How The Jews Control Us – The Jews Writes The Laws

“Many businesses in America have ceased being White owned and controlled, and have become jewish corporations (acting in the “neo-con” style and adopting a “screw any loyalty or fair dealing to anyone” manner). The White ownership and control over a large portion of business in White nations has been taken over by socialistic (joint state/jewish) practices or by financial practices among jews which are jewish monopolies to such an extent that they could well be classed as being communist (with rich jews as the Presidium). The few White businesses remaining have been forced into accepting dictates from the jewish/state alliance (the state passes regulations dictated by the jewish monopolists designed to stifle competition) and to adopt jewish regulations such as affirmitive action and other “social” practices which are alien to normal American freely operated competitive capitalist businesses, but which serve monopolistic communism and jews quite well.

Monopolistic jews use methods the jew communists use in struggling against the White “oppressors” or competitors. They use minority dupes to do the “chosens” dirty work by identifying the target as opposing the “the will of the people”. Utilizing language such as,

“No government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people, the Freedom Charter that Mr. Mandela helped draft in 1955 had declared. A government founded on injustice and inequality robs people of their rights; a country can never be prosperous until people enjoy equal rights and opportunities; the people must govern; the people must share in the country’s wealth.” (The language was taken from the website of a Mandella supporter.). Here is Mandella’s handwritten manuscript on, “HOW TO BE A GOOD COMMUNIST”.

That is why it has been so important to jewry that waves of minorities be imported into all of our White countries. That is why they have been so diligent in their work to continue and to encourage more floodings of immigration. There must be “legal” fictions which give the imported minorities rights in our own countries, rights earned by our White ancestors for our benefit, but given to them. The monopolistic jew hides behind the invader immigrants, using them as a primary source of eroding White opposition to the jews control. That is why the jew empowers the Mandela’s and immigrants and turns them toward communism- in America, and in Europe as well as in South Africa.”

— Flanders


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