“What the Jews do is create a psychological No-Talk Rule around themselves.

“What the Jews do is create a psychological No-Talk Rule around themselves. 

They’ve done this during this round by making themselves The World’s Sad Victims. If you even speak of them they immediately evoke Adolf Hitler and “gas chambers.” It’s just a big psychological ruse, and they use the German camps thing expertly to maintain the “no talk rule.” There is evidence Jews (esp. the rabbis) ACTUALLY HELPED CREATE the German camps thing (and the gas/ovens myth) — explicitly to get the world’s sympathy, get Israel, get rid of the Jews they didn’t want — and to create a “no talk rule” that would last a long time.

What happens when you create a “no talk” rule around yourselves?
You get Psychological Invisibility. Pretty soon people don’t even SEE you, as evidenced by IncogMan’s tableau showing all the Jews in the media, right in front of our face. When it’s not permissible to talk about a thing for a long time — no matter how bizarre it is — people tune it out and actually stop seeing it.

What happens when you have invisibility? You can Do As You Like, manipulate as you like, network as you like, steal and do other crimes — as you like. You are free to do whatever you like unobstructed and un-criticized.

What happens when you are so free to do as you like? You take advantage and damage other peoples.

You also corrupt yourself; you become corrupt and wicked. This has happened to the Jews. (Witness 9-11, Jewish porn, Sarah Silverman, ad infinitum).

So all Gentiles should TALK ABOUT THE JEWS to save them from their own corruption.”

— Julian Lee



Published on July 31, 2010 at 6:13 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. Do you thank that the Jews keep their numbers low on purpose , to keep them on the endangered species list … When u get put on the endangered species list you get put on the protected species list. You could does this through the crypto Jew program, Jews must have Jew mothers , etc, etc…

    Ow and also do u thank it possible that Jesus could be a Trojan house by the Jews … Turn the other cheek vs eye for an eye

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