Hoff’s Computer School

Hoff’s Computer School

Lesson 1: Computing is easy. The first thing you do is pull the core to the PC and take out the battery from the laptop. Now you can be sure the PC is OFF. Next you plug the core and put back the battery and click on the ON button and wait for the PC to start. See how easy it is?

Now you have learned how to shut down the PC. Any problems? Just shut down and restart.

Lesson 2: Press all the keys – at the same time. Problem? See Lesson 1.

Lesson 3: lf you get mad, hit the keybord Enter (biggest key right) – HARD with your fist. WARNING — Do NOT do this with a laptop. lf you got a laptop get an external keybord, then you hit Enter hard.

You will be surprised how much force a keybord can take before it breaks in parts. lf you can find the parts again it’s often easy to assemble them again. lf not a new keybord is 10-15 dollars. What of it?

Summary Hoffs’s PC school: Do not be afraid of the computer. You get mad? just hit it.

Lesson 4: There is nothing complicated about the keybord.

Most keys are A B C D and so on. What is complicated about that? The longest key is spacebar, you make a space with it when writing. What is complicated about that? You see how easy computing is?

Now, look bottom left and you find a key that says – Ctrl. This is the most impotant key most people will ever use. lf you hit D it will type D, but if you hold down Ctrl and hit D you will have something entire different.

Ctrl is a switch, just the same as when you go by train. A railrod switch junction let you go straight ahed or change track. What is complicated about that? Hold down Ctrl and you switch the function of the A B C and some keys.

Ctrl + A = Mark everything.

+ C = Copy

+ V = Paste

+ Z = Undo

+ F = Search and find word in Word or on web page.

See how easy it is? Learn how to use the keybord switch key and remenber a few letters and now your almost a computer expert. Fn, Alt and Alt Gr are also switch keys, trie’m out.

Second left is Shift, Make Capital letters. Caps Lock make all letters capital. Not recommended, in the PC world it’s like sceaming. You just don’t do that all the time, unless your really, really pizzed off.

See how easy computing is? Above Enter is Backspace. Delete what you just wrote in Word or back to last page in browser on the net.

At top of key bord there are th F-keys, in essence they are locked shortcuts. F5 = Update page on the net. F11 = Full Screen, hit again and your back.

To mark text in Word, Hold down Shift + any arrow key. To delete hit backspace.

To mark text on a webpage, Ctrl + A or press and hold down Left mouse bottom and move mouse.

To write comment, move mouse to field and Left click.

Spacebar in browser = Page Down (BIG timesaver) + Shift = Page Up.

Ctrl + D = Bookmark Page

To mark a link hit F4, the – http//www. … at top at page should now be marked. lf not, just keep hitting F4, or double click on the link. Ctrl + C, click where you want the link and Ctrl + V.

Finally, you can always RIGHT click on anything.

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  1. Thanks for the lesson, Hoff. This computer dummy needs all the help he can get. It takes me forever to get anything done and I know people who can do in one minute things that take me an hour.

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