THE task of tracing within the small scope of this book even the
briefest outline of the ramifications of the Jewish-Bolshevistic
subversive apparatus, obviously is an impossibility. Therefore
only a few of its most conspicuous phases may here be brought to
the attention of the public. The Jewish coup d’etat in Hungary has
been sketched roughly in the chapter on BELA KUN, and some of
Soviet Russia’s efforts to Bolshevize England have been
recounted in the chapter on LITVINOFF.

Even more pointed and
detailed, however, were the subversive, Jewish activities preparatory
to bringing Germany under open Jewish control after the
breakdown of Russia in 1917, for the utter collapse of Germany
had indeed been long and carefully prepared for. A Galician Jew,
Salomon Kosmanovski, alias Kurt Eisner, offered himself as a
willing tool for the task of Bolshevizing Germany, so as to bring
about the end of the war by fomenting revolutionary activities
within the ranks of the German soldiery and home workers.
Photostatic evidence from the hand of this wandering Jew from
Galicia, of his having issued a total of 3,103 checks during the
period from September 25 to November 16, 1918, amounting to
not less than 164,727,028 gold-marks, or about 40 million
dollars, was reproduced in the Sueddeutsche Monatshefte, May,

Incidentally, this sum corresponds with the special credit of
25 million pounds which England’s then Prime Minister, Lloyd
George, asked, for “secret purposes,” February 16, 1917. As
Germany allegedly could not be beaten by force of arms, that
country’s destruction from within was considered the only
alternative; and the nationless—or rather anti-national— Jew, as
usual, proved to be the accepted medium for the world-Jewish
hierarchy and advanced his own racial “emancipation” by
utilizing the betrayed Gentile worker.

Statistics from Germany have revealed positively that while these
preparations for her military and economic ruin which came to a
head in 1918 were under way, Jews had been eagerly watching
for such opportunity to insinuate themselves into the highest positions
in the country. In anticipation of the final collapse of the
German Empire, Jews were ready, like vultures, to swoop down
upon and grasp for themselves what was left of Germany’s greatness
after October, 1918.

According to a statement by Muenchmeyer in Marxisten als
Moerder, page 185, Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia, a highdegree
Mason, willingly hoisted the red flag atop his own castle
at Klein Glienicke near Potsdam on November 7, 1918, in advance
of the actual outbreak of the German revolution. He, in
common with practically all Freemasons, readily served as a
mediating link and subtle interpreter between the Jewish leftwing
movements including the Freemasons, and the vested
authorities, in order to stress the views, wishes and demands of
the Hidden Government.

One month prior to the revolution the
Jew Kappus invited Prince Leopold and the secretary of the
Social-Democratic Party to a conference in Darmstadt, and there
suggested that the capital of Germany should be Frankfort-onthe-
Main, in deference to the Jews in Frankfort. Soviet Russia’s
intention to Bolshevize Germany through a national revolution
was shown by the statement of the Jew Dr. Oskar Cohn—then a
member of the Reichstag from the Independent Communist bloc,
to the effect that on November 5, 1918, four days before the
revolution, he had received from the Soviet ambassador to
Germany, Joffe—alias Zaphet, the sum of 4 million roubles—2
million dollars—for the overthrow of the German Government.
Confronted with the further evidence that he had used his special
official train from Leningrad for the transfer of revolutionary
literature to Germany, Soviet Ambassador Joffe was forced to
leave Berlin, November 6, 1918.

So as to carry out in detail the secret orders of the Soviet government,
Dr. Oskar Cohn then suggested to the first President of
the new German republic, Ebert, on November 9, 1918, that

he make room in his cabinet for the Communist and half-Jew
Karl Liebknecht. This latter as well as another notorious Communist
leader, the Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, had, while both
were in prison, already received from Soviet Russia through
Ambassador Joffe, ample funds for use in revolutionary activities
as soon as their jail terms expired in October, 1918. At the same
time the Jew Jogisches, who later called himself Tyschko, also
received huge financial support through Joffe. With all this
money these three suddenly burst upon the political scene in
Germany as sponsors of a new party, the Spartacus Bund—a new
alias for the Communist groups.

And the Russian-Jewish writer
Radek-(Sobelsohn), speaking as Soviet representative in Berlin
on December 29, 1918, duly sanctioned this new party, launching
it as a German political party of Jewish-Soviet planning. The entire
Jew-controlled press in Germany of course immediately favored
this Jewish party, dealing with it almost as if it were an old
national institution of, by and for the people. Remarkable, too,
was the fact that while the revolution in Germany had only begun
on November 9, 1918, on the following day, November 10, the
Jewish secret government appointed Jews almost exclusively as
the new leaders of the Reich: the Marxist and Freemason, Ebert,
as President, the Jews Dr. Kurt Rosenfeld —who has recently
been in the United States agitating for anarchism, as Minister of
Justice, Hirsch as Minister of the Interior, Hugo Simon as
Minister of Finance, Eugene Schiffer as Secretary of the
Treasury, Kurt Eisner (Salomon Kosmanovski) as head of the
Bavarian government, Thalheimer as Premier of Brunswick;
while in the former kingdoms of Wuerttemberg and Saxony, Jews
were haggling over the premierships. The Social Democrat Ernst,
took office as Police Commissioner of Berlin. Also, on
November 10, 1918, Haase and Landsberg, both Jews, formed the
“Council of Six Representatives of the People.” With the German
armies still in the field, Jews also took over the army command,
on November 10, 1918, the day before the armistice. Thus the
Jew Georg Meier was named Chief of the just-formed Soldiers’
Council on the East Front, while another Jew Lewin,

received a similar appointment on the Western Front. Felix
Stoessinger was unexpectedly made Propaganda Chief, and the
newly formed Central Bureau of the People’s Executive Council
was headed by James Broh, both of these men being Jews.

Another Jew, Siegfried Merck, represented the “A” Army, while
still another, Nathan Moses, became the official head of “B”
Army. In the area of the Ukraine, Jacob Riesenfeld acted as
highest in command of the German troops, and Dr. Simon had
himself appointed Chief-of-Staff in Northwest Russia (Kurland),
both men being Jews. Ludwig Lewinsohn in the 4th Army Corps,
Leo Muffelmann—then a 33rd degree Mason—in the 6th Army
Corps, Hodenberg in the 8th and Otto Rosenberg in the 11th,
completed the list of these newly appointed Hebrew army
leaders. So as not to allow the Gentile masses in Germany to
stray from the proper Jewish viewpoint, the Jews Cohen-Reuss
and Dr. Hilferding were the main lecturers at the “General Congress
of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviets in Germany,” on Dec.
6, 1918, as reported by F. O. H. Schulz in Jude und Arbeiter,
Berlin and Leipzig, 1934. As a public avowal of Jewish designs
on what had once been Imperial Germany, Karl Liebknecht, on
November 9, 1918, raised the Red flag over the former Kaiser’s
palace; and the flag of the international Jewish organization, the
Independent Order of B’nai B’rith—protected by machine guns—
was hoisted over the center arch of the Brandenburg Tor, the
internationally famous gateway which had been traditionally
reserved for the exclusive use of the Kaiser and his entourage.—
Judenkenner, No. 17, Berlin. While all these details may not be of
great importance, of tremendous significance is the fact that all
these appointments were made the day after the start of the
Revolution, showing long-range and thorough planning on the
part of world-Jewry. It is no more than reasonable to credit
evidence that similarly detailed plans have already been worked
out for the United States.

And such plans are, moreover,
undoubtedly in existence for displacing most other orderly
governments as well, for the Jewish problem is rapidly reaching
its climax throughout the whole world.

Regarding Jewry’s hand in matters of Germany the B’nai B’rith
Magazine, New York, May 1933, concurs with our points by admitting:
“The revolution overthrew the Imperial Regime of Germany,
passed through a storm in which, as in 1848, the Jews
more than ever came to the fore. A Jew, (Hugo Preuss), drafted
the Weimar Constitution. A Jew, Kurt Eisner, was elected (?)
President of the Bavarian Republic, etc. etc.” Germany’s literary
and journalistic activities after the collapse of the Empire were
likewise in the hands of the Jews. Thus, Max Cohen-Reuss,
Gustav Hoch-Hanau, Edward Bernstein, Rudolf Hilferding, Ernst
Hamburger and a host of others shared honors in supplying the
German people with news and literature approved by the “Chosen
People” and furthering their peculiar plans, while the viewpoint
and interest of the German nationals were either entirely left out
of consideration or treated hypocritically and perfunctorily.

In Germany, as elsewhere, the whole metropolitan press was
owned and controlled by Jews. For example the Jewish publishing
house of Rudolf Mosse (Moses), in addition to the Berliner
Tageblatt and the Berliner Uhr Blatt, under the editor-in-chief
Theodor Wolff, issued 15 other publications; whereas the Jewish
Ullstein Press, with the Berliner Morgenpost and the Vossische
Zeitung, brought out not less than 20 papers and periodicals. The
widespread Frankfurter Zeitung was also under the editorship of
the Jews Simon, Gutmann and Ambach, and in addition the
workers’ press, with the Vorwaerts of Berlin in the lead, not to
mention the Communistic Rote Fahne and a score of minor Jewedited
dailies, weeklies and monthlies, many of which were
camouflaged as magazines of art, literature and crticism. Since
Judaism and Bolshevism have been running on parallel tracks, it
is not to be wondered at that the Jew Goldschmidt, of the
powerful Darmstaedter Bank in Berlin, during the war gave a
“loan” to the social-democratic daily Vorwaerts of Berlin, at the
head of which paper, needless to say, was likewise a Jew, Singer
by name. This financial help for the purpose of leading the socialdemocratic
German Gentile workers surely along Jewish

dotted lines, amounted to 800,000 gold-marks or $200,000.00.—
From Marxisten als Moerder, by Muenchmeyer. It was frequently
suggested by the Communists that the provincial press which in
many cases was still in non-Jewish hands, should be abolished;
for a most essential part of the plans of the Jewish oligarchy was
to establish in Germany a tight Jewish press dictatorship so as to
effect a complete mental domination over the 99 percent,
German-Aryan majority, by the one percent, Jewish minority.

Anyone familiar with Jewish press tactics, realizes that the Jew
ridicules what he fears. The treatment meted out to the distinguished
educator Dr. William Wirt, of Gary, Indiana, by the
whole Jew-controlled press in America after his disclosures in
1934, affords an outstanding example of this, as also the persistent
ridiculing of the late Senator Huey P. Long. The same
treatment was accorded Hitler’s movement—then only in its first
stages—by the weekly Die Aktion which served as a sort of
literary clearing house for a considerable number of Jewish
writers. Its editor, Franz Pfemfert, referred to Munich—where
Hitler’s viewpoint had first taken root—as the “dumbest town in
the world.”

But the extent to which the Jews even then actually
feared and hated Hitler’s National Socialism—which was based
upon Aryan conceptions, as opposing Jewish ascendancy— was
shown by their shocking murder, on April 30, 1919, of ten
members of a society for disseminating Aryan Science, among
them one woman. This mass murder was committed by members
of revolutionary groups including the Jews Levine-Nissen,
Levien and Axelrod, in the courtyard of the Luitpold Gymnasium
in Munich; and the victims were robbed, disrobed and mutilated
almost beyond recognition. It was later ascertained that most of
the assassins were members of the “Independent Order of B’nai
B’rith.”—From Huber: Freimaurerei, Stuttgart, Germany.

Another outstanding figure in the process of Judaizing post-war
Germany was Albert Einstein, who, under the pretense of “Social
Service” instituted his “Internationale Arbeiterhilfe.” This huge
propaganda apparatus, built on Marxian principles, naturally had

exclusive Jewish leadership—the Jew Arthur Holitscher, Maximilian
Harden (Witkowski), Professor Eltzbacher, Dr. Alfons
Goldschmidt, Prof. Paul Oestreich and Leonard Frank being
Einstein’s closest associates in the organization. The Karl Marx
School was another hotbed of Communism, under the noble
pretense of “educating” the German workers. The Dearborn
Independent of May 29, 1920, page 2, called attention to “… the
spirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of
German Socialism . . . “—showing sharp scrutiny even then of
the trend of affairs in Germany.. By the way, should not the
everywhere conspicuous zeal of the Jews—and their Gentile
dupes—for “adult education” programs, be a cause for serious

How completely Judaized Germany’s officialdom had become,
may be easily estimated from the huge Jewish bureaucracy that
assumed power in the Reich after ousting its former government.
And with a Jewish population of only 1 percent as mentioned
before, the Jewish delegates to the Reichstag from the Socialist
Party in 1925 increased to 22 percent. In 1932, the Jewish
proportion in the Communist Party was 14.5 percent, and in the
Socialist Party 17 percent. A huge army of Jewish writers was at
work demolishing the Christian ideals of Aryan Germany, and for
a long period the Russian-Jew Karl Radek (Sobelsohn) remained
the most influential literary figure there. Willi Muen-zenberg, a
Jew, member of the Reichstag and editor of three radical papers,
did his full share towards inspiring Germany with the Marxian
ideals. A most comprehensive account of the all but complete
Jewish control of the spiritual and mental life in post-war
Germany may be found in Schulz’ book Jude und Arbeiter.

The London Daily Mail of July 20, 1933, asserted that during the
last epoch before Hitler rose to power there were 20 times as
many Jewish officials in the German government as compared
with pre-war times. And not only the political offices had
changed hands but also many of the civic chairs and appointments.
A communication of the Fichte Bund, Hamburg, re-

vealed that in 1933 when Hitler became Chancellor, of 263
physicians employed by the Berlin Municipal Welfare Board, no
less than 183 were Jews.

A very significant testimonial of how Jewry then considered their
“Day” to have arrived as a consequence of Germany’s political
and economic defeat and enslavement, can be realized by reading,
from Ludwig Lewisohn’s book Israel, New York, 1925, p.
69: “From 1900 until 1918 there set in, despite the horrors of the
war, a golden age for the Jews in Germany. Jewish statesmen
were high in the councils of the nation. Jewish professors taught
in unprecedented numbers in German universities. Jewish playwrights,
novelists and poets were acclaimed.” Ibid., p. 53: . . .
although Jews never numbered more than one one-hundredth of
the total population they dwelt in a few compact masses; they
were not without influence. . . . The Jews control the most influential
sections of the press; they control the theaters; they
produce nearly half of the sound literature written in the German
tongue . . . and remain Jews.” Ibid., p. 49: “German literature and
art have been under a critical and creative Jewish influence which
is out of all proportion to the Jewish population.” And while
conditions in Austria were identical with those of Gemany, a
glance as far back as 1916 appropriately shows Jewish imprints
in the whole of that country’s revolutionary history. On October
21 of that year, it was, when the Socialist leader, Friedrich Adler,
a Jew, killed Austria’s Minister President, after a previous attempt
at assassination had failed. In the fall of 1918 the half-Jew Dr.
Seitz acted as President when Austria was proclaimed a republic.

The Social-Democrat, Dr. Karl Renner, who was married to a
Jewess, then became chancellor; while for the portfolio of
Minister of Foreign Affairs another Jew was chosen, Otto Bauer.
As Secretary for the Army the Jew Julius Deutsch was selected.
(This same Jew later on was chosen as aide-de-camp to the Red
war lords when the internal upheaval began in Spain.) Another
Jew, Johann Loewenfeld-Russ, was the preferred appointee in the
Commissariat for Food Supply of Austria. The not less important
appointment as Secretary for

Trade and Commerce was granted to the Jew Wilhelm Ellenbogen.
As Minister of Finance another Jew, Schumpeter by
name, was chosen. Later on he was succeeded by the half-Jew
Kienboeck, with the Jew Schwarzwald as his chief assistant. A
Gentile, Schober, became Chief of Police, although he was soon
replaced by the Vice President of the Police Headquarters of
Vienna, the Jew Presser. As Assistant to Chancellor Dr. Ren-ner,
stood Under State’s Secretary Professor Dr. Wilhelm Miklas, who
succeeded the Rothschild serf Dollfus after the latter’s death as
Chancellor. As Minister for Foreign Trade, the Jew Dr. Richard
Schueller, of the Bank carrying the same name, was chosen,
while the Jew Mandl, owner of a huge arms factory at Hirtenberg,
was known to have been the instrumental figure in putting Prince
von Starhemberg at the head of the Austrian army, the so-called
Heimwehr. Von Starhemberg’s unpopularity was intensified
when it became known that he kept a Jewish mistress.
In view of such a Jewish mass aggression it was no wonder that
in those grave days of post-war misery the Jew Julius Deutsch,
holding a post as Minister in Vienna, in November, 1918, loudly
boasted: “We Jews are now right on the top; we are the masters;
our dreams have been realized.”

A considerable duty of Germany’s pre-Hitler doctors consisted in
the creation of a new moral code after the Soviet pattern. Thus a
Jew, Prof. Felix Halle, published in 1931 a Jewish-Soviet
designed moral code under the title “Geschlechtsleben und
Strafrecht.” The following suggestion reflected specifically upon
its Jewish origin, p. 62: “Abolishment of punishment for Sodomy
according to the Soviet law!” The Soviet law in sexual matters
maintains: “… that sexual intercourse with animals is no deed
which shall be considered punishable by the government. …” The
above “reform law” under the Hebrew author falls under the
chapter of “Sexual Revolution.” It is entirely relevant here to
recall the fact that the leading press organs in Germany, in
referring to the revolution that had swept the country, simply
called it “a change of government,” so

as to prevent the average citizen from realizing that it actually
had been a total racial displacement of ownership of Germany
and a change of control of its cultural values, which had accurred.
The German Aryans had, all unknowingly, become dispossessed
of the natural rights of ownership and administration of
their own country.

Besides all this, at that time Germany, Hungary and Austria, were
inundated with a continuous flood of Soviet Jews, intent upon
carrying through in these countries what had already been so
successfully accomplished in Russia. The Jewish writer E. L.
Cohn, now writing as Emil Ludwig, then in Germany, and now in
the United States under contract with the Hearst press—also
biographer of President F. D. Roosevelt—summed up the common
aim of the Jewish literary and political intelligentsia at work
in those days in these words: “The breakdown of the old structures
of the three powers—Russia, Austria, and Germany—
means a considerable convenience to the leaders of Jewish
politics.”— Weltbuehne, Charlottenburg, No. 33, 1921. Since
then it has become a matter of international observation that the
Jews, by means of left-wing politics, have learned how to acquire
control of the immense power inherent within the working
masses and to use this power for their own racial benefit, Russia
especially presenting an unparalleled example of Jewish
imperialism gone mad. But the utmost care is always being taken
to disguise this aim under the pretense of extreme solicitude for
the poor, oppressed workers!

Jewry all over the world appeared to be fully aware of its racial
conquest following the period of armed conflict in Germany.
From Bombay, India, the Jewish Tribune, July 5, 1922, carried
the following gratified comment: “The German revolution is the
achievement of the Jews; the liberal democratic parties have a
great number of Jews as their leaders and the Jews play a
prominent role in high government offices.”

More pronounced emphasis, however, may be taken from an
attestation of the New York Rabbi J. L. Magnus, as recorded in
L. de Poncins’ Secret Forces Behind Revolutions, Vol. II, p.

24. In 1919 he revealed: “Let us compare the present situation in
Germany with that in Russia: In both countries the revolution has
liberated creative forces. We feel ourselves full of admiration as
we see with what promptness and in what numbers the Jews in
these countries moved into action. Revolutionaries, Socialists,
Mensheviks, Orthodox or Independent Marxists, call them what
you will, they are Jews, and in all revolutionary groups we find
Jews in directive and militant offices.”

The Communistic
propaganda machinery organized and financed by the Communist
International in Moscow, usually referred to as the “Comintern,”
since its inception in 1918 has succeeded in establishing agencies
in every country in the world, most usually through a subsidiary
of the Soviets’ foreign trade departments, or even the local Soviet
ambassadors themselves directing the flood of Communist
propaganda now pouring as a Red Sea over the nations of the
world. Generally these Soviet agencies, too, at strategical
moments organize and transmit financial support from Russia.

The determined fanaticism with which the Communistic Jews
and their Gentile dupes insist upon stamping Communism upon
the rest of the world is reflected in an address made on the occasion
of the VIIth World Congress of the Communist International
in Moscow in July-August of 1935, when the Soviet
dictator was given the following assurance: “In the name of the
army of the millions of fighters of the proletarian revolution, in
the name of the laboring masses of all countries, we turn to thee,
comrade Stalin, our leader and faithful follower of the work of
Marx, Engels and Lenin—to thee, who together with Lenin has
welded a new kind of party, the party of the Bolsheviki. . . . The
Vllth World Congress of the Communist International assures
thee, comrade Stalin, in the name of the 65 communist parties,
that the Communists always and everywhere, to the end will
stand faithful to the unconquered emblem of Marx, Engels, Lenin
and Stalin. Under this banner Communism will conquer the
whole world.”

Another proof that the Communist movement is not a movement

of and for the workers but rather a determined and age-old fight
on the part of the Jewish minority for control of the Gentile
majority of the world, appeared in a sentence from the Jewish
Pravda of Moscow, on September 9, 1928: “Our program tosses
an open war declaration for life and death against the entire
world.” Since the overwhelming majority of the workers of the
world are Gentiles, this declaration of war against the whole
world, must therefore include automatically all the Gentile workers.

And Communism actually is such a war declaration, for
events in Russia have tragically and abundantly proven that it is,
in very fact, directed against the workers themselves. It is only
the Jew who can—and does in the long run—benefit from the
anti-Aryan, or rather anti-Gentile, systems of Jewish Socialism,
Communism, and Bolshevism. This combination, as enforced by
Stalin and his mentors, is of such a disintegrating nature, that
even the socialist Jew Kerensky (Adler) who succeeded the late
Czar as dictator of Russia, said after his deposition: “The present
dictatorship of Stalin possesses no precedent even in the middle
ages. The Bolsheviki have thrust Russia into a bottomless abyss
of destitution. Foreigners who back the Soviet regime, resemble
the lunatics who gave willing help to Nero in the burning of

From the overwhelming proof here presented it should be evident
that the workers of the world who unite under the Communistic
banner, are in very fact, as the lunatics who aid their own executioners,
the racially foreign Jews, who, banded tightly together,
are committed to the destruction of all Christian civilization, of
which the workers themselves are such an all-important and indispensable

Since Lenin’s epoch, when the Communistic, or more correctly
communizing Jews gained their objective in Russia, the identical
forces have been at work with the preliminaries to the
culmination of their huge world-domination program, using to
full advantage the already more or less strongly established
socialistic and communistic movements throughout the whole
world, which stem directly from their central station, Moscow. In
every instance

their Russian-Jewish origin can be traced. In Japan too, the
agitators being arrested at frequent intervals are admitting, that
they work by order of Moscow. The Communist Party, and all
other Communist activities are outlawed in Japan. The primary
task of expanding Communism first into adjacent countries and
then on a world-wide scale, has in many if not most cases been
made obligatory upon the deluded workers who have all too
willingly and even enthusiastically aided in this labor towards
their own destruction. Never for a single moment have the Jewish
tacticians swerved from their determination to dominate the
whole world!

Labor agitations on an extensive scale have long been penetrating
Outer Mongolia, China, India, and East Turkestan, where, too,
the history of the past decades has shown Jewish agitators to be at
the bottom, in almost every instance, of the work of instilling the
ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin into the minds of the
workers. Abundant funds from the Soviet Union have been
poured into every country, where the ground already had been
prepared by the Red agitators. The financing of the Ruhr upheaval
by Trotsky with a million dollars during the French
occupation in 1923, has been mentioned before, and during his
stay in France he also freely aided the Communist movement
with funds stolen from the toiling workers of Soviet Russia, so as
to prepare for the political pact since effected between these two
countries. The gradual Judaization of France, therefore, is
responsible for its striking change towards the left. Through a
largely augmented Jewish bureaucracy, plus a thoroughly Judaized
press, France has finally arrived at the point where the
Socialists and Communists are no longer termed rebels but
loyalists—exactly as has been the case in the news treatment of
events in desperate Spain!

One has to be fairly familiar with the facts—the almost complete
Judaization of the world press first of all—to realize that the Jew
now actually considers himself in such indisputable possession
that he dares term as “rebels” the nationalists, the patriots of any
country, who stand for law and order and not

for Communistic chaos. To the uninformed, of course, it is all
thoroughly unintelligible and confusing—as it is expressly intended
to be.

The Moscow government has supplied funds to enlarge the
French paper L’Humanite, so as to enable it to handle the increased
propaganda which the eventually sovietized France will
have to unleash as the chief ally of Jewish Soviet Russia. So as to
stamp out all political opposition, the present “French” government
has also ordered the disbandment of all nationalistic organizations
such as the “Action Francaise”—and De la Roque’s
growing “Croix de Feu.” The New York Times of April 25, 1939,
published a dispatch from Paris stating: “In a decree regulating
the press, which permits prosecution for spreading anti-Semitism,
the French Government today prohibited publication of defamation
or slander ‘tending to incite hatred between citizens.’ It
specifically forbids slander promoting hatred ‘against any group
of persons belonging to any particular race or religion.’ . . . Penalties
under the decree include imprisonment for five days to six
months and fines up to 2,000 francs for slander against individuals.

As concerns groups, the punishment ranges from one month
to a year in prison and from 500 to 10,000 francs. . . . ” As
evidence that the Jews have the French Government in hand, we
quote the following WNS dispatch from Paris, from the B’nai
B’rith Messenger and The Jewish Community Press, Los
Angeles, California, of March 31, 1939, almost one month before
the issuance of the foregoing decree: “France may become the
first country in Europe, Soviet Russia excluded, where anti-
Jewish propaganda in the press is illegal and punishable. A decree
to this effect is scheduled to come up at a Cabinet session
presided over by President Albert Lebrun and will be passed if
the Cabinet completes its agenda. . . . The executive committee of
the French Press Association approved the projected decree,
which not only declares racial and religious offenses in
newspapers illegal, but also provides that all newspapers
receiving funds from abroad must declare the source and the
amount received. Some reactionary newspapers, led by Le Jour,
opened a campaign against

the measure, asserting that it ‘menaces freedom of the press.’ . . .
This campaign was vigorously countered in a statement by
Justice Minister Marchandeau, author of the decree. …” And on
February 2, 1936, the leftist L’Ami du Peuple even advocated the
formation of a proletarian militia because of the in-creased
Judaization of the government, the purpose of this militia to be,
of course, the protection of the “French” government from being
ousted by the Aryan majority! Further proofs of how Jewish
Soviet rules are Bolshevizing France:

On August 1, 1936, during a meeting at the office of the Jewish-
Socialistic paper L’Humanite it was decided to demand that
members of the French “Popular Front” be allowed to pass the
French-Spanish border without any frontier or passport obligations.
A leader in the Bolshevising of France has been the synthetic Jew
Piatnitzky, whose earlier missions with Borodin included
Communizing Shanghai, Indo-China, Estland, etc. It was only
after one of his Red comrades had likewise passed the French-
Swiss border with a forged passport, that his plans became known.
Some of the orders that were found in the possession of these two
agents from Moscow included the following stipulations for the
Communist Party of France:

(1) All decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party in Moscow issued by the Comintern—Communist International—
are obligatory for every Communistic branch. (3) An
extraordinary congress may only take place by orders and
permission of the Comintern.

(5) It will be the exclusive right of the Comintern to issue orders
to the party (in direct elusion of the respective countries’ laws)
which under all circumstances and without any change must be
obeyed. Refusal to follow these orders will be dealt with

On October 3, 1936, Stalin, Dimitrov, Swerdnik, Kosinen and
others held a special session for fostering their program in
France. Thereafter the various pro-Soviet organizations were
urged to use

high-pressure tactics to get all French workers into the Popular
Front. For the execution of Moscow’s orders these three agents
were sent to Paris: Karpoff, Somoff, with the Jew Goldschild as
leader, and political strikes were organized anew with strike committee
subdivisions in all principal cities. The “factory-Sovietization”
and within the farming districts “revolutionary brigades,”
so-called “moutons,” were the newly initiated names to the astonishment
of both the French factory workers and the peasants of
rural France.

Hidden armories for the Communists were furthermore
provided through shipments of weapons from Russia. The
Communist youth movements received motorized equipment and
the “Red Pathfinders” received instruction how to act as storm
troops, and special groups were advised how to seize and occupy
factories. In order to camouflage such terroristic acts these Communists
sent one of their delegates to the French Cabinet in order
to protest against similar steps taken by opposition groups, as
some of the latter—the nationalists—considered the seizing of
the plants for the defense of the nation. . . . Any counter movements
to the Jewish-Communistic terrorization plans were immediately
decried by the Jewish and Communistic press agents as
the “approaching terrorization of Hitlerizing France.” . . . While
the Soviet agents in Russia, and in former days also in Hungary,
outlawed the small shop keepers as being of those trade systems
contrary to the laws of a Communistic proletarian state; in
France, however, these Communistic agents even tried cunningly
to persuade the small store owners to support the Popular Front
“as such a regime freely would aid the little trader.” . . . The
Jewish lodge “Grand Orient of France” even went so far as to aid
the Jewish dominated “Popular Front” and to demand a law for
their racial press monopolists, not to permit the—Aryan
majority—opposition to take advantage of the press freedom.
Furthermore it was decided by this very same Jewish lodge to
launch a petition that the radio and the political newsreel be
supervized by the forces in power—the Jewish initiated Popular
Front and its subsidiaries. But this same “Grand Orient of France”
even admitted that the weapons sent to Bolshevistic

Spain were to be considered as their shipments.—Muenchmeyer:
Marxisten als Moerder, p. 228.

Another lodge, the “Grand Lodge of France,” whose membership
consists, in its bulk, of Jews, demanded formally that the officers
of the French Republic be sworn before a special committee,
which, of course, shall consist of members of their— Jewish—
lodge and a demand shall be made that the superiors of the army
and navy remain loyal to the country—in the event that the
Popular Front becomes victorious—for it is Freemasonry alone
that allegedly is fighting for the noble aims of humanity—
according to the Jews, for the Aryans are being considered by
Jews and Jew-serfs as mere beasts.

WHILE Switzerland has for decades shown a most liberal
disposition towards political “refugees” of all shades and brands,
this small Alpine nation was not to be spared the assaults of
international Bolshevism. In 1918 a general strike was fomented
as a preliminary to the planned Sovietization of this mountainous
country, with the assistance of the Jewish lawyer of Berne, Boris
Lifschitz, who received six million Swiss francs from Soviet
Russia, according to Anti-Comintern. The combined left-wing
parties were ordered by the Jewish Soviet Government to create a
Swiss soviet with the Jew Radek (Sobelsohn) as its dictator. The
Social Democrats of Berne and Zurich in particular received
Lenin’s sanction for such an endeavor, and only through timely
action of the various cantons’ military forces was the Communist
revolt of 1918 successfully suppressed, with the loss of not less
than 3,793 lives. The aforementioned Lifschitz has become
president of the Jew-sponsored “League for Human Rights” at
Basle, in order to better camouflage his undermining, subversive
activities under the cloak of “humanitarianism.” In Belgium, the
Communist Party was subsidized by a “gift” of half a million
francs, brought by the Soviet ambassador Rubinine to Brussels on
his arrival there in the spring of 1936. According to an Anti-
Comintern report of August 1, 1936, the Soviet government
donated during the month of June, 1936,

the sum of 750,000 gold roubles to the Communist Party in

The principle of reinforcing any possible weak points in the encirclement
of the new national-socialistic Germany had been observed
already in 1934, when Moscow sent $40,000 to the Communist
Party in Holland. It is the slave-labor of the Gentiles in
Russia that is supplying all these millions spent solely for the
eventual glorification of Judah.

In Poland, probably more than anywhere else, the authorities
have been keen enough to recognize the disintegrating influence
of Communism not only on the state but also on the individual.
The Warsaw Police Commissioner, Landebzrski, reported in
March, 1935, that 98 percent of all Communist agitators arrested
in Poland were Jews.

Greece, before the recent establishment of a nationalistic dictatorship
there, suffered almost total disruption by Jewish Moscow,
after it took the fatal step of recognizing the Soviet Union diplomatically.
The Soviet embassy in Athens was the central
bureau, from which were staged all of the Communistic riots recorded
in that country. The reportedly strong leaning toward
Communism in Greece could largely be accounted for by the fact
that out of a total of 320 newspapers, 47 were directly promulgating
Communism, while 80 showed decided Communistic tendencies.

The unlearned worker in Greece, as in other countries,
knew little or nothing of the interrelation of Communism and
Jewry or of the Jewish conspiracy as a whole. Detection and
confiscation of Communistic literature in the Athens Soviet embassy
was a matter of common occurrence, and every one of the
frequent raids on the embassy with the subsequent arrest of members
of the Soviet diplomacy, unearthed much conclusive and
damning evidence.

The 5th Party Day of the Communists in Greece in March, 1934,
was the occasion for the issuance of a protocol which was
sanctioned by the Moscow representatives of the Comintern,
Wiegler. In this the following lines from the final chapter are
significant: “In factories and workshops as well as among ships’

crews, a more intensive propaganda for the goals of the Communist
Party of Greece must be initiated. In conservative organizations
and unions, revolutionary cells have to be formed in
order to plant the germ for their Bolshevization. For the pur-pose
of conquering the population of the country for our cause, some
traveling lecturers have to be sent out. For the education of
revolutionary leaders, schools are to be established by the Central
Committee. In case the Communist Party of Greece should be
outlawed, measures have to be taken to enable the work to go on
without cessation. In the latter case some special leaders are to be

In 1932 alone, the Communist Party of Greece received a financial
contribution from Moscow of 20 million drachmen or about
$125,000. Within the Greek military units the increased Communistic
agitation resulted, in 1933, in 56 cases of mutiny, and all
disturbances were without exception directly traceable to Communist
agitators.—Adolf Ehrt: Der Weltbolschewismus, Berlin
and Leipzig, 1936.

An adequate picture of the Jewishness of the world’s entire leftwing
movement may be gained from a report in The Netherland
National Socialist, April 20, 1935, stating that the congress
sponsored by the Workingmens’ International in Marseilles,
France, from August 22 to 27, 1925, was presented with six delegates
from the United States, of whom four were Jews. Germany’s
was a 100 percent kosher delegation, for all of its 13
workingmens’ leaders were Jews. France’s radical movement
likewise sent a 100 percent Jewish representation, for all 8
spokesmen were of that race, with Austria represented at the
forum with 12 Jewish members. Poland likewise had a 100 percent
delegation at the congress, as all six of its workingmens’ delegates
were of the Jewish tribe.

The continuous concentration of Soviet agents upon the population
of China ever since the Russian Soviet was established, has
made North China a battlefield for years. To incite to civil war —
thus weakening the country—and seize the reins of government
at the opportune moment, is, in China, too, the unfailing

method of the agents of Moscow and their bandit-soldiery. In the
province Kiang-tse alone, this warfare was responsible for the
loss of not less than 186,000 lives. An estimated 2,100,000
refugees had to abandon their homes on the farm land, and more
than 100,000 buildings were wrecked in the period from 1927 to
1931 with an estimated loss of over 300 million dollars. In 1934
the Chinese marshal Chiang Kai-shek issued a statement to the
effect that in the province Kiang-tse one million people had lost
their lives; and over 6 million had been deprived of their possessions
in the civil war instigated by Moscow. The Jew, Borodin
(Grusenberg) is the organizer of the Communist Party in China,
and currency issued by the Red invaders and put into circulation
in the Red-occupied territory in China, bore the pictures of Marx
and Lenin. On March 5, 1933, the population of the cities of
Canton and Honan protested to their government against the
reopening of the Soviet consulates there, since experience had
taught them to regard each member of such staffs as a
Communist agitator.

Other countries in the Far East have been similarly disrupted by
Communist agents from Moscow. Freely financed by these, the
rebellious elements are causing violent disorders everywhere,
with the final prospect of civil war. East Turkestan, Outer Mongolia,
Manchukuo, India, and Dutch India, as well as Australia,
are among the countries most seriously affected. In South
American states, too, the hand of Moscow has been severely felt.

As early as 1919, the Jew, Salomon Jaselmanns, incited a
Communistic uprising in Argentina in which—according to an
Anti-Comintern report of November 20, 1937—800 persons were
killed and several thousands wounded. Brazil, Chile, Argentina
and Uraguay have frequently been “taken for a ride” as a result of
showing too much “tolerance” towards those “officials” from
Soviet Russia who supposedly were preoccupied with trade or
“diplomatic” affairs. For instance the Soviet trade agency in
Buenos Aires, known as the “Yhuzamtorg” and led by a former
fur dealer—the Jew Alexander Minkin—had in its employ 1,506
such “officials” during the period 1926-1930, and all

of these were known Communists whose sole purpose in going
half around the globe was to spread the doctrines of Jewish
Bolshevism in South America. The ensuing and abnormal in-flux
of Jews was represented to the South American governments as
an asset—a point which Chile, at least, refused to concede. For
on becoming aware of the mass immigration of Jewish refugees
from Germany and elsewhere the Chilean Foreign Office, on
April 5, 1934, instructed all its consuls abroad not to visa any
more passports to prospective immigrants who might be
identified as Jews since the Chilean supply of Hebrews—”who of
course are all ambitious people”—was already more than
sufficient.— Anti-Comintern, Berlin.

Endeavors of Communistic Jews to dispossess Gentiles of their
property and nationalize it in the Judeo-Bolshevik sense, have
been observed in Venezuela, where during 1935 and 1936 the
seeds of Communism were carried to the native tribes. Workers
employed in the oil fields of the American Gulf Refining Company
then approached their employer with demands for wages of
$250 per month, annual vacations of one month with pay and a
free trip to Europe each year. The latter demand was the more
amusing and merely reflects upon the originators of these detailed
requests as those native workers were mostly illiterates who
neither knew where Europe was located nor what countries it
comprised, not to mention what languages might be spoken there
or how long it would take to make such trips to Europe and return.

This showed that the agents of organized Jewry under the
emblem of the hammer and sickle were at work to accomplish
even in such a small country as Venezuela the devastating results
that Jewish aggrandizement has executed thus far in the land that
was once the great Russian Empire. The police authorities of
practically all of the South American countries have become
thoroughly familiar with the Red activities of Moscow, and in
this connection the notorious career of Alexander Minkin reads
like a dime detective story. In his capacity as Soviet Trade Agent
General in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at Montevideo, Uruguay,
as early as 1926, he was in constant

conflict with the police on account of his incendiary activities.
The exceptional size of his staff combined with his extremely large
drawing accounts in various South American banks, furnished
sufficient proof of the plans of the Soviet crew for the South
American countries—most of which countries have now definitely
refused to become further infected with the Jewish-Communistic

In intimate connection with this Jew Minkin was an organization
known as the Procor—as reported by Keller and Anderson in Der
Jude als Verbrecher, page 137—an outfit set up to provide for the
settlement of Jews from the Soviet Union and whose members
were also known to the South American police authorities as
being associated with an organization named “Zwi Migdol” and
engaged in white slave traffic. Thus while disseminating the
Marxian-Bolshevik doctrine under the authoritative “Excellency”
Minkin, the other side of their derogatory mission was the
lucrative business of selling Gentile women in the South American
countries—in keeping with the immoral character of Jewish

After various raids on his offices in both Argentina and Uruguay,
“His Excellency” Alexander Minkin, in December of 1935, was
politely but firmly requested to let the “emancipation of the proletariat”
in the South American countries rest and to depart for
good for his native Russia. It was a stinging rebuke which he and
his perverted fellow Jews should long remember. A report under
date of April 7, 1936, from Anti-Comintern, Berlin, reveals that
among the effects of the Russian agent, Harry Berger—then in
Montevideo—were found circulars in the Portuguese language,
purporting to be nationalistic leaflets but actually inciting the
working class to simultaneous revolution in all the South
American countries. Mixed in with much tactical advice to the
organizers, in these papers it was emphasized for them to grant
special protection to the Jews of these South American countries
in event of a political upheaval. An identical exhortation to spare
and safeguard Jewish property had been issued—just to mention
one of the many cases known

—by the insurrection leader, Max Hoelz, of Saxony, in the course
of the communistic uprisings in Central Germany. Posters in the
Red sectors of internal unrest exhibited the following instructions:

“As soon as the Reichswehr approaches, the town hall
is to be set afire. The factories and private estates are to be
destroyed. But save the banks! The banks are not to be wrecked!”
Is any better proof than this required to establish that Communism
is a Jewish plot?

So it happened that the last of the South American republics
severed diplomatic relations with the Jewish government of
Soviet Russia, after the Brazilian revolts—which in 1935 alone
caused the deaths of not less than 150 persons and the wounding
of 400 others, and which were traced directly to the activities of
the Jew Minkin—whose preparations for still further rebellions
were thus definitely interrupted by the awakening of the South
American governments to such Jewish menace—race-conscious
South Americans say, “for good.” The background of the
“proletarian emancipation” has, in the South American republics,
been uncovered in its reality as the cleverly camouflaged Jewish
conspiracy it actually is.

Mr. Delgass, former president of the Soviet Union’s Amtorg
Trading Corporation in New York City, made a statement which
may be interesting at this point—in a speech on November 30,
1931—as follows: “In Countries which have recognized The
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, subversive activities are centralized
in the embassies, while in the United States and other
countries where the Soviet government is not officially recognized,
the general manager of the Amtorg usually is the chief of
the spy system.” With a statement like this on record, why was
the Soviet government ever recognized by the United States? In
no less degree have Cuba and Mexico been harassed by the Red
invasion. Both of these territories have their “Red Books, with
accounts of many deliberately planned attempts to break up
existing institutions and conditions. Most of these staged riots
have been directly linked to the activities of the Reds in the

United States, including their sympathizers in the ranks of Jewish
financiers, and as such, form a story complete in themselves. In
the recent Spanish cataclysm the hand of Jewish Moscow was
openly shown. Even before the actual outbreak of hostilities in
Spain, Jews were looked down upon as of a despicable alien
body, as a Kehillah spokesman of Jewry evidently observed; for
Inacio Bauer reported, in B’nai B’rith magazine, New York City,
June, 1933, that “Spaniards everywhere still spoke of the Jew as
though he were a cancer in Spain.” The arrival in Spain of the
Jewish fiend, Bela Kun, was as mentioned before, celebrated by
the looting and burning of two priceless cathedrals. In the
insurrection of October, 1934, the Spanish Reds had shown their
unspeakable bestiality by hanging the nude bodies of murdered
Catholic priests on branches of trees—with signs attached: “Pork
for Sale.” Such practices resemble the acts of butchering for
which Bela Kun became execrated in Hungary and conform
closely with the spirit of the Jewish “religious” scriptures.
Of no less significance was the transfer of Soviet Russia’s former
peace delegate at Geneva—the Jew Rosenberg (Moses
Israelsohn) with his staff of 140 members, to the office of ambassador
to Spain, in August of 1936—the execution of Jewish
Moscow’s war orders against Nationalistic Spain being his primary
task. In fact this former “peace delegate” in Geneva was
openly known to be Red Spain’s actual war-lord. As aids-decamp
to Rosenberg (Israelsohn) the Jews Companys, Prieto and
Dr. Maranon, and Margarete Nelken, a Jewess from Germany,
took the most prominent parts.

From 1492 to 1931, Jews were disfranchised in Spain. After King
Alfonso’s deposition the Socialist government re-admitted them;
and with the simultaneous reopening of the synagogues the
radical activities against the government rapidly assumed huge
proportions. Anti-Comintern reported that in November of 1934 a
Jewish “Lord” from Great Britain was expelled from Spain for
Communistic agitation. But the direct influence of Moscow
steadily increased, and soon became pointedly directed

against the Church as well as against the existing Spanish Gov.

The outbreak of the 1934 revolution was triumphantly hailed by
the Moscow Pravda in a two-and-a-half page article as an
achievement of the proletariat.” An outstanding “achievement” of
these Spanish Reds—during a twelve-day campaign that cost
over 1200 lives in Catalonia—was the following: “Twenty
orphans arrived in Madrid with their eyes gouged out. These were
the children of policemen who had been slaughtered by
Communists. …” Scores of similar stories could be added at will.
But the Pravda was rejoicing!

The Spanish Communist paper Trabajo said on January 1, 1936,
in an article entitled, “And Moscow Supplies the Money”: “On
August 20, 1935, Spain was offered 2 million pesetas, which sum
the Red Aid is to transfer”; while Bela Kun, as mentioned before,
added 3 million pesetas. The Communist Party in Spain received,
regularly, 45,000 pesetas per month from Moscow, besides many
special donations. The Spanish weekly, Workers’ World, was
converted into a daily, at the expenditure by Spanish Marxists of
$10,000, while the expansion of the daily Europa-America cost
an estimated 200,000 pesetas. The Spanish edition of the
International Correspondence required an additional 50,-000
pesetas; while finally 25,000 pesetas were granted for the
financing of the “League of Revolutionary Atheists.” The
German weekly Der Arbeitsmann of August 15, 1936, carried the
following account as a further indication of the active
participation of the Jewish Soviet in the Spanish civil war: “On
August 3, 1936, a grand parade of civilians and soldiers was held
in the Red Square in Moscow, and Swerdnik, president of the
Heavy Industries, asked for contributions for the Spanish Marxists.
Orders were issued under which each worker, besides voluntary
donations, was forced to yield one-half percent of his yearly
salary to the fund. By August 10th there was deposited in the
Moscow Soviet Bank, under Account No. 159783, over 36 million
francs for the Spanish “Popular Front.” Besides this, the
Comintern gave an extra donation of 1 million English pounds.

The Spanish Marxists therefore have received from Russia over
50 million gold francs for the continuation of the civil war.” This
report covers the item published by the Associated Press during
the first week in August of 1936, that 22 million dollars had been
sent from the Soviet Union to the Red regime of Spain.

Additional indications of direct participation of Moscow in the
Spanish “civil” war were given by the New York. American of
October 27, 1936, in an article stating that 60 percent of the Red
fighters in Spain were foreign Communists chiefly from Russia,
Germany, France and Italy. This report states further that on the
bodies of virtually all such that were killed in battle were found
cards of membership in the Third International, and that most of
them, in particular the officers, had pockets full of Russian gold
pieces and English bank notes.

While the conflict was raging in Spain, the stiff campaign of the
Christian, Nationalist-”rebel” forces against the atheistic,
“loyalist” troops, clearly showed the former’s determined will to
fight for self-preservation rather than succumb to the deadly
Jewish world-tyranny. H. R. Knickerbocker, writing in the New
York Journal, April 28, 1938, put the number of deaths at that
date at one million, and adds: “The savage theory of Karl Marx’s
class struggle has decimated a nation. One-tenth are buried, and
the other nine-tenths are desperately unhappy as long as they

The London Daily Mail, August 31, 1936, gave still further
evidence of Soviet control in the Spanish imbroglio by recounting
how directions for street fighting had been intercepted in a
broadcast from Moscow to Spain. “Show no mercy,” were these
directions, in effect. And Moscow has not only admitted these
accusations but in its propaganda literature even boasted openly
of its evil proficiency. Likewise, the Comintern proudly claims
credit for having organized and initiated every important strike
and civil uprising in practically every country in recent years!
The Moscow incitations of strife in Spain were not restricted

to mere armed encounters but included the destruction of thousands
of churches and other national shrines besides hundreds of
thousands of homes, and such were willingly executed by the
“international” brigades such as the Yiddish-American “Abraham
Lincoln Brigade.”

More than that, the pillaging as conducted by the “Loyalist”
forces gives proof that this was a regular part of Moscow’s foreign
warfare. Defender Magazine, Wichita, Kansas, September,
1937, discloses: “Rosenberg (Soviet Russia’s Jewish ambassador
to Spain) directed the transaction of several million of pesetas in
gold, confiscated by the communists from Spanish state and
private banks, which were deposited to the credit of a number of
private accounts in French banks so foreign courts could not
prevent its use in case General Franco, or other depositors from
Spain, should start suits. Ambassador Rosenberg . . . was not
cautious enough in selecting the people in whose names the
moneys were deposited. A lot of it disappeared …” Another press
report in February, 1939, revealed the “transfer” of valuable
church property from the “Loyalist” sector to the . . . (Jewish)
League of Nations at Geneva. The Moscow Reds boast not only
of inciting the Spanish national conflict but also claim the
following revolutions and disorders as their work exclusively:

October, 1917, in Russia; the Spartacus uprising in 1919 in
Germany; the Bela Kun revolution in 1919 in Hungary; the
insurrection instigated by Max Hoelz in Saxony, in 1920; the
riots in central Germany in 1921 and the Ruhr upheaval in 1923;
the Reval street battles in 1924 and 1926; the civil war in North
China beginning in 1927; the general strike on the Pacific Coast
in the United States in July, 1934; the October uprising in Spain
in 1934; the riots of April, 1935, in Cuba, and those of May,
1935, in the Philippines. Another result of the Marxistic
reasoning seems to be the wanton and deliberate destruction of
symbols and landmarks of Christian and Gentile civilization.

Thus—by order of the Soviet government—the world-renowned
Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria, was wrecked on April 16, 1925, by
the Jew Friedman, with the loss

of some 216 lives and the injury of about 200 persons; in July,
1927, the Palace of Justice in Vienna was set afire by Reds, this
destruction being accompanied by the killing of a hundred persons
and wounding of a thousand more; during the celebration of
the Lenin Festival on February 22, 1930, the ancient Siminoff
Monastery in Moscow was ordered demolished; and the burning
of the German Reichstag building, January 26-28, 1933, was
instigated by these same Communistic conspirators. A great
many churches in Mexico have been destroyed during the last
several decades, as has also been the case in Spain, times too
numerous to recount. A detailed compilation of activities of the
world-wide Jewish-Communistic network over several decades
may be found in a huge volume with hundreds of authentic illustrations,
and is published by the Nibelungen Verlag, Berlin, its
title being Der Weltbolschewismus.

The sinister threat of world-Bolshevism has been recognized by
discerning minds for a considerable period. One such was Mr.
Oudendyk, Netherlands Minister in Petrograd during the Bolshevik
revolution. This gentleman submitted a report to the
British Minister in Norway, Sir M. Findlay, who in turn forwarded
the same to Mr. Arthur J. Balfour of the British government
on September 18, 1918. Part of this report read as follows:

“I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the
greatest issue now before the world—not even excluding the war,
which is still raging—and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is
nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form
or another over Europe and the whole world; as it is organized
and worked by Jews, who have no nationality and whose one object
is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”

A leaflet which was circulated among the Germans in post-war
days and reprinted in the Jewish World, London, of January 15,
1919, contained the following eloquent appeal: “The international
Jews drove the nations into the great War, in order that they
themselves might make billions in money on war supplies. The
Jews have undermined the strength and bravery of our glorious
army by systematic agitation; they have egged

the German people on to revolution, so that they might be able in
the general chaos, to get hold of some more millions of German
wealth. The Jews want to rule the German people, so as to be able
to plunder them still more. The German republic is being fettered
by Jews. It is no German republic, but a Jew republic, in which
Germans are graciously permitted to work for the Jews. Hirsch,
Ledebour, Eisner, Haase, Landsberg, Kohn, Nathan, and
whatever the other leaders of the republic are called, are all Jews.
“German Soldiers! Save the Fatherland. Save the German people
from its worst and most pitiless enemies—the Jews!”

Little by little, the German people became sufficiently informed
and encouraged to take matters into their own hands, and so
actually saved the Fatherland from the Jewish scourge—so that,
in very fact, Germany has become the first bulwark in the defense
of the White Man’s civilization.

During an Anti-Communistic Conference at Asheville, N. C, in
August, 1936, a Gentile who had been living in Palestine made
the following statement: “I have had several discussions with
leading Palestine Jews regarding the future of Zionism. They
uniformly seemed to agree that it had already failed and that,
accordingly, there was nothing else for the Jews to do but to establish
Communism in every Gentile country, so as to make it
possible for the Jews to ‘emancipate’ themselves according to
their own racial conceptions.”

This is indeed giving fair warning to the nations, of what they
may expect. But even as far back as April, 1919, George Pitter-
Wilson made this significant statement in the London Globe:
“Bolshevism is in possession of the Christian nations of the world
to such an extent that no capital will remain in the hands of the
Christians, that all Jews may jointly hold the world in their hands
and reign, wherever they choose.”

And at about the same time, the Paris Jewish magazine Le Peuple
Juif, of February 8, 1919, quite openly asserted: “The world
revolution which we will experience will be exclusively

our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten
the Jewish domination over all the other people.” These grim
prophecies seem rapidly nearing realization, notwithstanding the
constant ridiculing—in the Jew-controlled press—of the
awakened Jew-wise elements among Christian Americans. For
instance, columnist Dorothy Thompson, who appears to be unpardonably
ignorant of world conditions, in the New York Herald-
Tribune of July 23, 1936, referred to those informed groups
who are aware of the world danger inherent in the Jewish question,
as people who “have lunatic ideas about saving our culture
and religion.” Or on the other hand, is there just a chance that an
expression coined by the New York weekly, Time, a year or two
ago, “kept men of the press,” might account for this particular
case as well as a host of others?

It will have appeared from the foregoing that what is generally
understood by the word “Communism” is merely a part—although
at the present stage the most essential one—of the huge
world program being relentlessly pursued by Jewry. Another
most significant point concerns the means by which they propose
to stabilize the power to be usurped through Communistic
activities. The controlled press called one such measure their
“resettlement program”—as is in evidence under the New Deal.

The Jews from time to time admit that they fear nothing so much
as resurgent Gentile individualism and initiative. Wherever they
have usurped autocratic power, therefore, their treatment of
groups in which such qualities might be inherent and therefore
dangerous to them, has been especially barbarous. For, realizing
perfectly that race and soil have been the chief factors in the development
of such individualism, they are committing the ultimate
crime of “resettling” whole national groups, deliberately and
on an extensive scale, for the express purpose of effacing totally,
such national characteristics. Dr. Joseph Goebbels said in his
speech at Nuremberg on September 10, 1936: ‘In Ingria the
Finnish population is being systematically stamped out. From
1929 to 1931, 18,000 Finns were banished to Siberia,

and in the spring of 1935, 9,000 were forced to undergo the same
fate. Only two months ago the government of the Soviet Union
decided to drive out another 28,000 from their native land. “In the
Polish-Soviet frontier district 18,000 peasants of German stock
‘had their settlement transferred’ during the spring of this year.
From 80 to 90 persons were packed into cattle trucks and sent to

“Last year 4,000 Carelians were sent in banishment to Central
Asia and 3,000 to the Ural, where more than 50 percent of them
succumbed to the inhuman conditions of life and work.” It would
seem as if mad inhumanity could go no further than this to uproot
whole communities of people from the soil that had been owned
and tilled by their forefathers for hundreds, even thousands of
years, and carry them into abject slavery in foreign countries. But
in Soviet Russia it goes still further, for, Dr. Goebbels continues:
“In August, 1927, the Communist propaganda apparatus drummed
into the ears of the world, proclamations against the execution
of Sacco and Vanzetti. In millions of leaflets and newspapers
the Communists carried on their campaign in foreign countries
for the revocation of the death sentence. Yet what happens in the
Soviet Union itself?

In one paragraph alone, of the Criminal
Code, fourteen different kinds of acts are laid down which are
punishable with death. By the law of April 7, 1935, the death
penalty was introduced even for children. “Starving children in an
educational institution had often told how good the conditions
were, that prevailed there in former times. This fact alone was
enough to bring them within the terms of paragraph 58. Ten
children were shot by the OGPU in the presence of their
comrades. In a newspaper article the Soviet Prosecuting
Attorney, Wischinsky, recalls Vith content and pleasure’ the first
anniversary of the day on which the death penalty for children
was established by law.” Further comment should be superfluous
and will not here be made.
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  1. Why are we not winning the war against Zionist Marxism, when so many are aware of the facts here presented?

    This is a mystery of sorts to me, and, I’m sure, many others.

  2. Oh, Dr. Bob. Don’t you know it is not politically correct to even speak a word against the so-called special ones ? All the dingbat Christian religious leaders cite the Bible, where the “Children of Israel” will have a temporary condition of “hardened hearts” which will soon pass and they will once again revert to their true selves of being the light to the world. Just ask Hagee, or Robinson, or Feldick, or a host of other false prophets we were so warned against. I think Joe Cortina, former Green Beret, has the situation in focus.
    Read John 8:44 for the truth and check out who Eve got knocked up by before she met Adam. The above mentioned televangelists don’t want you to know anything about that stuff.

  3. Wonderful work Hoff.
    Best regards from Belgium ,

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