The Jew Run ”Workers Paradise” Sovjet – by Hoff

The Jew Run ”Workers Paradise” Sovjet  – By Boff

Everything you ever heard about the jew run Sovjet ”Workers Paradise” is of course nothing but jewish lies. – There was no unemployment in Sovjet and all the other communist dictatorship. Of course there was no unemployed in Sovjet, every non-jew was the jews slaves and slaves are never unemployed.

How did the jews make the ”workers”, jewish code word for slave, come on time to work? First you pay the workers nickels and dimes, small change. Not enough to live on but so much you must have it to make ends meet. After work you must be wheeling and dealing and stand in line for two hours to maybe get a half loaf of bread. Now you don’t have the time to think about politics, less have any time to do any ”counterrevolutionary activity”.

lt’s very easy to get the ”workers”, the jews’ slaves to come on time to work in a jew-run Communist dictatorship. One minute late — ten percent off the next paycheck. Two minutes late — 20 percent off the next two paychecks. Three minutes late — 30 percent off the next three paychecks.

Still don’t get it? Okay, five minutes late — one month in a forced labor camp. Ten minutes late — two months in a forced labor camp. 15 minutes late — three months in a forced labor camp.

Still don’t get it? Okay, 20 minute late — six months in a forced labor camp. Half an hour late — twelve months in a forced labor camp. You refuse to work at all? Five YEARS in a forced labor camp. lf you show contempt for the jewish ”judge” he would give you another five years just because of that. Ten years forced labor camp.

This is how the jews made the non-jews come on time to work in the jewish ”workers paradise”, carrot-and-stick. What you just read is unique information. To my knowledge none has written about this before. Why l know this is because l came across a Harvard report from the 50’s that had interviewed some 400 non-jews who came out alive from the jews ”workers paradise” Sovjet.

This is before the jewish fraud PC crap-for-brains bullshit had infested the academia. When l do a search l always add the word Jews and it turned out that one standard-Q in this report was: What do you think of jews?

One of the responders went thru the roof when asked what he thought of jews. His boss was a good friend and he was half an hour late for work and got 12 months in a forced labor camp. Once you got that sentence the jews didn’t allow you to return to that work or even the same town.

You have a wife and children? What of it? The jews couldn’t care less. What this responder said more was that the ”judges” that handed out the punishment for being late for work was 80 percent jews, and that jews were NEVER punished the way the non-jews were. The jew-run Sovjet was nothing but one big slave camp for the Russian people. “Workers paradise” my butt.

“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” — The American Hebrew Magazine, 10, Sept. 1920




The Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System – click here


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