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Hello and welcome

This blog is about full text books in one page, easy to read and easy to copy and save. It will take you less then five minutes to copy and past even the biggest book.

Ctrl + D = Bookmark this blog.


This blog is about rare and banned books about the global jew mafia, in full text on one page, easy to read and easy to copy and save. It will take you less then five minutes to copy and past even the biggest book.


Spacebar = Page Down. Shift + Spacebar = Page Up.

Ctrl + F = Search, works in word and in browser.


Above the Arrow keys there are six keys, one say Top of page and one say End of page.

Mac,  key + Arrow key.


Remember this few short commandos and its easy and fast to surf even the biggest page. If you have a printer I recommend that you print out this page hold down Ctrl + P. Then you can have the shortcuts easy available. Or even better if you are new to editing text, copy this page and edit out anything you dont need and then print out what you need to know.


Copy and save the whole book, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C and in Word Ctrl + V. Ctrl + S = Save in Word.

Mac,  key + A, C, V, S and D for bookmark.


To mark text Put cursor here  >>> X<<<  Press and hold down left mouse button – move. Ctrl + C or click Right mouse button. Laptop same thing. To mark a paragraph = Double click fast. (Mac, Ctrl + Right mouse button.)

Copy and save the whole blog. To edit in word is easy, Hold down Shift + hit any arrow key, Del or backspace (above Enter). To copy a link hit F4, now the http//www. … shall be blue. If not, keep hitting F4. Mac, Tab above caps lock left. Or you can double click on the http//www … link.

F11 = full screen mode, hit F11 again and you are back.

Update page = F5. Mac,  key + R.


Ctrl and +  (plus, next to zero) = Increase text size. Ctrl and – (Dash, minus – Next to Right Shift) = Decrease text size. Ctrl and zero = Default text size. Mac,  key + same.


Any red text is a link and will open in a New Window. When done just close that window and you are back on Main Page. Alt + F4 = Close window, or click the X at top right.  Mac,  key + W or X at top left.


I think the width here is the right to read books or longer text on a screen. I also want paragraphed text. Some books formattings works very well and its easy to copy and past the book and it looks just right. The problem is mainly two, some books when copied shows one line of text good, then the next line is just five words, and the next line is good.


The problem is that the textmachine reads som space bars as Tab-spaces, in essence six to eight space bars in a row. It can be edited out manually, but when you done that to just say ten sentences. You just dont do that with a whole book. It can mostly be fixed by copy and past the whole book into like a comment on Youtube, that text machine will edit out all the Tab-spaces, but all also all paragraph formatting, hence its just one big mass of text. Again, the paragraphs can be edited in again, but the time.


When its possible, the book will be just nice and the way I want it, but if not possible I will just publish it anyway. Betterto have the book in one textmass then no book at all. Take care of this books, copy and save, read and pass the books to all you know, or even better, post them up on another blog.


There will be added new books all the time, I want at least one hundred books at this blog, I think its like 40 or so 25 Feb o9. So Bookmark Ctrl + D and come back often and read the books. Those books will tell you things they dident tell you in school or on History Channel – your real history and how the world really works. You can simply not understand what and why things happends the way they do without understanding the jews stake and how jews think and act. The jews knows what they want – and they act. And its the acts of jews what those books is all about.


The name of the blog is: Jewise dot wordpress dot com

My other blog Hoff2 dot wordpress dot com

Video library about the Global Jew Mafia

This is a really good free dictionary.

Click the loudspeaker to hear the word.

The –  Click here

Click Hoff at top of any page = Main Page

Top of page – Click here   ➮ – ⇧ – ⇪


Any red text is a link.

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  1. give the gentiles the backup site for judicial . inc on your side line links as called its anyway ..enjoyed yall on incog wall..peace

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