The latest about the fake “jews”

This will be a mixed bag. Anything that is connected with the lying fake “jews”. lf you don’t know what fake “jews” are, search: AshkeNAZI or Khazar.

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  1. Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971. o,8 meter, A4, small print. Entry: Holocaust. Some 30 A4 pages. The table of content is a half A4 page and not once is the word Million, Six million or even the word Gas chambers in the content table. ln 30 pages there is not ONE reference to, million, six million or any Gas chambers. Encyclopedia Judaica is available in any major library in the whole world. Go check for yourself. Do that!

    This was written – by jews – 25 years after ww2 ended.
    l guess they forgot.


    Jews and global drug trade.

  2. British Invasion of Russia 1918-1922

    On March 3, 1918, Vladimir Lenin negotiated the separate peace at Brest-Litovsk. Shortly afterwards, on July 23, 1918, British Armies invaded Russia. The initial goal of this intervention that lasted over four years and ended with evacuation of the British troops at Vladivostok in October of 1922 was to bring Russia back into the war against Germany.

    The Great Britain and her Allies attacked Russia from the North, landing troops in Murmansk and Archangelsk, from the East, landing troops in Vladivostok and from the South, landing troops at Batumi. The coalition lead by Britain lost about 235,000 soldiers, the Red Army about 1,000,000. Joseph Stalin took part in this war which helps to explains his initial reluctance to enter the war against Germany on the side of the Great Britain two decades later.

    Anyone have more info on this?

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