“Revolution”, Another Jew Code Word – by Hoff

“Revolution”, Another Jew CodeWord – by Hoff

“Revolution” is jew codeword for – a succsessful jew instigated coup. What you must understand is what the jew is all about, the jew is all about world conquest. The jew is hellbent on taking control of all 200 states in the world. That is the jew to the core – world conquest.

So just how do you do that? You take over the biggest countries there are and turn them into your proxy war machine, your private army. Some 200 years ago we are told that there was a “French revolution”. lt was neither “french” nor a “revolution” – it was a jew instigated coup.

France was a superpower at that time. So what the jew did was take control of the French state and turned it into a jew run proxy war machine. Napoleon was a total jew-whore! Make no mistake about it, he was. Napoleon was just the same as Bush and Obama NoBody, a total jew-whore.

The jew made Napoleon and the jew send him to conquer Jerusalem and give it to the jew. He failed. Then the jew send Napoloeon to conquer the biggest country in the world, Russia. He failed, but to this day France is a jew run country. And that is why the jew is on endless about the “french revolution”, because “revolution” is jew codeword for, we the jews have taken total control of that state.

The jew-whore Napoleon failed to take over Russia but did the jew stop thinking about it? Hell no! -How do we do it? How do we take over the russian state? -l know, said the jew Karl Marx and wrote Communist Manifesto. The first point in communist manifest is that everything belongs to the state. There is not one single jew that don’t know that the highest worldly power you can get is to control the state. And if everything belongs to the state and the jew can take control of the state, the jew owns everything and all the non.jews will be the jews slaves. This is why 99 percent of all jews became communists over night back in 1848 when communist manifesto was published. Next to every single jew to this day is a devoted communist and it’s all because the jew knows that communism is all about the jew taking control of the state.

The jew fraud communism was what knitted all jews together as one man in Russia. The jew killed the russian king, the Tzar in 1881. What happened in Russia 1881 was a jew instigated coup. Did you know that the jew killed the Tzar in 1881? Most likely not. This event is rarely mentioned and is not common knowledge. Do you know why? Because the jew instigated coup failed. But if the jew instigated coup in 1881 had been a succses, the jew would do just the same as the “french revolution”, the jew would be on top and endless in the most heroic wording telling us about that “revolution”.

Well, the jew don’t and this is selfevident. Just tell me one time you read a word about what happened in Russia 1881 in any mainstream. You can’t because it’s not there.

Then the jew tried to take over Russia in 19o5. Did you know that? No you don’t because it’s just not there. And the reason is that was another jew instigated coup gone wrong. Why would the jew tell you about when the jew failed? The jew don’t so it’s just not there for you to know. Down the memoryhole. BUT, when the jew makes it and the jew instigated coup is a success, then the neverending hailing of that event is a “revolution”.

Everything the jew do the jew do in codewords. Why? To HIDE what really happened and to HIDE what the jew did. Decode the jew’s codeword and you can read the jew as an open book.



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  1. Brilliant stuff Hoff! Neat and concise description of reality. BTW, I always appreciate your brief yet highly informative comments over at RZN website. Best regards, from a Brother.

  2. Interesting, just realized about the french revolution myself, when I read about all the foreign revolutionaries coming to france and how secret socities were involved and the anarchy that followed. Hardly good for the common man..

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