Nazi-Zionist Collaboration

There are a number of books written by jews about how some jews cooperated with nazi-Germany on a official level. This is such a book and here is the headline for one chapter:


11.1    Zionist enthusiasm about the Holocaust


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  1. Israel: Attempting to take away Canadians Freedom of Speech Imagine going to jail or being fined because you say something against Israel. If they are committing crimes and you talk about it you could go to jail for talking about a criminal act.
    Conservatives selling out Canadian rights
    Israel want’s to mussel them. Be sure to [pass this on to any Canadians you know. This is going on without their knowledge or approval

  2. Studied the jew for four years, this is the second time l read this, the other was E Mullins.

    the International Red Cross doctors and nurses were there at every single German labor camp. The wealthy zionist jews were the ones who paid to build all of the fine housing at the camps and the theatre houses and swimming pools. The German labor camps were designed by the zionist jews to be protective cover during the upcoming world war for all of their fellow jews who hadn’t left central europe along with the majority during the previous 8 years.

    the German network of labor camps were statistically the safest place in europe to spend WW2 up until when The Allies bombed all of the German supply warehouses which caused the malnutrition and diseases. Still though unlike the people caught in the war the campers were protected from getting their bodies blown apart by bombs and mortar shells. Nobody could have predicted the severe over-crowding that happened at the camps so there can be no fault assigned to the Germans.

    This was a german death camp where jews was gassed to death by the millions?

    The simple truth is that the jews was privileged prisoners, just as the jews in the jew run Sovjet Gulag was privileged prisoners. All the dead you have ever seen from any camp during ww2 was non-jews. Got that? They are all non-jews, but because the jews owns and controls the whole propaganda-machine in the western world, just as the jews did in Sovjet, the jews can tell us any Lying Jew Bullshit – and the jews do.

    The jews show us a pic of fifty dead non-jews, tells us that it’s six million gassed jews – and we the stupid morons believe the Lying Jew Scumbags. Just how stupid are we?

    the 1933 Haavara Agreement between Hitler and the zionists revealed their joint plan to establish dual-fascist nations with Germany and Israel to serve as most-favored trading partners. Sixty million Germans were crammed together like sardines so step 1 was when the jews helped out Hitler with Poland in 1939 to create “living space”. Step 2 was all set for Hitler to help out the jews with the theft of Palestine. The jews were set to steal Palestine no matter which side would have won WW2.

  3. It’s true that jews were privileged prisoners in the German camps. I knew a gentile who was a prisoner. She didn’t think much of Germans but hated the jews worse.

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