Jews Posing As “Neo-Nazis”

Some choice examples of “Kosher Nazis”:

• 1946 to 1979: The Animist Party and National Renaissance Party (NRP), early U.S. “neo-Nazi groups,” are organized under titular leader James Madole, actually a cat’s-paw of the Anti-Defamation League. Former Bolshevik spy Vladimir Stepankowsky, Emanuel Trujillo (alias ‘Mana Truhill’), and other Jewish and/or Communist agents of the ADL are Madole’s main source of financial support and organizational talent from the beginning. During the 1950s the NRP emerges as the most sensational and visible American “neo-Nazi group,” with its brown-shirted swastika-banded “stormtroopers” frequently staging street demonstrations in New York City that often and predictably deteriorate into riots. All related expenses, including the uniforms, are defrayed by the NRP’s main benefactor, the ADL. The swastika is displayed at ADL spy Truhill’s insistence. As “liaison officer” and de facto leader of the NRP by 1954, Truhill is in constant contact with other right-wing groups and individuals all over the world. His real work is name-gathering these people and incriminating them by coaxing extreme anti-Semitic remarks from them, thus collecting juicy tidbits for the ADL’s vast library of dossiers. (Joseph P. Kamp, The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree (New York: Headlines, 1960))

• 1950s & ’60s: The foreign intelligence division of Stasi, Communist East Germany’s secret police apparatus, infiltrates spies into West Germany to pose as “neo-Nazis engaged in anti-Semitic vandalism,” a psy-ops campaign organized by Stasi spy-master Markus Wolf—a Jew. ADL director Benjamin R. Epstein follows through by traveling to Germany and advocating long-term Stalinist “re-education” for West Germans. In other words this is just the Jew World Empire performing a “pretext operation” so it can further torment people it hates (Joseph P. Kamp, The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree (New York: Headlines, 1960); Michael Kallenbach, Stasi Files reveal links to anti-Semitic attacks in former West Germany, 12 March 1993 Jewish Chronicle (UK))

• 1965-1971: The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC; Canada’s premier Jewish advocacy organization) decides to promote John Beattie, an insignificant fringe figure, to “public menace” status along with his ridiculous “Canadian Nazi Party,” Canada’s closest thing to the NRP. Most of Beattie’s ten “followers” are actually CJC spies / agents provocateurs. Following a curious, probably staged incident in May 1965, Beattie is suddenly “newsworthy,” his irrelevant extreme views palmed off as “news” on the front pages of most Toronto dailies. Only the “conservative” Toronto Telegram notices the weird smell and exposes the food chain behind Beattie, for example CJC operative Henrick Van Der Windt’s involvement (issue of 25 June 1965). Soon the 100-year-old newspaper is being abandoned by major advertisers and sabotaged from within by union employees, finally collapsing six years later. Thanks to a down-payment donated by Van Der Windt, ergo the CJC, Beattie is able to move his outfit into an inflammatory Toronto address.
Beattie’s circus freak act is suddenly so “important” and prominent because the CJC wants to manipulate Canadians into accepting federal laws criminalizing ‘hate speech,’ laws it’s been conniving to shove down their throats since the 1930s and is preparing via the ‘Cohen Committee’ in Ottawa, also beginning in 1965. As §319 of the Criminal Code and §13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, titled “telephonic communication of hate,” these laws are signed into effect in 1971, after which the Canadian Nazi Party promptly implodes. (Patrick Walsh, The Unholy Alliance: A Documented Exposé of How Agents Provocateur Infiltrate and Misdirect, then Destroy, Well-Meaning Patriotic Groups (Flesherton, Ontario : Canadian Intelligence Publications, 1986) The John Beattie Case; Canadian Association For Free Expression, John Beattie to Expose the Nazi Party That Never Was (press release), 26 November 2000)

• June 25, 1978: Frank “Collin” the Heartless Nazi Monster leads his “Nazi march” on its alternate route through Chicago. During preceding weeks “Collin” achieved national notoriety with his outrageous original plan to march through the suburb of Skokie, the largest community of “Holocaust survivors” on earth. His “right to march” is championed by Jewish attorney and purported “civil liberties advocate” Alan Dershowitz.

“Collin’s” real family name: Cohen. He’s Jewish. His father is a “Holocaust survivor.”

His “Fuhrer” career is destroyed when this comes to light, but most Americans are none the wiser, so three years later “Frank ‘Collin’ the Nazi Monster” and his march become the subject of a nationwide made-for-television slobber-fest titled Skokie, one of many such propaganda bombs during these years. The original was NBC’s eight-hour miniseries Holocaust, a tele-orgy of fake “history” that aired two months before Collin’s march. The whole Skokie affair thus proves instrumental in catapulting Holocaust Guilt into mainstream American consciousness right when the Jewish psy-war on America is shifting gears in exactly this direction, thus Dershowitz’s real interest.

• February, 1979: Using his frequent alias of “James Guttman,” Mordecai Levy of the Jewish Defense League swaggers into the National Park Service office in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, dressed in full Nazi drag to obtain a permit for a “Nazi rally.” With permit in hand, he next contacts KKK chapters, Nazi clubs, leftist and Jewish groups, black churches, etc., alternately “inviting them to participate” / “alerting them to an outrage.” His own banner reads: “Hitler was Right! Gas the Commie Jews!” At this time Levy is an asset of the Anti-Defamation League (as revealed by ADL fact-finder Gail Gans to Village Voice reporter Robert Friedman). Reporters penetrate Levy’s sordid plans and the permit is canceled under a cloud of astonishing headlines: “Jew Applied For The Permit For Nazi Rally” (Philadelphia Journal); “Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish” (Philadelphia Bulletin). Had Levy’s charade not been uncovered, he might have succeeded in engineering a major race riot— but it sure would have made “Nazis” look bad! (Robert Friedman, Oy Vey, Make My Day, 8/22/1989 Village Voice, p. 15).

• December 7, 1981: Minneapolis television station WCCO airs an in-house documentary, Armies of the Right, to expose “the disturbing hidden world of paramilitary right-wing extremism in the U.S.” The program’s most virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric is uttered by one “Jimmy Anderson,” actually James R. Rosenberg, one of several ADL agents provocateurs known to have infiltrated the Queens, New York chapter of the Christian Patriot’s Defense League, expressly to agitate the group as “rabid anti-Semites.” The producers of Armies of the Right know who and what Rosenberg really is but withhold this information from their audience.

• 1990s: The Canadian Jewish Congress gets back in the act, this time using member and Canadian government (CSIS) spy Grant Bristow to infiltrate the Heritage Front, a Canadian-German advocacy group, to act as an agent provocateur urging violence against Jews. Sure enough some of Bristow’s dupes are arrested at a well-known Jewish hangout after raiding it and provoking a brawl. Totally disgraced by this moronic action, the Heritage Front rapidly disintegrates—obviously the real purpose from the beginning.

• Mid-1990s: “Davis Wolfgang Hawke,” a.k.a. “Commander Bo Decker,” etc., makes himself the new darling of the “neo-Nazi” movement by launching a tiny, flamboyant “Nazi” group, the Knights of Freedom Nationalist Party. Many parallels to the John Beattie and Frank “Collin” cases are striking, not least being the absurd amount of attention “Hawke” receives from media and law enforcement.
The name given to “Hawke” by his parents: Andrew Britt Greenbaum. Though posing as a Nazi in South Carolina, he’s really a Jew from Connecticut. As is usual with “Kosher Nazis,” Greenbaum is a comic caricature whose moronic public image is totally deliberate and cultivated. It’s stagecraft.

The above examples span 50 years, going back to immediately after the war that created their mold, and add up to an unmistakable pattern. Whenever a social phenomenon this sensational impinges so directly on Jews and their interests, we should always ask qui bono?— who really benefits? Naïve “White Nationalists” NEVER benefit. They just fall ever so neatly into their assigned stereotype of “dangerous morons,” which leaves the question open—but it has a definite answer!


This is why they DO IT. “White Power” / “neo-Nazism” is a Jewish covert operation with lots of DUMB GOY ASSHOLES on board, who really are dangerous— dangerous to themselves.

Before your parents were born, the late great United States was already a clever Jewish dictatorship under the Rothschilds and their local race-traitors, e.g. the Harrimans and Rockefellers. This imperial scheme grants real power only to those who show the Master (Lucifer and his children, a.k.a. “the Jews”) how eager they are to help out with his Big Plan. The kike monsters launched their Final Solution for America during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency. In fact the Roosevelts were crypto-Jews. So was Woodrow Wilson. They installed TR in 1901 by blasting a bullet into McKinley using a Polish “Sirhan” prepared by Emma Goldman & Co.; 11 years later Teddy repaid them by helping to bulldoze Wilson into office over Taft. That was the coffin lid sliding home. The “U.S. government” and Constitution have been nothing but their stupid circus props ever since.

Save America from them? Hun, that was your great-grandparents’ duty. They blew it. How do you save a “melting pot,” meaning the weird goulash of crypto-Jewish latent serial killers (millions of em!), cultureless creedless each-for-himself sewer rats, self-hating liberal fuck-heads, and other motley scum, perverts, and imbeciles that America has putrefied into since 1880? When the children of Satan got hold of this place expressly to destroy it they did a bang-up job as always. They’ve been luring this garbage over here from every corner of the world ever since. Now America is dominated by mindless golems who can swagger to the other side of the planet and slaughter millions of Iraqi babies and grandmas for twenty years just because the kikes want them to, but keep imagining they’re “victims” and “heroes” the whole time. Wow, it’s as if they’re Jews themselves! They’re that arrogant and vicious. I defy you to “rescue” these miscreants. The very premise is stupid. They basically ARE Jews, even though most of them are “white,” but who cares who their ancestors were? They obviously don’t. The U.S. must be the most judaized country the “West” has ever seen.

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  1. Hey Hoff,

    Thanks for reposting it. It’s good to see somebody appreciated it.

  2. Great expose. I was only aware of the Beattie fiasco and the Frankie “Kosher Collin” Cohen story. What sneaky, underhanded swine these Jews are. In addition to being “Great Masters of Lies” these very cunning, slippery kikes are “Great Masters of Deception” as well. Thanks to the Internet and enlightening sites like this one, these bastards’ modus operandi has been and will continue to be exposed.



  3. I highly recommend to your readers the Wilcox classic

    CRYING WOLF:Hate Crime HOAXES In America.

    A thoroughly documented & extensively footnoted study of false & fabricated racist, anti-gay, and anti-Semitic “hate crimes” actually perpetrated BY THE VICTIMS themselves to gain sympathy, advance a political agenda, or for monetary gain.

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  5. This is very interesting, about Jews and Nazis working together, fakes or otherwise, because as a trick it is the last thing any logical person would suspect….

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