Jacob Schiff and who rule America

If there is a jewish conspiracy, then the global jew mafia must control America. The reason is very simple, America is the most powerful empire in history of man. Do mafia jews control America?

Lets look at some irrefutable historical facts. ”… the international financial war waged against Russian Czar Nicholas II by Jewish banker Jacob Schiff and the American Jewish Committee. The war began when Jews were blamed for Russia’s social and economic chaos in the 1880s.” Not 41

What the mafia jew Jacob Schiff did was he declared war on America and told America to abrogate the Russo-American commercial treaty, the legal basis of all friendly relations with Russia. ”On December 13, 1911, after the House voted 300 to 1 to abrogate, Taft capitulated, and two days later issued instructions to terminate the treaty.”

If you could force the president of America to do things against his will and get him down on his knees, would you say you had power then? No president after Taft has got up on his feets again.

What the Global Jew Mafia wants is a Global Police State – executed and paid for by America. If there is a jewish conspiracy for world domination, then the jew mafia must control America – and the jew mafia controls America.

Some will admit: Yes, jews have some, or even strong influense in american politic, but they dont run America. Partial influnce is not a option for the jew mafia, only total control is what they want and they have it. This is one of the 22 secret weapons of the jews. Very few understands that America is run by jews and what is the (m)asses going to do about something they dont know?


”Although America’s German Jews detested the unkempt Russian Jews, they were nevertheless infuriated by the barbarism of the czar’s persecution. Among the Hofjuden who considered themselves the custodians of Jewish defense, Jacob Schiff stood out as a central figure. A major factor in international finance, Schiff’s greatest weapon was money: giving it, denying it.” Not 42

 Boycott = One of 22 secret weapons of the jews.

Schiff used his influence with friends and family in Europe to commit major Jewish and even non-Jewish financial houses to a banking boycott of Russia.(43) And before long, Russia’s loan requests were in fact systematically denied in most French, English, and U.S. money markets. In 1904, after war broke out between Russia and Japan, Schiff lobbied tirelessly among commercial adversaries and cohorts alike to grant high-risk war loans to the Japanese. About $100 million, suddenly infused, quickly armed the under equipped Japanese, allowing them to score a series of humiliating victories. Schiff’s loans were officially recognized as the pivotal factor in Japan’s victory, and the Jewish leader was commemorated in Japanese newspapers and history books as a new national hero.(45)

The banking boycott and the financing of Japan’s victory were only the first rounds. In 1906, Schiff and other influential Hofjuden formed the American Jewish Committee. Their first major objective was abrogation of the Russo-American commercial treaty, the legal basis of all friendly relations with Russia. The Committee asserted that the czar’s denial of Russian visas to Jewish American citizens was an affront not just to America’s Jewish citizens but to the United States itself.(46)

Although William Taft had issued a presidential campaign promise of abrogation, he refused to honor his pledge once elected. During a February 1911 White House luncheon for Committee leaders, when Taft rendered his final refusal to abrogate, Schiff warned, “We had hoped you would see that justice be done us. You have decided otherwise. We shall now go to the American people.” Schiff then stalked from the room, refusing to even shake the president’s hand. On the way out, Schiff whispered to fellow Committee leaders, “This means war!”(47)

Calling upon all friends and resources, the Committee began a widespread public appeal to have Congress force the president to end commercial relations with Russia. Within weeks, House and Senate abrogation resolutions-each personally approved by the Committee-were prepared. On December 13, 1911, after the House voted 300 to 1 to abrogate, Taft capitulated, and two days later issued instructions to terminate the treaty. (48)

The transfer agreement by Edwin Black, a jew and Ape Fraudman at ADL approved, is a book I read at least five times. This was the book that made me understand how the jew mafias most powerful secret weapon works. You want to be jewise too? Mandatory reading.

Not 41

 The book


One of the 22 secret weapons of the jews is that very few people understands that jews do conspire. The evidence that jews conspire is in this book by Edwin Black. He tells very clear that the jew mafia conspired from early 1880s until 1917 when the Tsar was toppled.


“Despite abrogation, the czar would not yield. Massacres continued, and the Jewish death toll rose. So the banking boycott was tightened. Its effects became most destructive, however, during World War I, when the czar needed multimillion-dollar military loans. Committee members were widely criticized for the stubborn continuation of their boycott even as it threatened the Allied war effort. But the boycott remained in effect until the monarchy was toppled in 1917.(49)”


“… because the Jewish-led worldwide anti Nazi boycott was indeed the one weapon Hitler feared. ” Not 6


Worldwide is Global. The jews themself admits that they conspire on a global scale, and yet most people cant even understand it when the jews admits they do it. One of the jews secret weapon is Stupidity and Ignorance, a very powerful weapon wouldnt you say?

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