919 – six million dead jews 1919.

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