Douglas Reed – his books

Douglas Reed’s books

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All books as Pdf


Insanity fair

Disgrace abounding

Fire and bomb – Reichtag burning


A prophet at home

All our to-morrows

From smoke to smother

Somewhere south of suez

Fare and wide

The battle for Rhodesia

The siege of southern africa

Grand design of the 20th century

The prisoner of Ottawa


Controvercy of Zion – English and French

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  1. Controversy of zion in russian – СПОР О СИОНЕ

  2. “The Controversy of Zion” – Douglas Reed’s Masterpiece.

    Now in eleven languish: English, German, Russian, Danish, Polish, Rumanian, Spanish, Arabic, Chines, Japanes and Portugese.

  3. “The Controversy of Zion” in Danish:

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