The Naked Communist

I stopped reading at the point of Trotsky and the Red Army in 1932. Up to that point, much is missing regarding historical facts pertaining to the rise of the Revolutionary Jews, especially any mention of the word “Jew”. I think the word appeared once, regarding the grandfather of Marx.

Nothing mentioned about Jacob Schiff financing Trotsky (Bornstein), or how he commandered 300 radical Communist Jew gangsters/killers from the bowels of New York, along with 20 million in gold!

He impies the Russian people alone, without Trotsky/Bornstein and the New York Communist thugs, overthrew the Russian Czar.

At the point of 1932, and the imposed ruthless murder of the Kulaks by Stalin, the writer compares the horror to the future German camps of WWII, and names three sites in Germany, as if Germany was even more murderous and ruthless than Stalin.

I believe the writer is a disinformation agent, supported by the JWOrder, as I have heard him on the totally Jew owned late night radio show “Coast to Coast”, reaping praise from George Noory. He is presented on that show as a “brilliant, brave, patriot, and historical researcher.” He wouldn’t be on the show, if he was not already vetted by the Jews, as they own that show, as well as Hanity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh etc.

He makes the argument that in the late1920’s, the plight of the poor Russian people so horrified the world, that the United States citizens raised money to buy food and clothing through the Hoover commission. This is a blatant lie, as the New York Times was publishing glowing articles about how wonderful things were in Russia. The American public was totally in the dark, as the U.S. aided and abetted the Communist take-over from the very beginning.

The above mentioned Hoover Commission was actually taking funds to aid the Communist butchers, under the guise of a humanitarian effort, according to Eustace Mullins. This to me is further proof the writer Skousen is a total dis-information agent. A casual reader would never, ever realize that the overthrow of Russia was a 100% Jew plan, supported at the highest levels by world Jewry, and the Rothschild Banking syndicate.

No mention of Schiff financing Japan to weaken the Czar as a prelude to the 1917 overthrow.

The purpose of this book is to totally “muddy the waters”, and hide the hand of the Jew World Order. –JohnM

Vey good comment JohnM and spot on. First I published the book, then I start to read it. Nothing but jewish propaganda bullshit.





Book about the communists in the US government. Pdf at link. or scroll down:

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