38.000 White Women Raped by Niggers Every Year in America

Zero black women is raped by white niggers every year. All rapist are niggers. 


This is official data from FBI. ln Europe 75 percent of all rapes are done by immigrants, mainly arab niggers and african niggers.


The jews fraud egalitarianism, we are all equal, the only difference is skin deep, says that race dosen’t matter. Turn on Talmud Vision, TV, listen to any jew owned radio or rad any jew owned “paper” in the whole western world and what do the jews rant nonstop 24-7? Race.  White race, black race, colored race. Ny race. 


What the jews are doing is that they pit people against each other, on race, religion, women against men, homos against straight people, or whatever the jews can find to stir up tension between people.  The jews support that white people are assulted by any group of people. But when white people are in fact the victims by colored people the jews don’t give a fuck. This is so blatant in your face that only retarded people can refuse to see the jews agenda. Yes, it’s the jews!

38.000 white women raped by niggers in America EVERY year

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  1. Those bastards are going to be taken down from invisible sources soon!!!! They won’t know what hit em.

  2. I was with you until you started blaming all jews for everything. Open your eyes dude, there are jewish people with the same ideas ad you. You see the liberal, godless “so called Jews” and think we’re all that way. Justice WILL come one day and they will be taken down with the rest of the garbage. A real Jew.

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