Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: 200 Years Together

Finally his book isbeing translated to english. All chapters have not yet been translated. l will post it up as soon a new chapter is translated.


Chapter One – Click Here



NEW AUG 27, 2o11 – Chapter 4 – in the age of reforms



Chapter 5 – Click Here



Volume 2. During Soviet period

l got the whole Volume 2 except chapter 15



Chapter 13 – The February Revolution 


Chapter 14 – During 1917 UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 16 – During the Civil War 

Chapter 17 -Emigration between the two world wars UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 18 – Click Here

Chapter 19 – In the 1930s UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 20 – Click Here

Chapter 21 – During the war with Germany 

Chapter 22 – Click Here


Chapter 23 – Before the Six-Day War 


Chapter 24 – Breaking away from the Bolshevism UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 25 – Accusing Russia UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 26 – The exodus begins UPDATE Aug 2o11

Chapter 27 – About the assimilation – Authors afterword UPDATE Aug 2o11



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  1. Hi Hoff,
    as usual I wanted to connect to incog Man.
    Can´t still believe it: SUSPENDED
    Please, give me information by email, if you know more.
    That´s a big bull…and significant. They always use
    an”emergency brake”, when things are getting dangerous for them. ( murder or censorship ) or both.

  2. Hoff, guess you know they shut down incogman. There are a couple lines he posted today at Stormfront. Sure will miss his blog, it was the best. Keep up your good work. ZG

  3. Hi micki. Yes they can, lF lncogman saved the blog. Well, this is what the jew do, the jew kill all opposition. lncogland was getting momentum and many really jew-wise people in one place telling the TRUTH about the jew. The jew can’t stand the truth. For now we have to wait for lncogman next move.

  4. lncogman is here:

  5. We have been at the bottom of not only the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history… Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. -Marcus Eli Ravage, Jewish writer, Century Magazine, Feb 1928

  6. l do NOT allow any jew at my blogs.

    This is a jew comment. IDK:

    “#1. I only see people talking about genetics and fueds between people. If jewish people are “bad” what causes it? We are products of our enviroment. WHY don’t you ask yourself WHY and HOW the jewish religion and people have lasted so long? It is the adaptation to survive in hostile territory by being more cunning and vicious than other ruling bodies around you. Christians couldn’t manipulate money as well as muslims. The buddhist and hindus along with pagan religions were not smart enough to figure out money manipulation. So in my opinion to the victor goes the spoils. You can complain all you like, but you words are not going to be backed by action. You can kill a people, but you can’t kill a way of life taught in the talmud that is spread all over the world.

    I doubt anyone who visits this site will truly understand the degree to which it is really already checkmate.”

    Hoff: First and last, l Hoff understand EXACTLY What, How and Why the jews are doing what they do.l have the jews blueprint, and the jews manual to go with the blueprint. Just go to Main page and hold down Ctrl + F. Write Hoff and you will find my own writing about the Lying Jew Scumbag.

    lt’s not Game Over, Jew= Got everything – Goyim =Got Nada

    We are going to take back our campuz.And when we do, you jew boi is history.

  7. Thank you, Hoff !
    Got your link.
    I am still outraged about that.As you mentioned: “he got momentum”
    Let us hope the best, that he will be able to rebuild his awesome blog again.
    Saludos from a little (still ZOG -free Village) in Andalusia. You are welcome if you want in October.




  11. Two Hundred Years Together, 1795-1916

    Volume 1. Before the Revolution

    Chapter 1: Before 19th century – translated by R. Butler and J. Harris.

    Chapter 2: During the reign of Alexander I

    Chapter 3: During the reign of Nicholas I – translated!

    Chapter 4: During the period of reforms – translated!

    Chap 5: After the murder of Alexander II – translated!

    Chap 6: In the Russian revolutionary movement

    Chap 7: The birth of Zionism

    Chap 8: At the turn of the 20th century

    Chap 9: During the Revolution of 1905

    Chap 10: During the period of Duma

    Chap 11: The Jewish and Russian national consciousness prior to the World War I

    Chap 12: During WWI (1914-1916)

    Volume 2. During Soviet period


    Chapter 13: February Revolution- translated!

    Chapter 14: During 1917 – translated!

    Chapter 15: Among Bolsheviks – translated!

    Chapter 16: During the Civil War – translated!

    Chapter 17: In emigration between the World Wars – translated!

    Chapter 18: During 1920s – translated!

    Chapter 19: During 1930s – translated!

    Chapter 20: In the camps of GULag – translated!

    Chapter 21: During the Soviet-German War – translated!

    Chapter 22: From the end of the war up to Stalin’s death – translated!

    Chapter 23: Before Six-Day War – translated!

    Chapter 24: Breaking away from Bolshevism – translated!

    Chapter 25: Accusing Russia – translated!

    Chapter 26: Beginning of Exodus

    Chapter 27: About assimilation. Author’s after-word – translated!


  13. I saw what did the bolsheviks…

    They took all the photos of thier atrocities and called it the “jewish holocaust”,

    Giving more credence to the polish proverb:

    “the jew screams out in pain even as he strikes you.”

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