Wall Street and-the Bolshevik Revolution

The Book + Video


Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler


Major Jordan’s Diaries

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Douglas Reed Rediscovered

The Book – Click Here


All Douglas Reed’s Books

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High Priests of War

Where have all the jewish Neo-Con’s gone? The jews that made America go and destroy lraq for no other reason that the jews told the stupid Americans to do that.


The Book

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Super-Jews Brag They Put a Sock ln Your Mouth

Look back 10 years and see how long freedom of speech and thought have been under attack by jew supremacist hate-mongers. — — — — Thought for the Day: Two telling quotes from the New York Times, November 11, 1998:

“Thank God it’s so different today,” Mr. Wiesel said. “Today, there are Jewish presidents at Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Northwestern.

Deborah Lipstadt, professor of Religion at Emory University in Atlanta and well-known Holocaust Enforcer:

“People know they can’t behave that way or say these things publicly, and that’s progress.”

 You get that? To the jew supremacists, “progress” is YOU with the jew boot rammed into your mouth and mind.


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The Transfer Agreement

Mandatory reading. l have read this at least ten times.

Just Read It

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