Reds ln America

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  1. Jews are natural liars, In the topsy turvy land of the jew, shit seems to flow upstream instead of down. When a jew gets caught being a pedophile or some other charming hobby he immidiately tells his rabbi he is a victim of aggression, Then the rabbi goes up the ladder to his congress man , who in turn tells a jew senator , who in turn tells the jew state dept aofficial, Then he is quickly transported via jew El-AL , to fly friendly joo skies back to Israhell, where Pressy Nutty yahoo quickly welcomes him home, Then a medal is coined for his bravery in the face of anti semitism and a new wing is added to the Shoah business , and school children everywhere are forced to read about his heroic plight at the hands of evil nazis still living in the USA, racists and anti=semites all. Ahh, fuck someone change da channel!

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