World Hoax = The Jew Fraud Communism

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  1. The putsch of January 22, 1905, was distinguished by the fact that the rioting Jewish element set aside all pretense, overnight, and reverted to the most outrageous barbarities.

    Lenin, arriving in Russia, and having first assured himself of the
    fullest cooperation of all Jewish revolutionary elements, immediately
    introduced a bill prohibiting all anti-Jewish activities on
    penalty of death. All Jewish criminals and political prisoners were
    then freed by his order, every Russian jail opened, all exiles in
    Siberia granted amnesty, and all these lawless elements combined
    in creating a reign of terror of the most gruesome kind. The
    massacre of everyone who offered opposition to these liberated
    convicts, of whom a considerable number were Jewish, brought
    the pandemonium to a ghastly climax.

    The struggle for power from 1917 to 1919 between the Kerensky
    government—equivalent to the Socialists of today—and the Bolshevik
    Party of Lenin, was eagerly watched by Russia’s Jewry. It
    was observed, that with any shift of power the support of the
    Jews was generally transferred to whichever side seemed likely to
    gain the upper hand in the situation. Thus after Kerensky was
    defeated in November 1917, the Jews increasingly became the
    driving force within the newly established regime of Lenin,
    Therefore this new and self-made ruler of Russia necessarily had
    to cement his authority by favoring Jews for all types of key
    positions. Entirely Jewish in his sentiments as well as in his
    political views, he realized that only among Russia’s Jewry would
    he be able to find co-workers with the natural instinct for crushing
    all civilization not of Jewish origin and structure.

    destructiveness through organized revolutionists was reported on
    by U. S. Major M. Schuyler, upon his return from the American
    Expedition to Siberia in 1920. On January 11 of that year, in an
    address at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, New York,
    according to A. S. Leese’s Bolshevism is Jewish, p. 7, he stated,
    “The government of Russia is almost entirely Jewish, and our
    United States Army in Siberia was full of Bolshevist Jews
    straight from Moscow. They had entered the United States and
    enlisted in the U. S. Army going to Siberia. General Graves, the
    commander, had a staff that was almost entirely Jewish. . . .
    Owing to the Bolshevist Jews in our army, all information that
    should have reached Kolchak went straight to Moscow.” Marx’s
    Jewish revolutionary program of 1848 became a reality in the
    Soviet regime under the leadership, through 1918 and 1919, of
    the trio Lenin, Stalin, and Sverdlov. A Jewish state was in the
    making—one of the Zionists’ dreams had come true.
    The five-pointed red star of Zion was adopted as the insignia of
    the Jewish Soviets, and has since been made the national
    emblem. And according to Marx’s precepts, in the newly created
    state Jews were given all opportunities for advancement before
    the Gentiles’ interests were even so much as thought of.

    the Third International had been called on
    the 6th of the same month by the Jew Manuilsky.
    The chief figures at this congress were the Jews Zinovieff, Felix
    Kohn, and Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), and it was at this time that
    the Jewsectia—the Jewish section of the Comintern—was formed.
    The favoring of the Jews with primary rights and privileges,
    whenever possible, was then stipulated in the Soviet, and henceforth
    the Central Committee of the Communist Party was committed
    to enforcing all laws tending to grant the Jews state preferences,
    to which no other race or religious sect should be entitled.
    Therefore the Russian revolution was a strictly Jewish revolution,
    and in no sense a workers’ revolt. Says a report from the “Jewsectia”
    of 1919: “In the course of developments during the past
    25 years in the Western District (Poland and West Russia) the
    Jewish worker constituted the only revolutionary element. The
    Jewish worker expanded his activities during the revolutionary
    epoch into almost every town and borough.” The London Times
    of March 29, 1919, supports the above with the following: “Of
    the leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist
    movement, not less than 75 percent are Jews. Among the minor
    officials the number is legion.”

    R. B. Dennis, a former functionary of the Y. M. C. A. in Russia, testified before the Overman Congressional Committee in 1918:

    “Our general opinion in Moscow was, that anywhere from 20 to 25 percent of the Communists in Soviet Russia had lived in America.”

    Defender Magazine, Wichita,
    Kansas, of January, 1939, p. 6, features another attestment from
    the Jew M. Hermalin, of New York, alleged to have been made in
    1917: “The Russian revolution was made by the Jews. We have
    created secret societies, planned the reign of terror. The
    revolution succeeded by our conniving propaganda and our mass
    assassinations in order to form a government truly ours.” The allimportant
    authority for enforcing the new Soviet laws, by which
    the Jewish revolutionaries were to interpret their concepts of
    social order, during the following transitional period, was placed
    in the hands of a military cabinet of eight, of which five were
    Jews, with Trotsky at the head.

    The chief
    positions in the Press Bureau were likewise held by Jews,
    Radolsky being the appointed censor of all Soviet journalistic
    activities during the whole of Lenin’s regime. Thus the Aryan,
    and other non-Jewish races, were supplied with Jewish-filtered
    news and views exclusively. All the Jewish-Marxian ambitions
    were amply satisfied under Lenin’s oligarchy, while the
    submerged non-Jewish population of 98.3 percent—think of it!—
    ever since that time has been deprived of all opportunities of
    journalistic—as well as political—representation! The proletarian
    revolution, for which the Russian worker had been so deceitfully
    urged to fight, never became a reality. Instead, he has witnessed a
    Jewish domination from the very first day of the revolution. The
    nationalization of all Russian property was started under Lenin
    with the simultaneous confiscation of all private bank deposits,
    jewelry, gold and silver and all other articles of value, for
    instance, art and stamp collections, books and so on. This enactment
    at one stroke enabled the Jewish underworld to strip
    Gentile Russia bare of all its portable valuables. The marplots
    thereby were given full opportunity of looting all the nation’s
    monetary resources.

    Mr. R. Wilton, Russian correspondent of the London Times, as
    quoted from the Fascist, London, wrote in September 1920: “The
    Jewish domination is supported by certain Russians. They are
    mere screens and dummies, behind which the Sverdlovs and the
    thousand-and-one Jews of Sovdepia—meaning Soviet officialdom—
    continue their work of destruction.” This conclusion is
    supported by the following statement by the Jew, M. Cohen, in
    The Communist Charkov under date of April 12, 1919: “Without
    exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian Revolution
    was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews.” Clare Sheridan,
    traveler and lecturer, confirmed this in an interview which
    appeared in The New York World of December 15, 1923: “The
    Communists are Jews, and Russia is entirely administered by

    The destruction or desecration of the Christian churches, as well
    as the dispersion or annihilation of the congregations—all this too
    was included in the program indispensable for the assurance of
    permanent Jewish success.

    In Lenin’s Socialism and Religion he
    declares: “Communist propaganda necessarily includes the
    propaganda of Atheism.” Therefore the national persecution of all
    Christian worshipers has been made legal under a regime that
    is and has been Jew-controlled throughout. While the Communist
    Party already, from 1919, had a Jewish section, no Catholic or
    Protestant or Mohammedan section ever was estab-lished though
    the adherents of any of these religions outnumbered by many
    times those of the Jewish faith.


    L E N I N
    Subsequently, “Lenin did abolish the Sunday and replaced it with
    Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. The explanation of all this may be
    that he married a Jewess (Kroupskaya)”

    Victor Marsden, Russian cor-respondent
    of the London Morning Post: “At present (1918) all Bolshevik
    Commissars are Jews. All the agitation for the ‘glorious
    revolution’ both in 1905 and in 1917 was worked out by Jews.
    These Jews have stripped Russia bare of all portable property.
    The Jews today are the only people in Petrograd able to walk
    steadily; they have food, no one else has.

    Indeed, the Jews have all along been well fed, and never was a Jew seen in the queues for food. Yet they come in ever-increasing numbers from all parts of Russia—and even from England and America —and all are well-fed.”

    Excerpt from Chapter 42: THE TALMUDIC VENGEANCE – Controvercy of Zion by Douglas Reed:

    In 1935 I went to Moscow for the London Times, accompanying Mr. Anthony Eden. He was the first British Minister to visit the revolutionary capital. The Times had previously refused to send a correspondent, so that I was its first representative to appear there after Mr. Robert Wilton, whose story I earlier told.

    I was at once struck by something I had never met in any other country. My first report said that Mr. Eden drove from the station through streets lined with “drab and silent crowds” and a Jewish censor demanded excision of these words. At first I thought this merely fatuous (I asked if he wished me to say that the throng was composed of top-hatted bourgeois) but in following days I saw more and in my book of 1938 wrote:

    “The censorship department, and that means the whole machine for controlling the game and muzzling the foreign press, was entirely staffed by Jews, and this was a thing that puzzled me more than anything else in Moscow. There seemed not to be a single non-Jewish official in the whole outfit

    … I was told that the proportion of Jews in the government was small, but in this one department that I got to know intimately they seemed to have a monopoly, and I asked myself, where were the Russians? The answer seemed to be that they were in the drab, silent crowds which I had seen but which must not be heard of.”

    I soon learned from older hands that “the proportion of Jews in the government” was in effect not small but that they retained a large measure of control, if they were not predominantly in control. I was unable to meet any Russians in Moscow, this was the other side of the same unique experience. I had never before beheld a ruling caste so completely segregated from the slave-mass.

    At the time of this visit to Moscow I had no cause to look for a predominance of Jews; the thing forced itself on my notice. I had hardly begun to think about “the Jewish question” in 1935. The impression I have recorded above was the first one of a trained observer who had never before seen Moscow or Russia. I find it confirmed by an equally experienced man who lived there for twelve years, from 1922 to 1934. Mr. William Henry Chamberlain’s book remains today authoritative about that period.

    He wrote, “Considerable number of Jews have made careers in the Soviet bureaucracy. Of perhaps a dozen officials whom I knew in the Press Department or the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs I recall only one who was not a Jew. Indeed, the predominance of Jews in this Commissariat at the time of my stay in Russia was almost ludicrous; the Russians were mainly represented by the grizzled doorkeeper and the unkempt old women who carried around tea. One also found many Jews in the Gay-Pay-Oo,” (Secret Police) “in the Communist International and in departments connected with trade and finance.”


    Page 42-43 is mandatory read:

    Click to access Elmhurst%20-%20The%20World%20Hoax%20(jewish%20role%20in%20bolshevism)(1938).pdf

  2. The Daily Jewish Bulletin, New York, October 9, 1934, puts it this way: “As a matter of fact, the (Jewish Soviet) government is spending millions of roubles yearly to encourage Jewish-ness and to preserve Jewish cultur.” p104

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