How REAL Power Works – by Hoff

How REAL Power Works – by Hoff


 We, the (m)asses do have a “Flat Earth” thinking about how political power works. We think if one side get 51% and the other side 49%, that is democracy because the 51% side will rule and that is political power,


lt’s NOT about the number, it’s about how a small minority can take control over the majority. The jew knows everything there are to know about how a small minority can take control of the majority. This is what all the jewish “intellectuals” have been  thinking about the last 200 years. Before the Sovjet jews took over Poland during ww2 jews in Poland rallied in the streets shouting things like: TO HELL WITH POLAND!


lt was NOT all the jews, no, it was a small group of jews who did this. What this small group did was that they forced all the jews to chose side: With us or against us!


What l just described is how a small minority forces it’s will on the majority. And this is how the jew mafia operates, the jew mafia MO. 


The first thing the Sovjet-jews did when they took over Poland was that the forced every single pole to vote if they wanted to be “liberated” by Sovjet. Of course the outcome was given so what is the point?


The point is that all ballots had the poles name on it. When the pole cast their ballot they were all careful scrutinized. The slightest contempt and that poles ballot got an X and the next night they were off to Sibiria.


What did the jews do in Sovjet with anyone that resisted the jews taking over their state? The jews put them on a list and off they were to Sibiria.


lf YOU had the power to put people on a list and deny them all basic rights, would you say you had power?


This is ONE jew. l repeat: This is ONE jew and he is telling 300 million american that if he puts them on a list, they have no rights. This one jew is Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel and he is Cheif of staff White House. lf YOU was ”Rahmbo”, would you say you have power? And this is ONLY ONE JEW.


This is how real power works, put them on a list and deny them all basic rights. Ant that is what the jew mafia is doing in America 2009, they are putting all true americans on a list and then deny them all their basic rights. The Constitution? Hey … you’r on the list. YOU have no rights!


“Rahm Emmanuel to Disarm America”




Short video


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  1. Ini happy to see you have emphasized the true nature and true purpose of the talmud and the synagogue of satan and there despicable slander in the unholy book of this babylonian antichrist talmud and also the despicable noahide laws with the intention to enslave and torture and kill all gentiles and believers of jesus christ (to murder billions of people) for their satanic movement PEOPLE WAKE UP..many blessings and godbless abundantlypeace be unto you

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