Communism and zionism are twins and both are jewish

Communism and zionism are twins and both are jewish, in essence judaism for goyim, non-jews consumption. What the jews Marx and Herzl did was they re-wrote Talmud to get the stupid goyim to work for the jews. Goyim commis and goyim zionist thinks and acts as jews. This is one of the 22 secret weapons of the jews. 


Communisms end-game is world conquer and the same with zionism.


One way the jews rule is by scaring the crap out of people. The Cold war was a fraud, jews runned both Sovjet and America was run by jews. Search: “Stalins jews” by Sever Plocker in Ynet, both jewish.

Stalin’s jews – click here


80 percent of the KGB was jews and the had all the leading positions in KGB, NKVD and so on. Taft caved in 1916 when the jew mafia Jacob Schiff forced congress, 300 – 1 vote to end the trade deal with Russia. Boycott is another of the 22 secret weapons of the jews. The jews boycotted Russia from 1880s or maybe earlier and tried to take over Russia in 1881. Then the jew mafia attacked Russia in 19o4 by proxy via Japan, Schiff put up 400 million dollarim, according to Encyclopedia Judaica, Entry Schiff Jacob. The japs got a new navy and took out the czars Pacific Fleet. A major blow to the czar. Then the jews tried to take over Russia in 19o5 and then successes in 1917.


Then the jew mafia gets America in ww1 over the Balfour declaration, ie the british promise to take over Palestine and give to the jews. Then in 1948 the jew mafia drives GB out of Palestine. (Thanks very much you stupid goyim, from Zion.)


There is an illegal entity called “israel” and it dident make it self and the only reason it exist is that the jew mafia conspired on a global scale. If you dont think jews can conspire, just watch the video: “Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship)” at ytub. It was a conspiracy and it was jewish. Video


One of the not so secret 22 ssecreat weapons of the jews is the bogus accusation smear-slander word “antisemit”. That is how the jew mafia controls all goyim, by accusing all that resist the jewish power takeover to be NAZIS. That is what the bogus word “antisemite” really means, one jew accuses you to be a nazi. Just show me one in any official position in any western country that ONE jew accuses of being a Nazi “antisemite” that is not chased out of office or in prison.


Why this works is because all the commis and zionist goyim in the jew owned propaganda-machine called MSM, MainStreamMedia. Every single so called “journalist” loves jews and will do anything to defend the criminal jews at any cost. They think and act as jews.


The global jew mafia wants a global police state, paid and executed by the stupid americans.What the jew mafia wants is a globel death penalty law banning “antisemitism” on a global scale. That is why the jew need a global police state.


As Talmud says:Kill all the best of gentiles


Williamson is one of the best of gentiles and the jews are killing him. This is how the jews rule all non-jews – they kill all the best. Bishop Williamson



“The (Jewish) holocaust is a successful historical fiction.” 


-Chief-Rabbi Arye Friedman from Vienna , Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dec. 12, 2006, p.7 picture caption

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  1. To goto Main Page click Hoff at top of page.

    The 22 secret weapons of the jews – by Hoff

  2. Gerhard Jagschitz, professor of contemporary history at the University of Vienna had been commissioned by the German court as an expert witness to determine whether the “Holocaust” is “manifestly obvious” as an actual event of contemporary history.

    He spent three years researching and reading all the available literature concerning the “Holocaust,” in order to determine the actual truth.

    After these three years he informed the court that he could NO LONGER DEFEND his original assumptions in support of the validity of the “Holocaust.”

    – German Attorney, Horst Mahler
    Horst Mahler’s Last Public Statement

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