How The Jew Banker Make Money From Nothing, Explained Easy – by Hoff

How The Jew Banker Make Money From Nothing, Explained Easy – by Hoff

Some 300 years ago most people in Europe ate from a wooden plate or bowl. Why? Because none knew how to make china, plates from clay. Only the Chinese did. The only way to get china to Europe was to go by sail boat to China. And the only thing the Chinese would trade china with was gold.

A gold bar is heavy. lt must be safe guarded at all time. One way to China by sail was six, 6 months one way. So it was a risky business to trade china plates, china porcelain.

Now the Jew goldsmith tells you: Leave the gold bar to me and l will write you a note and when you come to China my brother goldsmith in China will give you a gold bar.

A paper note is very easy to carry. Almost no weight and you can carry it in your pocket. This works. The Jew brother in China gives you a gold bar for the note. When you get back to London you tell everybody that it works.

Now the Jew goldsmith have ten gold bars and have written ten notes. Now the Jew goldsmith is a Jew banker. Because the note is the first paper money. The paper money is based on gold, that is the gold standard.

This is easy, one paper note = one gold bar. Anyone that have a note can go to the Jew banker and claim one gold bar, but the thing is that to carry around a gold bar is messy. lt’s heavy and must be safeguarded at all time.

To exchange paper notes is much easier so none come and claim the gold bar any longer. Everybody knows that the Jew is good for one gold bar so why bother to handle a heavy gold bar?

Now comes the Jew banker swindle. The Jew banker prints an eleventh note for one gold bar. The Jew banker just made money from nothing.

This is what inflation really is, the Jew banker makes money from nothing. The only thing the Jew banker needs is a piece of paper and some ink. And then the Jew banker inflated, devalued all the other ten bank notes by ten percent.

lf every eleventh holder of the Jew banker issued bank note turn up at the same time to claim their gold bar, everybody will understand that the Jew banker has swindled them off ten percent. But they don’t because all believe that they have one gold bar, not 90 percent.

The Jew banker got away with the eleventh note. Now the Jew banker prints a twelth note. Then another one and then another one …

This is how the Jew goldsmith became Jew banker, and this is how the Jew banker makes money from nothing. Paper and ink and the Jew banker can make as much money he wants to – from nothing.

America abolished the gold standard in 1976, under Nixon. But it really didn’t matter because the dollar was worth nothing anyway. The dollar, and by that all money are worth what you THINK it’s worth.

That is all there is to the monies, they are worth what you think they are worth. And the Jew banker got the copy machine.


“The US government [Read: The JEW] has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.”

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