The New Jew Elite – by Hoff

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint and the Jew-Manual – by Hoff (BN edited)

l, Hoff, have the Jew conspiracy blueprint and the Jew-manual to go with it.

lt took me four year of really hard work to get it. l got on the net some ten years ago and the first thing l read was that there is a Jewish conspiracy.

Okay, l said, how does it work? How can the Jew do all this? – The Jew owns all “media”, l was told. l watched the Jew-box (TV) and l just coulden’t see it.The Jew-box was always on. Gotta keep up with the latest while on the net. And l just couldn’t see the Jew. To me he was not there.

Then some months prior to my awakening to the Jew l saw the Jew on Jew-box. lt was on Sky News, EU. Sky News is a Jew-box channel that targets young people. lt’s always updated with the latest.

And this Jew-box channel was showing a young black kid that was killed, we were told, by “White nazis.” This was a long post, like two minutes, and it was on like five times EVERY hour 24-7, weeks on end. On and on this “black kid killed by whites” went. But l still didn’t get it. To me it was just annoying. Why is this sent over and over again? What is the purpose?

And then l saw the Jew. Thanks Jew at Sky News.

The Jew’s Hate all white people propaganda was so blatant in your face that only a retard could miss it. But what does it all mean?

l didn’t know but l was hellbent to go to the bottom with the whole Jew crap. lt took me four years of hard work to get the Jew’s blueprint and the Jew-manual to go with it, but here l am and can explain what it all means.

Today l’m Jew-wise, but l do not want you to use four years to get Jew-wise, hell l don’t even want you to use four days to get Jew-wise. l want you to get Jew-wise in a half hour. And you can do it. And do you know why you can Jew-wise up in a half hour? Because l will tell you what to look for and what it all mean.

Watch MTV a half hour and you will get it. Every single blond white women are ALWAYS with a black and ALL white males are ALWAYS portrayed as village idiots. Even if you’re stupid in the head you can see it. Why? Because it so blatant in your face. There is no way you can’t see this. Watch MTV a half hour and you will Jew-wise up instantly.

So what does it all mean? lt means that the Jew wants to kill ALL white people.

What the MTV Jew does is he portrays all white males as idiots and a lot of young white girls watch this and start to think that way too. And she starts to think blacks is her choice of males. This is Jewish brainwashing propaganda and the goal is to make white women mate with blacks.

Now you go watch Jew-MTV a half hour and then you can come back and tell me what part you didn’t get of the Jew brainwashing propaganda. You can see it. White male = idiot. White blond = The blacks whore. lt’s YOUR sons and daughters we are talking about.

Why do YOU take that from the Jew? This is how the Jew look at ALL white people, YOU too. Why do you take that crap from the Jew? Yes, it is the JEW who does this to YOU. Now you go watch jew MTV and then you come back and tell me why the hell you should take that crap from the Jew?

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint and the Jew-Manual – by Hoff, part two

Now you have watched Jew MTV and Jew-wised up and are ready to get the blueprint and the Jew-manual? l will tell you everything you need to understand the Jew. l will do it swift and with clearcut examples. Just like the MTV Jew.

There is nothing complicated about the Jew conspiracy. That you know nothing about the Jew dosen’t matter because l know how that is. l myself was just like you back in 2006. Okay, here we go!

The Jew conspiracy is to kill ALL white people. Why? Because white people have been the master on earth and the Jew don’t want to be second to none, the Jew wants to be the Master and take all non-Jews as his slaves. The Jew’s Talmud say this. The OT and NT say this.

The Jew have been telling us this for thousands of years what he want to be the master of all non-Jews. And today 2o1o the Jew is about to do just that.

One year ago, summer 2oo9 l thought l had the whole Jew conspiracy thought out and that the Jew wanted to be the king. The Jew conspiracy is NOT about the Jew want to be the king. What Jew will be king is just Jewish gang wars. What difference does it make to you if this or that Jew is your king? Nothing, the Jew king is just Jew infighting.

No, the WHOLE Jewish conspiracy is to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. That is the Jew conspiracy, to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. Because if the whole Jew power depend on ONE Jew as king, we non-Jews can take out that ONE Jew and replace him with our own king. But if the entire elite is Jews, than you can’t just take out one Jew, because the Jew is everywhere in the power structure.

The Jew have two options how to replace the old elite with a New Jew Elite. One way is to do what the Jew did in Russia in 1917. the Jew physically killed off the entire old elite, man, wife and children with a bullet in the head.

How the Jew did it was that he took the phone book and there the entire old elite was by name, adress and occupation. Anyone that could afford a phone in Russia 1917 belonged to the elite. What the Jew did was they rounded up the old elite and shot them in the forest in mass graves. There are mass graves all over Russia and it was the Jew who did it.

Sovjet-Russia 1917 to 1990 was run lock, stock and barrel by the Jew. What the Jew did was he killed off the entire old elite and replaced it with Jews. The Jews took over the old elites’ position more or less over a night, the Jews moved into the old elites homes and kept the maid´and butler and all. Now the Jew was the New Jew Elite. What happen next when the Jew controls the state is that the Jews start Jewish gang wars over what Jew will be king.

That Jew takeover was swift. But this doesn’t work in the western world. Not that the Jew didn’t try to do it in the whole western world, but the Jew just couldn’t make it. lf the Jew had, the Jew would have done the same thing as the Jew did in Russia in all of western Europe and America, too. lf the Jew could have done it the Jew would physically killed the entire old elite in the WHOLE western world.

But the Jew couldn’t make that. Anyone that have studied the Jew swindle communism knows that to take over all western countries the Jew have to adopt to the circumstances that prevails in just that country.

Or in short, when it’s impossible to physically kill the old elite, the Jew will infiltrate all levels in the power structure, and by that slowly but surely replace the old elite with Jews. And that is what the Jew is doing right now, right in your face.

You don’t know this because you are not yet Jew-wise. To get Jew-wise you must first be able to see the Jew, then you must understand WHAT, HOW, and WHY the Jew is doing it. The Why answer is that the Jew wants to be the undisputed Master of all non-Jews. The What answer is that the Jew wants to be the New Jew Elite. The How answer is that the Jew infiltrates the old elite and slowly but surely replaces the old elite with Jews.

l will give you some clearcut examples of how the Jew has infiltrated every single power structure in America. lvy League, this is so much old white American old elite as it can get. ln lvy League the leaders of America are educated.

Take Yale for one, and the Yale president is one R C Levin. That sounds very “American” Not? He is a Jew. Law school at Yale is at least 50 percent Jews. Those Jews will write the law in America.

Do your homework and take any university in America and look who is running it. The Jew and any minority but white people. Two of nine in US Supreme Court are Jews. Spring 2o1o the jew tries to get another jew in SCOTUS. According to the Jew there are at least six million Jews in America, that is two percent of 300 million Americans.

White House, what could possibly be more old elite in America? The Jew Rahm “Rahmbo” Emmanuel is Chief of Staff in White House. This Jew has the Master Key to White House and is totally in control of the White House, and of who and who NOT the Jew-puppet Obama NoBody will meet. ALL major paper and TalmudVision channels in America are controlled by the Jews.

The Jew-scam Affirmative Action is all about exchanging the old white elite with Jews on all levels in the power structure. The Jew has reduced white people in America to second class citizens, just all the same as the Jew reduced all white Russians to second class citizens in Sovjet-Russia. The only difference is that it took the Jew a little longer to do that in America.

End game is the same, the Jew has exchanged the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. And that is the Jew conspiracy blueprint, to exchange the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. How the Jew could do that? Because YOU don’t know the first thing about the Jew and what the Jew wants.

Now you know. l, Hoff, just told you what the Jew want. l told you how the Jew does it and why the Jew does it. l told you how to spot the Jew in 30 minutes. So now you tell me what part you diden’t get?

The Jew’s end game is to kill off the entire white race and then the Jew can declare that the Jew is the white master race. So what are YOU going to do about the Jew? Just sit there and take the Jew smear-slander you for the rest of your life and watch Nascar or some retarded ballgames?

Or are you going to tell everybody you know that the Jew is in TOTAL control of America? Because that is what the Jew is, the Jew has been working on it for at least a century; it goes way farther back then that, but we can start there for starter.

By the way, the worlds three biggest banks, Rothschild, lMF and FED is owned by the Jew lock, stock and barrel. The Jew controls the WHOLE power structure in America 2o1o, just as the Jew controlled the WHOLE power structure in Sovjet-Russia.

The Jew’s plan is to enslave the whole earth and to do that the Jew must have a private army, a proxy war machine and that is what America is to the Jew, a jewish proxy war machine for world domination.

US imperialism is in fact JEWish imperialism. Every single war that America has fought and are fighting today is for the Jew. The same thing that the Jew did in Sovjet-Russia. Every single war the Jew in Moscow started was for the Jew world domination. What is happening in America 2o1o is the exact same thing.

But what would you as a deliberately dumbed down American know about that? You can’t even spot the Jew on MTV, despite the fact that l told you what to look for. This is why the Jews have dumbed you down, the Jews do not want thinking Americans. The Jews want DUMB jackasses as Americans.

The dumber white people become, the easier the Jew gets away with his swindles. And YOU jackass are paying the Jew to be the Jew’s slave and cannon fodder. YOU are so stupid you can watch MTV all your life and not understand that the white idiot on MTV is YOU. Because that is how the Jew looks at YOU.

Are YOU going to take that from the Lying Jew Scumbag? Just go watch some more Jew operated MTV. lf YOU can’t see the JEW at MTV … then l rest my case.

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint is to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. And the Jews have done that in America 2o1o.

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