World Hoax





With an Introduction by
















Introduction by W




I CONSIDER this book to be one of the most damning

indictments of a people ever penned. With each month that

passes, a hundred manuscripts arrive in my printing house with

requests that they be read for possible publication. Nine tenths of

them concern what some individual merely thinks about this or

that. Of a day in November the manuscript that is the text of this

volume came to hand in the mail.

Its author, I knew, was a zealous young German American who

had given good testimony to his integrity and intestinal vigor in

combating the advocates of Jewish Communism during the

Conference of Christian Ministers here in my home city in

1936—when the Jewish rabbis insisted they be allowed to participate

or the conference would not be “allowed.” I started to read

what he had written, in an attitude of criticism. I have gone into

this question of Jewish sponsorship of Communism so deeply

that when a contemporary writes upon the subject, I am cast

perforce upon a sort of defensive. “Does this would-be author

know more about the subject than I think I do?” is the standard I

set up—and the first ten pages have to indicate to me that he

does, or the manuscript is returned to him with regrets. I would

ultimately do a better job myself. I had not read five pages of

Ernest Elmhurst’s manuscript before I had forgotten my critical

attitude. I forgot as well that I was reading a manuscript

submitted to my printing house for national publication.



Ernest Elmhurst had done the thing that I had hoped to find time

to do—sooner or later—myself. He had assembled and produced

the data in a readable story, which showed irrefutably that

Communism was not merely a crackpot program of undermining

the Christian governments of the world with unworkable

socialistic theories carried into practice. The young man had

scoured up the data in enthralling biographical form, attesting

that Communism is world Jewry in action!

NOW I pride myself that I know something about Jews and

Communism. In 1918 I found myself, by a trick of Fate, in

Siberian Russia. I was a Red Triangle Secretary with the Japanese

and Czecho-Slovakian troops. I traveled 7,000 versts in that

stricken country while Communism was “coming in” and thereby

engaging the world’s attention.

I came back from the Far East in 1919, feeling that no one could

tell me anything about the practical effects of Yiddish

Bolshevism. I had been on the ground and seen what I had seen. I

knew the bloodglut from having smelled it! Privately I knew that

the whole dastardly mess was a Yiddish scheme to subdue the

world’s Gentiles and put the Jews as a race in commanding

position throughout the earth. After coming home from Russia I

had spent a succeeding five years in the fleshpots of Hollywood,

making moving pictures shoulder to shoulder with Jews. I knew

that Jews as a race were no more capable of assuming charge of

Christian civilization than a crowd of drunken Lithuanian sailors.

They had no executive ability. They knew the price of everything

and the value of nothing.

I suspected, however, ten to fifteen years in the past, that they

were financing and sponsoring Communism because its evil and

vindictive cohorts gave them an aggressive arm for exterminating

Gentiles but chalking up responsibility to the world’s underprivileged,

seeking to win their “rights.” . . . After working five

years in the picture business in Hollywood,



I felt I knew Mr. Jew “down to the ground.” I had served a stiff

apprenticeship in Jewish psychology and temperament. When

Herbert Hoover was rejected politically and the Roosevelt

Administration came in, I had means of knowing in advance that

the whole New Deal nonsense was Yiddish in origin, that an

attempt was being made to actualize in my beloved United States

much that I had seen transpire with my own eyes in Russia. I

wrote in my publications and expostulated. I knew that it would

take a matter of years to arouse America and make her believe

that she faced any peril. But when I could find no one to tackle

this job of arousing her, equipped with the experience and the

knowledge which I felt I possessed, I launched the S







I was determined to stop these apostate Jews from consummating


in America, an unhallowed thing.


In 1934, some Jews of Manhattan got together a fund of $15,000


—so the story was current in Asheville—to finance a crack-down


that should close my institution and put me behind bars to silence


my writings on this most perilous of all menaces which the United


States confronts. For seven months I had to fight for my liberty—


all for the dubious privilege of telling America that the


Rooseveltian New Deal was a farce from top to bottom, aimed at


instigating Jewish Bolshevism by Relief Legislation. Well, I won


my liberty and returned to my avocation of revealing to the nation


what Jews had every aspect of conspiring to do against us.


I launched the Christian Party. I refounded my printing house. I


went into the Northwest and night after night faced big audiences


in the public parks, declaring by word of mouth that the time was


not far distant when the Roosevelt New Deal would be exposed


as a Machiavellian Conspiracy to reduce our United States to the


status of Jewish Russia. But underneath it all, was this fraught


thought: How might I get it across to Gentile America—asleep in


its own tractability – that Communism is but World Jewry in


action, planning to seize control of Christian civilization and


dominate it in the in-






terests of anti-Christian Judah, reducing all Christians to the


status of stricken kulaks?


Can you, therefore, in the light of the foregoing, understand my


sudden exultation, that this chap Ernest Elmhurst, one of my most


loyal Manhattan associates, had suddenly placed a complete book


manuscript in my hands that irrefutably tied up Judah with the


Communists’ world-wide program?


FRANKLY, I read the complete manuscript of T








in one evening—at one sitting—though it took me far into

the night. Repeatedly my dear lady called to me in my study,


demanding to know why I did not come to bed. You know how


wives are! I read Elmhurst’s submitted book because it held my


interest, convincingly, unflaggingly, till the last page had been




This fine-principled young German had scoured the libraries of


the world, the recent publications of both Christendom and Judah


and compiled therefrom the devastating data and testimony out of


the mouths of the Sons of Jacob themselves, that they were the


instigators of this economic-politico curse which had come upon


the world and that on the whole they were somewhat proud of it.


Moreover, Elmhurst had presented his material in the pattern of


mighty readable short biographies—telling the life stories of


those outstanding Jews who have been so proudly responsible for


this Gentile bloodglut that I had witnessed a fragment of, twenty


years in the past, in disintegrating Russia. It was three o’clock in


the morning before I reached my bed. Would I publish it? I




And now you, reader, are slated for the same scouring expose and


revelation that came to me on that November night—you have in


your hands an irrefutable bit of historico-biographical literature,


exhaustively documented—proving to you what a lot of us have


known from the first but could not get the badly hoodwinked


public to credit: There is no such thing as Communism!—there is


only Judah’s stirring up the world’s lower






brackets to pull her racial chestnuts out of the economic fires, that


Judah may become triumphant over Christian culture and Christian




FROM New Year’s to Christmas over the past five years I have


had to stand up against the blistering castigation of being an


American Nazi, an un-Christian Jew-baiter, a promoter of race


hatred, a sponsor of tumult and religious persecution. All along I


knew what my critics did not—that the Jews had an unhallowed


Plan up their sleeves which they were subtly inflicting on


Americans for the ruin of Christian civilization—but the audacity


and inhumanity of it were too much to ask the good natured


citizen to credit. Could I “lie down and keep silent,” knowing this


murderous thing was in process of consummation?


Was it un-Christian to make a doughty fight for the Right against


the hordes of the strategizing anti-Christ? I had Christ, the


Carpenter of Galilee, to point me an example. Christ stood upon


the street corners of Jerusalem and called these same Jews,


murderers and liars—and the sons of murderers and liars—to


their faces!


Good Christians seem to forget that Christ was the world’s outstanding


Jew-baiter and that the Sons of Jacob slew Him for His




why do not these maudlin condemners of Jew-baiters in the name


of modern Christianity, repudiate Christ and have done with the


whole of it?


I went to my printing house next day and wrote Elmhurst that I


would publish his book. And the chief reason why I would


publish it was, that there was something haunting about the story


he had revealed. Its atmosphere would not leave me. I felt a weird


impatience to have the book out and in the hands of the


disquieted Gentile public. It so happened that a fine group of men


came down from War-ren, O., the next day to see me. They


were some of those






sterling Christian patriots whom the Sons of Jacob in our midst


contemptuously refer to as “Pelley Stooges”—men who see this


national issue in the same way that I do and who had played no


small part in organizing the citizens of Warren to halt the scarlet


sit-downers in the recent steel strike. “Practically all the leaders


in the sit-down steel strike were Jews,” these men declared. “The


people of Ohio are commencing to notice it.”


I found myself telling them about T




. “I’ve got

just the piece of literature ‘coming up’,” I informed them, “that at


last will reveal the direct hook-ups between these dis-turbant


elements and World Jewry!”


They wanted to put in orders for such an invaluable piece of


literature on the spot! On my description of it! Thus hungry are


angered Gentiles for trustworthy attestment on this Gargantuan


world crime that certain of Judah’s inhuman megalomaniacs are


thus caught in perpetrating.


BUT I warn you, reader, your views on Communism, Jews, Sitdown


Strikes, Tumult in Industry, the Nazi reaction to Judah, are


slated to undergo considerable change by the time you have


finished the final chapter in this volume. To many persons,


getting the information contained herein for the first time, the


world will never seem quite the same again—until tumultworking


Hebrews in this western hemisphere are summarily dealt


with, for the suffering and despair they have caused a trusting


people. We formerly gave them hospitality under the


hoodwinking on Judah’s part that they were God’s Chosen People.


“We, the Jews, invented the myth of God’s Chosen People” now


confesses Dr. Oscar Levy of London. An honest Jew admits that


this part of the Old Testament is a gigantic piece of chicane,


hatched and promoted by Jews themselves, to gain special favors


from Gentiles in the name of religion.


I put this volume in the hands of perplexed and bedeviled fellow






countrymen, therefore, in fullest sense of the responsibilities involved.


But I have seen my own Gentile countrymen suffer long enough,


so that the maudlin appeals from Jewry for “tolerance” fall on


mine ears gone deaf.


I give you T




as the first work of Ernest Elmhurst,

knowing that he feels as I do: that no price is too great to


pay personally, to see this pestilence of Jewry forever exterminated


from a Christian United States!




TRY an experiment! Walk up to the average American today and


ask him to tell you what Communism is.


“Everybody knows what Communism is!” he responds,


surprised and not a little nettled at having a question so childish


put to him. “Well, what is it?” “It’s a world-wide political party,


originating in Russia, that’s fighting by revolutionary methods to


destroy predatory Capitalism. It invites the workers of the world


to enjoy the same rights that have always been enjoyed by the


aristocratic classes with influence and money!”


“No more?”


“Whatta you mean, more?”


“But where do the Jews come in?”


“What Jews?”


“All Jews! All over the world. You know that Communism with


its ghastly bloodglut, wherever you find it, is confessedly Jewish,


don’t you?”


“That’s Jew-baiting Nazism—and I don’t believe in Nazism. I


believe every race has the right to worship God as it pleases.”


“What’s worshiping God got to do with it?” “Well, Jews are


persecuted because of the way they worship God, aren’t they?


And that’s against the Constitution. It’s un-American. Besides,


it’s race prejudice.”


“But from what you’ve seen of Communism here in the United


States, you’ll agree it’s mostly Jew-financed and Jew-led, won’t




“Well, the Jews have always been downtrodden and persecuted


for their religion—just like the downtrodden in mass production.


It’s not to be wondered at, that as a race they make common cause


with all enemies of Gentile capitalism.”






“Then you believe in sticking up for Jews, regardless of whether


or not they are making ‘common cause’ with a ‘political party’ that


is seeking to overthrow all governments by violence?” Your


average American suddenly becomes disgruntled then and warily


angry. “Well, they’re God’s Chosen People, aren’t they? The Bible


says so.”


“The Bible’s been rewritten about seven times since the


Ascension of Christ. How much investigating have you done, to


find out whether the Jews are God’s Chosen People or not—or


whether that’s something they’ve put forward themselves to gain a


religious edge over Christians?” “I see. You are one of them




“What’s being a Nazi got to do with the facts behind this business


of bogus claims by Jews, so they have an excuse to overthrow all


governments by violence?”


“I dunno. And I don’t care. But I’m an American and against race


prejudice. You asked me what Communism is, and I answered




“No, you didn’t answer me. You said Communism was merely a


political party.” “Well. What else is it?”


“Karl Mordecai didn’t say so. And he should have known.”


“Who’s Karl Mordecai?”


“The person you know as Karl Marx. Marx wasn’t his real name,


you understand. It was only an alias he used to cover up the fact


that he was a Jew—the same as this ‘Russian’ Finkelstein gets


himself accepted under the bogus name of Litvinoff.”


“I never knew Marx’s real name was Mordecai. What of it?”


“Mordecai—or Marx—never claimed that Communism


was political. He had other ideas and said so frankly.” “What did


he say?”


He said that his Theory of ‘Scientific’ Socialism—that later became


Communism in practice—was simply a means of smashing


all Gentile governments so that the Jews might become ’emancipated’—


and supreme over Gentiles.”


“Marx said that!”






“It was the premise of his whole career. It resulted in Communism


as you know it.”


“The newspapers never put it so. I don’t find it anywhere in the


Communist literature.”


“So you’re familiar with Communist literature?” “I try to keep up


with what’s going on.”


“Then why haven’t you kept up with what’s going on in Germany?


If you keep up with what’s going on, and read Communist


literature, why don’t you read a bit of ‘Nazi’ literature to balance


up and give you both sides?” “I told you before, I’m against race


prejudice.” “You believe in class prejudice?” “Who said I did?”


“Well, you don’t express the same angry opinion about the Communists’


setting class against class. You don’t say that is un-




“I didn’t aim to start no argument. You asked me to tell you what


I understood by Communism. I let you have it, and now you try


to sell me on becoming a Nazi. Well, I couldn’t be one if I


thought you were right. I do business with Jews, and I owe ’em a


lot o’ money. The Jews get sore if you don’t fall in with this


panning of Hitler. And besides, I’ve got two boys and a brother


on PWA. If the Administration heard I was anti-Jewish, it might


make my relatives a lotta grief.”


And determined to put a halt to your “Nazi Jew-baiting,” Mr.


Average Citizen stalks off and will have no more to do with you.


His colossal ignorance about what is going on is not only tragic.


It is heartbreakingly pathetic.


All that he has expressed in this conversation is a parroting of


what he has had dinned into his ears so long and so insistently by


America’s kept press, tinctured with its “progressive” doctrines of


“liberalism,” that he actually believes he has been expressing his


honest convictions—that on the whole you were disposed to sell


him on substituting some Fascist form of government for Constitutionalism.


Henceforth he recalls you as an exceedingly dangerous person to






have running around loose in the Body Politic. Jews, in the


aforesaid kept press, have contrived to create that conviction in


him also.


To agitate for the overthrow of Constitutionalism by violence—


or even through New-Deal legislation in the name of “liberalism”


– makes no one particularly dangerous. But to imply that international


Judah may have picked up and promoted the anti-Gentile


system of Karl Mordecai, alias Marx, in order to pull down


Christian culture and substitute the Jewish, exempting itself from


any possible retributions by charging up the whole bloody


business to the proletariat-of-the-world fighting for its “rights,”


converts you into a Public Enemy Number One. And the La-


Follette Committee in the Senate, or the Dies Committee in the


House of Representatives, should “investigate” you pronto. You


are engaged in preaching Fascism in this nation, and Fascism—


holy horrors!—might succeed Constitutionalism!


NOW America is filled with millions of the foregoing average


citizens—whose attitudes on Communism, Fascism, and Nazism,


are dictated by the fact that they do business with Jews daily, or


owe them money, or concede that this current Administration is


Yiddish else a possible losing of their jobs on PWA would not be


the implied penalty for talking against Jews openly. The nation is


likewise filled with other millions of more erudite Gentiles, not


beholden to PWA for any jobs, who are commencing to note the


Jewishness of Communism, the Jewishness of our Federal


government and its crack-pot schemes for rescuing the country,


and the well-nigh disgusting Jewishness of the representative


daily press. These two classes are clashing hourly, with growing


bellicosity, in every section of the public domain. Sooner or later


this sort of thing is heard—


“You say Communism is Jewish?” challenges the Liberal-


Minded Gullible. “I certainly do!” the wiser man affirms.


Well, how can you prove it, aside from the fact that great num-






bers of persecuted Jews flock into it to get them their rights the


same as the workingman?”


In nine cases out of ten, the more educated Gentile is immediately


nettled and at a slight loss. He knows that there are a


hundred instances where Jews themselves have boasted of the


Jewish character of Communism and its sponsorship, but where


and how to put his hands on such statements, or fetch forth


documentary proof to support his contentions, is at the instant


beyond him.


Truth to tell, he actually must search the press of the nation— and


perhaps the politico-economic literature of the last generation —


for the devastating weapons to show his scouring correctness of




Well, the time has come when such plight may be remedied.


“Why has no one written a book to date,” exclaims the sincere


critic of Communistic Jewry, “presenting the admitted hook-ups


between Judah and Bolshevism?” The demand is a fair one.


In response to its persistence, this volume in your hand has found


literal expression!


Communism, as you will now be shown, was hatched by a Jew—


and a particularly disgusting one at that—kept alive by Jews,


financed by them at the close of the world war, is staffed by


them, installed by them in every country wherein it has taken its


blood-toll, and at the present moment is being promoted to a


lecherous “victory” in our Christian land by certain especially


rapacious Sons of Judah, whilst thousands of other Jews brag


openly of its “success” and readily concede its Jewish character


and purpose from hide to marrow.


The only way to convince the Gentile gullible that such statements


are by no means Fascist propaganda, birthed in race prejudice


or serving the execrations of religious persecution, is to give


him the simple but devastating life-stories of the Jewish gentlemen


who have been Communism’s patrons from the first. Who


was Karl Mordecai Marx and how did he come to project


Communism at the start? Who were Lenin, Trotsky, Bela Kun,






the whole devil’s spawn of apostate Jews—276 of them from


New York’s East Side—who swarmed into Russia at the birth of


the Bolsheviki and clapped machine guns to the heads of White


Russian Christians? What hook-ups has Stalin the present Red


Dictator with officious world Jewry as we behold it today? This


volume puts the whole documented narrative into your hands at


last, for instant reference henceforth when the enlightened non-


Jew is challenged by his critics. Endorse it or don’t endorse it, as


you prefer, but the Jew or non-Jew is not alive today who can


refute the ensuing facts!






THE JEW who originated Communism—Karl Heinrich


Mordecai—who later changed his name to Marx, was born May


5th, 1818, in Treves Rhenish Prussia of Jewish parents. His


father, a banker whose forefathers had been rabbis for 300 years,


adopted Protestantism for business reasons, when young Marx


was six years old. Marx’s profession of Christianity was nothing


more than a gesture, a mere admission ticket to society. At heart


he remained a thorough Jew, and from his earliest childhood his


most ardent concern was his domination of the Gentiles—but


called by him the emancipation of the Jews. For in spite of being


a Neo-Protestant, he considered his new religion—and religion in


general, the Jewish law excluded—”an opium for the mind,” thus


subscribing to the doctrine of the Illuminati, founded in 1776 by


Adam Weishaupt, which secret society took a most prominent


part in the French Revolution. Marx professed no allegiance to


any concept of Christianity or Christian institutions, Christian society,


or to any nation built on Christian principles. Always


boastful and of a violent temper, his persistent slogan was:






a pretended

German, when traveling in Holland he was ashamed of his


nationality. In a like manner, when he wrote of Germans in his


letters from London, he always referred to them as dogs. On the


other hand, it may be safely concluded that he would have spoken


similarly of any other nationals among whom he might have


happened to find himself, just as he did of the liberal French. He


was twice expelled from France on account of uncouth conduct,


and particularly because of his typically Jewish behavior—always


full of objections and contradictions, always at odds with the




The Prussian government lifted its restrictive censorship con-






siderably in the year 1841, and Marx, viewing the new press


liberty as a springboard for the dreams of his race, did not hesitate


to take the broadest advantage of the new liberalism. He


edited the Rhenish Gazette for some months, until the authorities


were forced to put a stop to his outrageous writing, for he knew


no decency in the use of language. His efforts to make an


impression on his contemporaries turned out to be too


provocative for the Germans, and he was ousted from his position


in 1842. The next year he went to France, where he edited a


couple of numbers of his German-French Diary, until the French


government in its turn put an end to his literary activities. It was


then that his true psychology became known through the


formulation of the nucleus of his Scientific Socialism. In this he


revealed the fundamental fact, that his “scientific” doctrines of


Socialism, on which he was then working, were the basic requisite


of a potential domination by the Jewish race. For he was


aware of the fact that he needed the assistance of the working


masses in order to accomplish this Jewish control, while outwardly


he professed to have at heart the workers’ welfare. In


order to win the support of the non-Jewish working masses, it


was necessary to begin making an impression upon them. This


could best be accomplished by making them dissatisfied with


their present living conditions, and by feeding them with theories


of their alleged lifelong class struggle, with the intention of


finally centering their entire thinking around this point. J. Soltin,


a Jew, in a pamphlet issued by the Communist Party of New


York, The Struggle Against anti-Semitism, p. 23, reiterates: “The


working class is our strongest ally.” Therefore the idea of


creating dissension among the non-Jewish population was Marx’s


most essential concern. To build a wall of separation between


worker and employer, by utilizing and encouraging every


imaginable sign and shade of discord that might possibly exist—


or could be created in relation to each other and to use any real or


imagined grounds for causing a breach between Gentile


authorities and Gentile subordinates, these were the first


principles around which he formulated his






doctrines of “scientific” Socialism. Ultimately, Marx concluded,


having all the working masses under the control of firm believers


in his specifically planned Jewish theories, it would then be easy


to work out a system, under which Jewish domination would


become an accomplished and enduring fact. For Marx himself


emphasized that his proposed doctrines were intended to serve


the Jewish race first, and, as is proven, thereafter the non-Jewish


masses. As before mentioned, he had openly made the vicious


statement that “the Jews must emancipate themselves first, before


they can emancipate the ‘others’,”—that is, the Gentiles—Marx:


Deutsch-Franzoesische Jahrbuecher, p. 184 —and this has been


the pivotal point of Communism throughout its whole history


everywhere! He never had a thought of emancipating the


Gentiles—nor can one recall any instance throughout history that


Gentiles ever pleaded to the Jews to solve social problems within


Gentile countries.


THE conspicuous result of all this might be observed in the fact


that wherever in the world Marx’s doctrines have been accepted,


whether as Socialism or Communism, they have always worked


profits for the Jews, but not for the Gentiles. Those same


doctrines, then in the making, have proved themselves possible of


application only in strongly Jew-penetrated or Jew-influenced


communities, and have served members of that race and their


agents, exclusively, while their sponsors are even now promising


to carry other masses of would-be Gentile “beneficiaries” toward


a tragic fate!


When Marx thus laid the foundation of his “Scientific Socialism”


he cunningly withheld from the broad non-Jewish masses the true


purpose of his theories, through which, if applied according to his


instructions, would come the desired “liberation” of all Gentile


workers, after the Jews had first recorded their own




Disregarding all principles of Nationalism, Marx’s socialistic


doctrines were based upon Internationalism, because the Jews


were internationalists and belonged to no land in particular, or






rather to every land as implied in their plan for world-domination.


In Lenin’s pamphlet On the Jewish Question issued by the


Communist Party in New York, it is stated on page 17: “Marxism


is irreconcilable with Nationalism,” and, further, “Marxism puts


forward Internationalism to replace all forms of Nationalism.”


Marx’s expulsion from France in 1845 led him to Brussels where,


in collaboration with his fellow-Jew Moses Hess, and collaborator


Friedrich Engels, he drew up the basic lines of the Communist


Manifesto which appeared in 1848. This, therefore, may properly


be regarded as the composite expression of the leading Jewish


minds of the time.


Since, as has been shown, the complete control of the non-Jewish


masses had to be Marx’s first step toward his ultimate objective—


complete Jewish state control—it was essential to create a literature


with the sole purpose of instilling and fomenting dissatisfaction


with existing Gentile institutions and dissension, and class


hatred between workers and employers, as well as disrespect for


and aversion to their governments. Marx’s sets of “class literature,”


in which he also embodied various doctrines contributed by


extreme labor leaders in Germany, France, Belgium and England,


fulfilled this purpose.


Taken all in all, the whole burden of Marx’s message may be


summed up in the statement that only if the workers of the whole


world unite under the absolute leadership of revolutionaries of the


calibre of Marx himself and his associates, can their “emancipation”


be assured. Thus he was cleverly hiding from them the


knowledge that their combined cooperation would primarily


cause the Jews’ domination over the non-Jews themselves—in


fact that the Jews could obtain such domination only through


their leadership of the non-Jewish workers. These facts


concerning the ultimate objective of the Jews, constitute a point


about which the Jew, Marx, and his followers until this very day,


have remained conspicuously silent, and in very truth embody the


most gigantic swindle ever perpetrated, because it is done on a


world-wide scale.






Any student of revolutionary movements must have noticed with


no small wonder that during, and particularly after, each period of


socialistic turmoil, Jews always have been the beneficiaries in


one way or another, just as it has been a demonstrable fact that


Gentiles always have been the losers. The Sigilla Veri—Bodung


Verlag, Erfurt, Germany—that remarkably inclusive Who’s Who


in world Jewry, says pointedly that if the Marxists within the


Communist and Socialist Parties are working toward the longannounced


world revolution, this obviously must mean “the


removal of all Aryan authorities, princes and churches, and their


substitution by Jewish powers, Jewish princes and rabbis. The


Marxist movement,” it concludes summarily, “never had anything


to do with the liberation of any oppressed party be it that of any


vocation, nor that of the bourgeoisie nor that of the workers or the


proletariat in general.”


It cannot be denied that Marx, since he camouflaged his ulterior


Jewish-domination objective so cleverly with his theories of


“Socialization,” even at that time attracted considerable attention,


although he himself was very well aware of the consummate rape


that was implied in his Scientific Socialism. In spite of being a


baptized Protestant, and having married the race-ignoring


daughter of a German aristocrat, also of the Protestant faith, his


race consciousness came to be a literal obsession with him and he


remained at heart a Jew until his death, like other Jews whether


they got baptized or became Mohammedans. At a miners’


congress at Lille, France, 1873, he introduced his illegitimate


daughter, Eleanor, to the audience as a Jewess. All his life-work


was devoted solely to the advancement of his race in so far as its


members still shared the disabilities of the subordinated masses,


and so he rent the air again and again with his symposia of hatred


toward the non-Jewish people, whether the Gentile ruling classes


or the more indifferent bourgeois. In fact in this latter group he


correctly recognized the particular and most formidable obstacle


to his schemes.






THE Gentile world was not intended to learn that the broadly


planned revolutions to be propagated from one country to another


were meant to serve only the interests of the Jewish race.


Outwardly, however, Marx proclaimed as his objective the liberation


of the working masses of the world from the alleged yoke


under which they were laboring, though he himself never chanced


sharing the lot of a hard-working man who has to toil with his


hands for his daily bread. On the contrary, while in London and


occupied with his larger literary works, Marx subsisted


sumptuously, year after year, on the generosity of his wealthy


“angel,” Friedrich Engels, who covered his daily bills as well as


his seasonal trips to domestic and the more fashionable foreign


spas. Marx, theoretically fighting the capitalists, was by no means


ashamed to accept his subsistence from the capitalist Engels, who


had inherited a cotton mill in Manchester, England, from his


father. Moreover, in this very cotton mill of Ermen & Engels


from the profits of which Marx drew up to three hundred fifty


pounds Sterling a year as well as his extra expenditures such as


trips and doctors’ bills, child labor was extensively employed! It


might not be out of place here to throw a side light on the total


ignorance—or the consummate deceit—of the present-day


American press as to the true nature of this pair’s alleged


emancipation program: for the American weekly, Time, of May


11, 1936, refers to Marx’s collaborator Engels as follows:


“He made such a success of the English mill at Manchester that


he was eventually made a partner in spite of his regrettable




At all events it was the basic point of understanding between


Marx and his fellow-Jews at the time, that through the spread-ing


of his class literature for the conquest of the proletariat of


the world, the Jew should become the principal beneficiary; for if


Jews were to lead the “proletarian slaves” out of their alleged


bondage, it could be not unreasonably taken for granted that they


would not overlook the ample opportunities for their own racial




Therefore all this made it imperative that the Jews in all political






activities become, and remain, the actual leaders. It may be


recalled that during an anarchists’ congress in Paris in 1872, Marx


withdrew his support when it became apparent that its leadership


would be Gentile and that the viewpoint of the Jews would


therefore become of secondary importance. It was then the


Gentiles who were plotting a coup d’etat. Hence, no radical


movement in which the Jews did not take the lead could result in


what Marx had in mind when compounding his doctrines of


Socialism—the real name for which should have been,


“Doctrines for the Domination by the Jewish Race.” Marx’s


refusal to participate further in the Anarchists’ Congress in 1872


was therefore clearly motivated.


AT the side of Marx, Engels and the before-mentioned Moses


Hess—all stressing the Jewish purpose in their “Socialism” —


was at that time also Ferdinand Lassalle, the son of the silk


merchant Loslauer, alias Lasel, who came from Poland to Breslau,


Germany, as Chaim Wolfsohn. A letter which Lassalle’s father


wrote to young Ferdinand on December 7, 1806, contained this:


“Don’t give up writing in the language and letters of our people


—the Jews—as well as in that of the others—the Germans.”


Marx, as well as his companion, Lassalle, was well pleased with


the idea of posing as the Messiah of the Gentile masses. Undoubtedly


these words spoken in 1860 by the founder of the


Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris, Adolphe Cremieux, according


to the London Morning Post September 6, 1920, “The


doctrines of the Jews will some day cover the entire world,” must


have made a deep impression on these Jews. They not only knew


nothing of the Gentile workers’ aims and desires but were even


estranged from them to such an extent that Ferdinand Lassalle,


who became the founder of the Social-Democratic Party in


Germany, expressly objected to shaking hands with any “dirty


worker,”—whose class he was to “liberate” from its capitalistic


oppressors! On the other hand, as reported in the Sigilla Veri, this


Jew, Lassalle, succeeded in impressing Gentile workers to such


an extent that their wives even taught their children prayers






in which Lassalle was elevated to divinity! It is recorded that a


certain worker’s child, of Berlin, when asked to say a nice prayer,


repeated the following lines:


“Ich bin klein, mein Herz ist rein, soll niemand drin wohnen, wie


Lassalle allein!”


“My heart is pure, though I am small, none others shall live


therein but only Lassalle!”


However that same “Messiah” Lassalle, as he boasted in a letter


to Marx, in 1859, made attempts to incite a war between France


and Prussia for the sole purpose of creating revolutionary chaos


in Prussia through which he expected to actualize his plans for


seizing power by means of an uprising of the German workers—


whom he then believed he had well under control. Marx’s


Communist Manifesto was compiled and written “to order” in


1847 by command of the international secret society then known


as the League of Communists, so as to have at hand class


literature for use in the coming years’ revolutions which were


planned by this group of Jewish “intellectuals” for the sole


purpose of destroying bourgeois and capitalistic Gentile society.


It actually created in the minds of superficial readers the effect of


a real devaluation of everything existing in so far as it was not


created by or under the control of the Marxists. The new


“common enemies” of the Gentile worker, according to Marx,


were the Gentile state, Gentile capitalism and the Christian




Preceeding his alarm signal for a general insurrection in 1848,


Marx sent an appeal to all the workers to refuse the payment or


taxes in any form to Prussia’s king. However, not being as


successful with his “call to arms” to the German Gentile worker


as he had expected he would be, he was finally ousted, only to


attempt a similar revolutionary enterprise in France the following


year. After being turned out of France also, he took a last


refuge in England, where this “workers’ leader,” who himself






could do no manual work, became absorbed in his writings, the


essence of which is now known to the world as Marxism.


SIGNIFICANT are the words of the Jew D’Israeli (Lord


Beaconsfield) in his novel Coningsby, p. 250, in connection with


the 1848 revolution: “This mighty revolution, which is at this


moment preparing in Germany and of which so little is as yet


known, is developing entirely under the auspices of Jews, who


almost monopolize the professional chairs of Germany.” The first


international roll call of workers of the world, known as the “First


International,” was arranged by Marx and held in St. James’ Hall,


London, in 1864. The second “Communist International” was


held in Paris in 1889,


Marx’s basic preoccupation throughout his whole life was the


relentless preaching of class-hatred among the Christian workers


against their Christian authorities. Indeed, he frankly states in his


Communist Manifesto: “The Communists refrain from keeping


their views and intentions secret. They openly declare that their


goal can only be achieved by a forcible destruction of all existing


orders of society. The ruling classes shall tremble before the


Communist revolution.”


How superficially this program of Jewish domination through


Marx’s doctrines has been studied by the great masses of Christian


workers, is shown by the fact that in most countries where


the seeds of Marx’s “Scientific Socialism” have been sown, these


doctrines have been most trustingly accepted at their face value


and hardly one person out of a thousand has taken the trouble to


investigate why the Jew, Marx, should so passionately want to


“help” the Christian worker.


In general, it may be stated that these doctrines, superficially


considered, are apt to please those who lack any but the most


materialistic conceptions of life. Furthermore, it is noteworthy


that Marx’s racial kinsmen, including the Jewish capitalists,


neither during his lifetime nor afterwards, displayed much interest


in his theories as such. Neither did the Jews nor Jew-mates


care particularly to live up to them—see Engels and Las-






salle, for instance. On the contrary their general aim was to obtain


material and political advantage of others not of their race, and in


particular of those who by nature happened to be less aggressive.


In brief, Marx’s teachings like most other Jewish products manufactured


for the use of Gentiles, have proven, curiously enough,


of very little practical value when followed by the Jews themselves.


Marx’s frivolity towards those of his followers who were naive


enough to believe in the sincerity of his “Scientific Socialism”


has been adequately recorded in the case of one of his co-socialists,


a certain Wilhelm Weitling, who was jailed in Switzerland


for dispensing Marxian views. A London Democrat, after


interviewing Marx in connection with his Gentile co-fighter’s


arrest, pictured him—Marx—as follows: “He is laughing about


these fools who echo his proletarian catechism. I am convinced


that the most dangerous ambition—power-drunkenness—has


consumed everything in him, and that the purpose of his


scufflings is motivated in nothing but personal power.”—Der


Schulungs-brief, Berlin, July, 1937, page 262.


The indisputable fact remains that his teachings were planned and


adapted for the exclusive purpose of deceiving the Gentile


worker, who was unequipped to analyze the real scheme behind


his strategies. Says James Guillaume in his Karl Marx, pan-


Germaniste, “His—Marx’s—plan from the first day was to make


the great workers’ organizations the instruments of his personal


views, i.e., to enforce the emancipation of the Jewish race.”


Jewish interest in furthering all left-wing activities is shown by a


quotation from the Juedisches Volksblatt, Vienna, July, 1900:


“Let us promote the Social Democrats wherever possible; but let


us be careful that the broad masses do not notice that they are just


outpost for the Jews.”


THAT Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism in reality are


only links in the plan of world-embracing Judaism, with its final


purpose of forcing the entire world under Jewish domination,






has not only been recognized by far-seeing, race-conscious


Gentiles all over the world, but it is today being quietly admitted


by even some of the least educated workers in many nations. Not


in-appropriately, Julius Streicher, one of Europe’s foremost


students of the race problem and editor of the Stuermer, has said,


“Only a few know of their—the Jews’—last plans. If the Gentile


Marxists throughout the world had a suspicion of what ultimate


end they are serving, they would assuredly tear all Jewish agents


and functionaries to pieces!”


The following letter written to Karl Marx by his fellow Jew,


Baruch Levy, as quoted in La Revue de Paris, of Paris, June 1,


1928, p. 574, should prove also of exceptional interest at this


point. “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It


will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by


the abolition of frontiers, by the annihilation of monarchy which


has always been the support of individualism, and by the


establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will


everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new


world order the Children of Israel, who are scattered over the


world, will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition;


and this will more particularly be the case if they succeed in


getting the working masses under their control. The governments


of the different peoples forming the world republic will, through


the victory of the proletariat, fall without difficulty into the hand


of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to


abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the


resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be


fulfilled, in which it is said, that when the Messianic time has


come, the Jews will have the property of the whole worn in their


hands.” Marx was expelled from France for the second time in


1845, and from Belgium in 1848. When in 1849 he returned to


Germany and made preparations to publish a New Rhenish


Gazette, the Prussian government ousted him for good. On again


going to France he was for the third time deported as an


undesirable. London finally became his haven of refuge, and he


died there on March 14, 1883.






One may safely take for granted that the Jews would not support


any revolutionary movement unless their own gain and advancement


thereby were assured, or at least considered before that of


others. It is solely for this reason that most radical activities are


Jew-inspired, since Judaism and Bolshevism run on parallel


tracks—the one is like the other. From the earliest days of the


inception of Communism it has been recognized by a certain few,


that this is a cunningly camouflaged strategem for the domination


by the Jewish minority at the expense and for the thorough


oppression of the “hypnotized” non-Jewish majority. Communism’s


destructiveness is most strikingly shown by Marx himself


in his Communist Manifesto, p. 27, where he emphasizes: “Abolition


of the family! On what foundation is the present family, the


bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its


completely developed form this family exists only among the


bourgeoisie.” In anticipation of what the Jews, as promoters of


Communism, may expect in the United States when the truth


shall have become sufficiently recognized, James W. Gerard,


former United States Ambassador to Germany, and who as a


Tammany politician is personally familiar with American


psychology, may be quoted. According to the New York. Times


of October 8, 1934, Mr. Gerard said, “As a friend of the Jewish


race I want to state that if ever the American nation gets the idea


that the Jewish race and Communism are synonymous, there is


the possibility of a pogrom in the United States that will make


those of the Czars look like a small parade!”


It is our purpose to provide further proofs of the assertion that


Judaism, and Communism in all its phases, actually are synonymous.


Communism has at present become the most powerful


weapon of the Jews for the furthering of their program for world


domination, which means the literal and complete subjugation of


the Gentile races of the world.






LENIN—whose true name was V




was the world’s most active propagator of the Marxian doctrines.


He was born, according to one source, the son of a merchant


whose wife was of German-Polish descent. For a long time


attempts were made to prove him a Russian, although his widow,


N. Kroupskaya, was always known to be a Jewess. Yiddish was


always spoken in their home, and Lenin always issued his official


orders in that idiom. Dr. Gerald Winrod of Wichita, Kansas,


reports advices from a former general in the Czar’s army, now


living in Paris, that D. Petrovsky in his book, on page 86, states


that Lenin as a boy of seven was left in Simbirsk by a convoy of


prisoners going to Siberia, and was brought up by a gentleman


named Oulinoff. Years after, a letter came from a Jew, Ilko Troul


Goldman, in a Siberian prison, asking about this boy, his son.


This information tallies with that from another source, which


adds that he was circumcised as Chaim Goldman. With all


probability of truth it can be stated that “Vladimir Ulyanov” was


born April 21, 1870. As a student of 17 he participated in


anarchistic activities against the government of Czar Alexander


III, and the story went that a brother of his who took part in the


plot to kill the Russian Imperial ruler, was sentenced to death.


Lenin then for a time took a more theoretical attitude toward the


Marxian doctrines—never, however, losing sight of their final


aim, the destruction of the existing Czaristic government. But


gradually he drifted into continuous attempts to organize


terroristic movements, as he came to realize the futility of the


mere dogmatic following of the teachings of Marx, Engels and




In 1895 Lenin went abroad to contact other radical groups. Thus






in Germany, Switzerland and England, his ideas of immediate


violence for the overthrow of the existing governments became


transplanted into the minds of the hitherto more temperate adherents


of Marxian Socialism.


AFTER Lenin’s return to St. Petersburg his extreme propaganda of


anarchism attracted the attention of the government officials, and


he was arrested and exiled to East Siberia for a term of three years.


Returning to Russia in 1899, he started off anew for Germany and


for a while edited his radical paper Iskra in Munich. This


publication later, with the assistance of Trotsky, was transferred to




During a convention of radical leaders of Central Europe which


was held in Brussels in 1903, Lenin promulgated his plans for a


still more radical and more anarchistic system of government


which he termed “Bolshevism,” the central idea of which was


nothing less than the direct overthrow by violence of all governments


and their traditional institutions. January 22, 1903, was


the date set for Lenin and his associates to render proof of their


theories, and their plans consisted of brutally wresting sociopolitical


control from the hands of the Czaristic government in St.


Petersburg, then the capital of Russia. Subsequently a crowd of


tens of thousands pressed towards the Czar’s palace, led by a


number of vociferous Jews who were prepared to announce the


“claims of the proletariat” before the Russian ruler— in which


connection consider the similarity of present-day marches on


Washington or on our city halls. The Czar made known that the


Duma was presently due to convene and that this national assembly


would take up their grievances. However this did not satisfy the


Jewish spokesmen, who demanded an immediate hearing. When


this was refused they incited the mob to furious rioting and an


attempt to storm the palace. Troops were ordered to fire, and after


frightful bloodshed the mob was forced to disperse. History recalls


the massacre thus staged, as “Bloody Sunday.”


Jewry’s active participation in the above uprising is further






attested by the Jewish Zionist organ The Maccabean, New York,


November 1905, p. 250, under the headline “A Jewish


Revolution’: “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution, a


crisis in Jewish history. It is a Jewish revolution because Russia


is the home of about half the Jews of the world, and an overturning


of its despotic government must have a very important


influence on the destinies of the millions living there and on the


many thousands who have recently emigrated to the other countries.


But the revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution also


because Jews are the most active revolutionists in the Czar’s empire.”


About Jacob H. Schiff’s share in that massacre, the New York


Times, March 24, 1917, under “Kennan Retells History,” states in


part: “He (the Jew, Schiff) had conceived the idea of putting


revolutionary propaganda into the Russian Army. . . . The movement


was financed by a New York banker you all know and love


(the Jew, Schiff), and soon we received a ton and a half of


Russian revolutionary propaganda. At the end of the (Russo-


Japanese) war (1905) 50,000 Russian officers and men went back


to their country, ardent revolutionists. The Friends of Russian


Freedom had sowed 50,000 seeds of liberty in 100 Russian




British Government reports attest that Lenin was financed in


large part in his attempts to crush the Czar’s government, by the


American-Jewish banker, Jacob H. Schiff of the banking house of


Kuhn, Loeb & Company, in New York City; thus definitely


indicating that the Bolshevist program was not a plan intended to


benefit the Gentile worker, but only international Jewry, which is


exactly a fulfillment of Edouard Drummond’s prediction in his


book The End of the World published in 1882 in Paris: “At a


given hour Jewish finance will be let loose at the ruin of the


world in order to erect on the remnants of the Aryan nations the


Jewish world power.”


While the anarchist groups in Russia at that time, however, were


not strong enough to accomplish their objectives, it should nevertheless


be recalled that even the then existing socialistic organiza-






tions were Jewish in their nuclei. The first Jewish socialistic


workers’ union was founded in the city of Vilna as far back as


1888. In 1897 there had been organized a “Jewish Workers’


Union for Russia and Poland,” which was generally referred to as


the “Bund.” Its first congress was held in 1898 in the city of


Minsk under the sponsorship of the Jew, Dimanstein, whose coal


it was to create, under the cloak of socialistic activities, a Jewishnational


state with the principal object of furthering Jewish


interests and preserving Jewish traditions—F. O. H. Schulz: Jude


and Arbeiter, Berlin and Leipzig, 1934. After this, some other


proletarian and even bourgeois unions, became amalgamated


with the Jewish “Bund,” mistakenly expecting to find embodied


in this “Bund,” principles identical with those of their wholly


Gentile organizations. Thus it was that the fairly well developed


Russian Gentile organizations blindly came to accept the outlines


of the Jewish socialistic theories along with their concealed


program of Jewish advancement. It was only for this reason of


course, that Jacob Schiff by his financial support made possible


the “Bloody Sunday” revolt, for he correctly recognized in this


anarchistic plot a specified Jewish aggression with Jewish


principles embodied throughout.


This was the first time in modern history that Gentile organizations


were trapped by Jewish elements and directly led out to


battle for the Jews’ purpose of founding a state of their own. To all


appearances, however, the Marxian doctrines of the workers


“emancipation” were worshipped and adhered to. But in reality


the Jewish “Bund” had been cunningly fanning and exploiting


any incipient discontent on the part of these mostly Russian


workers in order to make use of them for the Jews’ own purpose.


THE final result of this united revolutionary movement as we


shall see later, came to be the Communistic Union of Soviet


Socialist Republics of today, where now, at the expense of the


overwhelming Gentile majority, the 1.7 per cent, alien-Jewish minority


is enforcing its racial domination through revolting ter-






rorism. The putsch of January 22, 1905, was distinguished by the


fact that the rioting Jewish element set aside all pretense,


overnight, and reverted to the most outrageous barbarities. The


obvious lesson here, should be marked and never forgotten.


Lenin, after his defeat in the “Bloody Sunday” uprising, soon


made off for London. So as to strengthen the lines of or-ganized


workers for his purposes, he began that same year, 1905, to


propagandize for the unification of industrial and rural work-ers.


This proposition seemed to appeal, theoretically at least, to the


great mass of industrial workers, for it would increase their


fighting ranks by untold numbers. It was then that the


Communistic emblem, the hammer—for industry, and sickle—


for agriculture, came into being. In 1907 Lenin carried to France


and Switzerland also this idea of uniting factory and farm


workers under that common emblem of Communism, or rather


Bolshevism. It was in this way that the present formula of class


struggle was first established. History, however, fully proved


within the next decade, that the process of turning the Marxian


principles into practice in a peaceful way, was not exactly what


the Jewish leaders wanted; for the period following close upon


the revolutionary years has by no means disclosed a gradual


transformation of Russia from a capitalistic state into a


“government of the workers.” On the contrary, there has been


abundant evidence of Russia’s being gradually—but nevertheless


forcibly and inexorably—changed from a Christian country, into


a Judaized state under the absolute and ruthless dictatorship of


the Jewish overlords.


FOR the purpose of impressing further the theories of Marx and


Lenin on the minds of Socialistic and Communistic leaders in the


various European countries, a congress, which in retrospect has


become extremely significant, was held in Copen-hagen, in the


Logenpalast, 28 Bredgade, in August and Septem-ber of 1910.


Under the guise of being merely an “Oddfellows’ Congress,”


many delegates, who later came to be outstanding representatives


of radical thought in the various European coun-






tries, met there to outline and unify their left-wing programs on a


world scale. The radicals Liebknecht, Ebert, Scheidemann and


the Jewess Rosa Luxembourg came from Germany, the Jews


Trotsky and Lenin as confidence men represented Russia,


Clemenceau as delegate from France, Ramsay MacDon-ald from


the United Kingdom, the then “red” Mussolini as representative


of Italy, Vandervelde (alias Jew Epstein) from Belgium, Branting


from Sweden, and Stauning in his native Denmark, all played


their parts in mapping out the future form of government in their


respective countries in accordance with the gospel of Marx and


Lenin. The disproportionate part taken by Jews in this Congress


was another indication of the consuming interest which these


Asiatics had in destroying the old order, so that they could


replace it with a state regimentation extending to the world’s


Jewry all the material advantages to satisfy its “old racial




It was the purpose of this Congress, that the next indication of


discontent on the part of the mass of Gentile workers should be


the signal for general uprisings, through which revolutionary


Jewry could destroy entirely the existing Gentile states, and replace


them with an order of purely Marxian planning. The


“workers’ paradise” was thus to be established under rulers who


were either Jews or their mere tools. Clearly, in this Congress


were sown the seeds that have matured into the condition of


spiritual and economic upheaval in which the world finds itself




IN 1911 Lenin kept his headquarters in Switzerland, from where


—with the assistance of such Jews as Zinovieff (Apfelbaum),


Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Radomiolski—his Bolshevistic


theories were spread over Europe through local agencies, for the


greater part manned by Jewish scum. After that, their next center


of activity was in Prague, where Lenin during an anarchist


convention, urged his undercover terror gangs to employ still


more violent measures against the existing governments,


although this cost him the support of the more moderate


Socialists. During






1912-13 Cracow, Galicia, was his next base of operations. His


orders to all affiliated groups always were to spare no means of


destruction whatever against the existing governments. At the


outbreak of the war in 1914, Lenin was interned by the Austrian


government in the capital of Galicia, then a part of the Austrian


empire. However, certain influential Jews inter-vened in his


behalf, and he was granted refuge in Switzerland, where he


opened up new headquarters in the city of Berne; Zinovieff was


then, and remained until 1916, his right hand. At this time, the


before mentioned radical paper Iskra was their main instrument


of further corrupting more or less discontented labor groups in


Central Europe.


BUT Lenin’s effective work during the war was done among


German workers and soldiers. By means of urging sabotage


within the German industrial centers on one hand, combined with


ideas of insubordination and desertion on the other, Lenin


contributed considerably toward the demoralization of the Central


governments’ fighting units.


His far-reaching influence in radical circles in Russia was fully


recognized by the German Social Democrats and the Centrist


Party with its politics Catholically colored. The latter party’s


leader, Matthias Erzberger, a half-Jew, was the outstanding and


instrumental figure in furthering Lenin’s eventual crossing


through Germany. Lenin became at this time intimately


connected with the immensely wealthy Russian Jew Parvus


(Helphand), who, by means of passports of five different


countries, acted as the food supply agent-general for Germany.


This man suggested to the German left-wing parties. that Lenin,


with his crowd of anarchists, be sent to Russia so as to


demoralize still further the already crumbling and partly deserting


Russian fighting forces. The then almighty Jew of Germany—as


almighty as Baruch was in the United States—Walter Rathenau,


approved this idea, and through his influence the German


government granted Lenin and his gang of known Jewish


revolutionaries admittance into Russia via Germany and






Sweden. Parvus had formerly become known through his radical


writings, which in pre-war days had earned him a jail-term in


Siberia. At the outbreak of the war he had offered his services to


the government of Turkey, where as that nation’s oil-purchasing


agent he had accumulated his huge fortune. Rev. Dennis Fahey of


Blackrock College, Dublin, Ireland, in his book The Mystical


Body of Christ in the Modern World refers to Dr. Ziv’s Life of


Trotsky, and states that when Trotsky was asked “How is


Parvus?” the latter replied: ” ‘Completing his twelfth million’.”


Because of this acquired wealth, as well as through his being


Germany’s all-powerful provision agent during the war blockade,


his political influence with the Social Democrats was very great.


It was through intervention of these groups that the then Jewishcontrolled


German government made it possible for Parvus to


finance Lenin, with his 33 anarchists, who, all in a sealed railroad


car, crossed Germany from Zurich and Berne to Stockholm,


Sweden, on April 9, 1917, for the express purpose of


overthrowing the then existing regime of Adler-Kerensky, the


latter being the head of the Menshevik government, after Czar


Nicholas II had been forced to abdicate on March 15, 1917.


Influential Jews in Germany had stressed the point to the German


military authorities, that Lenin would be the very type of man


capable of seizing power in Russia, with his bands of organized


radicals, plus the liberal financial support of international Jewish




GERMANY, conversely, as a counter action to America’s entry


into the war, consented to Lenin’s crossing the country because of


the prospect of his being able to break up the remainder of the


Russian forces. This step, the Jewish advisers of the German


government cunningly pointed out, would therefore automaticaily


eliminate Russia as an enemy, and the German troops


thus released from the Eastern front could be diverted to the


West. It should not be difficult to comprehend the tremendous


appeal of this prospect to harassed and encircled Germany. All


this coincided with the aims and activities of Trotsky, who






had been mysteriously liberated from a jail at Halifax, Nova


Scotia, and who reached Petrograd with large financial support


from Jewish banking firms of the U. S. A., Germany and Sweden.


Lenin, arriving in Russia, and having first assured himself of the


fullest cooperation of all Jewish revolutionary elements, immediately


introduced a bill prohibiting all anti-Jewish activities on


penalty of death. All Jewish criminals and political prisoners were


then freed by his order, every Russian jail opened, all exiles in


Siberia granted amnesty, and all these lawless elements combined


in creating a reign of terror of the most gruesome kind. The


massacre of everyone who offered opposition to these liberated


convicts, of whom a considerable number were Jewish, brought


the pandemonium to a ghastly climax. The odds turned temporarily


against Lenin, and in July 1917 he had to flee to Finland.


But he soon returned to resume his work of destruction, and


gradually all Gentile opposition was suppressed. Supreme power


in Russia was seized by the Bolsheviki, under his direction, on


November 7, 1917. The Jew Sverdlov, Chief of the Executive


Committee of the Communist Party, gave orders for the


assassination of the Czar and his family, “and this order was


carried out in the little town of Ekaterinburg, Siberia, on July 16,


1918, by the Jews, Yourovsky, Goloschchekin, Syromolotov,


Safarov and Voikov.”—Gerald B. Winrod: The Truth About the


Protocols, Wichita, Kansas, 1935, page 49. “The extermination of


the entire Imperial house of the Romanoffs was the culmination


of an age-old grudge on the part of the Jews.”—Cherep-


Spiridovitch: “The Hidden World Government, New York, 1926.


It was intended as absolute deterrent against any counterrevolutionary


attempts. It was the Jew, Jankel Sverdlov, as


President of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party,


who approved the Czar’s assassination by the hands of his coracialists.


The town of Ekaterinburg, in honor of the abovementioned


Jews’ verdict against the Romanoffs, has been


renamed Sverdlovsk.


A proof that after the Czar’s assassination by Jews, the German






Kaiser was listed to be the next victim of Jewish politico-ritual


murder is shown by a piece of Jewish poetry from the pen of the


Jew, Dr. Wilhelm Eckstein, a former Munich lawyer who


deserted to the French and under the pen name, Siegfried Balder,


produced the Ghetto verses of which an appropriate translation is


given thus:


“We’ll swear by God’s eternal name


all Hohenzollerns’ death.


There’ll be no peace till from the frame


will roll their bloody head.


“Don’t go to work, vacate the shop


till they are ‘liquidated.’


Soon you will find that castle’s top


with a red flag decorated.


“All culture, liberty and luck


Be yours through courage bold.


Give us your oath—yours is the flag


we’ll make from black-red-gold.”


From Muenchmeyer: Marxisten als Moerder, page 133.


The struggle for power from 1917 to 1919 between the Kerensky


government—equivalent to the Socialists of today—and the Bolshevik


Party of Lenin, was eagerly watched by Russia’s Jewry. It


was observed, that with any shift of power the support of the


Jews was generally transferred to whichever side seemed likely to


gain the upper hand in the situation. Thus after Kerensky was


defeated in November 1917, the Jews increasingly became the


driving force within the newly established regime of Lenin,


Therefore this new and self-made ruler of Russia necessarily had


to cement his authority by favoring Jews for all types of key


positions. Entirely Jewish in his sentiments as well as in his


political views, he realized that only among Russia’s Jewry would


he be able to find co-workers with the natural instinct for crushing


all civilization not of Jewish origin and structure. An interesting


note on this point is to be found in the Jew Basil Mathews’


book, The Jew and World Ferment, Edinburgh House Press,






1934, page 117: “A nation like the Jews, that produces a surplus


of intellectuals, from the point of view of earning a living, automatically


provides through its unemployed intelligentsia a leadership


for revolution.”


Until 1919, the remainder of the Menshevik Party still offered


resistance to Lenin’s regime. And the battle for supremacy in the


civil war that smoldered until late in 1919 between the White


forces and the Bolshevik regime was amply aided by Jewish conspirators


during its whole course. Thus, for instance, the White


troops of the Mensheviki were handicapped by a sabotaged ammunition


supply, as well as being subjected to extensive


espionage, which factors were mainly responsible for the party’s


ultimate defeat long after Kerensky had abdicated. Thus Lenin’s


Jewish Bolsheviki finally gained the upper hand. Jewry’s


destructiveness through organized revolutionists was reported on


by U. S. Major M. Schuyler, upon his return from the American


Expedition to Siberia in 1920. On January 11 of that year, in an


address at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, New York,


according to A. S. Leese’s Bolshevism is Jewish, p. 7, he stated,


“The government of Russia is almost entirely Jewish, and our


United States Army in Siberia was full of Bolshevist Jews


straight from Moscow. They had entered the United States and


enlisted in the U. S. Army going to Siberia. General Graves, the


commander, had a staff that was almost entirely Jewish. . . .


Owing to the Bolshevist Jews in our army, all information that


should have reached Kolchak went straight to Moscow.” Marx’s


Jewish revolutionary program of 1848 became a reality in the


Soviet regime under the leadership, through 1918 and 1919, of


the trio Lenin, Stalin, and Sverdlov. A Jewish state was in the


making—one of the Zionists’ dreams had come true.


The five-pointed red star of Zion was adopted as the insignia of


the Jewish Soviets, and has since been made the national


emblem. And according to Marx’s precepts, in the newly created


state Jews were given all opportunities for advancement before


the Gentiles’ interests were even so much as thought of. The


Gentile majority, in fact, came to be regarded as “the dull






beast, the public,” an expression used by Louise Bryant, the


widow of the Communist poet John Reed, and the divorced wife


of former U. S. Soviet ambassador William C. Bullitt. Lenin’s


radical Jewish affiliations in neighboring countries were no less


active in order to Jewify their governments, as may be seen from


a report in the Dearborn Independent, Dearborn, Mich.,


September 18, 1920, p. 9: “The Lithuanian and Lettland Cabinets


have each created a Ministry of Jewish Affairs”—as in the United


States, one might just as well add. On March 28, 1919, Lenin sent


100 million Hungarian crowns— according to report—to the


Hungarian Jew Bela Kun with the order to form an army for use


against Austria, after the Third International had been called on


the 6th of the same month by the Jew Manuilsky.


The chief figures at this congress were the Jews Zinovieff, Felix


Kohn, and Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), and it was at this time that


the Jewsectia—the Jewish section of the Comintern—was formed.


The favoring of the Jews with primary rights and privileges,


whenever possible, was then stipulated in the Soviet, and henceforth


the Central Committee of the Communist Party was committed


to enforcing all laws tending to grant the Jews state preferences,


to which no other race or religious sect should be entitled.


Therefore the Russian revolution was a strictly Jewish revolution,


and in no sense a workers’ revolt. Says a report from the “Jewsectia”


of 1919: “In the course of developments during the past


25 years in the Western District (Poland and West Russia) the


Jewish worker constituted the only revolutionary element. The


Jewish worker expanded his activities during the revolutionary


epoch into almost every town and borough.” The London Times


of March 29, 1919, supports the above with the following: “Of


the leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist


movement, not less than 75 percent are Jews. Among the minor


officials the number is legion.”


Accordingly, Lenin’s first step after the revolution was the appointment


of Jews to practically all important government positions.


Out of the 276 Jews, who emigrated from the lower East






Side in New York with Leon Trotsky in 1917, no less than 170


were reported to have been made legal officials immediately upon


their arrival in Russia, though most of them could not even speak


the Russian language. R. B. Dennis, a former functionary of the


Y. M. C. A. in Russia, testified before the Overman Congressional


Committee in 1918: “Our general opinion in Moscow was,


that anywhere from 20 to 25 percent of the Communists in Soviet


Russia had lived in America.” Defender Magazine, Wichita,


Kansas, of January, 1939, p. 6, features another attestment from


the Jew M. Hermalin, of New York, alleged to have been made in


1917: “The Russian revolution was made by the Jews. We have


created secret societies, planned the reign of terror. The


revolution succeeded by our conniving propaganda and our mass


assassinations in order to form a government truly ours.” The allimportant


authority for enforcing the new Soviet laws, by which


the Jewish revolutionaries were to interpret their concepts of


social order, during the following transitional period, was placed


in the hands of a military cabinet of eight, of which five were


Jews, with Trotsky at the head. The following detailed list further


discloses some of the principal appointments of Jews during the


regime of Lenin:


Latchevitch as Commissar of the Siberian District. Poser as


Commander of the North Front. Zinovieff in the same capacity in


Petrograd. Kamenev as Military Chief of Moscow. Sokolnikov as


War Councillor of the Civil Front. Serebroski as Chief of the


Artillery Plants. Messing as Chief Councillor for Labor Defense.


Yourenev as Military Commissar of the Army and Navy.


Pjatnitzki as Chief of the General Staff of the World Revolution.


From authentic sources it has been stated, that in the Central


Committee of the Communist Party in Russia before Lenin, from


1903 to 1917, Jews constituted 29.5 percent, from August to


October, 1917, 40 percent, in 1918, 34.8 percent, in 1919, 22.2


percent, in 1920, 25.8 percent, in 1921, 25 percent, and during






Lenin’s last year, in 1922, 23.9 percent. (Herman Fehst: Bolschewismus


und Judentum, Berlin and Leipzig, 1934.) In the


Politbureau, the strongest government department under Lenin,


Jews numbered 8 times the strength in proportion to their


membership in the Communist Party, while in the party itself


they only averaged 5 percent of the total membership. The Politbureau


was 40 percent Jewish in 1919, 28.6 percent in 1920,


while their strength increased to 42.9 percent in 1922. The chief


positions in the Press Bureau were likewise held by Jews,


Radolsky being the appointed censor of all Soviet journalistic


activities during the whole of Lenin’s regime. Thus the Aryan,


and other non-Jewish races, were supplied with Jewish-filtered


news and views exclusively. All the Jewish-Marxian ambitions


were amply satisfied under Lenin’s oligarchy, while the


submerged non-Jewish population of 98.3 percent—think of it!—


ever since that time has been deprived of all opportunities of


journalistic—as well as political—representation! The proletarian


revolution, for which the Russian worker had been so deceitfully


urged to fight, never became a reality. Instead, he has witnessed a


Jewish domination from the very first day of the revolution. The


nationalization of all Russian property was started under Lenin


with the simultaneous confiscation of all private bank deposits,


jewelry, gold and silver and all other articles of value, for


instance, art and stamp collections, books and so on. This enactment


at one stroke enabled the Jewish underworld to strip


Gentile Russia bare of all its portable valuables. The marplots


thereby were given full opportunity of looting all the nation’s


monetary resources. Thus, two Russian Jews, Levy and Samuel,


were arrested on November 12, 1920, by the French Surete, when


tney arrived in Paris by way of Constantinople with trunks loaded


with gold to the amount of 72 million roubles (36 million dollars)


according to Dearborn Independent, Dearborn, Mich., Nov.


13, 1920, p. 9. As an example of the honesty of Jewish officialdom


World Service of Erfurt, Germany, on Dec. 1, 1936,


cites the Russian paper Russ of Buenos Aires, to the effect that


two women had been claiming at a Paris Rothschild bank the






(stolen) fortune of the supposedly executed “comrade” Zinovieff


(Apfelbaum) whose bank deposits in France had been around 10


million gold francs.


This corresponds with a confidential statement made by a Russian


Jew (now living in Washington, D. C.) to the author, that he


went to Russia in 1934 to ascertain whether his buried gold,


“confiscated” during the revolution of 1917-18, was still safe in


its hiding place, so that it could be found when conditions ultimately


become safe for the Jews in Soviet Russia. During 1920,


the Central Council of Commissaries consisted of 20 members, of


which 17 were Jews and only 3 Russians. The Commissariat of


War then consisted of 43 members, of which 34 were Jews. In the


Commissariat for Foreign Affairs, out of 17 members 14 were


Jews, while in the Commissariat of the Provinces, 21 out of 23


were of the same race, as were 45 out of the 55 members of the


Commissariat of the Interior. In the Department of the “Fourth


Estate,” the Press, out of 42 members 41 were Jewish, the only


exception being the “shabes goy”— Gentile front—Maxim


Gorky. Altogether the percentage of Jews in the Commissariats,


the highest offices of the land, was during the regime of Lenin as


follows: In 1917-18, of 316 Commissars 300 were Jews In 1920,


of 457 Commissars 322 were Jews In 1921, of 550 Commissars


447 were Jews In 1922, of 525 Commissars 445 were Jews Even


under the Gentile Stalin’s regime this ratio has not changed


materially, as will be seen in the chapter Stalin. The


nationalization of the industries remained during Lenin’s regime


largely a theoretical point in Russia’s Judaization program. And


the first attempt to collectivize the farms and their products was


met by the farmers with a flat refusal, when it became apparent


that the agents appointed by Lenin for that purpose were Asiatic


Jews exclusively—this discovery coming as a great shock to rural


Russia in 1920.


A great many factors were responsible for the general farmers’


strike that swept Russia in 1921. The former farm owner was






being made just a hired hand, with Jewish overseers and Jewish


Commissars to collect his crop. So in that year the farmers refused


to sow, in a nation-wide protest against the Jewish regime,


and the terrible famine of the following winter and spring, which,


according to the Soviet statistician Oganovsky, took a toll of 5,-


200,000 lives, was the tragic outcome. The problems of the


Russian proletariat have indeed been a great deal farther from


their solution since the Jewish usurpation than had been the case


in any previous period even under the most despotic Czar who


ever ruled Russia.


Mr. R. Wilton, Russian correspondent of the London Times, as


quoted from the Fascist, London, wrote in September 1920: “The


Jewish domination is supported by certain Russians. They are


mere screens and dummies, behind which the Sverdlovs and the


thousand-and-one Jews of Sovdepia—meaning Soviet officialdom—


continue their work of destruction.” This conclusion is


supported by the following statement by the Jew, M. Cohen, in


The Communist Charkov under date of April 12, 1919: “Without


exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian Revolution


was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews.” Clare Sheridan,


traveler and lecturer, confirmed this in an interview which


appeared in The New York World of December 15, 1923: “The


Communists are Jews, and Russia is entirely administered by




The destruction or desecration of the Christian churches, as well


as the dispersion or annihilation of the congregations—all this too


was included in the program indispensable for the assurance of


permanent Jewish success. In Lenin’s Socialism and Religion he


declares: “Communist propaganda necessarily includes the


propaganda of Atheism.” Therefore the national persecution of all


Christian worshipers has been made legal under a regime that


is and has been Jew-controlled throughout. While the Communist


Party already, from 1919, had a Jewish section, no Catholic or


Protestant or Mohammedan section ever was estab-lished though


the adherents of any of these religions outnumbered by many


times those of the Jewish faith.






Subsequently, “Lenin did abolish the Sunday and replaced it with


Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. The explanation of all this may be


that he married a Jewess (Kroupskaya)”—Dearborn Independent,


Dearborn, Mich., September 25, 1920, p. 8. The


following report from the early revolutionary days is ex-tremely


significant, coming from Victor Marsden, Russian cor-respondent


of the London Morning Post: “At present (1918) all Bolshevik


Commissars are Jews. All the agitation for the ‘glorious


revolution’ both in 1905 and in 1917 was worked out by Jews.


These Jews have stripped Russia bare of all portable property.


The Jews today are the only people in Petrograd able to walk


steadily; they have food, no one else has. Indeed, the Jews have


all along been well fed, and never was a Jew seen in the queues


for food. Yet they come in ever-increasing numbers from all parts


of Russia—and even from England and America —and all are




With such an incredible state of affairs inevitably fomenting


violent retribution on the part of the deceived and despoiled Russian


Gentiles, no less than 1,236 pogroms were recorded throughout


Russia during Lenin’s time, with casualties numbering over


31,000. The Russian workers and farmers had learned their lesson


well, and now all of Russia knows that Communism is a plot of


the Jews to enforce their own racial world domination. There is in


existence a circular letter, which throws a sharp light on these


Jewish aspirations, and also is singularly revealing regarding the


whole Russian situation. It was printed in Hebrew and found in


the pocket of the dead Jew Zunder, Commander of the 11th


Sharpshooters Battalion of the Bolshevik Army. Printed in the


Russian paper Prizyv in Berlin, on February 5, 1920, it was


addressed to the representatives of all branches of the Israelite


International League, and read as follows: “Sons of Israel! The


hour of our ultimate victory is near. We stand on the threshold of


command of the world! That which we could only dream of


before, is about to be realized. Only quite recently feeble and


powerless, we can now—thanks to the world’s catastrophe—raise


our heads with pride!






“We must, however, be careful. It can surely be prophesied that


after we have marched over ruined and broken altars and thrones,


we shall advance further on the same indicated path. “The


authority of the—to us—alien religions and doctrines of faith we


have through successful propaganda subjected to a merciless


criticism and mockery. We have brought the culture, civilization,


traditions and thrones of the Christian nations to stagger. We


have done everything to bring the Russian people under the yoke


of the Jewish power, and ultimately compelled them to fall on


their knees before us. We have nearly completed all this, but we


must all the same be very cautious, because oppressed Russia is


our arch-enemy.


“Our victory over Russia, gained through our intellectual superiority,


may in a future generation be turned against us! “Russia is


conquered and brought to the ground. Russia is in the agony of


death under our heel, but do not forget—not even for a


moment—that we must be careful! The holy care for our safety


does not allow us to show either pity or mercy. At last we have


been allowed to behold the bitter need of the Russian people, and


to see it shed tears! By taking from them their property and gold


we have reduced this people to utter slavery! Be cautious and


silent! We ought to have no mercy for our enemy. We must make


an end of the best and leading elements of the Russian people so


that this vanquished Russia may not find any leader! Thereby


every possibility will vanish for them to resist our power. We


must excite hatred and disputes between workers and peasants.


War and class-struggle will destroy all treasures and culture


created by the Christian people. But be cautious, Sons of Israel!


Our victory is near because our political and economic power and


influence upon the masses are in rapid progress. We buy up


government loans and gold, and thereby we have controlling


power over the world’s exchanges. The power is in our hands, but


be careful—place no faith in traitorous shady powers! “Bronstein


(Trotsky), Apfelbaum (Zinovieff), Rosenfeld (Kamenev),


Steinberg—all of them are like unto thousands of






other true sons of Israel. Our power in Russia is unlimited. In the


towns, the Commissariats and Commissions of Food, House


Commissions, etc., are dominated by our people. Be careful


cautious, because no one excepting ourselves will protect us!


“Remember we cannot rely upon the Red Army, which one day


may turn its weapons of warfare upon ourselves. “Sons of Israel!


The hour for our long-cherished victory over Russia is near; close


up solid your ranks! Make known our people’s national policy!


Fight for eternal ideals! Keep holy the old laws, which history


has bequeathed to us! May our intellect, our genius, protect and


lead us!


“Signed, The Central Committee of the Petersburg Branch of the


Israelite International League.”


No other testimony than this could better confirm the Jews’


insolent scheme of incessantly fomenting workers’ insurrections


against their employers and all civil authority, for the sole purpose


of obtaining control of Russia as a first step toward their


ultimate objective: world control. And within Russia, for decades,


Jews have been found undermining the old structure of Christian


civilization, under every imaginable pretext. Another quotation,


bearing even more directly upon the labor question, should not be


omitted here. It is a statement, asserted by the Russian newspaper


in Paris, Vosroschdenje, of February 2, 1931, to have been made


in 1919 by the author, Karl Radek (Sobelsohn) to his fellow-Jew


Walter Rathenau, then at the height of his power in the German


government: “We Bolshevists will know how to force the


Russian worker into subjugation, and we will know how to check


any objections to our orders—with machine guns. The worker


who enjoys liberty soon becomes arrogant and undisciplined; the


deprived worker, being driven by hunger, works all day for a


miserable piece of bread, that he will receive at night; the worker


stripped of all civil rights, who is afraid to be shot at the least


opposition—that is the obedient worker.” Plain speaking, is it




However, the horrifying realization of the potential effects of the






revolution is reflected in W. C. White’s book These Russians,


New York, 1931, wherein it is stated on p. 29, “When this


damned system (Bolshevism) breaks there will be a pogrom. You


will be able to row on Jewish blood from Arbat Gate to Red


Square… Now they are everywhere, running everything. It is all


Jewish. . . . Wait until the trouble begins. The first thing will be a


pogrom, and the worst in history. Before the revolution the Jews


lived in one section. Now they are everywhere, a family in each


apartment. And each apartment will have its own little pogrom.”


While on the surface it appeared that Jewry, in and under the


Soviet regime, had achieved a complete victory, underneath,


however, the ostensible subjugation of the Gentile Russians was


far from being a perfect state of harmony. From a retranslation


from the German, in the London Jewish World, of June 22, 1922,


we extract this: “Not only in the revolutionary circles, but even in


the Red Army the hatred of Jews is so great that only the iron


discipline of the Bolsheviki and the threat of death penalty, keep


the soldiers and the women from starting pogroms. Everyone in


Russia hates the Jews: The peasants, soldiers, women, and


citizens. Jews all over in Russia agree on one point: Should the


Soviet regime collapse and the power be transferred into the


hands of others, the worst disaster imaginable would befall the


Jews. The flame of hatred against the Jews is burning in Russia


today more violent than ever before.”


In order to fully conceive the smoldering spirit of revenge among


the 98.3 percent, Russian Gentiles, we quote one Jewish Soviet


leader, the Commissar Leo Kamenev (Rosenfeld)—Dearborn Independent,


Dearborn, Mich., October 16, 1920, p. 9, explains the


Gentile’s anti-Jewism: “The Kovno correspondent of the London


Times states that Leo Kamenev told the Peace Delegates in


Lithuania that the Soviet Government rests on Jewish brains,


Lettish and Chinese bayonets, and the stupidity of the great


masses of the Russian people.” Up to now, the Jewish world-wide


press control has prevented the American public from learning but


very few of these facts.






The American worker will come to understand that Commu-nism


is a purely Jewish scheme and never was intended to help the


Christian worker, but on the contrary, planned solely to form a


step toward world domination by the Jewish race, at the expense


of all Christians. The rosters of Red officials in Russia during the


regimes of both Lenin and Stalin constitute irrefutable proof of


this statement.


Lenin died on January 21, 1924, in an advanced stage of syphilis—


causing total paralysis. “During his last days he crawled on


the floor like a helpless child, imploring forgiveness of each piece


of furniture for his misdeeds,” says Percival Phillips in the


Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeindeblatt, Milwaukee, Wis.


According to Voelkischer Beobachter, Berlin, June 18, 1927.


Count Cherep-Spiridovich in his book Secret World Government,


New York, 1926, p. 23, reports of Lenin as having shouted


shortly before his death: “God save Russia and kill the Jews!” His


embalmed body, in a glass coffin, is placed in a monument in the


center of Red Square, Moscow, under a constant guard of 16


sentries. The worshiping crowds of misled Russians do not know


Lenin’s life history. Through the perversion of Jewish teachers


and press agents, the new generation of Russians is having Lenin


pictured as a national saint. For had he not labored, as no one else


ever had, for the holy cause of Jewish world domination?


Ironically enough, one of Lenin’s many, allegedly, self-composed


literary efforts bears the title: “The Self-Determination of the


People.” It is of this, precisely, that the great masses of the


Russian people have been deprived. The only group that has been


granted the right of self-determination in the Soviets, and this by


the blood and sweat of the other groups, is the 1.7 percent, Jewish


minority. The Bolshevist dictatorship has plunged the non-Jewish


majority there into a state of slavery unequaled in any age, while


the Jews are gloating over the creation of their Jewish state,


exactly as planned in 1888 by the first Jewish Workers’


organization, the “Bund.”






IN THE rise of modern Communism, the Jew Laiber Davidovich


Bronstein, later to be known as Leon Trotsky, has played a part


second in importance only to Lenin’s murderous and destructive


career. Trotsky was born October 5, 1877, in Khersonsky, near


Elisabet-grad; his father was a miller. At the age of 15, Trotsky


was expelled from school because of his violent temper.


Following this discharge he went to a university for a brief


period, but there also his objectionable personality, as well as his


subversive activities, put an end to the course of his education.


But it was continued in other fields. Next, his association with the


South Russian Workers’ League led to his arrest in the year 1898.


A year later he was exiled to East Siberia, whence, however, he


managed to escape during the third year of his term. As Bronstein


he then went to London on a forged passport, thenceforth using


the name Trotsky. In England he collaborated with his red


comrades, Lenin and Litvinoff, on the radical newspaper Spark.


At the side of Lenin the present-day Leon Trotsky became one of


the ringleaders of the anarchistic plot directed against the


Czaristic government in January, 1905. He was arrested in the


“Bloody Sunday” rioting and again exiled to Siberia the next


year, his sentence this time calling for a life term. But he


escaped in 1907, when, through malingering, he was sent to the


station hospital at Beresof, and thereafter for a time remained in


hiding in various Continental cities, making Vienna and Paris the


chief bases for his inflammatory activities. Besides writing for


workers’ papers in Central Europe, he also at this period contributed


to the Jewish Russian paper Pravda. But writing for workers’


newspapers at that time was not an occupation sufficiently lucrative


to provide Trotsky his daily expenses. So it came to pass






that for once in his life for a short time he actually went into a


chemical factory in Vienna in the capacity of common laborer


when his wealthy co-racialist, Dr. Herzenstein—who had largely


financed Trotsky’s printing enterprises—began to discontinue his


money support.


The Jewish world conspiracy became an acknowledged fact


through the Oddfellows’ Congress held in 1910 in Copenhagen.


In this Congress he participated, along with delegates from the


Social Democratic Parties in the various European countries, as


described in the chapter preceding.


During the period of Balkan unrest in 1912-1913, Trotsky acted


as correspondent for a group of left-wing newspapers. Another


equally important purpose of his sojourn in the Balkan states at


this time was that of Bolshevizing the armed forces through his


organizing efforts among the working classes. Leaving


Constantinople, Turkey, in 1914, he went to Austria, Switzerland


and Germany, and, like Lenin, engaged in revolutionary


propaganda within the armies of the warring countries, with the


aid of his racial and spiritual co-workers. An eight-months’ term


of imprisonment in Germany was once the result of his agitations.


In 1915 he arranged an International Women’s Conference in


Berne, urging the women to redouble their anti-war propaganda


for the purpose of assisting the Jews in seizing power through


sabotage and strikes. During 1916 Trotsky advocated the idea of


a United States of Europe, a proposal to which he neglected to


add: “—under Jewish control!”


Having failed in his efforts to interfere with the programs of


Austria and Germany at that time, he proceeded to France in


1916 with the purpose of continuing the same propaganda of


sabotage and refusal to render patriotic service to one’s country;


and his affiliations with the Russian military units at the French-


German front resulted in numerous cases of mutiny, with the


ultimate effect that the French High Command ordered the whole


Russian detachment to be returned to its native country. The


French authorities, who soon became aware of Trotsky’s








subsequently deported him. On crossing the border to Spain he


was again arrested, but later released on producing proof that he


merely intended to take a steamer from a Spanish port to the


United States. This trip was made in January, 1917, when he


arrived in New York over the Cuban route. There his racial


kinsmen, proletarians as well as Jewish high financiers, who had


been anxiously awaiting him, received him with music and


flowers. The condition of Russia, long on the brink of


demoralization and collapse, now seemed ripe for the final


Jewish onslaught, for which the last preparations were to be made


in New York. Intensely preoccupied with this, Trotsky


nevertheless was in close touch at the same time with both the


scum of the New York Ghetto, and prominent Wall Street Jews.


He published at this time some highly inflammatory articles in


the Jewish paper Novy Mir, and occasionally delivered soap-box


orations in Yiddish to the rebellious crowds of the lower East


Side. “His last speech in New York in March, 1917, on the eve of


his departure for Russia, contained the following order: ‘I want


you people to organize, and keep on organizing, in order that you


may be able to overthrow this dirty, rotten government of the


United States. I am going back to Russia to overthrow the


government there and stop this war with Germany’.”—Rev. W. E.


Biederwolf, Poinciana Chapel, Palm Beach, Fla., in a radio


sermon on January 26, 1936. This was all the more astonishing,


since the leading Jewish daily in the U. S. A., The New York


Times, on January 15, 1917, had contained the information that


Trotsky had arrived in the U. S. after having been expelled from


European countries for his “Pacifist activities!”


Trotsky’s all-important purpose in coming to New York, however,


was to seek from wealthy Jews, sufficient financial support


to carry through the final break-up of the Russian empire and


make of it a Jewish state. “And it was for the main part, Jacob H.


Schiff of the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, New


York, who finally furnished Trotsky with the required capital.


—Col. Sanctuary: Are These Things So?, pages 216






and 362. “This was the same Schiff who had financed the insurrection


that culminated in the ‘Bloody Sunday’ massacre in St.


Petersburg on January 22, 1905.”—L. Fry: Waters Flowing


Eastward, page 61.


On March 28, 1917, Trotsky embarked for Europe with a gang of


276 East Side anarchists, many of them Jewish-Russian in origin.


But the British-Canadian authorities detained the expedi-tion in


Halifax and interned Trotsky at the Amherst Prison Camp; for the


Allied Secret Service there had been well-informed of the


subversive purposes of the expedition. It was due to the


intervention of a group of Washington Jews, high in the counsels


of President Wilson and the Democratic War Administration, that


our State Department prevailed upon the Canadian authorities to


release Trotsky’s gang. After one month’s delay, the journey to


Russia was resumed by way of Stockholm; for also the


provisional government of Kerensky had agreed to Trotsky’s


return—not suspecting its ulterior purpose. Besides the confessed


financial support from certain heads of the Jewish banking house


of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, of which Felix M. Warburg and Otto


H. Kahn—both born in Germany-Mortimer Schiff, Jerome H.


Hanauer, and Guggenheim then were responsible directors,


Trotsky received further capital from Jewish firms in Europe such


as Nya Banken in Stockholm, the Rheinisch-Westphaelische


Syndikat in Germany and Max Warburg, Hamburg banker—a


brother of our Felix Warburg—so as to assure ample success for


his subversive undertaking. Upon arriving in Russia, Trotsky


immediately took the initial steps by ordering his gang of 276


Ghetto radicals to occupy-within the police, judicial, federal and


municipal bodies throughout the whole of Russia—the official


chairs, with the view of issuing new laws in order to make the


entire Gentile populace obedient to Jewish-Bolshevik fiats. It was


from all Russia’s principal cities that the Trotsky terrorists,


composed of New York Ghetto Jews exclusively, penetrated the


rural population, inflicting upon them laws and orders to suit the


needs of assuring to that Jewish minority the success of their


domination-plot as the






major step in acquiring the means of making the entire world surrender


to the plans of their racial subjugation. As the head of the


Cheka, Trotsky placed at least one Jew in every military detachment


to do the spy work and to report every deviation that


might be considered derogatory to Jewish plutocratic aims. The


immediate dissolution of the Russian White Army and Navy,


after two years of civil warfare, was, then, directly due to Lenin’s


and Trotsky’s organized efforts, the final success of which was


now in sight—because of these vast sums of Jewish money,


pooled solely for the destruction of the Imperial Russian regime.


All of the revolutionary groups as well as the liberated criminals


could now be bribed and armed so as to crush, also, the


Kerensky-Menshevik regime which had succeeded the Czaristic


government. This regime, as outlined before, still clung to some


small sort of order, as prescribed by Marx. But Marxian Socialistic


doctrines were declared out of date, and it was adherents of


anarchistic-Bolshevik theories who confronted the disintegrating


remainder of the Imperial Russian forces. The Red terror group


finally gained the ground, due to its relentless and fiendish


methods of murder and destruction, so that finally the outward


symbols of Russian-Christian civilization were wiped out. Thus


came the gradual collapse of the opposition by Kerensky and the


White Russian Menshevik army. When finally Trotsky’s murderous


gang from the ghetto of New York City was gaining


political ground by way of looting and ransacking Gentile Russia,


Schiff was allegedly “strutting up and down Wall Street like a


proud peacock, saying, “Mein leetel Russian Revolution has succeeded


at last’.” – Col. E. N. Sanctuary: Are These Things So?,


Page 362.


LEON TROTSKY then, besides heading the Department of


Railroads and the Foreign Ministry, also was made War Minister.


It was he, too, who organized the Red terror police—the Cheka,


later called OGPU—the Jew Uritzky with fellow-Jews filling up


the ranks of this new police force fifty percent, so as to create that


state of terroristic despotism so necessary for






the maintenance of the Jews’ newly acquired power. The Jew


Herschel Jagoda, alias Jehuda, later succeeded Uritzky as head of


the Cheka. Throughout the whole country Jews were appointed as


district chiefs of this terrorist police, such as Umschlicht,


Messing, Mogilevsky, Artusov, Kat-zenelson, Trillisser, Kogan,


Breslau, Goloschchekin, Yourovsky —the murderer of the Czar


and his family—Safarov, Kohn, Lander, Nachimson, Weinberg,


Lariss, Schwartz, Finkel-stein, Ehlenkrieg, Gruenstein,


Schulman, and finally the monster Bela Kun, who after his failure


in Hungary was made chief of the Cheka in the Crimean


peninsula and South Russia. Henceforth it was the Jews who


represented the Great Russian Union in practically all phases of


public life. Russia became in very fact a Jewish state, the Gentiles


subsiding into the role of subordinates only, who had to carry out


Jewish orders. Trotsky, being the War Minister, was appointed


with three other Jews—Joffe, later the first Soviet Ambassador to


Germany, Kamenev, and Sokolnikov—to represent Russia in the


peace negotiations at Brest-Litovsk with the Central powers. Of


the final peace delegation on January 9, 1918, consisting of


fourteen members, six were Jews, five non-Jews, while the racial


origin of the remaining three could not be ascertained. The


signing of the peace treaty with the Central powers on March 3,


1918, was done by a delegation of five, of which two were Jews.


In other words, with a Jewish population in Russia of less than


two percent, the signing of the peace was carried out by a Jewish


representation of forty percent! It is unnecessary to stress further


that all of the new councils, such as the all-powerful Revolutionary


Military Commission, and offices of lesser rank, were


staffed with Jews. In Trotsky’s office as War Lord, his chief


adviser was the Jew Ephraim Sklyansky. The program of Jewish


world domination thus made swift headway, while the overwhelming


Gentile majority was being robbed of its right to selfgovernment


in its own native country!


During the years from 1917 to 1922 conditions in Russia constituted


a chaos of the worst imaginable kind. The fiendish per-






sonality of Trotsky time and again showed up conspicuously. His


satanic gloating over the fall of the former regime was shown by


an act of specific Jewish barbarism, for he ordered the heads of


the murdered Czar and Czarina to be brought to Moscow where


they were featured as public exhibits in alcohol-filled glass jars,


to the power-mad promulgators of anarchism, and finally were


burned in public under his personal supervision. Ouite in accord


with this Jewish barbarism, a la Queen Esther, Trotsky’s


inhumanity towards the Russian bourgeoisie is recorded in a


statement, which appeared in the Red Gazette on September 1,


1918. This “People’s Commissar” expressed himself as follows:


“We will harden our hearts into iron. We will temper them in


the fires of endurance, and in the blood of the enemies of


liberty(!). We will be cruel, hard, pitiless, until we feel no pity


and are unmoved by the sight of our enemies’ blood. We will


open wide all the outlets of sentiment. Without pity, sparing


nothing, we will massacre our enemies by the hundreds. We will


drown them by thousands in their own blood. For the blood of


Lenin, Zinovieff, and Voladarsky, let us shed torrents of


bourgeois blood, more blood, more blood!” His co-racialist


ZinoviefF (Apfelbaum), in the paper of Leningrad, La Commune


du Nord of September 18, 1918, featured an identical mentality


typical of Jewry: “We will dominate! 90 million of the Russian


population are already under the reign or the Soviets. The rest


we are going to exterminate.” So as to secure further the results


of the revolution according to such Jewish ethics, Trotsky made


large promises to the Red soldiers, as well as to his hired


mercenaries, who, thus bribed, became willing tools of his terror


system of suppressing every bourgeois activity not in its final aim


an addition to Jewish strength and power. Chinese


mercenaries and other semi-savages were put into Russian


military uniforms, so as to carry out Trotsky’s orders for the


massacre of the hundreds and thousands of Christian Russians,


who were to be “liquidated”—the Soviet expression for


murdering Christians daring to object to any form of Jewish rule.


Jews all over the world are said to worship their






kinsman Trotsky, for was it not he who had taken revenge for all


the “sufferings” they were supposed to have endured through-out


the centuries? Whoever offered resistance to the kind of


government, which this one and seven-tenths percent Asiatic


minority was forcing upon the ninety-eight percent Gentile majority,


could expect either to be exiled to the remotest labor camp


or mine in Siberia, or be summarily slaughtered by order of these


newly-empowered Jewish overlords. And still it is the Jews-in


Russia and elsewhere, who have proven themselves the most


cruel oppressors of humanity, who have inflicted infinitely greater


suffering on their fellow human beings than has been recorded


during any other period in history—who are constantly and incessantly,


in the press of every country of the world and in personal


contact, crying about themselves as being persecuted!


Samuel Roth, a Jew, says in his book Jews Must Live: “We come


to you prating of persecution—we, the most deadly persecutors in


the history of mankind!”


Trotsky, during the regime of Lenin, was held to be directly responsible


for the slaughter of more than three million human


beings! ” ‘Trotsky did this butchering just for the fun of it,’ reported


one of his Gentile Commissars who then happened to be


subordinate to that Jewish ritual murderer.”—Defender: Trotsky.


“There are volumes of reports on these happenings, by eye-witnesses,”


says A. D. Fredex in his Soviet America. . . . “The


details are in the main of such frightful nature that it is impossible


to describe them.”


For the carrying-through of their plans toward Jewish world


domination, these barbarous Asiatics did not refrain from any act


of terrorism, if offered resistance, during their criminal capture of


Russia. And the financing of the Jew, Trotsky, by international


financiers of his own race, yields overwhelming evidence of their


common determination to subjugate or even annihilate all non-


Jewish society. Quite fittingly for a Talmudic Jew who had


subjugated the Gentiles under his overlordship, Trotsky him-self


in his autobiography Leon Trotsky, Berlin, 1930, on page






39, delights in naming his Gentile loyal Red soldiers “monkeys


without a tail.”


The irresponsibility and dishonesty of the Jewish leaders in financial


matters had been reported ever since they first set foot on


Russian soil. Trotsky as War Minister, and his aide, Stecklow,


through their purchases of war materials and ammunition—


mainly from the Jew Sir Basil Zaharoff (David Zacharios—according


to Scotland Yard, London, born in Odessa, Russia) —


robbed the Russian people of millions of gold roubles, part of


which Trotsky is said to be still using for initiating new, and


fomenting old, radical movements in other countries since he was


“ousted” by Dictator Stalin. The Jews, Trotsky and Stecklow, are


known to have become Russia’s wealthiest men, in spite of the


widely advertised introduction of a “proletarian regime” within


the Soviet Union where all class distinction is supposedly wiped


out! Since the entire press in Russia is Jewish, it has been


possible to keep such “details” from common knowledge, but


they have long been known to insiders. Today the formerly socredulous


Russian worker is aware of the truth behind the facts—


that he rendered aid for the overthrow of the Imperial


government, only to see now the lowest of all yellow tribes


overrun his country at their barbaric pleasure.


FOR the special purpose of furthering Communistic propa-ganda


in the Ruhr district, during the French occupation, Trotsky,


furthermore, reportedly robbed the devastated Russian nation, in


1923, of four million gold marks—one million dollars! In 1924,


two years after the ending of Lenin’s regime, and after a lengthy


period of wrangling between Stalin and Trotsky over the


dictatorship in the Soviet Union, Stalin finally “disposed of”


Trotsky by first giving him a “‘furlough” until 1927. Trotsky then


went to Turkey to investigate the chances of Bolshevizing the


Dardanelle states. His familiarity with the Turkish Reds from prewar


days might now be used to good advantage. Returning to


Russia in 1929, Trotsky was “expelled” by Dictator






Stalin for good. Secret information, however, disclosed that


Trotsky at that time was “removed” so as to justify his remain-ing


abroad; for a passionate Red Jew of the calibre of Leon Trotsky


could be used to even better advantage abroad than at home. He


then first turned to Turkestan, where the ground already had been


well prepared by itinerant Jewish agitators. Later, he went to




Eye-witnesses are testifying that Trotsky was, with Stalin’s consent,


given the privilege of using the late Czar’s private train, for


carrying the Trotskys and their huge bulk of baggage, contain-ing


an uncounted fortune of treasures and money, to Odessa. There the


Steamship Iljitsch, taken off her regular schedule between Odessa


and Constantinople, was waiting to carry the “exile,” Trotsky—


with his loot—to Turkey. The removal of this ransacking Jew,


who allegedly went to Russia for the purpose of “liberating” the


Russian workers from their “yoke” of Imperialistic Czardom,


resembled the departure of a most powerful world-potentate.


Stalin’s pretense for “exiling” Trotsky, his rival-comrade, was the


latter’s “too great deviation to the left.” For, while Stalin determined


to make Russia an approximately eighty percent Jew-domain, it


was Trotsky who insisted that a one hundred percent Jewish state


control was his undisputed goal. The thus-arisen differences of


opinions and rulership tactics ultimately resulted in the most


considerately arranged “deportation” of this Jew millionaire.


No enemy of Bolshevism has ever left the Soviet Union alive!


Perhaps the Stalin oligarchy, or some Trotskyites, will explain


why, if Trotsky allegedly is such an enemy of Bolshevism, his


departure from Russia was honored with such a truly imperial




While he enjoyed host rights in France at the spa Royat, near


Paris, in the fall of 1933, he was visited by Comrade Litvinoff


who was then on his way to the United States to have his Jew


domain recognized by F. D. Roosevelt. Mysteriously enough, by


the way, his co-racialist, Bernard M. Baruch, was






reported in the American press as suddenly taking a “water treatment”


at the French spa Vichy, nearby. One wonders at such a




It appeared to be just another coincidence, that, at the same time,


Trotsky, under the alias of Monsieur Solkolsky, rented a huge


estate near that of the arms and munitions manufacturer Zaharoff,


in the suburb St. Germain near Paris. Local townsfolk and police


testified that this otherwise wholly deserted country villa was


crowded at night when an unceasing stream of automobiles and


motorcycles with mostly foreign-speaking people, went to and


from the lately rented estate of “Monsieur Solkolsky.” It was


further disclosed that this heavily screened chateau merely served


as a conference place for international Jewry and the so-called


300 of the world’s hidden government, with Trotsky as one of




There it was, at the same time that the Jew Bernard M. Baruch—


American “Adviser of Presidents”—was generally reported as


taking “water treatment” at a nearby resort, that the Jewish


Foreign Commissar of Soviet Russia, Litvinoff, who was then


registered at his hotel as “Monsieur Linde,” the Jewish banker


Edouard Rothschild V, of Paris, and the previously mentioned Sir


Basil Zaharoff, with Trotsky and others, played their incredibly


sinister roles as the world’s arch plotters, much to the eventual


chagrin of an unsuspecting and naive Gentile world; the principal


meeting taking place on May 10, 1934. Trotsky then launched—


after having received huge financial support from the bloodmoney-


millionaire Zaharoff—his own revolutionary party with


branches in at least half a dozen major countries, Palestine among


them, where the adherents of the Com-munist Party had informed


Stalin that they were no longer affiliates of the Third


International of Moscow but instead were joining Trotsky’s


“Fourth International.” In each and every case the Trotskyites


received literature as outlined by the “exiled” Trotsky; and the


Trotsky Communist nuclei in France, Spain,


United States and even Germany were immediately enlivened


with the teachings promulgated by this Fourth International. The






Trotskyite radical paper in France at that time was the Libre


Parole (not to be confused with the anti-Jewish paper La Libre




When Trotsky later changed his domicile to the suburb,


Fontainebleau, the police guarded this anarchist’s headquarters


with the utmost sagacity, until the French authorities urged his


departure for the reason that the political safety of the French


Republic was at stake following Trotsky’s anti-national activities,


Trotsky’s further “exiles” included Spain and—it is said—the


United States, entering the latter country in 1934 through a


Western port, disguised as an employee of a Paris Rothschild


bank. Refused admission to several other countries, he was


finally granted sanctuary in Norway, on his pledge not to engage


in Communistic activities while there. However, Premier Blum


(Karfunkelstein) of France, in June, 1936, accused him of conspiring


to turn the French general strike into a nation-wide revolution;


and the New York Evening Journal of August 3, 1936,


reported him as taking a personal and active part in the current


Spanish revolution. Lawton describes him on page 493 of The


Russian Revolution, rather too charitably, it would seem, as follows:


“Like all Bolsheviks, he has a flexible mind and does not


believe that a promise exacted is a promise given.” Trotsky’s


insistent projection of the “Fourth International”-that is, what he


calls the principle of perpetual world revolution-through which


the press has caused him to appear as accusing Stalin of


“nationalizing” Jewish Communism in Russia, and to brand him a


traitor to the world ideal—has furnished Jewry the opportunity to


perpetuate another hoax upon the world, namely the “Trotsky


trials” in Russia. Similar trials took place in 1928 in 1934, in


1936, and the Radek (Sobelsohn), et al, trial was the fourth.


Jewry, realizing the paramount necessity of keeping Russia free


of leaders opposed to the Jewish regime, is staging these trials


with a nucleus of old-time Bolsheviki as bait, and has thereby


uncovered hundreds and thousands of Russians, unwilling endure


longer Stalin’s outrageous rule. After these—as far as the






old Bolshevik Jews went—completely farcical affairs, the


Russians were ruthlessly betrayed and shot.


While Trotsky vehemently protested his innocence, a search of


his residence in Norway on August 7, 1936, by the Norwegian


group “Nasjonal Samling” yielded a mass of damaging proof


that he was betraying his pledged word. He had maintained a


com-plete revolutionary center of his own, extensively staffed,


had re-ceived each week on an average half a dozen couriers


from all parts of the world, and kept up connections with


revolutionary centers in all countries, particularly with the chief


world-revolutionary one in Paris. Trotsky was nonplussed—he


stood completely unmasked before the world. To save his face,


the imposing farce of a third “Trotsky trial” was immediately


staged in Moscow, this time with the further objective of


disarming the Gentile nations against him by representing him as


an arch-enemy of the Stalin regime only.


All these disclosures caused such a storm of indignation in Norway,


that the labor government was forced to make Trotsky


virtually a prisoner until the expiration of his permit to stay, after


which he was placed on board a ship bound for Mexico. The Red


forces behind the Mexican government saw to it that the freighter


on which he was a passenger was escorted to port from about 20


miles out at sea by a flotilla of Mexican warships, in adequate


appreciation of the new political refugee, who in return is


doubtless expected to aid and counsel such a hospitable country.


That Trotsky has been accorded all desired protection by the


government and the police during his sojourn, attests to the high


esteem in which he is held by the present Mexican regime. It is at


present a matter of speculation, with what consequence the


residence on this continent of “the world’s greatest, most


experienced, and bloodiest revolutionary” will be attended. Since


Trotsky left Russia, Jewish-Marxistic programs have been, more


or less openly, introduced in various countries—conspicuously


France, England, and the United States—by his ubiquitous


Jewish co-workers. So far, it is only in Germany, Finland, Japan,


Italy, and recently in Spain, that Communism and communistic






propaganda are definitely outlawed. Unfortunately it still seems


to be within the bounds of the law in most countries to continue


be-guiling the trusting workers with hopes and promises never intended


to be kept and thus obtaining their help towards the enslavement


of the white races under the yoke of Judah. Trotsky


seems to have taken as his own the words of his grand master of


world-destruction, the Kalmuk Jew Lenin: “We Bolshe-vists will


bring the revolution to Europe as well as to America. It will come


systematically, step by step. The struggle will be long, cruel, and


sanguinary. But what does the loss of ninety percent mean, if ten


percent communists are still left to continue the revolution.” And


on another occasion Lenin made it still plainer: “The dictatorship


of the proletariat is nothing else than power based upon force and


limited by nothing—by no law and no rule.”


It is in large part this Wandering Jew—Trotsky—who is spreading


and tending the seeds of this gigantic hoax everywhere.


Countries harboring people of his kind are guilty of fostering the


international world danger inherent in the continuance of the


Jews’ destructive action on the body of Christian civilization. In


Norway, Trotsky’s one and only subject in his lengthy telephone


conversations with countries like France and Belgium, where he


had his own financed groups, was incitement to civil war, and


explicit directions for such warfare.


As an international wire-puller this Jew probably stands without


an equal in the world. The monthly Christian Free Press, Glendale,


Calif., of February, 1938, had this to announce: “The Jew


Leon Trotsky, fomenter of bloody Bolshevism in the Russian


revolution, financed by the leader of the American Jewish Committee


of New York and head of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.,


has armed 500,000 Mexicans, ready to march into California.


They will penetrate easily with the transient fruit pickers who are


so freely allowed to cross and recross the border regularly. The


CIO which is so powerful on the Pacific Coast, will aid Trotsky


to clear California of white Americans.” Why the various


nations have not before taken steps






to protect themselves permanently against this kind of world pest,


as well as against the mass of deception, which is Communism,


remains a problem with which the entire Gentile civilization, in


the interest of its actual self-preservation, very soon will be


forced to occupy itself. This lies in the interest of the United


States the more; as since early in 1937, Mexico, with her Red


regime, gave willing help by harboring this arch plotter, thus


providing him with opportunity to contact and once more


penetrate the radical ghettos of New York City and possibly


prepare for the annihilation of another empire—the country that


up to ten years bygone was the proud and prosperous United








BELA KUN, whose real name is Benjamin Cohen, is another of


the notorious mass-mur-derers, gangsters and conspirators who


stand high in the service of Moscow and of World Jewry. His


father was a notary public in Szilagyez, Hungary, where Bela Kun


was born February 20, 1886. After leaving school, he studied law


for a brief period but soon turned toward journalism. In the


employment of a workers’ printing house, he became identified


with the local branch of the Socialist Party, subsequently being


entrusted, as treasurer, with the funds of the Workers’


Cooperative Insurance Bank of Klausenburg, Hungary. But


shortly after his promotion to the banking department of this


primarily Gentile organization, he abused the confidence placed


in him, and lost the position on account of his embezzlement of


the workers’ savings.


His reputation thus spoiled within the labor organizations, he next


obtained a position with a bourgeois newspaper in Budapest but


soon was dismissed for incompetence.


Soon after the outbreak of the world war in 1914 he was taken


prisoner by the Russians and sent to Siberia. By 1918 he had so


Bolshevized his fellow prisoners with the Red doctrines of Lenin,


that he formed a small army, with which he planned to sovietize


all Hungary as soon as hostilities should cease. It was none less


than Lenin himself, who, for this purpose, financed Bela Kun,


when he returned from his internment in Siberia. Naturally, Lenin


greatly appreciated having an agent in Hungary, since one never


could know when things there might take the same course as they


had in Russia.


So in November 1918 Lenin furnished Bela Kun with a forged


doctor’s passport pretending connection with the International


Red Cross, so as to facilitate his crossing the various borders








to the pursuit of his subversive schemes. On arriving in Hungary,


his first step was to merge the different groups of revolutionists


joining with these his own group recruited in Siberia from


amongst the Hungarian prisoners of war, for the immediate purpose


of overthrowing the Karolyi government with its legally


recognized Soldiers’ and Workers’ Council. While this Council


functioned as a semi-official body immediately after the signing


of the armistice in 1918, Bela Kun’s purpose soon became


apparent. No cooperation with any national government was


compatible with his intentions—which were, to establish the same


kind of Jewish-Bolshevik state in Hungary as had been


inaugurated in Russia under Lenin and associates. Bela Kun even


called his own political gangs the “Lenin Boys,” their aim being


to copy Lenin and his terrorists in every respect. However, in this


work of organizing his groups Bela Kun came in conflict with the


police early in 1919 and was jailed, when his anarchistic plot was




As in every other European country, so also in Hungary the Jews


formed only a small minority of the total population— about 4.5


percent—and still this minority, of Negroid-Mongol origin, laid


an impertinent claim to running the country according to their


own racial conceits.


Emphatic opposition to that Jewish Communistic aggression,


then in its incipiency, was given explicit expression in those very


days, it may be recalled that the Dearborn Independent,


Dearborn, Michigan, of March 20, 1920, reported the following


as text of placards posted throughout Budapest: “‘The Anti-


Semitic League of Hungary desires to solve the Jewish question


without compromise and without shirking the extremist measures


in the most radical manner, by a thorough disinfection. It is the


vital question for the dishonored and mortally wounded nation to


have no further dealings with this murderous race. In order that


the desperate nation may not be forced into carrying on pogroms,


we demand that the government and the National Assembly


should immediately carry into effect the object of our league,


namely, Hungary without Jews.'”






Bela Kun’s imprisonment, however, did not seem to make much


difference to his radical gangs, who, little by little, kept on,


secretly building up the revolutionary army with which, on


March 22, 1919, they finally succeeded in overthrowing the


Karolyi gov-ernment. Bela Kun, while still in jail, was


proclaimed by his fellow-Jews as the dictator of Hungary, greatly


aided by a na-tion-wide Jew-controlled and in many cases Jewowned


press. At large, Bela Kun immediately usurped, besides


this office, those of the country’s Premier, as well as of its


Foreign Minister. To insure Hungary’s rapid Judaization, all the


leading offices were at once staffed with Jews. A Jew was made


Governor of Budapest; another, the city’s Chief of Police. To


control the public funds of Hungary’s overwhelmingly Gentile


population, a Jew was made Minister of Finance. For the proper


protection of the Jewish and pro-Jewish gangsters who were in


control of the country, Bela Kun assigned a Jewish Minister of


Justice, who could be depended on to further their racial


preference at all times. A Jew also was made Generalissimo of


Hungary’s new army. The Minister of Public Instruction,


obviously, also had to be a Jew. Although the Jewish minority in


Hungary in those days numbered only 900,000 out of a total


population of over 20 million, Bela Kun appointed 22 out of 32 of


his chief advisers, of his own race. As officials of secondary


importance he assigned Freemasons of reputed standing.


The following Jews headed the list of new appointees, with the


farthest-reaching influence: Sigismund Kunfi as Minister of Education,


Tibor Szamuely as Generalissimo of the Red Army,


Stefan Ladye as Minister of Justice, Eugen Landler as Minister of


the Interior, Julius Hevesi as Minister of Labor, Michael Kohn as


Minister without Portefeuille, Eugen Hamburger as Minister of




The details of his Jewish government were copied exactly from


those imposed upon Soviet Russia by Lenin. Thus, he ordered the


seizure of all private property, and especially the confiscation of


all gold, jewelry, precious metals, and stones. He actually went so


far in individual control, that he allowed no one to own






more than two pairs of shoes, four pairs of socks or stockings,


two suits of clothes, or dresses, and so on. So as to break down


potential resistance by the inactive, and up to then more or less


neutral, Gentile population, Bela Kun and his gang of “Lenin


Boys” considered the disintegration of the morals of the people as


pre-eminently vital to their plans of securing a firm hold on


Hungary, which had become much weakened by several years of


war and privation. To this end he ordered the baths in all private


homes throughout Hungary, opened to the public on Saturday


nights. To make conditions conform closer to the revolutionary


conception of the new liberty, he also ordered the nationalization


of all women. In girls’ boarding schools, for instance, his


ordinances permitted male Jewish instructors to sleep in the girls’




In true Soviet fashion, priests and all other clergy, also owners of


small businesses, were classed as lunatics and deprived of


suffrage. Furthermore, Bela Kun ordered coined and printed, an


entirely new set of currency, declaring all earlier issues of


monetary scripts, bills and coin, as void—after he had wasted


more than two billion crowns of the funds of the State Bank of


Hungary. With this kind of preliminaries he started to “socialize”


all industries and commercial developments where twenty or


more workers were employed, and as a matter of course placed


Jews at the head of all such enterprises—as prescribed by Marx


and Lenin.


Le Fasciste Canadien of Montreal, Canada, quotes from French


sources in its February, 1937, issue, the interesting fact that during


this period in 1919, a certain Jewish banker of New York—


“the same who financed the Russian revolution”—was seen


sitting with Bela Kun at a dinner table in Budapest, rejoicing with


him over the presumably successful Jewish usurpation of


another country!


Bela Kun’s efforts to sovietize all Central Europe simultaneously


became apparent through his expeditions into Roumania and


Czecho-Slovakia. Being under the constant orders of Lenin—


who at that time was kept busy in Russia with a chaotic civil








Bela Kun’s attention was also focused on Austria, as a part of this


purpose. That country, however, wisely offered resistance to his


agents, as had Czecho-Slovakia and Rumania before, so that all


of his three putsches within the Danube states failed. Gentile


Hungary, too, soon came to realize what the grave con-sequences


would be, of thus allowing a Jewish gangster to play fast and


loose with the country. Not in one single instance did Bela Kun


show any intention of even remotely living up to the standards of


law and order that had prevailed in Hungary before the Jewish-


Communistic curse of lawlessness befell that country, and the


Gentiles presently refused to submit further to the Jewish


dictatorship. A counter-revolutionary movement to eradicate


entirely, all Communistic influence, was soon under way. As a


last means of intimidating the people, Bela Kun then set up terror


chambers, like railroad cars, in which Christians were tortured to


death—or they were hanged on telegraph poles—by the “Lenin


Boys,” for any expression of disapproval of the “government’s”




When Bela Kun became fully aware that the people were recognizing


his regime as nothing more nor less than a Jewish seizure


he proceeded to make the best of the situation. Accordingly, the


Jewish Mrs. Bela Kun packed trunk after trunk with the most


valuable part of the jewelry “confiscated” from the Gentile


citizens and entrained, with all this baggage, for Italy. But she


was stopped at the Austrian border, July 6, 1919, and all the


stolen valuables were seized as state property and returned to


Hungary. The lady continued on her way, however, and was


received with open arms in Bologna, Italy, by the Socialist Party,


at the head of which—naturally—were more Jews. Before


Budapast, Hungary’s capital, was taken back by the reorganized


national forces, with gunboats from the River Danube, Bela Kun


succeeded in demonstrating some more traits of Jewish barbarism.


Thus, a group of Ukrainian officers, whom he had im-prisoned,


were tied to millstones and drowned in the Danube. Other


officers were dragged nude from their homes, and after first


horriby stabbing them, the “Lenin Boys” threw these too in-






to the river. A certain Pastor Wohlgemuth was hung with six


peasants by these Communists, on returning from a service of


thanksgiving for the approaching liberation from Bela Kun’s


reign of terror. The Rumanian newspaper Apararea Nationale,


according to the magazine Weltkampf of Munich, June, 1935, p.


186, reports: “Bela Kun had 67 priests crucified.” Hungary’s


awakened population had been made Jew-wise and Communismwise,


and had experienced to its sorrow that Communism was


just gangster despotism which had been mistakenly supported by


the dissatisfied Gentile elements. The “famous” systems of


Communism and Socialism had, in an incredibly short time,


turned Hungary into such a state of chaos that the Gentile


population could not help openly recognizing the Jewish


conspiracy behind them. According to a statement in Cecile


Tormay’s An Outlaw’s Diary, Bela Kun made a murder-record of


30,000 Christians during his three-months’ regime in Hungary. At


the end of his rope, Bela Kun departed for Vienna on August 1st,


1919, accompanied by a score of Reds, and with them went cases


and cases full of gold. But of these, some five million Hungarian


gold crowns were recaptured at the Austrian border and returned


to Hungary’s treasury. The very next move in the interest of


Jewish revenge upon Gentile Hungary, was Bela Kun’s


immediate appeal to all European trade unions to boycott all


Hungarian goods and Hungarian services whatsoever, in order to


force that country, which had no use for a Jewish regime, into


national bankruptcy—the identical gangster methods which for


the past six years have been used by his co-racialists Samuel


Untermeyer, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, F. H. LaGuardia and other


Jewish notables of New York, in matters affecting Germany; thus


exemplifying their grip upon Gentile labor, and using their


economic power as a means to crush the Gentile citizenry.


The characteristic Jewish system of combining murder


and robbery with politics, had been demonstrated once more.


But the “emancipation” program, as described by Marx and


Lenin, had failed to work in Hungary.






A noteworthy movement was then noted among Hungaria’s


Jewry, namely the mass conversion of Jews to Catholicism—in


order to escape eventual reprisals of Gentiles towards Jews who


had so willingly assisted their racial henchman Bela Kun in the


attempted establishment of Bolshevism with all its terrorism. On


Bela Kun’s arrival in Vienna, Austrian-Jewish doctors— with the


help of his medical passport—had him concealed in an insane


asylum, while the Viennese authorities were taking steps to return


him to Hungary to do penance for his monstrous crimes. But


before measures could be taken, he was spirited away by wealthy


Viennese Jews, and carried in an airplane to Russia. There he was


warmly “welcomed home” by Lenin and Trotsky, and the next


year he was given high command over the Red Army in the


Crimean peninsula. He acted as chief of the Cheka, the terrorist


police, and had orders from Lenin and Trotsky to stamp out every


possible sign of opposition to the Jewish-Communist oligarchy. It


was reported that Bela Kun’s brutality even astonished Szijovsky,


one of the Jewish instigators of the Cheka. During the


insurrection of the farmers in the town of Tambow, Bela Kun


ordered his Red artillery to destroy scores of villages, the


inhabitants of which had made some form of resistance to the


subjugation methods of the Bolsheviki. About 75,000 soldiers of


the former White Army had been left in camps in the Crimean


peninsula, and after Kun’s arrival more than 40,000 of these were


shot on the mere pretext of their nonviolent objection to the


overlordship of a Hungarian Jew. On one occasion, in the town of


Alupka, some 270 wounded Russian soldiers were carried out of


the city’s hospital and shot with machine guns, on Bela Kun’s


order, simply because they belonged to a Russian-Gentile group


that had opposed the idea of establishing a Jewish-Communist


dictatorship in Christian Russia. Under his regime, a large


number of Jews were given command as Cheka executives in


various sections of South Russia, such as Kohn in the Charkow


district, Lander in North Caucasus, Schwartz in the Ukraine, and


Schulman, Finkelstein, Ehlenkrieg, and Greenstein in Kief.






The monthly Nation and Race, Clermont, Florida, in the issue of


August, 1936, reprints in an article, The Mystery of Red Rus-sia


the following gruesome account from this period, extracted in


part from the Report of the United States Rohrberg Commission


of Inquiry, as follows—


“The whole cement floor of the great garage of the Department


Cheka of Kief was flooded with blood, brains, pieces of skull,


tufts of hair and other remains. All the walls, riddled by thousands


of bullets, were bespattered with blood. Pieces of brains and


of scalps were sticking to them. A gutter, twenty-five centimeters


wide, twenty-five centimeters deep, and about ten meters long,


ran from the center of the garage to a subterranean drain. The


gutter, along its full length, was filled with blood. “Usually, as


soon as a massacre had taken place, the bodies were conveyed out


of town in motor lorries and buried in shallow trench-graves. We


found in another corner of the garage, another grave which was


older and which contained about eighty bodies. On them we


discovered traces of cruelties and mutilations the most horrid and


unimaginable. Some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had


their eyes put out, and the heads, faces, necks and trunks covered


with deep wounds. Farther on we found a corpse with a wedge


driven into its chest. In the corner of the grave we found a


quantity of arms and legs belonging to no bodies that we could


locate.” The report adds significantly enough: “Similar conditions


have existed at one time or another throughout most of Russia.”


Jewry in action! Sharing the responsibility for these monstrous


outrages in the Kief Cheka district with the aforementioned Jews,


Bela Kun also enforced his authority over the police. He was


considered accountable for the barbarous butchering of more than


120,000 Christians in the Crimean peninsula—the one intention


of these outrages being, to terrorize the Christian population into


abso-lute submission to the Jews’ every command. Whereas the


report last mentioned gives us a glimpse of a place where such


Jewish slaughtering had occurred, the Russian writer Ramon Gul,


in his book Dzershinski, Paris, 1936, describes on






pages 35 to 38 the Jewish methods of political-ritual murder as


sanctioned in Soviet Russia under the Jews’ racial predominance.


Thus the eye-witness, Nilostonski, referring to the Jewish commissars


Lariss and Schwartz, reveals the Jewish fashion of exterminating


Gentile society. This is what he writes—in part-from




“The butchering of the victim generally took place after wild


drinking parties in these slaughter-houses as the culmination of


their fun in their state of intoxication. This crowd of criminal


merrymakers, either singly or in groups, would descend the stairs


to the courtyard where the slaughtering was done. Often the


victims were tortured for hours. On some of them they inflict-ed


wounds, others were stabbed with all kinds of torture instruments,


others had their tongues or more private parts of their bodies torn


out. The real killing only took place after the murderers were


unable to stand longer on their feet following the alcoholic feast


and after their orgy was over. In the courtyard of the house, 5


Szadawaya, Kief, as in all other slaughter-houses, and at the


Mountain Tschreswytschaika—Tschreswytschaikas are Russian


amusement halls, night-clubs or cabarets—we found thousands


upon thousands of empty wine bottles of the most expensive




“In Kief I saw an unfortunate mother whose only son, an officer,


was murdered in the slaughter-house, 5 Szadawaya. A few days


after the killing, two sailors stopped with their car before the


house of the murdered one in order to get the sister, nineteen


years old and the only surviving daughter, in order to be brought


to the drinking orgy of the henchmen. Here the same murderers


who a few days before had killed her brother, gave her orders to


dance. It was impossible for her to do so, and when she began to


stumble she was given a glass of champagne to drink. In the


moment when she brought the glass to her lips she dumped its


contents and broke the top of the goblet on the edge of the table,


attempting to cut her neck-veins. Immediately a Jewish woman


fell upon her, and in order to punish her for that bit of sabotage,


took the glass from her and slashed her face






with it, stamped upon her, tore her hair out, until she was finally


brought unconscious to the slaughter-house. There she lay till that


gang of murderers was sufficiently drunken to actually slaughter


her—thus transferring the unfortunate girl to her ‘counterrevolutionary’




“This terrible happening was reported by the mother of the deceased


and also two young ladies of the society who had to dance


that night at the Tschreswytschaika and were made to watch the


entire performance. They happened to get off with some nag-aika


beating for having covered their faces with their hands during


that horrible period. After it ended, they became unconscious. To


invite young girls of the society to such orgies in all


Tschreswytschaikas became an everyday occurrence in order to


permit the Soviet sadists to expend their satanical revenge also


upon the innocent creatures.


“It may be said in general that in Kief, also in Odessa, Charkow,


Poltawa, and other places, Jewish women and girls found delight


in occupying themselves with torturing and butchering; and their


number was considerable. When the professional Chinese


torturers refused to torment a gray head, or when their methods of


torturing appeared to be too weak, Jewish girls always rushed


with a raging delight upon the victims, grabbing the white aged,


be it man or woman, and before finishing them, inflicting the


most atrocious agonies upon them, in their devilish sadism.”


Regarding another Jewish commissar of the Cheka at Tiflis, one


Schulman, the same writer—Ramon Gul—in the aforementioned


book, gives that Jew’s method of practicing political-ritual murder


in the twentieth-century manner. On pages 90 and 91 we


read: “During one of the dark nights the Cheka commander,


Shulman, made his appearance in the stony subterranean corridors


of the jail, his sabre rattling, followed by some Red soldier


henchmen. These went to open the cells of the condemned.


Automatically these pitiful half-dressed unfortunates would obey


the commands of the henchmen. Schulman showed signs of a


forced excitement when ordering the condemned to be treated


more brutally. One hundred and eighteen men whose death






sentences had been pronounced, were led outside. Then they were


brought to the Cheka yard, waiting for trucks. With habit-ual


swiftness the victims were robbed of the remnants of their clothes


by the henchmen, who then chained their hands and threw them


naked upon the wagons. Then the trucks went out. At a certain


place the Cheka had dug some trenches for these sentenced-todeath.


All the condemned were placed in rows. Schulman and his


assistants stepped along the lines, a revolver in his hand, shooting


each prisoner in the forehead. Now and then they would stop in


order to reload their pistols. Not every prisoner, however, kept his


head still. Many hit back and attempted to recede, wept, prayed


for mercy. Whenever Schulman’s bullets only wounded them, the


Chekists ended their lives with swords or the bayonet. Then the


dead were thrown into the trenches. Such orgies of butchering


human beings lasted not less than three hours.”


Col. E. N. Sanctuary, New York, in his booklet Roosevelt Warming


the Serpent, on page 10, refers to a Chekist Jewess—Rosa


Schwartz from Kief—who, after having taken cocaine, had the


prisoners brought before her, completely naked. She then proceeded


to kill them with a revolver, or to burn their eyes out with


her lighted cigarette.


And a Jewish judge of our United States Supreme Court, when


reminded of these things, is alleged to have remarked: “What of


it? They were only Christians!”


AFTER 1926, Bela Kun was engaged in organizing the various


branches of the Comintern in Moscow under Stalin’s orders, at


the same time following up his subversive propaganda in Central


Europe, according to his original plan of sovietizing all these


countries simultaneously.


The Hungarian paper Pesti Hirlap of March 5, 1938, falls in line


with an identical report: “The instruments of torture of the Soviet


Russian rulers overshadow the most gruesome methods of the


Middle Ages. In the Soviet Union there are a number of


classifications of torture. The most frightful are the methods






practiced in Siberia. They consist of refined procedures of torment


which must be regarded as a science in themselves and


which act both corporally and spiritually. The consequences are


insanity or death. The tortures in practice in the western part of


the Soviet Union are inhumanly coarse and makeshift and not so


imaginatively elaborated. In the Lubyanka Prison, however, the


torture is usually carried out by Tartars, Chinese and Mongols to


whom any human feeling is alien. Next to them the most


inventive in thinking of new tortures are ‘certain comrades’ who


are unpopular with many people on account of their (Jewish)


descent. They have a thorough knowledge of all the functions of


the human body, so that they are able, by stopping them, to


produce disturbances which lead to the most horrible agony.


Other methods are water tortures of many kinds, crafty nail, knife


and pin tortures, the torture of fire, and the introduction of


burning oil into the system.” Anti-Comintern, Berlin, March 26,


1938, which is the source of the foregoing, brings, in the same


edition, from the Paris paper Le Jour, March 7, 1938, these lines


of interest to America: “. . . the mysterious means used by the


OGPU is a medicine which is injected into the person to be


questioned, producing in him at once a condition of nervous


mobility and robbing the victim of all willpower. The potion was


sold to the OGPU by Chicago gangsters and ‘improved’ in special


laboratories of the OGPU. It has been used in the mass trials


since August, 1936.” (The Cheka later was renamed OGPU, or


GPU). The available literary material regarding the Jewish


Cheka, or OGPU, and their methods of cruelty performed upon


the political victims who expressed disfavor regarding Jewry’s


system of Communism, can easily be augmented, yet one more


report featuring the many-sided inventiveness of the Jewish


henchmen who exercised the police force from the highest


command may be reproduced, for it stands as an unique


indictment of those Jewish monsters then in power. The mass


drownings, as practiced, were handled in such a way, that the


hapless victims were undressed and, with heavy stones tied to


their feet, thev were






carried out to the sea and dumped into the water by the dozens.


The newly arriving prisoners in many instances were taken out to


such a ‘dumping ground’ and let down by a rope from the prison


boat in order to view the horrifying sight on the bottom of the sea


with all those dead human beings swinging to and fro with the


moving water currents, before they were hauled up once more in


order to join the others on the sea bottom in the identical fate.


During the following three years he traveled about for this


purpose under five different aliases. When finally the flood of


Jewish-Communist literature pouring into Hungary over the


Austrian border proved so formidable that Hungary again


demanded Bela Kun’s extradition, the Judaized government of


Austria, as a diplomatic gesture, formally held him prisoner for


three months. But again through the intervention of Jewish high


officials in Vienna, he was released and sent to Germany, whence


his fellow Jews succeeded in persuading him to return to


Moscow, since Germany’s government at that time already had its


full share of Communist plots to cope with.


Then with his fellow Jews—Rafes, Manuilsky, and Clara Zetkin—


functioning as the official central committee of the Moscow


Comintern, Bela Kun traveled to Berlin in 1930 on a bogus passport.


Holland likewise had the questionable honor of harboring


him for a time, until his nefarious schemes were discovered and


his expulsion effected. During the summer of 1934, curiously


enough, he was permitted to travel unhindered in Sweden, Norway,


and Denmark, as representing the Soviet tourist agency,


“Intourist” of Leningrad. In reality he was secretly directing and


developing the radical movements in those countries. But in the


fall of that year he was caught in Denmark, in the act of


precipitating a revolution there, for which he was promptly expelled.


In 1935 the entire English police force was on the lookout


for him, since it had been reported that he was on his way to


England to promote identical schemes.


As a delegate of the Moscow Executive Committee of the Com-






intern, in February of 1936 he arrived in Spain. There as in


France a merger of the Socialist and Communist parties in the


“Popular Front” was being legally established through strong


preliminary financing, by Moscow, of the Spanish workers’ press


as well as by extensive Soviet bribery of candidates, false election


promises and other forms of corruption. A small surprise


majority had thus been gained for the Popular Front without any


comprehension on the part of the Spanish voting majority of the


nature of their commitment. With the sum of one million pesetas


which Bela Kun brought as a “gift” from Moscow, the plans for


organized revolt in Spain were perfected. The so-called duly


elected Popular Front Government of Spain actually had a few


less votes recorded, than the opposition. The former, however,


won in a majority of the election districts. The Nationalists


suffered a defeat in spite of comprising a larger number of votes.


Thus the larger number of voters in nationalist Spain “rebelled”


against the victorious electorate. So, the latter’s “victory” was


merely a representation of the district leaders but not of the actual


number of voters. In the meantime Bela Kun was discovered in


April, 1936—shortly after the election of the Jew Leon Blum


(Karf unkelstein) as Premier of France—acting as adviser to the


Communists in the French town of Sete, at which time too the


Russian steamer Yereck was reported as nearing the


Mediterranean coast with a cargo of arms and ammunition for the


Communists in a planned French revolution.


At the same time the plans of the Popular Front leaders to change


the Spanish government from a Marxian one into a Bolshevist


dictatorship, went swiftly forward under Bela Kun’s sin-ister


leadership. Another two million pesetas from Moscow were then


placed at his disposal, with orders to crush not only the left-wing


regime, but also its foremost adversary, the Church. As a starting


signal for the revolution, two of Spain’s most beautiful cathedrals,


the St. Ignaz and the St. Louis, in Madrid, according to the


Hungarian paper Nemzetszava, April 19, 1936, were set afire by


the Reds—just as the firing of the German






Reichstag building in Berlin in January, 1933, was the signal for


a planned revolution in Germany.


Here it is worthy of note that the center of Communist activities


in Madrid was at 12 Calle del Principe, which palatial edifice also


housed the principal synagogue and the Jewish Masonic lodges.


THROUGH a general amnesty more than 50.000 political


prisoners were released and pillaging of whole towns and villages


commenced. As the signal for national rioting was given Bela


Kun, at a rally in Granada, demanded the ruthless extermination


of all right-wing organizations, and, accordingly, all church


treasuries were seized and all industrial plants in districts held by


the Popular Front sequestered as State property. U. P. reports of


April 5, 1938, stated, belatedly, that “during the first weeks of the


war, 50,000 insurgent sympathizers and clergymen were executed


in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Albacete.”


The defrauded Nationalists thereupon took prompt and energetic


steps to save their country from the lawless regime of Jewish


Bolshevism. With the “government” forces goaded by direct


continuous orders from Moscow, and under the expert personal


direction of the monster Kun, the ensuing warfare in Spain was


characterized by a ferocity and an inhumanity unequalled in


modern times. But the Jewish official organ—Pravda, in


Moscow—exulted over each specific act of barbarism and destruction


as promising final success for the Jewish cause ana


presaging the swiftly approaching downfall of Christian civilization.


Says the Jew Maurice Samuel, in his book You Gentiles, page


155: “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers


forever. Nothing that you will do, will meet our needs and demands.


We will destroy because we need a world of our own.






THE splendid courage of the “rebel” Nationalist forces in routing


the barbarous guerrilla hordes of the atheistic, an-archistic,


“loyalist” government—loyal to Jewish Moscow!—clearly


proves the Spanish people’s will to self-preservation, rather than


succumbing to the Jewish world control. By the end of Nov.


1937, this fratricidal, Jew-instigated warfare had cost Spain the


loss of more than 600,000 lives and the demolition of hundreds of


churches and hundreds of thousands of other buildings. In Spain,


as well as on her islands, in so far as they stood temporarily under


the control of the Spanish Red regime, the identical methods of


beastly punishment as practiced by the OGPU Jews were copied


in scores of instances. The Italian paper Osservatore Romano of


August 4, 1937, retells the story of a Czech Orthodox priest, Rev.


V. Vincik, pertaining to the method of the Jewish Red


Commander Midlin, native of Odessa, Russia: “The Jew placed


himself in the center of the prison court yard and made a speech.


There he said that God (the Jewish God Yahweh?) had phoned


him to sacrifice 15 souls in order to get even with one of Franco’s


latest victories. . . . In five minutes 15 prisoners were executed.


The others who watched this performance were running like


insane along the wall. The slaughterer from Odessa then laughed


at them, saying, he ought to send to St. Peter a new soul to let the


latter pray for those already in the beyond. As St. Peter, however,


only could understand Latin, the soul of a priest should be sent.


One after the other then was asked whether he would volunteer as


ambassador to St. Peter. Finally the Jew would kill one. . . .


On a certain day Jew Midlin ‘forgot’ to kill a prisoner. In the


middle of the night he then ordered the prisoners to assemble in


the court yard making it clear that he missed one execution this


very clay. This he would have to make good now, but ‘with


interest.’ Therefore 6 prisoners would have to be executed right


away… Sometimes these ‘interests’ rose as high as 10 or 15


prisoners who thus were killed. . . .


Whenever the Red army happened to have made some advance.


such a case then was celebrated as a victorv and some prisoners






were killed on account of that occasion. Were the Reds defeated,


several prisoners were made victims to revenge the occasion.


Such was the manner of butchering those who were enemies of


Stalin and his Third International.”


In the chapter of the present work, Communism as a World


Movement, further details of the Spanish civil war will be given.


With signs of the ultimate defeat of the Jewish-Communist cause


in Spain steadily multiplying, Bela Kun left the country.


Newspapers reported him as being enroute for Brazil, whereas in


fact he went to resume contact with the Reds in Portugal and


thence to Czecho-Slovakia, with plans to repeat there, if possible,


outrages identical with those of Spain.


The vital question now facing America is whether we shall continue


to permit these purveyors of hate, the Bolshevistic Jews, to


fill the ranks of the Communist Party, so as to enable them to


make of our America a second Spain.


Shall our country and our race, too, become final prey to Jewish


greed and Jewish sadism, because Jews think they need a world


of their own?


Shall we permit the feverishly-organizing American Bela-Kuns to


murder our population in cold blood if we refuse to surrender to


them our cherished and lawful possessions? The press of America


consistently suppresses evidence of the Jewish-Marxian plot, and


even brands and ridicules the defenders of Aryan Christianity as


Fascists and Nazis. This happens because the press dares not print


anything “against the Jew”; and because Communism is so


Jewish, any aggressive attack on Communism will soon be


calling forth the costly denunciations of the rabbis or such Jewish


organizations as The League Against War and Fascism. With the


press thus—according to the continuous boasting of Jewry


itself—almost completely under Jewish control, it is difficult for


warning voices to break through the walls of public and official


corruption, venality, apathy, skepticism, or downright wilful and,


therefore, criminal ignorance.






THROUGH the tyrannical reign of Lenin’s successor—Stalin—


Jewish Communism, or Bolshevism, has demonstrated to the


world its true character over a period of years. Joseph Stalin,


whose father was a shoemaker, was born December 8, 1879, in


Georgia, South Russia, as Joseph Vissarionovitch Djugashvili. In


the years of his earliest Communistic activities he made use of


such aliases as Ivanovitch, Tchichikov, Nishiradse and Koba. In


the course of his schooling, Stalin was sent to a theological


seminary in Tiflis, from which, however, he was soon expelled


because of his subversive tendencies. Having been imbued with


the teachings of Karl Marx, he then found congenial surroundings


among a group of anarchists, who in those days went by the name


of “activists” but were just a gang of common criminals, an


outlaw organization which existed mainly by theft and pillage.


The Caucasian communities were greatly menaced by these


bands, as were the population and the travelers in Sicily in former


decades when, under the name of the “mafia,” hordes of gangsters


existed there by means of plunder and robbery. In their


underground-propaganda work, these “activists” adapted and


distributed revolutionary literature advocating the annihilation of


the existing system of government. Owing to his connection with


these outlaw groups, Stalin was arrested and later ex-il’ed to


Siberia, from where, however, he soon made his escape. In 1901


Stalin formed the Social Democratic Workers’ Party in Tiflis,


which, as early as 1903, discarded the more moderate theories of


Marxian Socialism—upheld as the gospel of this party—and


joined Lenin’s group of Reds, who in that year adopt-ed the


name, “Bolsheviki.” Becoming Lenin’s intimate co-work-er in


1906, from then on he openly advocated the overthrow of all


existing governments by violence and their replacement by






the Bolshevism professed by this group of anarchists—who had


subsisted for the greater part on the proceeds of criminal activities.


Bolshevism, translated, means “those who want more!” To


obtain the necessary working capital for such extensive planning,


Joseph Stalin, with his new associate, Litvinoff (Finkelstein),


recently Soviet Russia’s Foreign Minister, and President of


the Council of the Jew-sponsored League of Nations at Geneva—


then staged a coup d’etat on a vaster scale as compared with his


usual exploits of merely waylaying and robbing bourgeois


travelers. After having taken part in the outrages of the “Bloody


Sunday” revolt of 1905 in St. Petersburg, their subsequent acts of


violence seemed easy; and so, on June 13, 1906, a government


money truck on its way to the Imperial Russian Bank in Tiflis


chanced to be their objective. The gang led by Stalin, the present


Soviet dictator and Litvinoff, until recently Soviet Foreign


Minister, bombed this vehicle and carried off the sum of 250,000


roubles, in 500-rouble notes. It was to the Stalin-Litvinoff


brigands merely a trifling coincidence that this crime cost the lives


of 30 innocent people, while they themselves escaped injury.


Litvinoff forwarded part of the stolen money to Lenin, then in


Switzerland, and the rest to Paris—which was intended to be their


new propaganda center. Stalin, however, as a result or several


more burglaries, thereafter managed to get himself arrested five


times, but somehow always found a means of escaping from jail.


His last imprisonment, though, lasted from 1913 to 1917.


One of Stalin’s literary products, a treatise on anarchism published


in 1907, is interesting at this point. He states in this, the


following: “The Socialist revolution is not an unexpected blow of


short duration—it is a long and enduring action undertaken by the


proletarian masses, to smash the positions of the bourgeoisie and


then occupy them. And since the victory of the pro-letariat will at


the same time become a rule over the conquered bourgeoisie, and


since in the course of the conflict of classes the defeat of the one


part means the supremacy of the other, the






first step in the Socialist revolution will be the political rule by the


Proletariat over the Bourgeoisie.”


Obviously, Stalin must, already at that time, either have accepted


his role as a Gentile front to promote the Jewish hoax, or else he


merely projected this as his “burglar’s creed.” At any rate, events


proved, only a decade after it was written, that the first step in the


Socialist revolution became the political rule of the Jews over the


Gentiles, and emphatically not that of the proletariat over the




This is corroborated by the Russian writer, Boris Brasol, who, in


his book, The World at the Crossroads, Boston, 1921, on p. 109


quotes the Jewish Daily Forward, New York, as saying: “We feel,


that this—the revolution—is a great triumph for the Jews’ cause.


The anti-Jewish element in Russia has always been identified


with the anti-revolutionary party. Jews having always sat high in


the councils of the revolutionists, all of our race became


inseparably linked with the opponents of the government in the


official mind!”


The American Hebrew of September 10, 1920, makes a similar


admission: “That achievement—the Russian-Jewish revolution—


destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of the


World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of


Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.” Returning to


Russia from his Siberian exile in the fall of 1917, Stalin took a


leading part in the events which led to the overthrow of


Kerensky’s moderate Marxistic government and his Menshevik


party. He became the nominal editor of the Communist Party’s


official organ, Pravda, with the cooperation—or under the


direction—of the Jews, Kohn, Lurie, Diamant, Al-perovitch, and


Stecklow (Nachamkes). It may therefore be clearly seen, that


even from these earliest days the viewpoint of Soviet journalism


has not been in any sense Russian, but out-and-out Jewish.


In a short time Stalin was also re-appointed secretary of the Communist


Party—an office he had previously held in 1912, as well


as between his various terms of exile or confinement—and, as






such, becoming the most influential figure in the Bolshevik government,


after Lenin. Then, as now, the more circumspect group


of Jews realized the strategical advisability of parading


subservient and ambitious Gentiles as heads of their organizations,


and Stalin, as such a “Gentile front,” has served their purpose




During Lenin’s illness in 1921 and 1922, Stalin, however, had a


strong rival in Leon Trotsky, who then occupied the three official


posts of Railroad, Foreign, and War Minister. Since Lenin,


in one of his last comparatively lucid periods, had expressed the


desirability of removing Stalin from the secretaryship of the


Communist Party, Trotsky considered himself entitled to become


the successor of Lenin, with whom he had directly brought about


the downfall of the old regime. But so as to establish his own


eligibility beyond question, Stalin proceeded to outdo Trotsky in


methods of cruelty; so that there came to be in Russia no despot


capable of employing grimmer discipline or more ruthless means


of punishment than Stalin. At this time his associates happened to


be the Jews, Kamenev (Rosenfeld), and Zinovieff (Apfelbaum),


Trotsky’s personal friends, who, together, were the leaders of the


Politbureau—the most active political body in the first chaos of


the Soviet Union, next to the Central Committee of the


Communist Party. The brutal measures with which Stalin


enforced his orders, made him the most dreaded executive in the


government, so that finally he gained the ascendency over


Trotsky, who was kept busy with his three offices—as well as


with the accumulation of a fortune for his own use. The


Communist Party in Russia, at Lenin’s death, had about 75,000


members. While the Jewish population in the year 1926


comprised 1.77 per cent of the total, Jews have, since 1922, been


three times as strongly represented in the Communist Party as


Gentiles. However, as members—and candidates for the Presidency—


of the main political body in the Soviet Union, the


Central Committee of the Communist Party, Jews were represented


in 1923 with 42.8 percent, in 1924 with 37.8 percent, in


1925 with 29.6 percent, in 1926 with 31.1 percent as reported






during the sessions of the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th Party Days


of those years, respectively.


Stalin, as Secretary-General of the Communist Party in the Soviet


Union, has, since Trotsky’s “exile,” become generally known as


the “Red Czar.” If the reports of the cruelty of the Czars have


been true, and not—as has been the boast of Jewry— due to long


and far-reaching Jewish propaganda, this title fits him exactly, for


he has far surpassed all previous Russian rulers in harsh and


barbarous treatment of subordinates. It is trite to say, that it is far


more through their fear of him, than through any adept


statesmanship of his own, that Stalin has been able to hold his


position up to this time. The following is an example of his


tactics: Whenever he wishes to adopt some new political


measures, he proceeds to find fault with some unimportant


official, whose alleged acts have given him the idea of a certain


change to be made. Thus the hapless scapegoat would be drawn


to account for a crime or misdemeanor he never committed, and


generally in such a case this man would be ousted from his position,


and eventually sent to a remote part of the country, where


his influence would amount to nothing. It is Stalin’s habit to


remove, unconditionally, any of his subordinates who do not


instantly comply with his sudden impulses, and the poor victims


will generally never again be heard of. The number of Gentile


Russians thus exiled to forced labor in Siberia is estimated at


eight millions! It is by such methods that Stalin has been gaining


his unenviable fame as an almighty overlord. Merely through the


people’s fear of “liquidation” or exile, is the omnipresent bitter


opposition to the Bolshevik dictatorship being kept suppressed for


the time being—outwardly at least. The destruction of the giant


airplane “Maxim Gorky,” in the fall of 1935, in which Stalin had


been scheduled to be a passenger, sufficiently indicates that even


among his outwardly loyal subjects, such as the pilot, Nikolai


Blagin—who sent the “Maxim Gorky” to the ground—there may


smolder a deadly hatred to-ward the Soviets’ “Red Czar.” Stalin’s


savage line of action has made his name synonymous with Red


horror. For in the name of






the “proletarian revolution,” in reality nothing but a grotesque


Jewish usurpation, he not only has killed the political and economic


freedom of Gentile Russia, but also crippled its spiritual


and mental life to such a point of puerile servitude, that it borders


on barbarism.


Inside information from the Kremlin in Moscow, is that at certain


times during the day five men, all made up in their exterior


like the original Mr. Stalin, deploy in Moscow in as many directions,


for the purpose of ascertaining the true response of the


Russian Gentiles toward their Red Czar, and also to determine the


possible existence of and locate any adversaries of Soviet Judea’s




It might be of interest to quote here a statement by the wellknown


anarchist, Emma Goldman, published in the New York


Evening Journal of April 11, 1935: “Many more have been sent


to die in Siberia under Stalin than under the Czars—in fact, the


Stalin government is the most cruel, the most brutal class


government, that the world has ever known.”


STALIN’S great unpopularity is an outstanding fact. The farmers’


strike in 1932, when the Kulaks refused to sow or to give up the


small crops they had raised for themselves, was followed by a


famine identical with that of 1921. For the Russian farmer —as


any farmer in any other country—never did, and never will be


able to see any advantage in a Communistic farm collective, but,


on the contrary, only the entire loss of his individual rights and


his personal freedom. Emma Goldman, in the same interview as


quoted above, asserts: “Today the peasantry of Russia is entirely


dispossessed of the land. The Sovkhozi are government farms on


which the peasant works as a hired man, just as the man in the


factory.” Under the Communistic system of collectivization he is


being reduced to virtual slavery, with Jews dictating to him even


in the smallest matters. Statistics have reported that only 8


percent of all Jews living in Soviet Russia have turned to


agriculture, while on the other hand the Jewish Chronicle,


London, of January 6, 1933, states that over one-third,






or approximately 40 percent, of the Jews in Russia have been


made officials.


Experts with a little insight into the huge scheme of Jewish-


Communistic farm collectivization, have long since become


aware of the fact that the Yiddish commissars’ only aim is to set


the world’s grain market prices by that wholesale exploitation of


Rus-sian Gentile labor . . . that with the accumulations of the


products of underpaid Gentile labor the Jewish financial overlords


are able to influence if not dictate the prices received by the


farmers in non-Communistic countries.


A great proportion of the remaining Jews are owners or managers


of the luxury stores. Lawton, in his The Russian Revolution, has


this to say, on p. 291: “Only the Jews can live; only they are


clever enough to dodge the inspectors, who are on the doorsteps


day and night. They fill their shops with things smuggled over the


frontiers. When it is too hot for a Jew, he thinks nothing of


liquidating his business and opening up somewhere else, or


painting up another name over his shop and putting the business


in the name of some relative.” Tourists, returning from the Soviet


Union, are reporting that many Jews there, too, are engaged in


their old trade of money-changing, frequently even accosting


foreigners on the streets to ask for non-Russian bills.


Since also in the United States the press is under Jewish control,


very little if any publicity has been given to the fact that in 1933


an attempt was made on Stalin’s life. For his own safety, he has


now had constructed a private automobile highway from the


Kremlin to his country home, a distance of about 18 miles. All


buildings and other structures within a belt of three miles on each


side of this road are being razed, and the public is prohibited from


entering this six-mile “safety belt.” In order to hold his position,


Stalin has had to favor the Jews to such an extent that now even


Russian school children speak of it. But the Jewish oppression of


many millions of white Rus-sians—who as a consequence are


forced into a life of intolerable bondage—cannot and will not


leave the rest of the Gentile world






indifferent, and sooner or later a reaction in the form of worldwide


anti-Judaism is inevitable. Russia, at the present time,


actually has become the huge prison of over 140 millions of


white people who have become working slaves for life and are


not per-mitted to leave the country. Their general lack of


currency also would prevent it. In contrast, consider current


conditions under National Socialism in Germany, where the


workers are given yearly vacations with pay and the privilege of


trips to foreign countries at extremely low fares, on steamers


specially chartered through the organization “Kraft durch


Freude.” Stalin has, during his fourteen years of subservience to


the Jewish interests, become the chief official Gentile front, and


thereby the most cruel tool for the Soviet Union’s state


capitalism— which Bolshevism is. And yet the Jews are not even


satisfied with Stalin’s government. The Jewish Chronicle,


London, declared, on April 4, 1919: “There is much in the fact of


Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists,


in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant


with the finest ideals of Judaism.”


Statistics of Stalin’s administration clearly demonstrate the racial


character of the Soviet rule, for, in 1927, out of 525 Commissars,


445 were Jews; and in 1932, out of 503, 406 were Jews— which


means, that a 1.7 percent minority was holding 80 percent of the


highest political offices. Even though, in the course of time,


changes among these officials became necessary or expeditious,


Jews were nevertheless consistently appointed to the representative


positions. The Jewish Question, published in Paris in


1931, gives this survey of the Judaized government of Soviet





Number of members Jews Jewish percent

Council of Commissars of the People 22 17 72.2

Commissars of War 43 33 76.6

Commissars of Finance 30 24 80

Commissars of Foreign Affairs 16 13 81.2

Commissars of Justice 21 20 95.2



Commissars of Public Instruction 53 42 79.2

Commissars of Social Assistance 6 6 100

Commissars of Work 8 7 87.5

Red Cross Delegates to Berlin, Vienna Warsaw, Bucharest and


8 8 100

Journalists 41 41 100

In assigning mainly Jews to these key offices, the appointive

bodies apparently considered technical qualifications of far less

importance than typically racial characteristics; from the members

of the “Bund,” which still existed as such, outside of the

Communist Party, officials, too, were selected on a purely racial


Lorenz Kamphausen’s book Under Arbeitern and Bauern in der

UDSSR, on page 14, names Jews to prove that not only in the

principal cities, the chief officials were chosen from among the

Jews, but even in small provincial towns such as Halbstadt in the

Ukraine. He adds, that wherever there is an opportunity for easy

money, Jews are sure to be found there. The following list speaks

for itself:

Grenischenko, as Secretary of the Party Committee.

Sapochnikov, as OGPU Official.

Finkelstein, as Head of Finance.

Samoilowitch, for Unionism.

Kobakov, for Food Supply.

Huebner, as head of Secret Service.

Golod, as Head of the Cooperatives.

Kretschmann, Supply Agent for the “Responsible Comrades.”

Kleinholz, as Director at the Machine and Tractor Station.

Rabkin, as Secretary of the Communist Youth Movement.

Dauer, as Editor of the paper Deutscher Kollektivist.

Paltschik, in the Department for Cattle Raising.

Weritson, as Head of the Tractor School.

Dombrovskaja, as Leader of the Women’s Department.

Aranovskaja, in Charge of the Book Shop.

Rosenbaum, for Apothecaries.



Blumstein, as Head of the Planning Commission.

Bliskin, in Charge of the Meat Supply.

Ginsburg, Sterlin and Tschuwyrin, for the “Party Cleanings


Floer, Mosienko, Goldberg, Blum, Chefetz Brothers, Goldstein,

Pismenny, Baratsch, Hanne, Klausner and Goldmann, as Chiefs

in the Board of Village Counsellors.

Lorenz Kamphausen, a former German Communist, who experienced

Jewish Bolshevism in Soviet Judea during the sixteen

years before he could manage his escape, states, on page 42 of his

book Unter Arbeitern und Bauern in der UDSSR, that the

leadership of the OGPU is 98 percent in the hands of Jews.

Frequently, also, the duration of membership in the Communist

Party was the deciding factor in awarding an important appointment.

Thus, for instance, a Jew by the name of Aronstam,

whose past had not been traceable, became the leader of the

political department of the Red Army in Siberia. Another Jew,

Goldberg, formerly a barber, was made directing chief of hundreds

of generals. Stalin’s former mistress, the Jewess, R. M.

Kaganovitch, is now his wife, after the mysterious suicide of his

first wife; and her father, a former cobbler, is the acting dictator

of the Soviet whenever Stalin is absent. Harry A. Frank, in his

book A Vagabond in Sovietland, p. 97, pictures Stalin’s psychology

towards his deceased wife as follows: “… Stalin . . . killed his

wife after a party one evening and had her cremated before lunch

next day and no questions asked.” There are six members of this

Kaganovitch family who are now holding between them not less

than 22 high political offices, the most important part of the

Kremlin government, including the key positions in in-dustry and

foreign trade.

Thus Stalin, who, like Lenin in his time, only speaks Yiddish at

home, is entirely surrounded with a Jewish, or rather Yiddish

“brain trust,” which is furnishing him with ideas and sugges-tions

for directing the nation’s business, consistently, in the in-terest of

the Jewish minority.

Out of 10 Medical Doctors engaged to watch the health of all



personages authorized to enter the Kremlin, 8 are Jews.—World

Service, Erfurt, April 13, 1937.

The Russian paper Nowoje Slovo No. 43, of October 27, 1935,

noted by World Service, Erfurt, Germany, states, as a further

proof of the Judaization of the Soviet regime under Stalin, that of

the governors of the 40 districts and sub-districts of Russia, 34

were Jews, 4 Russians, 2 Armenians, 1 Georgian and 1 Buriat.

It would lead too far to give here an account of all, or even of

only the most prominent Jews, in high political positions under

the Stalin regime. But a few more facts may be mentioned.

Moscow, the present capital, which in pre-revolutionary days had

a Jewish population of only 45,000, now harbors over ten times

that number, and 62 percent of those Moscow Jews are known to

be state employees. Of the 19 principal export agents of the

Soviet Union, 13 are Jews. The Soviet trade representatives in

Washington, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Riga,

are Jews. The personnel of the presidency of the State

Commission is over 50 percent Jewish. The Soviet ambassadors

abroad are almost exclusively Jewish, as for instance Suritz in

Paris, Maiski in London, Rosenberg in Madrid, Karahkannin in

Istanbul, Kobetsky in Athens, Roubinine in Brussels, Petrovski in

Vienna, Slavutski in Tokyo, Karski in Kovnov, Yakubovitch in

Oslo, Minkin—until ejected—in Montevideo, Kollontai—a

Jewess—in Stockholm, Stein in Helsinki, Yourenev in Berlin,

Brodovski in Riga, Shutzkeff in Mongolia, Alexandrovsky in

Prague; while Antonow-Owsejenko in War-saw, and

Troyanovsky, formerly Minister to United States, are married to


Since 1932, the Jews, Fuschmann and Frumkin, have functioned

respectively as Commissars for Light Industry and Foreign Trade.

As a member of the Finance Ministry, the Jew, Boga-tin, took

office, too in 1932, as well as the Jew, Borodin, in the Ministry

for Public Works. The presidency in the department for Civil

Aviation was given to the Jew, Holtzmann, while the State

Planning Commission in 1931 had 16 Jews in its membership



of 24. The Jew, Ruchimovitch, then became Traffic Commis-sar.

The People’s Commissar for Agriculture after 1929 was the Jew

Jakowley—who boasted of having executed tens of thous-sands

of Russian peasants. The Jew Kalmanovitch was appointed head

of the State Bank in 1930. As Commissar of Economics, the Jew

Rosenholtz was active from 1930; and the Jew Litvinoff

(Finkelstein) acted in the capacity of Commissar for Foreign

Affairs from 1930 until succeeded by Molotov in May, 1939. The

staff of the State Medical Institute in Moscow is 42 percent

Jewish. Practically all of the principals of the following

institutions of learning are, too, of that race: The State Mining

Institute, the International Agrar Institute, the Institute for Traffic,

the Institute for Forestry, the Military Medical Academy, the

Military Technical Academy, the Marine Academy, and the

Bronstein Laboratory.

Imperskig Klitsch, the Russian emigrant paper of Paris, adds to

this: “In the Roentgen Institute in Leningrad 10 percent of the

instructors and 80 percent of the students are Jewish, as are 75

percent of the students in the Physio-Therapeutic Institute, also in

Leningrad. The University there is 50 percent Jewish, throughout

the faculty as well as the student body. The magazine Asia

affirmed in its issue for February-March, 1920: “In all Bolshevist

institutions the heads are Jews.” Contrary to the widely and

purposely disseminated misinformation to the effect that in

Soviet Russia it is the children of the workers—the

“proletariat”—who get the best educational advantages, Stalin’s

constant efforts have been to extend any privileges in this field to

the Jewish population. Thus, with Jews constituting 1.7 percent

of the population, some of the High Schools show the following

Jewish attendance:

Industrial and Technical High Schools 12.2 percent

Agricultural High Schools 12.7 percent

Pedagogical High Schools 10.1 percent

Medical High Schools 9.4 percent

High School for Social Economy 16.9 percent

High School for Art 26.3 percent



A recent report in the Polish-Jewish paper Nasz Przeglad of

November, 1936, states, that in 1936, 26 percent of Russia’s High

School students were Jewish, and the faculties of these schools,

17.8 percent Jewish. The percentage of Jewish students in the

lower grade public schools was only 4.3, while it was 17.3 in the

higher type of public schools. The New York paper, Deutscher

Weckruf und Beobachter of December 10, 1936, contains the

statement that in Russia during 1935, 90 percent of all

applications for positions in the technical trades were made by

Jews, such positions being among the best paid in the Soviet


Another confirmation of the undue preference given to that

Jewish minority group was noted by The Fascist, London, December,

1934, p. 3, quoting the Jew Ivor Montague, of the Jewish

Literary Society, West End, London, on October 14, 1934, thus:

“Jews are given priority in employment on new works in the

Soviet Union.”

Also, 70 percent of all students receiving state scholarships have

been of the Jewish race. With such a large proportion of Jews

employed on the faculties of the educational institutions, it should

be no surprise to learn that prizes in the various school contests

are awarded to Jewish students almost exclusively. Deutscher

Weckruf & Beobachter, New York, September 29, 1938,

augments the contention in full conformity with the above by

stating that during a recent piano contest in Moscow, out of 10

contestants who were awarded prizes, not less than 7 went to

Jews. The remaining three prizes were awarded to one Scandinavian,

one Caucasian and one Russian.

All this curiously elucidates the statements in various books being

published here from time to time, in which Jewish writers

extol the “success” of the Bolshevik revolution. George Putnam

& Sons of New York recently issued a list of such books. Significantly,

the publishers state in such catalogue: “Each book has

been written by a Soviet official carefully chosen and specially

commissioned for the work,” making no mention, of course, of

the authors’ racial origin. One may, indeed, speculate as to



the factual value of such books!

Thus the “Russian,” P. A. Markov, writes on “The Soviet

Theater”; the “Russian,” N. A. Semashko, discusses “Health

Protection in the U. S. S. R.”—although protection of those

hundreds of abandoned and diseased children, hereinafter mentioned,

who were “cured” by machine guns, is probably not included

in such treatise, the children being non-Jews; Prof. A.

Pinkevitch, also a “Russian,” writes on “Science and Education in

the U. S. S. R.,” while another “expert” of the same race, W. A.

Nodel, names his book: “Supply and Trade in the U. S. S. R.”

With the Soviet Union thus in process of thorough and effective

Judaization, Stalin considered it unnecessary, as well as unwise,

to maintain a Jewish section of the Communist Party, and therefore

dissolved the “Jewsectia” in large part in 1929, also because

of the increasing anti-Jewish sentiment among the Gentile

Communists. It is because of this act, that the Jewish world press

has given Stalin the reputation of being anti-Jewish. Trotzky, who

found himself supplanted by Stalin as Lenin’s successor, and

violently resented the leadership of Gentile Russia’s becoming

less than 100 percent Jewish, conspired with several of the old

Bolshevik Jews who were of the same mind, to sabotage Stalin’s

regime in every possible way. It is to this internal feud among the

Jewish leaders, no less than to the ever-present resistance to the

Communistic collectivization on the part of the Russian Gentile

population, that Russia’s slow progress toward any form of

stabilization may largely be ascribed. Proofs of the steadily

increasing Jewish power within the regime of Stalin, in spite of

his alleged Jewish “purge,” may be seen from the following items

taken from H. Greife’s book Die Klassenkampf politik der

Sowjetregierung, Berlin and Leipzig, 1937:

“In February, 1935, the commissar for public education, Epstein,

named 18 new professors of his own race. The Soviet book catalogue

of 1936 features overwhelmingly Jewish names. “The

Peoples’ Commissar for Food formed a new committee with



not less than 28 Jews in it.—Izyestia, February 29, 1936. “In

April, 1936, the Central Committee of the Communistic

Youth Movement, Comsomol, was taken under the leadership of

one dozen new Jewish appointees.—Pravda, April 22, 1936. “A

new committee for foreign trade was formed. It revealed 30

Jewish names.

“On the same day the committee for interior trade received a list

of 42 newly appointed Jews.—Izvestia, May 9, 1936. “50 Jews

received decorations from the Soviet Government.— Pravda,

August 2, 1936.

Wholly reasserting the above, Haint, a Yiddish paper of Warsaw,

of June 15, 1937, expressly says that amongst the executed

Bolshevists there were “almost no Jews.” On the contrary, a

considerable number of Jews were raised to high political


But the figures given in the above brief excerpts nevertheless go

to show that the Jews have followed Marx’s directions to the

letter, and have, directly or indirectly, established themselves first

of all.

SOVIET Russia maintains army and air forces that are among the

largest in the world, and this huge apparatus of military strategy

is intended to serve one purpose and one only: the protection and

aggressive expansion of Jewish world power. World Service of

March 6, 1935, pointedly remarks: “Since practically all high

military posts are occupied by Jews . . . the Red army is nothing

else but an arm of Judah. The Bolshevist revolution, for which it

is to fight, is not, however, the ulterior objective. The final goal is

the setting-up of Jewish world domination.” Here it is of interest

to note that the Soviet Union Information Bureau in its 1929 Year

Book, classes the Jews as a nation— which, for purposes of

conquest, they elsewhere are consistently denying.

So as to prove the utter savagery with which this Judaization of

Russia was initiated, the Third International, a Moscow periodical,

shall here be quoted. In this, the Jews themselves have



recorded the following death toll of persons resisting the revolution’s


One Imperial family—seven innocent persons.

28 Bishops and Archbishops.

6,775 Priests.

6,575 Teachers.

8,800 Doctors.

54,850 Officers.

260,000 Soldiers.

150,000 Police Officers.

48,000 Gendarmes—State Troopers and Detectives.

355,250 Intellectuals.

198,000 Workers.

915,000 Peasants.

This record does not include the millions of tragedies of those

unfortunates who have been sent into exile in Siberian labor

camps, quarries and mines, for no greater crime than having

expressed criticism in some form or other, of the Jewish Communistic

chaos, introduced by means of such ghastly terror and

wholesale massacre.

The Jew-owned Daily Mirror, New York, in its December 14,

1937, edition, reproduced an illustration of the OGPU Prison in

Moscow, and asserted that during the 6,000 days an average or 50

executions per day have taken place.

As said before, Stalin’s rule has been marked by an unsurpassed

brutality in forcing the Russian Christians into Jewish-Communistic

“industrialization” and “collectivization.” The Five-Year

Plan, needless to say, was a Jewish invention, suggested to him

by his Yiddish “brain trust” so as to hasten the Jewish integration.

So as to cement Soviet Russia’s Jewry into practically every possible

public office and wherever a controlling hand becomes of

major importance, since Stalin’s farcical “purge” of Jewish officials

more Jews have been elected to political leadership. The

continued influx into Soviet officialdom, of even more Yids



who cannot speak the Russian or any other European language

fluently, has made it imperative for the French foreign delegates,

especially in view of their political alliance with the USSR, to

learn a language that might be readily understood in Moscow.

Hence The Sentinel, Jewish magazine of Chicago, January 27,

1938, carried a “strictly confidential message,” according to

which, henceforth “all French diplomats will have to perfect

themselves in Yiddish and Hebrew in the same manner as they

have to master any other language. The French government,

therefore, has introduced courses for French diplomats, in Yiddish

and modern Hebrew, destined for secretarial services in the

Near East.”

Anti-Comintern of July, 1937, stated that recently twenty new

Jewish party-members had been placed in controlling rank as first

secretaries, while the number of second and third secretaries in

the U. S. S. R. was legion. The Politburo for the Ukraine had, out

of 16 members, in 1937, seven Jews, or 44 percent. In the

Orgburo of that section likewise, the Jewish percentage was 44

percent for out of nine members four were Jewish. The fact that a

large number of Stalin’s highest officials and military heads are

married to Jewesses, indicates that the controlling power of the

Jews is indeed far higher than ordinarily assumed. Recent appointments

from among the Jews show that of late the Jews’

position within the Bolsheviki regime has rather been strengthened,

than weakened.

During the period from 1928 to 1932 the spiritual censorship over

the Russian Gentile was enforced with more severity than in any

other epoch, and besides the Jewish writers, the Gentile writer

and lecturer, Maxim Gorky, had untiringly served the Jewish

government in Russia by betraying his own people and trying to

dupe the contemporary world concerning the laws involving immorality

and Jewish corruption, adopted since the advent of

Bolshevism. The destruction of all non-Jewish institutions, such

as churches and monasteries, constituted a significant and allimportant

part of the revolution, which, in spite of having originated

in Jewish minds, nevertheless found certain supporters



among Russian Gentiles, Maxim Gorky having been one of the

most notorious of these.

The Godless Movement has Stalin’s full support, as any extreme

measure has had during his rule, and in 1926 every 13 th Jew in

Russia was a member of this movement. One of the first steps

toward the collapse of the Christian churches was Stalin’s order to

refuse food cards to the clergy. To effect the closing of a church

it was merely necessary for the members of the local “cell” in the

Godless Movement to meet and start a discussion, and after

branding the churches as “reactionary” it was generally an easy

matter to discover reasons for closing that particular church or

Christian institution. A report from Odessa runs as follows,

however: “A certain ‘cell’ of the movement had its weekly meeting.

A young Jew got up and suggested the removal of another of

the few churches still remaining. At first no counter-motion was

made. Finally a Gentile Russian broke the silence with the

suggestion that for each Christian church to be demolished, also

one synagogue should be razed. Whereupon the Jew in question

silently left the hall….”

The Atheistic movement in Russia had progressed so far under

Stalin, that the approximate prediction was made that, by May 1,

1937, not one Christian church would be left on Russian soil. But

the Jewish synagogues have never been molested, on the other

hand; for the powerful Kaganovitch family, among which Stalin

practically lives, has made itself the sponsors for everything

pertaining to Orthodox Jewry. In St. Petersburg-today’s

Leningrad—were 445 Catholic priests in their edifices prior to

the revolution; in 1937 there were but two left—one of whom

was a Frenchman and the other a Pole. And the Daily Telegraph,

London, August 8, 1938, asserted that “the last Lutheran church

in Moscow, St. Peter and Paul, has been closed by the Political

Police. This was Moscow’s last Protestant church. Every

Protestant clergyman in Russia has been sent either to prison or

into exile. In Leningrad all Protestant churches have been

closed.”—according to Anti-Comintern. The August, 1936,

edition of the Geneva periodical L’Homme de Droite contained




statement, that of Moscow’s 400 Christian churches in 1917, only

12 were left, while the number of synagogues there had increased

from a mere 15 in 1917 to not less than 250 in 1936!

Adolf Ziegler, in his book Die Russische Gottlosenbewegung

points out that the Minister for Public Education has sponsored

various films, of which not one was of an anti-Jewish tendency

but that two such films were directed against Lamaism, five

against the Catholic Church and sixteen against Islam. A report

from Anti-Comintern, of January 28, 1935, stated that 22

mosques had been converted into movie-houses, warehouses and

clubs, in the large community of Dschengutoi. Supporting the

anti-religious drive of Jewry, the Soviet newspaper, Besboshnik,

No. 32, V. II, says: “Therefore one must clear the schools

absolutely of the believing teachers, and even of such who stand

on friendly terms with religion….” In 1936, according to

statistical figures, 48 bishops, 3,700 clergymen, and 8,000 monks

and nuns, were still in jail. Anti-Comintern of August 11, 1936,

reported that the Russian paper, Voskresnoye Chteniye, No. 7,

revealed, from official data received from the Commissariat of

the Interior of the U. S. S. R., that during the eighteen years of

Soviet government in Russia, 42,000 members of the clergy had

died in the concentration camps of Soloviki, Narym, Turkestan

and other localities. Also, that in all of the U.S.S.R., there were

then left only about 1,200 members of the clergy, of which

number, only a few had remained with their parishes. No

statistics are available on the rabbis! On the contrary, the

Besboshnik Press, Moscow, 1930, p. 104, frankly asserts: “We

consider it our duty categorically to declare that in the USSR no

rabbi has ever been threatened with the sentence of death or any

other severe punishment, nor is any at the moment so

threatened… During the whole period of the Soldiers’ and

Workingmens’ Councils in the USSR not one single rabbi was


A radio broadcast from Moscow, on November 27, 1932, was

picked up by a private German station, its title being: “Fifteen

Years of Godlessness.” In this, the following sentences are sig-



nificant: “For the first time in its history the people of the U. S. S.

R. have moved away from religion. The influence of the Church

in the schools has disappeared entirely, without having left a

single trace, and hence the peasants and workers have broken

every contact with religious ties of former times. The education

of the children is therefore a different one. … In the last ten years,

770 anti-religious pamphlets and books, in 40 million copies,

have appeared. In 1931 alone, 313 books, in twelve million

copies, went into circulation. The number of anti-religious

periodicals is not far behind this number. . . . “The Union of

‘Godless Fighters’ is active in 108 nationalities, of which 98 are in

the U. S. S. R. The Godless shock troops have thrown themselves

into the fight with true heroism on innumerable occasions. Also

in the country, they are advancing. The great masses have

become convinced of the counter-revolutionary character of

religion. More and more it is being resolved to close the

churches, to lay off the priests, and not to observe religious

holidays any longer.

“The influence of social Fascists upon the Godless groups has

been considered disintegrating, for they are trying to corrupt the

international ‘proletarian freethinkers’ in such a way as to make

them give up their revolutionary character. The growth of

Godlessness in the United States of America, and in many other

countries, must be considered a sign of the decay of capitalism.

Soon the clerics of the whole world will try to adjust themselves

to the ‘new order’ of social reform, and will even find it necessary

to flirt with socialistic theories. The mighty arm of fighting

atheists will in the future make greater advances within the realm

of religion and the Church. . . . “

The process of corrupting the minds of the Russian Chrisians and

disorganizing their conceptions of Christian Divinity, has even

gone so far as ordering the atheists in many districts to invade the

homes of Christians and remove their ikons, so as to place in the

empty niches and corners, busts of Communists— Marx, Engels,

Lenin and Stalin! Concerning this matter, Rabbi Louis Browne

mockingly stated, in an assembly of Jews in the



Hotel Astor in New York on January 9, 1927, that “Russia has

turned from orthodox Christianity to . . . orthodox Communism,

and the former Christian ikons are now being replaced with

Communist ikons. …”

The leader of the Militant Atheists, the Jew Jaroslawski (Gubelman),

gives the Bolshevik attitude toward the Church, in the

following words: “It is our duty to destroy every religious worldconcept.

If the destruction of ten million human beings—as

happened in the last war—should be necessary for the triumph of

one definite class—meaning, of course, the Jews—then that must

be done and will be done.”

The Christian holidays, therefore, have been abolished, and commemoration

days of specific Jewish-Communistic character have

been adopted in their place. On August 26, 1929, the seven-day

week was changed to a five-day week. Soviet Russia’s principal

holidays are now January 22, the Day of Lenin’s death; May 1,

the Day of the International; August 15, the Day of

Collectivization; and November 7-8, Days of the “Proletarian

Revolution.” On these days, members of the Communist Party

hoist and lower flags for the decoration of not only public buildings,

but private dwellings as well.

The question is being frequently asked: Are there elections in

Russia? The procedure is this, that around the set time a certain

ticket of candidates, all of course of the same communistic brand,

is recommended by the Jewish government. On Election day the

farce is enacted, that just a few hours before the actual balloting

the names of Red Bolsheviki appear on a list, and it will make

very little difference whether a Moses, Solomon, Levinovitch, or

any other Jew is elected. The continued subjugation of the

Russian Christian is guaranteed in any case. Throughout the

Soviet Union, anti-Jewish sentiment is smolder-ing continuously,

although, of course, no Gentile public opinion can be expressed

openly unless approved by the Jewish government. Since

practically all the wealth of Russia is in Jewish hands—in

Moscow, for instance, they own almost all the private automobiles

to be seen on the streets—the Gentiles are being



given constant and glaring evidence that the Jewish domination

has been bought with the destruction of everything valuable in

the culture of Christian Russia. The penalty for anti-Jewism,

which in Lenin’s time had been death uncompromisingly, has

been “modified” by Stalin to jail terms, exile to Siberia, or confinement

for life to a labor camp—so as to curry some degree of

favor with the Gentile population. But with the older and greedier

Bolshevik Jews, this gesture on the part of Stalin has added fuel

to their resentment against him, and become the motive of their

plot to assassinate him. One of the typical evidences of revengeby-

the-knife, to be observed all over Russia, towards the Jews

who have usurped power by way of their racially instigated

revolution since 1917, may be read in William C. White’s book

These Russians, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York & London,

1931, p. 29: “When this damned system (Jewish Communism)

breaks, there will be a pogrom. You will be able to row on Jewish

blood from Arbat Gate to Red Square.” Enough accounts of

Stalin’s barbarity in enforcing the Marxian laws have leaked out,

to cause international horror and unqualified condemnation. It has

become axiomatic in Russia that for every item of adverse

criticism of government procedure, strict retribution is meted out

to the particular, foolhardy citizen, and, that, having been caught

in the widespread net of OGPU espionage, the hapless victim will

usually be removed from his family, never again to be heard of.

The huge army of exiles that was used in the construction of the

Leningrad-White Sea Canal during the past years, consisted

mostly of such unfortunates; and it is estimated, that, on the

whole, some 6 millions of Gentiles have been thus condemned to

forced labor, mostly under unbelievably shocking conditions. An

Italian writer and traveler, A. M. Zecco, in his book, Come e

Diretta Oggi la Russia (How Russia is Ruled Today), says, on p.

302: “The Bolshevik government boasts of the construction of the

Leningrad-White Sea Canal as a marvel of skill and speed. It is

226 kilometers long, and was constructed in l 1/2 years. But it

must also be branded as a Triumph of Crime, for out of the



150,000 exiles used in the work, only 10,000 were alive after its


“Thus 140,000 humans were sacrificed for this construction.

They had to work from 12 to 14 hours a day. They were driven to

work with lashings by their overseers. Often they had to work in

a temperature of 30 to 40 degees below zero. They were peasants,

landowners and intellectuals, who had been condemned to forced

labor by the barbarous governmental system of Bolshevistic

Russia. A devilish triumph, against which our non-Jewish

consciences revolt!”

It is noteworthy, that in the administration of 37 supervisors of

this construction, the most important ones were Jews. Anti-

Comintern named the following as having occupied the controlling

positions: Jagoda, (Jehuda) chief of the OGPU, Berman,

Kogan, Kohn, Firin, Rappoport, Frenkel, Afanasjev, Kwasnizkij,

Rottenberg, Ginsburg, Brodski, Berensohn, Dorfman, Kagner,

Angert, etc. These Jews decided not to allow the exiles to use any

machinery whatever, for the whole canal construction. Therefore

all excavating was done by hand, as was also the removal of the

millions of tons of rock, stone and soil necessary. Men and

women alike were used for this slave work, to which they had

generally been condemned for no greater crime than having expressed

some trifling adverse criticism of their Judaized Soviet


Wholesale starvation is of common occurrence in Russia. A correspondent

of the Christian Science Monitor, Boston, as stated in

that paper on June 4, 1934, asked Stalin how long this reign of

murder was to be kept up, to which he coolly replied: “As long as

I consider it necessary.”

In order to sustain the many false statements of preferment for the

worker, as being the accepted order in Russia, the government

proudly exhibits to visiting seamen, for instance, the Seamen’s

Home in Leningrad. This is a new building with approximately

the same conveniences as have most Y. M. C. A.’s in America.

Favored tourists, too, occasionally are allowed to see one of the

model prison camps, which are on a par with convalescent homes



here, more or less. Such camps are situated near the main railroad

lines, so that the foreign tourists may be properly impressed

with the treatment of the “preferred comrades” who may get

themselves interned for some minor transgression. These camps

usually have their own gardens, athletic fields, pool rooms,

shower baths, libraries, and even visitors’ lounges.

While tourists are welcome for the foreign currency they bring

into the country, cameras are prohibited. It would not do, for the

critical eye of the camera to scrutinize and record the conditions

obtaining in this Soviet Judea after twenty years of experimentation

by the “workingmen’s regime.” The inhuman and

arbitrary exile of hundreds of thousands of Russian parents,

accounts for the often-reported hordes of homeless and orphaned

children, who have become semi-savages because of their plight.

Such homeless children—besprisornije— have been roaming

around ever since the Jewish revolution replaced the former order

in Russia. Clad only in rags, these wretched youngsters became a

plague in almost every town and city. The condition of their

morals added further to the menace, for in a country where the

nationalization of women is being decreed or sanctioned,

promiscuity soon infects the younger generation with social

disease. A missionary who was stationed at the Russian border,

reported the following in The Christian Alliance Weekly.

“In Moscow the police made a street drive, bringing all the homeless

children and young people together. They were inspected by

medical men as to their condition. Out of this mass, from 1200 to

1400 were singled out and by means of a good substantial meal

and other favors, they were induced to march, with soldiers on

horseback, out of Moscow into the open country. At last they

halted. The soldiers were on the outside of the young people’s

group, driving them into a huddle tight together. A word of

command. Hidden machine guns began a weird song of death. In

a few minutes the whole bunch of humanity was a mass of dead

and dying. The machine guns were silent. Soldiers came to bury

everything that was left. Why all this? . . . From



1200 to 1400 young people, living on the streets of Moscow, had

become so diseased that the government knew of no other way to

get rid of the plague.”

Says the Jewish Talmud, Baba Mecia, 114, 6: “You—meaning

the Jews—are human beings, but the nations of the world are not

human beings, but beasts.” This, with many other similar Talmudic

statements, only proves that Communism and Bolshevism,

twin products of Jewish thought and mind, are totally foreign to

all Christian ethics and destructive to all Christian civilization.

While, therefore, the Jewish government of Moscow recognized

no moral obligation to care for this mass of disease-ravaged Gentile

children, this same government, on the other hand, is most

considerate of the welfare of the Jewish population. The colony

Biro-Bidjan in East Siberia, is an outstanding example of the

Marxian preoccupation with the interests of the Jewish minority

in a Communistic state. This settlement has been established for

Jews who prefer to live among themselves, and Gentile exiles

were used for the first breaking of the ground there. But although

the settlement was intended to accommodate 40,000 Jews, by the

fall of 1936 only 15,000 had seen fit to take advantage of it,

according to George Gordon Battle, the well known “Shabes

Goy” lawyer of New York; “Shabes Goy,” incidentally, is a

Jewish designation, originally applying to a Gentile who

performs the work of an orthodox Jew on the Hebrew holidays.

In customary usage it now designates a Gentile front for the

Jews—Stalin himself being the most conspicuous example.

State money, of course, has been used to pay for the Biro-Bidjan

development, as well as for similar colonies in the Crimean

peninsula and in the Volga region. For this latter, much farm land

was taken away from the German colonists of long-standing

there, who had developed the formerly barren soil into a fertile

tract. After having established the community of Biro-Bidjan and

granting a loan of 2 million roubles to the settlers there, the

Jewish government in October, 1934, generously cancelled this

loan from the State Treasury—funds actually belonging to the

Gentile majority. The latest report—confirming Stalin’s defer-



ence to Judah’s wishes, while Gentile Russia is being bled

white— is to the effect that 67 million gold roubles were poured

into Biro-Bidjan in 1936, for the improvement of the farmland

and for the benefit of local civic centers.

The Daily Jewish Bulletin, New York, October 9, 1934, puts it

this way: “As a matter of fact, the (Jewish Soviet) government is

spending millions of roubles yearly to encourage Jewish-ness and

to preserve Jewish culture.”

Such is the outrageously selfish and deceptive attitude of this

Yiddish Soviet government—which could not find the means to

care for the 1400 pitiful, diseased Russian workers’ children, but

has ample funds for the Jewish settlement of Biro-Bidjan! These

facts should open the eyes of the entire world, but first of all,

awaken the Gentiles of the Communist Party in the United Sates,

who blindly support Jews in their criminal purpose of

overthrowing the United States government and setting up a

government of their own, not at all proletarian in its principles, as

pretended, but Jewish throughout, both in its prime inception and

in its final goal. With the whole of Gentile Russia in a state of

abject physical as well as spiritual slavery, Americans are still

allowing Soviet agents to agitate openly for a Communist United


For those American workers who are interested in learning something

of the kind of morals sanctioned by the keepers of this

“workers’ paradise,” a few paragraphs from World Service, Vol.

III, No. 1, should prove enlightening: “Anyone who does not

know that Bolshevism is a purely Jewish affair, should at once

recognize the fact from the disgraceful manner in which the

honor of Russian women in sexual matters is treated, and the

diabolical thoroughness with which the soul of the Russian child

is poisoned. Only all-destructive Jewry is capable of such

atrocities as are reported in the Belgian paper Voix des Nations,

Bruxelles Centre, Boite Postale 834, of November 1, 1936. This

anti-Communistic paper brings, in the number mentioned, an extract

from the Bolshevik paper Outchit Gazeta, properly Gazeta

Outchitelya—Teachers’ Gazette—of October 10, 1929.



This paper, which is edited by the Jewess, N. Kroupskaya,

Lenin’s widow, says among other things: ‘The socialization of

women has not as yet been legislated for by the Soviets, but this

idea must become a reality and must permeate public opinion. To

resist rape is an act of opposition to the Communist October


As an evidence of the satanic cunning with which the mind and

morals of the Russian youth are being systematically poisoned,

World Service then quotes, from the same sources, a questionnaire

which is being distributed to the immature male youth of

the Russian peasant class. This questionnaire, in intimate detail

and with the most bestial indecency, openly reveals the Jews’

deliberate purpose of creating from the Russian people a nation

of sex perverts. A large part of this document was so atrocious

that the Belgian paper refused even to reproduce it. As a proof

that from the very beginning of the Soviet regime, revolutionaries

of the type of Kroupskaya have been actively at work in

undermining and debasing the moral standards of the Aryan

races, may be quoted an ordinance which was introduced by the

anarchists of the city of Saratov. This ordinance reads, in part, as

follows: “1. From March 1, 1918, the right to possess women

having reached the age of 17 and not more than 32, is abolished.

3. The decree does not affect women having five children.

4. The former owners may retain the right of using their wives

without waiting for their turn.

5. In case of the husbands’ resisting, they shall forfeit the rights

given them in the last paragraph.

6. All women from the date of this decree are exempted from

private ownership and are proclaimed to be the property of the

whole nation.

14. All women proclaimed by the decree to be national property

will receive from the funds an allowance of 238 roubles a month.

15. All women who become pregnant are released from direct

duties for four months, three months before and one month after




16. Children born are given to an institution for training until they

are 17 years old, at the cost of the Public Funds.” This is

conclusive proof of the definite intention of the Jews to disrupt

the Gentile family, the basic foundation of the nation. The

Youngs town Jewish Times, September 18, 1936, on page 51—

after Jewry has successfully crushed Gentile society and Gentile

civilization in today’s Russia—through murder and wholesale

robbery—delights in telling the world: “The picture which the

Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to

world Jewry.”

Stalin has indeed multiplied his inheritance from his mentally and

physically degenerate predecessor, Lenin. He now proposes to

construct in Moscow the largest and tallest building in the world.

And on its principal tower is to be placed a gigantic statue of

Lenin, as a symbol of the all-dominant position which Communism

is intended to occupy in the world of the future! Almost

three quarters of a century ago the Russian novelist Fedor

Dostojevski, who died in 1881, wholly realizing the true schemes

of the Jewish race within his own country, most appropriately and

precisely prophesied the fate that was in store for his whiteblooded

countrymen. In his Diary of a Writer, Vol. I, p. 177, he

anticipated Jewry’s unscrupulous plot thus: “If the people do not

come to their senses they will very soon be completely in the

power of the Jews, and no public organization will be able to help

them any more. They will be entirely beggars who have sold

themselves into slavery, and the Jews and usurers will contest for

our wealth. The Jews will drink the blood of the people, and live

upon the decay and oppression of the people.” May the Gentile

90 percent of the United States remember these words!



WHEN the Bolshevik bank robber, Maximovitch Litvinoff—real

name Meier Polyanski Finkel-stein—most solemnly attended the

state funeral of King George V of England, the entire Jew-wise

world stood aghast at this brazen act of hypocritical insolence on

the part of the representative of Soviet Russia—of a government

openly conniving to destroy every “capitalistic” state and its ruling

powers. Indeed the crowning act of mocking insult, for this

man who was directly responsible for the unspeakably brutal

murder of the entire Russian Imperial family—first cousins of the

deceased English king—was to be allowed to even show his face

in England at such a time.

Litvinoff, recently Foreign Minister of Soviet Russia and

President of the Jew-sponsored L


at Geneva,

Switzerland, was born as Meier Polyanski Finkelstein in


Bialystock, Russia, July 17, 1876. Of the many aliases which this


notorious Jew has used for easily conceivable reasons, the


following may be mentioned here: Litvinoff, Dehtiarick,


Borrissonk, Wallach, Meier—Meer, Hinoch, Graf, Buchmann,


Harrison, Nitz, Pa-pasha, Maxitrovitch.


It is being stated that the entire Litvinoff family, now living under


five different surnames, has a crime record of its own. A brother


of the present “Excellency” by the name of Salomon, as an


employee of the Paris branch of the Soviet Commercial Agency,


forged checks to the amount of several million francs. Litvinoff’s


youngest brother, who went by the name of Julius Weinberg, was


connected with a large bank in Petrograd in 1917. Itwas he who


took the receipt for the issuance of five million roubles from a


foreign group for part of the financing of the revolution. In order


to keep the name of the foreign financier secret, “Julius


Weinberg” was ordered to return the receipt for






this blood money. He denied the possession of such a receipt,


whereupon he was promptly shot. And the present-day “Litvinoff”


blandly denied the fact that the deceased “Julius Weinberg”


was his brother—as stated in Sigilla Veri—Bodung Verlag,


Erfurt, Germany.


At the age of 17, when in the army, Finkelstein-Litvinoff had


already absorbed enough of Marx’s doctrines to earn a dishonorable


discharge, his presence being considered detrimental to the


morale of his company since he was continually attempting to


inspire distrust of and aversion to the government. At large, he


became one of the leaders of the Social Democratic Party while


working for a time in a cord and twine factory. Here he increased


his radical activities with the consequence that he soon found


himself in jail, and it was during this term of confinement that he


made the acquaintance of the two equally radical Jews,


Rosenfeld—the later Kamenev, and Apfelbaum—the later Zinovieff.


After having made his escape during a prison revolt, Litvinoff


was enabled by reason of an ensuing amnesty, to resume his


lawless career.


Through the efforts of the Jewish owner of a sugar factory, one


Ginsberg, Litvinoff was given a lucrative position as manager of


the refinery. But in this capacity he supplied his Socialist friends


too freely with money pilfered from the till, and so he went to jail


again for a period of about one year. Leaving Russia in 1901, his


career assumed still another character—such changes being


typical of the opportunistic Jew and similar to that of any


Bolshevik official of Soviet Russia today. His financing of the


radical movement with funds collected from Gentile workers


represents, too, a typical trait, for which then, as now, Jewish


Communists were noted.


During 1902 and 1903, Litvinoff’s activities through the anarchist


groups in Berlin became known to the local authorities, and in


1903 he found it advisable to join the Bolshevik colony then


active in Switzerland. But later in the same year he returned to his


native Russia—without a proper passport—his one objective


being, as always, to incite to riot there. He found Lenin and






Trotsky—with some other Jews who later became post-war


Soviet Social Registerites—busily engaged in plotting what


became the before-mentioned revolt and massacre in St.


Petersburg on January 22, 1905, and he eagerly joined them in


this conspiracy. For a while, part of his work consisted in editing


the radical paper Nowaya Shisnj in Moscow—until the


government stopped him. Also in 1903 he took part, with Lenin,


Trotsky and Stalin, in the London revolutionary Congress—on a


forged passport and under the name of Ludwig Wilhelmovitch


Nitz. While in Great Britain, Litvinoff succeeded in negotiating


for a quantity of arms and ammunition, to be used by the Reds in


the planned St. Petersburg insurrection. He had considerable


difficulty in finding a safe place for the unloading of this


dangerous cargo, but finally decided on the little island of Nargo


in the Baltic Sea, this spot being within easy reach of St.


Petersburg and therefore suitable both as a depot and as a base of


operations. This plan, however, suffered collapse through the


shipwreck of the steamer John Grafton, and the entire cargo was


lost. Lit-vinoff’s partner in this particular affair was “comrade”


Lenin. The revolutionary role of Litvinoff as a smuggler of war


material in those days, is all the more striking, in view of his


posing today as an angel of peace in the capacity of President of


the League of Nations! Having thus failed in his first attempt at


wholesale smuggling of arms, Litvinoff made another, this time


in Hamburg. Garbed in the trappings of an Ecuadorian army


officer, and with the help of a Danish officer, he succeeded, in


1906, in negotiating for another shipment of arms from Belgium


and Germany, and the cargo was chartered for his newly acquired


yacht, which was awaiting orders at Fiume, in the Adriatic Sea.


After taking on the cargo, the yacht left for a Southern port.


However, for a second time Litvinoff’s adventure in the


smuggling of arms suffered shipwreck, this time with the


foundering of the yacht near the Rumanian coast. The mystery of


the second shipwreck has never been cleared up. With an everwidening


scope of revolutionary activities, Litvinoff






and Stalin were constantly evolving new schemes for obtaining


funds, and on June 13, 1906, they staged the before-mentioned


bombing of an Imperial Russian bank truck in the town of Tiflis,


in Caucasus, causing the loss of 30 lives. The culprits, who had


thrown the bomb from a nearby roof, escaped unhurt, with a loot


of some 250,000 roubles, and Litvinoff then took part of this


money with him to France, while the rest was sent to Lenin in




Although this time Litvinoff tried to hide his identity under the


aliases, Meier—Meer—and Wallach, suspicion rested upon him


nevertheless, and on January 18, 1908, he was arrested, with his


mistress, Fanny Yanpolska, at the North Station in Paris. Some of


the stolen Russian money was found on his person and in his


apartment, and so Mr. Meer—Wallach—Litvinoff had to go to


jail once more.


Again at liberty, he needed fresh funds for the continuance of


foreign revolutionary propaganda on behalf of Jewish


Bolshevism, and after various attempts to obtain such funds by


means other than actual work and which resulted in his re-arrest,


the French auhorities ordered his deportation from the Sante


Prison, where he had been placed in “protective custody.” A


further charge against him, of being implicated in a bombthrowing


episode at Vincennes, necessitated his removal “en


grande vitesse,” in the autumn of 1910.


Soon after the outbreak of the late war, Litvinoff was to be found


in England. One might be at a loss to understand why England,


with her intensified wartime passport control, allowed a criminal


with Litvinoff’s record to enter by way of any of her ports; but


this puzzle is solved by the Jew, Landman, who on p. 14 in


Zionism, a booklet published by the Militant Christian Patriots,


London, is quoted as saying: “Passport or travel difficulties did


not exist, when a man was recommended by our—the Zionists’—




Litvinoff acted in England as a spy for the then Jew-controlled


Germany, which caused the eyes of the British Secret Service to


be constantly focused upon him. Also, he and his secretary,






Fineberg, soon became known as distributors to workers, of seditious


literature, supplied them by another Jew, Holtzmann. Litvinoff’s


definite purpose was to establish a vanguard of revolutionaries


in Great Britain, so as to mature the country as soon as


possible for a national revolution.


About this time Litvinoff became a British subject, after his marriage


to the wealthy Ivy Low, a niece of Sir Sydney Low—


originally Loewe—a Polish-Jew who became a writer and newspaperman


in England. Ostensibly, Litvinoff’s occupation then,


was that of a “commercial traveler” for a London firm. At approximately


the time when the Russian Imperial government


seemed near its disintegration, he was instrumental in calling a


conference in the industrial center of Leeds—in order to call the


attention of the British workers to the dawn of a “new age,” in


which—the worker was told by the Jews—they would soon


obtain their deliverance from the “capitalistic yoke.” It was


Ramsay MacDonald, who had long been notorious for his ghetto


mentality, who arranged the details of the Leeds Conference. This


was the period that was to offer Litvinoff his long-awaited


opportunity to become a political headliner through the soon-tobe-


created Soviet Union which was then being plotted for Great


Britain. Before he left England to assume his duties in the Soviet


diplomatic service, Litvinoff perfected the organization there, of


the Soldiers’ and Workers’ Councils, after the Soviet pattern, so as


to consolidate the results of his work and insure their permanency.


He was, of course, actuated by the fervent expectation that


the same chaos might soon come to pass in Great Britain as in


Russia; and the Leeds Conference established the basic fundamentals


for the proposed British Soviet Union. An incident which


illustrates Litvinoff’s peculiar psychology—a mixture of


brazenness and cowardice—may be related here. It occurred at


Wembley, where the former King Edward VIII, then Prince of


Wales, had just attended a football match. A group of ex-soldiers,


led by a man of Jewish appearance, pressed for-ward, and, in


front of His Royal Highness, this self-appointed leader burst forth


in a tirade against British capitalists, and con-






tinued until the measure of patience of almost every Englishman


present appeared to be full. The Prince at last inquired as to what


regiment the excited individual had belonged. Ignoring the


Prince’s question, the Jew, Litvinoff—for it was none othermerely


continued his harangue. When the Prince insisted upon an


answer, the ex-soldiers, whom Litvinoff had pretended to


represent, then demanded the courtesy of a reply to the Prince’s


question—whereupon Litvinoff found it safest and most convenient


to disappear in the crowd.


In December, 1917, Litvinoff applied for a passport to Soviet


Russia, which was gladly granted to him, with a “No-Return-


Permit” added, notwithstanding his British citizenship. Arrived in


Petrograd, he was at once appointed by Lenin, Trotsky and


Chicherin, as the first Bolshevik ambassador to England, but on


his return there in 1918 the British government refused to accept


his credentials, and his appeal to the British workers to intervene


in his behalf was of no avail. On his return voyage to Russia in


1919, in passing through Denmark he even had to submit to the


indignity of being refused hotel accommodation in Copenhagen.


As Bolshevik propagandist, while still in England, he had published,


through the British Socialist Party, a pamphlet, The


Bolshevist Revolution, Its Development and Importance. The


purpose of this literary misrepresentation was to “explain” and


“justify” the change of government in Russia as being the


foundation for the real “labor paradise”—the real facts as to its


ulterior Jewish objective, of course, being cunningly concealed.


The issuing of this seditious piece of literature caused Litvinoff to


be arrested again. Upon returning to Russia after his release, he


was given temporary credentials as ambassador to Esthonia.


When England in 1920 decided to open trade relations with


Soviet Russia, “Ambassador” Litvinoff was declared


unacceptable for the necessary negotiations, and the Jew Krassin,


alias Gold-gelb, went to London instead. Litvinoff then acted as


middleman, in Copenhagen, in the capacity of Deputy Foreign


Commissar, thus effecting trade resumption between the Soviet








and England, as well as between the Scandinavian countries and


Bolshevik Russia.


Of particular interest at that time were the circumstances that


revealed the establishment in London of a pro-Bolshevik paper,


intended as a mouthpiece of the Jewish-Soviet government. It


was rumored that Litvinoff was the power behind the Daily


Herald; and to prevent the proof of this from being established


was a difficult problem, both for himself and for his colleagues,


Krassin (Goldgelb) and Kamenev, the latter two men then being


the officially appointed Soviet trade delegates in London. The


British Secret Service finally obtained conclusive evidence that


the Daily Herald was being directly financed by the Soviet government—


the sum of 75,000 Pounds Sterling having been transmitted


from Russia at one time and it appearing that another item


of 23,750 Pounds covered the paper’s running expenses for but


six months.


As in most cases abroad, so also, in London, the Jewish Soviet


government had organized its foreign trade delegation—in connection


with its official legation—to serve as a depot for furnishing


the sinews of class war in the country of their assignation;


and the Communist agitations in Great Britain, moreover, were


definitely traced as having been financed, for years, by such official


agencies of the Soviet Union. Direct accusations to this effect


were generally answered by a flat denial, until incontrovertible


proof was presented. But finally, the anti-British activities on the


part of these Soviet officials having been carried to such a point


that British national security was seriously jeopardized, the


British government ordered the Soviet Trade Exchange, the


Arcos House, closed—on May 12, 1927—after the Bolshevik spy


net had been exposed several times, and full proof obtained. The


further evidence that two Russian banks had transmitted large


sums of money to British revolutionaries for the purpose of


fomenting in the British Isles a revolt identical with the Russian


debacle ten years before, made the British decision final, according


to Col. E. N. Sanctuary, in Are These Things So? In the


meantime Litvinoff had been proved to be an official Soviet






propagandist in other countries besides England, and so, in 1924,


he was rejected as Soviet ambassador there, for the second time.


It was not until 1930, that the English government relented sufficiently


to allow him to meet Mr. Anthony Eden in Moscow;


Litvinoff then being the Russian Foreign Commissar. Events


have proved, beyond a doubt, that World Jewry is definitely


committed to the plan of having the Jewish govern-ment of


Russia extended to all other countries in the world. The American


Hebrew of September 10, 1920, made this statement: “What


Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully


contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of


the Jewish heart and mind are tending to promote in other




Then British colonial possessions became points of Soviet attack


as soon as Jewry had risen to power in Russia, under the usual


idealistic pretense of striving to build “workers’ governments,” to


be created “for and by the workers” themselves. With such an


avowedly international intention, the Soviet created for Litvinoff


an office novel in the annals of diplomacy—that of Foreign Commissar-


at-Large. And in spite of this man’s entire preoccupation


with incitement to class war and international revolution, it was


nevertheless he—the bank robber, murderer, and civil-waragitator


—who represented the Soviet Union at the Genoa


Economic Conference in 1922. In the year 1925 he—the former


smuggler of war material—headed the Disarmament Conference


in Moscow, and he also acted in similar capacity at the Geneva


Conference for Disarmament in 1927 and 1932!


Though outwardly pretending to work for peace even to the extent


of initiating and subsidizing peace movements in most


countries, the Soviet Union not only possesses most formidable


land and air forces, but this Jewish-Communistic gov-ernment is


also at work in practically every country in the world inciting to


civil war and Red revolution, to the end that ultimately the whole


world may be brought under the same Communistic rule, with


Jews and their paid tools only, at the head of every Gentile








Being wholly unscrupulous as well as past masters in hypocrisy,


Litvinoff and most other Jewish diplomats have but one goal in


mind, namely, the duping of credulous Gentiles—who have so far


appeared unable to grasp the Jewish intrigue behind every


measure which on the surface appears to favor a “workers’ regime.”


Invariably the seeds of Communism develop into one


universal kind of plant which bears as its only fruit the Jews’ own


racial preferment, while for the credulous Gentile there is left just


so much of a crop as the chaff that falls off the grain. In perfect


expectation of the final outcome of Jew-fostered Communistic


movements in nearly every country, Jewish high finance has


consistently, though secretly, affiliated itself with the Jewish


revolutionaries in their common aim of promoting the


ascendancy of the Jewish race, which purpose today is—and


apparently not illegally—accomplished by fomenting the Red


movement among the Gentile malcontents who embrace the


creed of Marx and Lenin.


It was a case of such community of interests when Litvinoff, on


an official mission in France in 1933, had a secret meeting with


his fellow Jew, Trotsky, the banker Rothschild, of Paris, and the


Jew-sympathizer, Raymond Moley, from America. Another alleged


contact—further adding to the mass of evidence of the


existence of what Disraeli described as a Jewish World-Super-


Government—was press-reported in Paris in May, 1934, as between


the Jews, Litvinoff, Bernard M. Baruch—”adviser” of


American presidents—Baron Maurice de Rothschild, the Paris


banker, and Leon Trotsky, the man whom no country wants. If


correct, for what purpose?


The recognition of the Soviet government by the United States –


through Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is of Jewish ancestry himself,


and the Jews for whom he acts—was effected, with Litvinoff


acting as the Soviet Union’s Foreign Commissar. Since the


American people are purposely misinformed as to the kind of


government they indirectly agreed to recognize, it is all the more


the solemn and pressing duty of the informed and race-conscious


Gentiles in this country to insist upon full exposure of the details






of both the outrageous accession to power, and the present


shame-ful administration, of the Soviet regime. How many of our


American citizens are aware that this act of recognition—through


the arch-criminal Litvinoff—virtually means our countenancing


and treating on equal—nay, favored—terms, a regime the very


existence of which means the total enslavement—in every


sense— of Russian Christians by a power-mad Satanic minority?


Does— or does not—that act of recognition express sanction of a


system which is equivalent to the abject bondage of more than


160 mil-lion white people and fellow Christians? The broad


responsibility assumed by an administration which officially


recognizes a government composed of such a clique of criminals


as the Moscow regime, cannot properly be estimated by the


uninformed and indifferent American citizen. That act of


recognition of November 18, 1933, by Franklin D. Roosevelt,


was most emphatically not an expression of the informed and


honest conviction of the 90-percent-Aryan population in the


United States. It was certainly not sanctioned by the majority of


confessed Christians living within our borders, from whom the


actual truth concerning the Russia of today has been


systematically, cunningly, and effectively withheld, and who for


the most part are totally unaware of the actual conditions in that


country, where Christianity has now been almost entirely


abolished. That recognition was not an act understood by honest


Aryans, in so far as thereby was sanctioned the total eclipse of the


large majority who are of our own white race, only to raise to a


dizzy pinnacle a bloodthirsty minority, which moreover, by


scientific blood test, belongs to the yellow Asiatics.


IN this connection, the following pitiful appeal was published in


a pamphlet issued from Geneva, Religious Persecution in Russia,


by The Permanent Bureau of the International Entente against the


Third International, 13, Corraterie, Geneva, Switzerland: “In


Russia, Christians are being persecuted and killed for their faith,


as in the early days of the Christian Church. Are there really still


Christians beyond the frontier? Is it really possible,






that our brothers abroad know our situation and do not come to


our aid?”


Moreover, that American citizens were to enjoy full freedom of


worship in Russia, was one of the explicit conditions of American


recognition. How flagrantly this condition has been violated,


along with the others, may be seen from a report from the


American representative of the Universal Christian Church, stating


that on an American church planned to be built in Moscow, at


a total expense of $4000, the Jewish government had decided to


levy an annual tax of $100,000! As a typical example of racial


duplicity, this recalls the notorious statement of the Jew,


Menjinsky, widely published about the time of the Russian recognition


by the United States: “As long as there are idiots to take


our signature seriously and to put their trust in it, we must


promise everything that is being asked and as much as we like, if


we can only get something tangible in return!”


According to recent newspaper reports, Litvinoff has been made


Honorary President of the Russian Godless Movement. In private


life, Mr. and Mrs. Litvinoff do not mingle with the proletariat. On


the contrary, only the wealthiest Jewish families in Europe and


America are deemed worthy of their social recognition. Their


household is run on a most luxurious scale—a fact not very


consistent with any honest and sincere championship of the cause


of abused and downtrodden labor. During his three weeks’


vacation at Marienbad in October, 1936 —as stated by the


monthly, Hammer, Vienna, of April, 1937— Litvinoff spent the


trifling sum of 54,000 Czechoslovakian crowns, or about $100.00


a day, as a representative of the Soviet “classless” society—held


up as an achieved ideal before the workers of the world!




Communism–A Jewish Stratagem


EVERYWHERE the general public is beginning to realize that


the Jews, because of their race-consciousness and their world-wide


distribution can have no allegiance to any specific country and, as


a matter of fact, practically consider themselves as transients


everywhere. That “there are no English, French, German or


American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany


or America,” was stated by the Jew, Chaim Weizmann,


Zionist leader, on August 29, 1897, at the First Zionist Congress


at Basle, Switzerland.


This fact alone would motivate the Jew’s urge to accumulate


whatever is within his range of possibility. He is the original


opportunist, always ready to take advantage of any situation that


may arise in any country where he happens to find himself, and


as such he justifies to himself his characerisic instinct for exploitation


which with him literally amounts to a religion. He will


be found in any field where his fertile imagination senses an


opportunity for profit.


The morals and laws of any country in which he resides are to


him wholly non-existent. It is because of this undying nomad


instinct, regarding himself as always being “on the road,” that he


considers himself accountable to no Gentile authority for his


doings—see The Eternal Road, by Max Reinhardt (Goldmann).


This includes his methods of trading, his un-morality, and his


playing at politics in a questionable manner. Predatory acts either


on a minor scale or as enterprises of huge proportions, are lawful


for him as a Talmudic Jew, for as such he has been taught to


regard his racial and religious laws as superseding the Gentile


laws of any country. An act of rape is thus in fact, permitted the


Talmudic Jew, if it is committed against a Gentile woman. In


practice therefore, the Gentile public






is coming to be fairly well aware of the Jew’s not recognizing any


religious or moral obligation to respect the laws of any country.


In the political field the Jew always, as a Jew, strives to obtain


power and influence over his hosts. Upon his appointment to


office in a Gentile community he of course pledges loyalty to that


respective community or office in the usual way. And when the


Jewish candidate is seeking the confidence of the Gentile, the


latter is made to believe that the Jew would remain faithful to this


oath of office as he himself would do in such position. But


history discloses a mass of evidence to prove that because of the


peculiarity of his race and character the Jew can not, or will not,


remain faithful to the promises he may make to any constituted


Gentile authority. In national politics the Jew has been proven


again and again, the greatest traitor to his solemn oath of office.


Therefore by merely following his own Talmudic laws the Jew


automatically becomes a destructive element within any Gentile


community—even though he may have bound himself to carry


out his office faithfully. This is attested in the Yom Kippur


prayer: Kol Nidre.


Again, consider Russia. The Russian workers whom the Jewish-


Communist leaders had promised to liberate from their alleged


Czarist yoke, learned through ghastly experience unfortunately,


that the Jews did not in the least fulfill their pledges to free them;


they only utilized the state of decay of former Imperial Russia—


for which they had long conspired—as a golden opportunity to


elevate their own race on an immense scale. Even in the days of


the Czars the Jews had not been satisfied with adjusting themselves


to the laws of the Gentiles then in power. Even then the


Jewish four percent minority insisted on the right to enforce their


Talmudic conceptions on the 96 percent Gentile majority! In this


connection, during the time of the Czars, Poland, with a Jewish


population of about ten percent, was a part of Imperial Russia, as


were Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia and Finland. The many and


varied attempts on the part of the Jews to inter-fere with the then


existing order, amply proved their inborn will to destroy. The


inevitable Russian reaction is admitted as such






by the Jewish Bolshevik, M. Rafes, who, in his Otscherki Jewreiskogo


rabotchego pwishenija—Sketch of the Jewish Workers’


Movement—Moscow and Leningrad, 1929, on page 23, says:


“Even in Czaristic times hatred of the Russians for the Jews was


justified, since the government had recognized, even as early as


in the 1860’s, Jews as the most active members in all revolutionary




And even the Jew-sympathizer, Count Leo Tolstoy, admitted that


reports of the persecution of the Jews under the Czars were


“somewhat exaggerated.”—Autobiography of Andrew Dickson


White, II, p. 77. It was always the Jewish preoccupation with


seeking to create disorder in Gentile countries, that reacted in an


intense feeling of dislike for these nomads who with typical


irresponsibility considered themselves just “en passant,” whether


in Russia or any other country.


As before mentioned, exploiting material advantages in Gentile


countries during times of unrest and strife has always been the


Jews’ best opportunity. Indeed such conditions have most usually


been created by them for this express purpose. Periods of quiet


and order offer the Jewish speculator far less opportunities for


reaping large profits than do conditions of abrupt and extensive


change. Professor Werner Sombart confirms this by the statement


that “Wars are the Jews’ harvests.” Another Jew-friend, Leroy-


Beaulieu, on p. 55 of his book Israel Among the Nations, gives


expression to Jewry’s racial interest in upheavals and unrests,


thus: “He (the Jew) is, above all, at liberty to see in the revolution


the realization of the ancient prophecies of Israel.”


This being the case, the Jew is all too eagerly doing his part in


creating such social and economic disturbances, and to this end it


has become his chief ambition to carry the seeds of unrest and


discord into every country. In the political field he has long seen


the stupendous opportunities open to the shrewd exploiter and for


this reason he is busily engaged—through the promotion of


“democracy” and universal suffrage—in planting the germs of






Bolshevism everywhere for the sole purpose of advancing his


own race. This has today become one of his main pursuits; and


his affectedly superior salesmanship—based on his money


control— and his fluent vocabulary, are aiding him materially in


his extensive sponsoring of left-wing politics with the objective


of advancing unscrupulous Jews to positions of former dynasties


or individual Gentile incumbents.


After such economic or spiritual crises—which usually appear


together—have been of such severity as to destroy the morale of


the Gentile population, the Jew is ready to pursue his opportunity,


and openly shows interest in Gentile affairs. For he affects perfect


ease under the most chaotic conditions—another characteristic


trait which has proved to be a most valuable asset in working his


plan to invade and control other nations. Since the Jew has


managed in his own way to secure control of financial and


political power, of course it is not difficult for him to assume an


attitude of superiority toward his victims—whether nations or individuals;


but his character is disclosed by his wails of “religious


persecution” whenever he faces the prospect of Gentile reprisals


for his oppressive and immoral tactics.


The Jew thoroughly enjoys posing before the uneducated or halfeducated,


as their savior, by impressing them with an assumed


mental and spiritual superiority so as to substantiate his claim to


leadership. Thus for instance the idea of creating a “classless”


society as taught by Marx and Lenin is one of the many strategic


baits with which the middle-class Gentile is being caught and


confused by the Jewish orator or writer. But the professed “welfare”


of the Gentile worker still remains the favorite topic of


Communist argument and as a rule the Jew does not withdraw


until he is sure of having the unsuspicious Gentile entirely in his


power. This outward pretense of aiming to “liberate” the “oppressed”


and “mistreated” workers being the Jews’ smoke screen


as it were, their main objective is and always has been to ensnare


the Gentile’s mind so as to be able to use him for their own putposes.


And any attempt to escape Jewish influence will immediately


be decried by them as an act of “persecution” for they






have the megalomaniacal Messiah-conception of themselves as


be-ing divinely appointed as leaders of the Gentiles. Their


Talmudic writings as instilled in them from earliest childhood by


their teachers and rabbis are directly responsible for this hostile


superiority complex of the Jews, for these teachings expressly


emphasize that Gentiles are not even inferior humans but actually


beasts, thus fixing the idea of “superiority” definitely in the subconscious


mind of every Jew.


The American author, Gilbert F. Stevenson, wrote in his book


The Cuttlefish in 1933, page 79: “What amazes the student of the


Jewish question in the United States is the stupidity which


permitted Jewish Bolshevism to flaunt itself so openly during the


past years. The only explanation is that the Jews never dreamed


that the American people would become sufficiently awake to


challenge them.” And on pages 73-74 of the same book Mr.


Stevenson states: “In most Gentiles is latent fear and hysteria like


the potential stampede in cattle. This flourishes in the minds of


inexperienced people who have gone through our American


system of schools and never learned to think for themselves but


accept ready-made thoughts of a Jewish-controlled press in toto.”


The Jewish publisher, Haldeman-Julius of Girard, Kansas, in one


of his Little Blue Books dealing with the Jewish race illustrates


the typically Jewish conceit by his statement: “Albany—New


York’s state capital—and Washington may disappear, but the


New York Ghetto will remain.” This expresses how the Jews of


the world expect to penetrate and subject if not annihilate any and


all Gentile nations and communities and at the same time keep


themselves and their ghettos unchanged. We also read in the


Biblical scriptures, Numbers 24:8, “… he shall eat up the nations


…” which of course is interpreted by the Jews as guaranteeing


that the Gentile nations shall disappear but that the Jews will




History discloses that Israel and its progeny actually have eaten


up nations and subjugated their non-Jewish population, and


today’s continuation of this program is partly due to the Marxian


procedure of appealing to discontented groups of workers with






the promise of guiding them into circumstances of peace and


plenty. The Jews are employing all their skill of oratory and


trickery to induce Gentile workers to surrender to Jewish “socialisic”


leadership; and gradually the workers actually come to believe


in the Jew as the philanthropist he represents himself to be


and trust him to keep his pledges. But to the Jew this only means


the fulfilment of Genesis 27, 29: “Let people serve thee, and


nations bow down to thee.”


But after the Communistic Jews have used the Gentile dupes to


accomplish their objective of Jewish national control, their interest


in the “workers’ welfare” is no longer paramount—as is


proven in Soviet Russia. The Jews are only acting in accordance


with the Biblical promise as given in the Jewish Psalm 4, 3: “He


shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet.”


NO wonder that the international Jewish troublemakers are at


present so feverishly engaged in trying to turn the worldwide


turmoil into such a complete chaos that it will be impossible for


any human being or group to re-establish anything resembling


law and order! The plan of the Jews then will be, chiefly under


the pretense of nationalism, to make a great show of leading the


exhausted and utterly bewildered Gentile nations “out of the


chaos.” For this purpose they will display apparent evidence of


great political skill in any emergency however formidable. With


cunning phrases they will know how to pose as the only dependable


liberators of the desperate people. But it will be noted


by the keen observer that through all their pretense and all their


flowery promises only one specific point will be consistently


maintained—the furthering of their own cause, and, temporarily,


that of those politicians who are placed as a protective guard or


Gentile fronts for the particular Jewish leader of the moment. All


the current penetrations of Bolshevism into various Gentile


countries are being effected through similar tactics. An


interesting statement was made by the Jewish investment broker


Maurice Wertheim, of New York, and owner of the






weekly The Nation, on his return from Russia in 1935. This man


who as a prominent capitalist supposedly should have no reason


at all for favoring such a “proletarian” state as Russia is pictured


to the American worker, expressed himself as highly pleased with


conditions there as he had observed them—as reported by The


New York World-Telegram, November 4, 1935. And the truly


royal receptions given the Jewish New York banker Felix M.


Warburg, when he visited Russia with his retinue in 1927, and


Mrs. Otto Kahn in 1931, afford further proof that the reversion of


Russia to an openly Jew-controlled country was due to the


collaboration of Jewish radicals and Jewish financiers, and


sustains the contentions herein made. Or does it by any chance


conform with the ideals of the Gentile proletariat of the world,


that multi-millionaire Samuel Untermeyer of New York was


royally escorted and entertained by the “People’s Commissars” of


the world’s first proletarian country in August, 1937, when he


undertook a boycott propaganda journey to the Soviet Union via


Leningrad, as the chief agent of that sinister Jewish organization


of New York, the Kehillah? In further confirmation, Jewish


periodicals and dailies keep on saying that “no other government


has done so much for Jewry as the Soviet government.”


And true enough, the B’nai B’rith’ Magazine, New York, March


1933, falls in with “… for no community has the Revolution


brought about a greater change of status than for the Jews.” Even


the notorious German Communist, Max Hoelz, living in


Leningrad—at last realizing that the Communist doctrines as


materialized in Soviet Russia were only created for the ultimate


benefit of the Jewish race, when questioned by some of his German


Communistic friends regarding the success of Communism


in Russia, ironically condensed his verdict as follows:


“Everything is fine here … it is a big, filthy mess—eine grosse


Schweinerei … it is plain racketeering—die reine Bonzokratie,”


according to the New York Staatszeitung, July 4, 1935. Such a


criticism or the infamous Jewish bureaucracy was eventually the


cause of his being “liquidated” in 1937.”






The world-renowned Jewish anarchist, Emma Goldman, too, corroborates


the information culled from various sources concerning


the “first proletarian country of the world.” She said, in an interview


reported in the New York Evening Journal of April 11,


1935: “There are more classes in Soviet Russia today than in


1917, more than in most other countries of the world. The Bolsheviki


have created a vast bureaucracy enjoying special


privileges and almost unlimited authority over the masses,


industrial and agricultural. Above that bureaucracy is the still


more privileged class of ‘responsible comrades,’ the new Soviet


‘aristocracy.’ ” Miss Goldman also added in the same interview:


“Soviet Russia, it must now be obvious, is an absolute despotism


politically, and the crassest form of state capitalism,


economically.” Approving of the above, the Jewish B’nai B’rith


Magazine, New York, March, 1933, put its O. K. on these


existing conditions in Soviet Russia by saying: “Under the new


regime (Bolshevism) it is at last possible to be a real Jew.”


As another qualified authority on Communism, let us cite Leon


Trotsky himself: In a pamphlet published in New York in 1934


by the Communist Party’s Trotsky-followers, on the Kirov assassination,


he describes the success of seventeen years of


Bolshevism thus: “The economic achievements keep lagging far


behind and the overwhelming majority of the population


continues to lead a poverty-stricken existence”; which fully


corresponds with the statement of Max Hoelz.


Equally emphatic, is the testimony of numerous foreign-born


Communists of former days. Many of these were put to work in


collectives in Soviet Russia, and their disappointment was


coupled with the painful realization that they dared not return to


their native lands because of fear of being condemned to life


terms in prison there. This has been the case with a group of


Communists from Hungary who had held power during Bela


Kun’s short-lived reign there and had afterwards gone with him to


Russia where they had been put to work, as were all other


Gentiles. Being thus reduced to. the status of mere working


animals—with Jews as their masters—such practical application






of Bolshevism did not conform with their ideas of “a workers’


paradise.” Moreover these Hungarian Reds were given long terms


of hard labor for merely protesting against the methods of the


identical Communistic system that they themselves had helped to


bring into existence!


It so happens that these former associates of Bela Kun are being


closely watched, and most certainly will not be permitted to


return to Hungary as they might then reveal to all the world the


horrible deails of Jewish Communism at work. They are reduced


to just the kind of slaves that Jewry needs for supplying the


requisites for its life of ease. In the Ukraine the farmers rightly


name their system of work under Jewish supervision “statute




AS has been stated before in these pages, the entire tragedy of the


enslavement of the white population of Russia began when Lenin


from Switzerland and Trotsky from the United States subdued


Moscow and Petrograd in Russia with their gangster hordes in


1917. The Sisson Report, prepared by Edgar Sisson, President


Wilson’s official observer in Petrograd, during his three months’


stay in Russia in 1919, at the time when the actual cataclysm was


in its first and most violent stage, gives a very significant, firsthand


account of this period of anarchy. American Jews,


determined to conceal the truth from the American public, at once


acquired the sole right of reproduction of Sis-son’s book, 100 Red


Days, Yale University Press, New Haven, Conn. This book


contains a mass of authentic information regarding the part


played by the Jews in the earliest revolutionary epoch.


The Fascist, London, sums up the status of the Jews in Russia as




(1) They avoid physical work and rather stick to trading.


(2) No Jews are seen in the employment agencies looking for




(3) Jews are displaying luxuries in a provoking fashion.


(4) In High Schools Jews are overwhelming.






(5) They are not serving in the Red Army, except in commanding


positions. (6) Moscow is their metropolis of activity. Decades


ago, Alfred Roth declared in his book Die Sittenlehre der Juden:


“The time will come when every Jew will have 1000 slaves.” It


would seem as if, at least in Russia, this has already come true.


Communism, as yet outlawed in only a very few countries, has


served as the chief medium. Communism as understood by Jewry


represents merely a form of government that permits this


parasitical minority to become the Gentiles’ supervisors, officers


and actual rulers; but by no means are those Jewish institutions of


practical Communism such as farm collectives, factory


collectives, state quarries, state lumber camps, etc., desired


opportunities for Jews themselves to enjoy, else the refugee-


Communists from Germany should be seen striving to enter


Soviet Russia. Since all of the available posts as commissars and


supervisors in present-day Soviet Russia are filled, that country,


where Marx’s theory has been put into practice, has little lure for


radical Jewry. . . . They prefer “democratic” America where they


have ample opportunity to grab whatever suits their racial




It remains a piece of typical and colossal insolence to demand


acquiescence of every other country in the world, in the monstrous


crime of robbing the nationals of one-sixth part of the globe of


the sovereignty over their own country. On the other hand this act


is not without parallel, for in the Old Testament certain passages


record the depredations of the Jews in Egypt. Exodus 11:7,


curiously enough, describes how news of the Jews’ slaughtering


and robbing of the Egyptians was silenced in much the same way


as information of the rape of Russia has been suppressed by the


Jew-controlled press of our days. Says this Bible record:


“But against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move


his tongue against man or beast; that ye may know how that the


Lord doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel.”


Accordingly, any widespread knowledge of the millions of murders,


as well as of the mass of other atrocities committed by the






Jews in inducting and enforcing Communism in Russia has, incredibly


enough, been effectively suppressed during all these


years through a tight, world-wide press censorship.


IT IS now being acknowledged all over the world, that the Jews’


hue and cry about the 30 members of their race who were


punished for attempting to break up the German government was


in reality a smoke screen to hide their own gigantic crime of the


murder—by massacre, torture or starvation—of more than BO


million Gentiles in Russia. Identical Jewish tactics were observed


in the Hungarian revolution just as they are being observed on an


international scale today. In James True’s Industrial Control


Report of August 22, 1936, he says: “Lenin repeatedly advised


his followers to accuse their opponents of the crimes they themselves


were planning, in order to protect themselves and confuse


the public.” Therefore the Jew-controlled press of the world has


been mobilized against the “White Terror,” which in fact has


consisted of nothing but urgently necessary measures for Gentile


self-preservation against the everywhere-present forms of Jewish


depredation. Indeed, the Talmud says: “The best of the Gentiles


—kill!”—Abraham L. Reiskind in My Conception of God, New


York, 1931.


In this day of world-wide racial awakening however, even the


Jew-dominated world press will be unable to still the aroused


conscience of the Christian world, to whose attention the Jewish


murder of many millions of Christians in the Soviet Union finally


has come. And, differently from the accounts of the rape of old


Egypt, our voices shall not be silenced; for it is our own White


Race that has been—and always is—victimized by the Jewish


stratagem, Communism. The world’s Jewry will be called to


account for the barbarism through which it has acquired—and is


sustaining—its power over the Soviet Union, as well as for its


methods of international treachery in all other parts of the world.


As the world is steadily becoming more aware of and averse to


the onward march of Bolshevism, it has become imperative for






the arch plotters to devise different tactics so as to keep their real


objective concealed. Dr. Joseph Goebbels said in a speech at


Nuremberg on September 10, 1936: “Lenin, the founder of the


Bolshevik Revolution, stated frankly that falsehoods are not only


justified but have proved to be the most effective tools in the


Bolshevik struggle.”


Consequently George Dimitrov, former Bulgarian Communist


leader, who was elected General Secretary of the Third (Communist)


International in 1935 in a speech delivered on the VIIth


Communistic Party Day in Moscow in August, 1935, directed


that the Party become more cunning in its methods by employing


the so-called Trojan Horse tactics—that is, intruding as imperceptibly


as possible into trade unions, religious bodies and


social groups. He recommended as more effective for the Party,


to lay aside for the time being, the blood and thunder methods,


and instead mask their Communistic, anti-religious activities


under the guise of Socialism, Liberalism, Modernism, New Dealism,


etc., etc.—Pravda, Moscow, August 6, 1935. The same


speech also contained other enlightening disclosures of Jewry’s


strategic trickery, as for instance: “… the defense of Democracy,


peace, the hand extended to Catholic brothers, and the building of


trade unions . . . are all transitional slogans which are to be


discarded when the moment arrives to seek openly the attainment


of Communism’s objectives.” Accordingly the American scene is


today flooded with a multitude of new organizations, most of


them with beautiful, idealistic-sounding names—so as to trap the


unwary “bourgeois” Americans who would not by any chance


consider any cooperation with the Communist Party if they were


aware of it. Mrs. Elizabeth Dill-ing, Kenilworth, Illinois, in The


Red Network, 1934, and in later editions, lists over 600 such


organizations with an estimated membership of 12 millions—


which all stem back to the mother organization, the Communist


Party of Moscovite Jews. In reading and following up the


material issued by Jews, half-Jews, and their spiritual relatives


the “synthetic” Jews or Gentile fronts, it should be remembered,


that whenever the term “people”






is used in their literature or speeches, it tacitly and without exception


implies the Jewish people and most emphatically not the


Aryan majority or the Gentiles in general. Hence, any reference


to “the people” or “the workers” made by members of the Jewish


race or their tools, automatically means people or workers of the


Jewish race and by no means those of the Aryan majority.


Identical abuses of the logical meaning of words in every day


language can be noticed in innumerable terms and expressions as


for instance, “progressive,” “reactionary,” “liberty,” “democracy,”


etc. Thus if Jewish or pro-Jewish orators and publications employ


these terms, they essentially mean Jewish “progressive-ness,”


Jew-conceived “reactionary” ideas, “liberty” for furthering Jewish


subversive schemes, “democracy” where Jews have their say in


an unproportional measure and weightiness. Simultaneously it


should be understood and recalled that “progressive” schemes of


Jews and their serfs always imply exactly the opposite for the


Gentile world. For that identical reason Gentile constructiveness


is termed “reactionary,” by the Jews. “Liberty” as desired by the


adherents of Judaism or Marxism and advocated by the Jewish


element and their befuddled Gentile followers, is exactly


synonymous with restriction and enslavement of the Gentiles and


their world. Much the same can be said about “democracy.” This


term as defined by members of the “chosen” tribe has ultimately


lost its original meaning of freedom of action for the nation as a


whole. Moreover, today this term merely indicates a kind of


elbow freedom within which Jews—last but not least, due to the


totally Judaized journalistic penetration in this country and the


world over—have subverted the true character of this word


whenever their peculiar racial aggressiveness finds it suitable.


Today the term “democracy” has been gradually captured by


Jewry, and it is the latter that has given it a significance within


which Judah is granted penetration, aggrandizement and even


privileged usurpation, though the latter scheme, as a rule, is cunningly


hidden and camouflaged and wisely kept secret from the






public mind. Many more examples could be added proving


Jewry’s treachery in continually perverting the true and original


meanings of words, as for instance in “human being,” “mankind,”


“humanity” and so on. Such terms, if spoken and used by Jews,


only refer to the Jewish minority, and not to the Gentiles. The


Jew Sir Charles Henry, former Commissioner of London’s Police


Headquarters, Scotland Yard, on various occasions has given


explicit definitions of Jewry’s psychology, commonly referred to


as Judaism. How the adherents of Judaism have exactly the


contrary in mind whenever they have any dealings with people


not belonging to their race, has thus been given a memorable


testimony by this prominent leader of Jewry. According to the


Chicago Israelite the Jewish Examiner and other Jewish


publications he confesses: ” . . . Judaism is not merely a religion,


Judaism is a mode of living, a philosophy of life, . . . a


diametrically opposite way of looking at things.” Leroy-Beaulieu


the pro-Jewish writer of France, in Israel Among the Nations, on


p. 19 features a similar example of Jewry’s peculiar phraseology


by stating: ” . . . the Word ‘neighbor’ is of doubtful meaning on


the lips of a Jew. In the mouth of a Christian, free from all tribal


feeling, no doubt, the word means a man of any race whatsoever,


Jew, Greek or Barbarian. In the mouth of the Jew, neighbor


means Jew. The stranger, the gher or Goy, is no neighbor.”


Unsuspicious people knowing nothing of the interrelation of


Marxism and Judaism, even less realizing the thorough deception


employed by the insincere interpretation of words by the propagators


of Jewish Communism, will ultimately discover the complexity


of diametrically opposite results, if Communism is actualized.


For the fate that the Gentile is awaiting in the “paradise” of


Jewish Communism, is not liberation from the alleged yoke of


Gentile capitalism; but, on the contrary, he is entering a life term


of slavery under the whip of Asiatic Jews—the very Jews who


promulgated Communism as a weapon for securing their own


racial domination. Look at Russia of today!






SOME Communist leaders, however, still scorn such camouflage,


among them being Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. In a radio broadcast,


also published in his own monthly, Opinion, and commented upon


in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935, he openly stated:


“Some call it Marxism—I call it Judaism.” The identical opinion


is also current on the other side of the Atlantic; for it was stated


May 12, 1936, in the Jewish periodical of Fance, Le Droit de


Vivre, that “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.” Vicomte Poncins,


in his book The Secret Forces Behind Revolution, page 158,


quotes a similar statement by the Jew Alfred Nossig: “Socialism


and the Mosaic code are not at all in opposition . . . all Jewish


groups . . . have a vital interest in the victory of Socialism; they


must exact it not only on principle, not only because of its


identity with the Mosaic doctrine, but also on tactical grounds.”


Another equally outspoken Jewish leader is Moissaye J. Olgin,


editor of The Day, New York City. In a report on the “Conference


of Jewish Communists,” appearing in the issue of


September 28, 1936, the following astonishing admission was


made: “The delegates, flesh and bone of the Jewish masses, have


been engaged in a great variety of work intended to improve the


life of the Jewish people. He who has heard about ‘sinister


motives’ of Communists, about their ‘boring from within,’ about


their sacrificing everything to the ‘special interests’ of the


Communist Party, would have been astonished to discover that all


these Jewish Communists were reporting about and discussing


activities for the protection and improvement of the situation of


the Jewish people. For this is what the Communist Party strives


for, not only in the Jewish field but also on a nation-wide scale.”


Jewry’s interest in disruptive movements is expressly stigmatized


as part of the human nature of that racial element, for the Jew


Bernard Lazare, in his book L’Antisemitisme, Paris, 1894, points


out: “The Jew plays a part in revolutions, and he plays it inasmuch


as he is a Jew, or rather inasmuch as he remains a Jew. . . .


The spirit of the Jew is essentially a revolutionary spirit and,


consciously or otherwise, the Jew is a revolutionary.”






The Israelitische Wochenblatt, Leipsiz, January 15, 1926, is somewhat


more explicit in regard to the Jews’ world-wide scale conception,


in admitting: “Our fight goes on, not only for our


existence, but for the preservation and the development of our


whole Jewish being—our All-World Domination which was taken


away from us 2000 years ago.”


All signs point to the United States as having been designated for


early capture by these same Jewish-Communistic gangsters and


their supporters within Jewish high finance. In the battle with this


foe in our own midst, it is not our best strategy to focus our


artillery on individual and perhaps newly-hired representatives of


the Communist Party, but upon the originators of the entire conspiracy—


international Jewry. In spite of all the efforts made by


the controlled publicity agencies to conceal the facts, it is quite


evident that the time is very close at hand when the whole issue


will be exposed in the press—thus leaving the verdict to the judgment


of a thoroughly aroused world.




Communism a World Movement


THE task of tracing within the small scope of this book even the


briefest outline of the ramifications of the Jewish-Bolshevistic


subversive apparatus, obviously is an impossibility. Therefore


only a few of its most conspicuous phases may here be brought to


the attention of the public. The Jewish coup d’etat in Hungary has


been sketched roughly in the chapter on B




, and some of

Soviet Russia’s efforts to Bolshevize England have been


recounted in the chapter on L




. Even more pointed and

detailed, however, were the subversive, Jewish activities preparatory


to bringing Germany under open Jewish control after the


breakdown of Russia in 1917, for the utter collapse of Germany


had indeed been long and carefully prepared for. A Galician Jew,


Salomon Kosmanovski, alias Kurt Eisner, offered himself as a


willing tool for the task of Bolshevizing Germany, so as to bring


about the end of the war by fomenting revolutionary activities


within the ranks of the German soldiery and home workers.


Photostatic evidence from the hand of this wandering Jew from


Galicia, of his having issued a total of 3,103 checks during the


period from September 25 to November 16, 1918, amounting to


not less than 164,727,028 gold-marks, or about 40 million


dollars, was reproduced in the Sueddeutsche Monatshefte, May,


1924. Incidentally, this sum corresponds with the special credit of


25 million pounds which England’s then Prime Minister, Lloyd


George, asked, for “secret purposes,” February 16, 1917. As


Germany allegedly could not be beaten by force of arms, that


country’s destruction from within was considered the only


alternative; and the nationless—or rather anti-national— Jew, as


usual, proved to be the accepted medium for the world-Jewish


hierarchy and advanced his own racial “emancipation” by


utilizing the betrayed Gentile worker.






Statistics from Germany have revealed positively that while these


preparations for her military and economic ruin which came to a


head in 1918 were under way, Jews had been eagerly watching


for such opportunity to insinuate themselves into the highest positions


in the country. In anticipation of the final collapse of the


German Empire, Jews were ready, like vultures, to swoop down


upon and grasp for themselves what was left of Germany’s greatness


after October, 1918.


According to a statement by Muenchmeyer in Marxisten als


Moerder, page 185, Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia, a highdegree


Mason, willingly hoisted the red flag atop his own castle


at Klein Glienicke near Potsdam on November 7, 1918, in advance


of the actual outbreak of the German revolution. He, in


common with practically all Freemasons, readily served as a


mediating link and subtle interpreter between the Jewish leftwing


movements including the Freemasons, and the vested


authorities, in order to stress the views, wishes and demands of


the Hidden Government. One month prior to the revolution the


Jew Kappus invited Prince Leopold and the secretary of the


Social-Democratic Party to a conference in Darmstadt, and there


suggested that the capital of Germany should be Frankfort-onthe-


Main, in deference to the Jews in Frankfort. Soviet Russia’s


intention to Bolshevize Germany through a national revolution


was shown by the statement of the Jew Dr. Oskar Cohn—then a


member of the Reichstag from the Independent Communist bloc,


to the effect that on November 5, 1918, four days before the


revolution, he had received from the Soviet ambassador to


Germany, Joffe—alias Zaphet, the sum of 4 million roubles—2


million dollars—for the overthrow of the German Government.


Confronted with the further evidence that he had used his special


official train from Leningrad for the transfer of revolutionary


literature to Germany, Soviet Ambassador Joffe was forced to


leave Berlin, November 6, 1918.


So as to carry out in detail the secret orders of the Soviet government,


Dr. Oskar Cohn then suggested to the first President of


the new German republic, Ebert, on November 9, 1918, that






he make room in his cabinet for the Communist and half-Jew


Karl Liebknecht. This latter as well as another notorious Communist


leader, the Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, had, while both


were in prison, already received from Soviet Russia through


Ambassador Joffe, ample funds for use in revolutionary activities


as soon as their jail terms expired in October, 1918. At the same


time the Jew Jogisches, who later called himself Tyschko, also


received huge financial support through Joffe. With all this


money these three suddenly burst upon the political scene in


Germany as sponsors of a new party, the Spartacus Bund—a new


alias for the Communist groups. And the Russian-Jewish writer


Radek-(Sobelsohn), speaking as Soviet representative in Berlin


on December 29, 1918, duly sanctioned this new party, launching


it as a German political party of Jewish-Soviet planning. The entire


Jew-controlled press in Germany of course immediately favored


this Jewish party, dealing with it almost as if it were an old


national institution of, by and for the people. Remarkable, too,


was the fact that while the revolution in Germany had only begun


on November 9, 1918, on the following day, November 10, the


Jewish secret government appointed Jews almost exclusively as


the new leaders of the Reich: the Marxist and Freemason, Ebert,


as President, the Jews Dr. Kurt Rosenfeld —who has recently


been in the United States agitating for anarchism, as Minister of


Justice, Hirsch as Minister of the Interior, Hugo Simon as


Minister of Finance, Eugene Schiffer as Secretary of the


Treasury, Kurt Eisner (Salomon Kosmanovski) as head of the


Bavarian government, Thalheimer as Premier of Brunswick;


while in the former kingdoms of Wuerttemberg and Saxony, Jews


were haggling over the premierships. The Social Democrat Ernst,


took office as Police Commissioner of Berlin. Also, on


November 10, 1918, Haase and Landsberg, both Jews, formed the


“Council of Six Representatives of the People.” With the German


armies still in the field, Jews also took over the army command,


on November 10, 1918, the day before the armistice. Thus the


Jew Georg Meier was named Chief of the just-formed Soldiers’


Council on the East Front, while another Jew Lewin,






received a similar appointment on the Western Front. Felix


Stoessinger was unexpectedly made Propaganda Chief, and the


newly formed Central Bureau of the People’s Executive Council


was headed by James Broh, both of these men being Jews.


Another Jew, Siegfried Merck, represented the “A” Army, while


still another, Nathan Moses, became the official head of “B”


Army. In the area of the Ukraine, Jacob Riesenfeld acted as


highest in command of the German troops, and Dr. Simon had


himself appointed Chief-of-Staff in Northwest Russia (Kurland),


both men being Jews. Ludwig Lewinsohn in the 4th Army Corps,


Leo Muffelmann—then a 33rd degree Mason—in the 6th Army


Corps, Hodenberg in the 8th and Otto Rosenberg in the 11th,


completed the list of these newly appointed Hebrew army


leaders. So as not to allow the Gentile masses in Germany to


stray from the proper Jewish viewpoint, the Jews Cohen-Reuss


and Dr. Hilferding were the main lecturers at the “General Congress


of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviets in Germany,” on Dec.


6, 1918, as reported by F. O. H. Schulz in Jude und Arbeiter,


Berlin and Leipzig, 1934. As a public avowal of Jewish designs


on what had once been Imperial Germany, Karl Liebknecht, on


November 9, 1918, raised the Red flag over the former Kaiser’s


palace; and the flag of the international Jewish organization, the


Independent Order of B’nai B’rith—protected by machine guns—


was hoisted over the center arch of the Brandenburg Tor, the


internationally famous gateway which had been traditionally


reserved for the exclusive use of the Kaiser and his entourage.—


Judenkenner, No. 17, Berlin. While all these details may not be of


great importance, of tremendous significance is the fact that all


these appointments were made the day after the start of the


Revolution, showing long-range and thorough planning on the


part of world-Jewry. It is no more than reasonable to credit


evidence that similarly detailed plans have already been worked


out for the United States. And such plans are, moreover,


undoubtedly in existence for displacing most other orderly


governments as well, for the Jewish problem is rapidly reaching


its climax throughout the whole world.






Regarding Jewry’s hand in matters of Germany the B’nai B’rith


Magazine, New York, May 1933, concurs with our points by admitting:


“The revolution overthrew the Imperial Regime of Germany,


passed through a storm in which, as in 1848, the Jews


more than ever came to the fore. A Jew, (Hugo Preuss), drafted


the Weimar Constitution. A Jew, Kurt Eisner, was elected (?)


President of the Bavarian Republic, etc. etc.” Germany’s literary


and journalistic activities after the collapse of the Empire were


likewise in the hands of the Jews. Thus, Max Cohen-Reuss,


Gustav Hoch-Hanau, Edward Bernstein, Rudolf Hilferding, Ernst


Hamburger and a host of others shared honors in supplying the


German people with news and literature approved by the “Chosen


People” and furthering their peculiar plans, while the viewpoint


and interest of the German nationals were either entirely left out


of consideration or treated hypocritically and perfunctorily.


In Germany, as elsewhere, the whole metropolitan press was


owned and controlled by Jews. For example the Jewish publishing


house of Rudolf Mosse (Moses), in addition to the Berliner


Tageblatt and the Berliner Uhr Blatt, under the editor-in-chief


Theodor Wolff, issued 15 other publications; whereas the Jewish


Ullstein Press, with the Berliner Morgenpost and the Vossische


Zeitung, brought out not less than 20 papers and periodicals. The


widespread Frankfurter Zeitung was also under the editorship of


the Jews Simon, Gutmann and Ambach, and in addition the


workers’ press, with the Vorwaerts of Berlin in the lead, not to


mention the Communistic Rote Fahne and a score of minor Jewedited


dailies, weeklies and monthlies, many of which were


camouflaged as magazines of art, literature and crticism. Since


Judaism and Bolshevism have been running on parallel tracks, it


is not to be wondered at that the Jew Goldschmidt, of the


powerful Darmstaedter Bank in Berlin, during the war gave a


“loan” to the social-democratic daily Vorwaerts of Berlin, at the


head of which paper, needless to say, was likewise a Jew, Singer


by name. This financial help for the purpose of leading the socialdemocratic


German Gentile workers surely along Jewish






dotted lines, amounted to 800,000 gold-marks or $200,000.00.—


From Marxisten als Moerder, by Muenchmeyer. It was frequently


suggested by the Communists that the provincial press which in


many cases was still in non-Jewish hands, should be abolished;


for a most essential part of the plans of the Jewish oligarchy was


to establish in Germany a tight Jewish press dictatorship so as to


effect a complete mental domination over the 99 percent,


German-Aryan majority, by the one percent, Jewish minority.


Anyone familiar with Jewish press tactics, realizes that the Jew


ridicules what he fears. The treatment meted out to the distinguished


educator Dr. William Wirt, of Gary, Indiana, by the


whole Jew-controlled press in America after his disclosures in


1934, affords an outstanding example of this, as also the persistent


ridiculing of the late Senator Huey P. Long. The same


treatment was accorded Hitler’s movement—then only in its first


stages—by the weekly Die Aktion which served as a sort of


literary clearing house for a considerable number of Jewish


writers. Its editor, Franz Pfemfert, referred to Munich—where


Hitler’s viewpoint had first taken root—as the “dumbest town in


the world.” But the extent to which the Jews even then actually


feared and hated Hitler’s National Socialism—which was based


upon Aryan conceptions, as opposing Jewish ascendancy— was


shown by their shocking murder, on April 30, 1919, of ten


members of a society for disseminating Aryan Science, among


them one woman. This mass murder was committed by members


of revolutionary groups including the Jews Levine-Nissen,


Levien and Axelrod, in the courtyard of the Luitpold Gymnasium


in Munich; and the victims were robbed, disrobed and mutilated


almost beyond recognition. It was later ascertained that most of


the assassins were members of the “Independent Order of B’nai


B’rith.”—From Huber: Freimaurerei, Stuttgart, Germany.


Another outstanding figure in the process of Judaizing post-war


Germany was Albert Einstein, who, under the pretense of “Social


Service” instituted his “Internationale Arbeiterhilfe.” This huge


propaganda apparatus, built on Marxian principles, naturally had






exclusive Jewish leadership—the Jew Arthur Holitscher, Maximilian


Harden (Witkowski), Professor Eltzbacher, Dr. Alfons


Goldschmidt, Prof. Paul Oestreich and Leonard Frank being


Einstein’s closest associates in the organization. The Karl Marx


School was another hotbed of Communism, under the noble


pretense of “educating” the German workers. The Dearborn


Independent of May 29, 1920, page 2, called attention to “… the


spirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of


German Socialism . . . “—showing sharp scrutiny even then of


the trend of affairs in Germany.. By the way, should not the


everywhere conspicuous zeal of the Jews—and their Gentile


dupes—for “adult education” programs, be a cause for serious




How completely Judaized Germany’s officialdom had become,


may be easily estimated from the huge Jewish bureaucracy that


assumed power in the Reich after ousting its former government.


And with a Jewish population of only 1 percent as mentioned


before, the Jewish delegates to the Reichstag from the Socialist


Party in 1925 increased to 22 percent. In 1932, the Jewish


proportion in the Communist Party was 14.5 percent, and in the


Socialist Party 17 percent. A huge army of Jewish writers was at


work demolishing the Christian ideals of Aryan Germany, and for


a long period the Russian-Jew Karl Radek (Sobelsohn) remained


the most influential literary figure there. Willi Muen-zenberg, a


Jew, member of the Reichstag and editor of three radical papers,


did his full share towards inspiring Germany with the Marxian


ideals. A most comprehensive account of the all but complete


Jewish control of the spiritual and mental life in post-war


Germany may be found in Schulz’ book Jude und Arbeiter.


The London Daily Mail of July 20, 1933, asserted that during the


last epoch before Hitler rose to power there were 20 times as


many Jewish officials in the German government as compared


with pre-war times. And not only the political offices had


changed hands but also many of the civic chairs and appointments.


A communication of the Fichte Bund, Hamburg, re-






vealed that in 1933 when Hitler became Chancellor, of 263


physicians employed by the Berlin Municipal Welfare Board, no


less than 183 were Jews.


A very significant testimonial of how Jewry then considered their


“Day” to have arrived as a consequence of Germany’s political


and economic defeat and enslavement, can be realized by reading,


from Ludwig Lewisohn’s book Israel, New York, 1925, p.


69: “From 1900 until 1918 there set in, despite the horrors of the


war, a golden age for the Jews in Germany. Jewish statesmen


were high in the councils of the nation. Jewish professors taught


in unprecedented numbers in German universities. Jewish playwrights,


novelists and poets were acclaimed.” Ibid., p. 53: . . .


although Jews never numbered more than one one-hundredth of


the total population they dwelt in a few compact masses; they


were not without influence. . . . The Jews control the most influential


sections of the press; they control the theaters; they


produce nearly half of the sound literature written in the German


tongue . . . and remain Jews.” Ibid., p. 49: “German literature and


art have been under a critical and creative Jewish influence which


is out of all proportion to the Jewish population.” And while


conditions in Austria were identical with those of Gemany, a


glance as far back as 1916 appropriately shows Jewish imprints


in the whole of that country’s revolutionary history. On October


21 of that year, it was, when the Socialist leader, Friedrich Adler,


a Jew, killed Austria’s Minister President, after a previous attempt


at assassination had failed. In the fall of 1918 the half-Jew Dr.


Seitz acted as President when Austria was proclaimed a republic.


The Social-Democrat, Dr. Karl Renner, who was married to a


Jewess, then became chancellor; while for the portfolio of


Minister of Foreign Affairs another Jew was chosen, Otto Bauer.


As Secretary for the Army the Jew Julius Deutsch was selected.


(This same Jew later on was chosen as aide-de-camp to the Red


war lords when the internal upheaval began in Spain.) Another


Jew, Johann Loewenfeld-Russ, was the preferred appointee in the


Commissariat for Food Supply of Austria. The not less important


appointment as Secretary for






Trade and Commerce was granted to the Jew Wilhelm Ellenbogen.


As Minister of Finance another Jew, Schumpeter by


name, was chosen. Later on he was succeeded by the half-Jew


Kienboeck, with the Jew Schwarzwald as his chief assistant. A


Gentile, Schober, became Chief of Police, although he was soon


replaced by the Vice President of the Police Headquarters of


Vienna, the Jew Presser. As Assistant to Chancellor Dr. Ren-ner,


stood Under State’s Secretary Professor Dr. Wilhelm Miklas, who


succeeded the Rothschild serf Dollfus after the latter’s death as


Chancellor. As Minister for Foreign Trade, the Jew Dr. Richard


Schueller, of the Bank carrying the same name, was chosen,


while the Jew Mandl, owner of a huge arms factory at Hirtenberg,


was known to have been the instrumental figure in putting Prince


von Starhemberg at the head of the Austrian army, the so-called


Heimwehr. Von Starhemberg’s unpopularity was intensified


when it became known that he kept a Jewish mistress.


In view of such a Jewish mass aggression it was no wonder that


in those grave days of post-war misery the Jew Julius Deutsch,


holding a post as Minister in Vienna, in November, 1918, loudly


boasted: “We Jews are now right on the top; we are the masters;


our dreams have been realized.”


A considerable duty of Germany’s pre-Hitler doctors consisted in


the creation of a new moral code after the Soviet pattern. Thus a


Jew, Prof. Felix Halle, published in 1931 a Jewish-Soviet


designed moral code under the title “Geschlechtsleben und


Strafrecht.” The following suggestion reflected specifically upon


its Jewish origin, p. 62: “Abolishment of punishment for Sodomy


according to the Soviet law!” The Soviet law in sexual matters


maintains: “… that sexual intercourse with animals is no deed


which shall be considered punishable by the government. …” The


above “reform law” under the Hebrew author falls under the


chapter of “Sexual Revolution.” It is entirely relevant here to


recall the fact that the leading press organs in Germany, in


referring to the revolution that had swept the country, simply


called it “a change of government,” so






as to prevent the average citizen from realizing that it actually


had been a total racial displacement of ownership of Germany


and a change of control of its cultural values, which had accurred.


The German Aryans had, all unknowingly, become dispossessed


of the natural rights of ownership and administration of


their own country.


Besides all this, at that time Germany, Hungary and Austria, were


inundated with a continuous flood of Soviet Jews, intent upon


carrying through in these countries what had already been so


successfully accomplished in Russia. The Jewish writer E. L.


Cohn, now writing as Emil Ludwig, then in Germany, and now in


the United States under contract with the Hearst press—also


biographer of President F. D. Roosevelt—summed up the common


aim of the Jewish literary and political intelligentsia at work


in those days in these words: “The breakdown of the old structures


of the three powers—Russia, Austria, and Germany—


means a considerable convenience to the leaders of Jewish


politics.”— Weltbuehne, Charlottenburg, No. 33, 1921. Since


then it has become a matter of international observation that the


Jews, by means of left-wing politics, have learned how to acquire


control of the immense power inherent within the working


masses and to use this power for their own racial benefit, Russia


especially presenting an unparalleled example of Jewish


imperialism gone mad. But the utmost care is always being taken


to disguise this aim under the pretense of extreme solicitude for


the poor, oppressed workers!


Jewry all over the world appeared to be fully aware of its racial


conquest following the period of armed conflict in Germany.


From Bombay, India, the Jewish Tribune, July 5, 1922, carried


the following gratified comment: “The German revolution is the


achievement of the Jews; the liberal democratic parties have a


great number of Jews as their leaders and the Jews play a


prominent role in high government offices.”


More pronounced emphasis, however, may be taken from an


attestation of the New York Rabbi J. L. Magnus, as recorded in


L. de Poncins’ Secret Forces Behind Revolutions, Vol. II, p.






24. In 1919 he revealed: “Let us compare the present situation in


Germany with that in Russia: In both countries the revolution has


liberated creative forces. We feel ourselves full of admiration as


we see with what promptness and in what numbers the Jews in


these countries moved into action. Revolutionaries, Socialists,


Mensheviks, Orthodox or Independent Marxists, call them what


you will, they are Jews, and in all revolutionary groups we find


Jews in directive and militant offices.” The Communistic


propaganda machinery organized and financed by the Communist


International in Moscow, usually referred to as the “Comintern,”


since its inception in 1918 has succeeded in establishing agencies


in every country in the world, most usually through a subsidiary


of the Soviets’ foreign trade departments, or even the local Soviet


ambassadors themselves directing the flood of Communist


propaganda now pouring as a Red Sea over the nations of the


world. Generally these Soviet agencies, too, at strategical


moments organize and transmit financial support from Russia.


The determined fanaticism with which the Communistic Jews


and their Gentile dupes insist upon stamping Communism upon


the rest of the world is reflected in an address made on the occasion


of the VIIth World Congress of the Communist International


in Moscow in July-August of 1935, when the Soviet


dictator was given the following assurance: “In the name of the


army of the millions of fighters of the proletarian revolution, in


the name of the laboring masses of all countries, we turn to thee,


comrade Stalin, our leader and faithful follower of the work of


Marx, Engels and Lenin—to thee, who together with Lenin has


welded a new kind of party, the party of the Bolsheviki. . . . The


Vllth World Congress of the Communist International assures


thee, comrade Stalin, in the name of the 65 communist parties,


that the Communists always and everywhere, to the end will


stand faithful to the unconquered emblem of Marx, Engels, Lenin


and Stalin. Under this banner Communism will conquer the


whole world.”


Another proof that the Communist movement is not a movement






of and for the workers but rather a determined and age-old fight


on the part of the Jewish minority for control of the Gentile


majority of the world, appeared in a sentence from the Jewish


Pravda of Moscow, on September 9, 1928: “Our program tosses


an open war declaration for life and death against the entire


world.” Since the overwhelming majority of the workers of the


world are Gentiles, this declaration of war against the whole


world, must therefore include automatically all the Gentile workers.


And Communism actually is such a war declaration, for


events in Russia have tragically and abundantly proven that it is,


in very fact, directed against the workers themselves. It is only


the Jew who can—and does in the long run—benefit from the


anti-Aryan, or rather anti-Gentile, systems of Jewish Socialism,


Communism, and Bolshevism. This combination, as enforced by


Stalin and his mentors, is of such a disintegrating nature, that


even the socialist Jew Kerensky (Adler) who succeeded the late


Czar as dictator of Russia, said after his deposition: “The present


dictatorship of Stalin possesses no precedent even in the middle


ages. The Bolsheviki have thrust Russia into a bottomless abyss


of destitution. Foreigners who back the Soviet regime, resemble


the lunatics who gave willing help to Nero in the burning of




From the overwhelming proof here presented it should be evident


that the workers of the world who unite under the Communistic


banner, are in very fact, as the lunatics who aid their own executioners,


the racially foreign Jews, who, banded tightly together,


are committed to the destruction of all Christian civilization, of


which the workers themselves are such an all-important and indispensable




Since Lenin’s epoch, when the Communistic, or more correctly


communizing Jews gained their objective in Russia, the identical


forces have been at work with the preliminaries to the


culmination of their huge world-domination program, using to


full advantage the already more or less strongly established


socialistic and communistic movements throughout the whole


world, which stem directly from their central station, Moscow. In


every instance






their Russian-Jewish origin can be traced. In Japan too, the


agitators being arrested at frequent intervals are admitting, that


they work by order of Moscow. The Communist Party, and all


other Communist activities are outlawed in Japan. The primary


task of expanding Communism first into adjacent countries and


then on a world-wide scale, has in many if not most cases been


made obligatory upon the deluded workers who have all too


willingly and even enthusiastically aided in this labor towards


their own destruction. Never for a single moment have the Jewish


tacticians swerved from their determination to dominate the


whole world!


Labor agitations on an extensive scale have long been penetrating


Outer Mongolia, China, India, and East Turkestan, where, too,


the history of the past decades has shown Jewish agitators to be at


the bottom, in almost every instance, of the work of instilling the


ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin into the minds of the


workers. Abundant funds from the Soviet Union have been


poured into every country, where the ground already had been


prepared by the Red agitators. The financing of the Ruhr upheaval


by Trotsky with a million dollars during the French


occupation in 1923, has been mentioned before, and during his


stay in France he also freely aided the Communist movement


with funds stolen from the toiling workers of Soviet Russia, so as


to prepare for the political pact since effected between these two


countries. The gradual Judaization of France, therefore, is


responsible for its striking change towards the left. Through a


largely augmented Jewish bureaucracy, plus a thoroughly Judaized


press, France has finally arrived at the point where the


Socialists and Communists are no longer termed rebels but


loyalists—exactly as has been the case in the news treatment of


events in desperate Spain!


One has to be fairly familiar with the facts—the almost complete


Judaization of the world press first of all—to realize that the Jew


now actually considers himself in such indisputable possession


that he dares term as “rebels” the nationalists, the patriots of any


country, who stand for law and order and not






for Communistic chaos. To the uninformed, of course, it is all


thoroughly unintelligible and confusing—as it is expressly intended


to be.


The Moscow government has supplied funds to enlarge the


French paper L’Humanite, so as to enable it to handle the increased


propaganda which the eventually sovietized France will


have to unleash as the chief ally of Jewish Soviet Russia. So as to


stamp out all political opposition, the present “French” government


has also ordered the disbandment of all nationalistic organizations


such as the “Action Francaise”—and De la Roque’s


growing “Croix de Feu.” The New York Times of April 25, 1939,


published a dispatch from Paris stating: “In a decree regulating


the press, which permits prosecution for spreading anti-Semitism,


the French Government today prohibited publication of defamation


or slander ‘tending to incite hatred between citizens.’ It


specifically forbids slander promoting hatred ‘against any group


of persons belonging to any particular race or religion.’ . . . Penalties


under the decree include imprisonment for five days to six


months and fines up to 2,000 francs for slander against individuals.


As concerns groups, the punishment ranges from one month


to a year in prison and from 500 to 10,000 francs. . . . ” As


evidence that the Jews have the French Government in hand, we


quote the following WNS dispatch from Paris, from the B’nai


B’rith Messenger and The Jewish Community Press, Los


Angeles, California, of March 31, 1939, almost one month before


the issuance of the foregoing decree: “France may become the


first country in Europe, Soviet Russia excluded, where anti-


Jewish propaganda in the press is illegal and punishable. A decree


to this effect is scheduled to come up at a Cabinet session


presided over by President Albert Lebrun and will be passed if


the Cabinet completes its agenda. . . . The executive committee of


the French Press Association approved the projected decree,


which not only declares racial and religious offenses in


newspapers illegal, but also provides that all newspapers


receiving funds from abroad must declare the source and the


amount received. Some reactionary newspapers, led by Le Jour,


opened a campaign against






the measure, asserting that it ‘menaces freedom of the press.’ . . .


This campaign was vigorously countered in a statement by


Justice Minister Marchandeau, author of the decree. …” And on


February 2, 1936, the leftist L’Ami du Peuple even advocated the


formation of a proletarian militia because of the in-creased


Judaization of the government, the purpose of this militia to be,


of course, the protection of the “French” government from being


ousted by the Aryan majority! Further proofs of how Jewish


Soviet rules are Bolshevizing France:


On August 1, 1936, during a meeting at the office of the Jewish-


Socialistic paper L’Humanite it was decided to demand that


members of the French “Popular Front” be allowed to pass the


French-Spanish border without any frontier or passport obligations.


A leader in the Bolshevising of France has been the synthetic Jew


Piatnitzky, whose earlier missions with Borodin included


Communizing Shanghai, Indo-China, Estland, etc. It was only


after one of his Red comrades had likewise passed the French-


Swiss border with a forged passport, that his plans became known.


Some of the orders that were found in the possession of these two


agents from Moscow included the following stipulations for the


Communist Party of France:


(1) All decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist


Party in Moscow issued by the Comintern—Communist International—


are obligatory for every Communistic branch. (3) An


extraordinary congress may only take place by orders and


permission of the Comintern.


(5) It will be the exclusive right of the Comintern to issue orders


to the party (in direct elusion of the respective countries’ laws)


which under all circumstances and without any change must be


obeyed. Refusal to follow these orders will be dealt with




On October 3, 1936, Stalin, Dimitrov, Swerdnik, Kosinen and


others held a special session for fostering their program in


France. Thereafter the various pro-Soviet organizations were


urged to use






high-pressure tactics to get all French workers into the Popular


Front. For the execution of Moscow’s orders these three agents


were sent to Paris: Karpoff, Somoff, with the Jew Goldschild as


leader, and political strikes were organized anew with strike committee


subdivisions in all principal cities. The “factory-Sovietization”


and within the farming districts “revolutionary brigades,”


so-called “moutons,” were the newly initiated names to the astonishment


of both the French factory workers and the peasants of


rural France. Hidden armories for the Communists were furthermore


provided through shipments of weapons from Russia. The


Communist youth movements received motorized equipment and


the “Red Pathfinders” received instruction how to act as storm


troops, and special groups were advised how to seize and occupy


factories. In order to camouflage such terroristic acts these Communists


sent one of their delegates to the French Cabinet in order


to protest against similar steps taken by opposition groups, as


some of the latter—the nationalists—considered the seizing of


the plants for the defense of the nation. . . . Any counter movements


to the Jewish-Communistic terrorization plans were immediately


decried by the Jewish and Communistic press agents as


the “approaching terrorization of Hitlerizing France.” . . . While


the Soviet agents in Russia, and in former days also in Hungary,


outlawed the small shop keepers as being of those trade systems


contrary to the laws of a Communistic proletarian state; in


France, however, these Communistic agents even tried cunningly


to persuade the small store owners to support the Popular Front


“as such a regime freely would aid the little trader.” . . . The


Jewish lodge “Grand Orient of France” even went so far as to aid


the Jewish dominated “Popular Front” and to demand a law for


their racial press monopolists, not to permit the—Aryan


majority—opposition to take advantage of the press freedom.


Furthermore it was decided by this very same Jewish lodge to


launch a petition that the radio and the political newsreel be


supervized by the forces in power—the Jewish initiated Popular


Front and its subsidiaries. But this same “Grand Orient of France”


even admitted that the weapons sent to Bolshevistic






Spain were to be considered as their shipments.—Muenchmeyer:


Marxisten als Moerder, p. 228.


Another lodge, the “Grand Lodge of France,” whose membership


consists, in its bulk, of Jews, demanded formally that the officers


of the French Republic be sworn before a special committee,


which, of course, shall consist of members of their— Jewish—


lodge and a demand shall be made that the superiors of the army


and navy remain loyal to the country—in the event that the


Popular Front becomes victorious—for it is Freemasonry alone


that allegedly is fighting for the noble aims of humanity—


according to the Jews, for the Aryans are being considered by


Jews and Jew-serfs as mere beasts.


WHILE Switzerland has for decades shown a most liberal


disposition towards political “refugees” of all shades and brands,


this small Alpine nation was not to be spared the assaults of


international Bolshevism. In 1918 a general strike was fomented


as a preliminary to the planned Sovietization of this mountainous


country, with the assistance of the Jewish lawyer of Berne, Boris


Lifschitz, who received six million Swiss francs from Soviet


Russia, according to Anti-Comintern. The combined left-wing


parties were ordered by the Jewish Soviet Government to create a


Swiss soviet with the Jew Radek (Sobelsohn) as its dictator. The


Social Democrats of Berne and Zurich in particular received


Lenin’s sanction for such an endeavor, and only through timely


action of the various cantons’ military forces was the Communist


revolt of 1918 successfully suppressed, with the loss of not less


than 3,793 lives. The aforementioned Lifschitz has become


president of the Jew-sponsored “League for Human Rights” at


Basle, in order to better camouflage his undermining, subversive


activities under the cloak of “humanitarianism.” In Belgium, the


Communist Party was subsidized by a “gift” of half a million


francs, brought by the Soviet ambassador Rubinine to Brussels on


his arrival there in the spring of 1936. According to an Anti-


Comintern report of August 1, 1936, the Soviet government


donated during the month of June, 1936,






the sum of 750,000 gold roubles to the Communist Party in




The principle of reinforcing any possible weak points in the encirclement


of the new national-socialistic Germany had been observed


already in 1934, when Moscow sent $40,000 to the Communist


Party in Holland. It is the slave-labor of the Gentiles in


Russia that is supplying all these millions spent solely for the


eventual glorification of Judah.


In Poland, probably more than anywhere else, the authorities


have been keen enough to recognize the disintegrating influence


of Communism not only on the state but also on the individual.


The Warsaw Police Commissioner, Landebzrski, reported in


March, 1935, that 98 percent of all Communist agitators arrested


in Poland were Jews.


Greece, before the recent establishment of a nationalistic dictatorship


there, suffered almost total disruption by Jewish Moscow,


after it took the fatal step of recognizing the Soviet Union diplomatically.


The Soviet embassy in Athens was the central


bureau, from which were staged all of the Communistic riots recorded


in that country. The reportedly strong leaning toward


Communism in Greece could largely be accounted for by the fact


that out of a total of 320 newspapers, 47 were directly promulgating


Communism, while 80 showed decided Communistic tendencies.


The unlearned worker in Greece, as in other countries,


knew little or nothing of the interrelation of Communism and


Jewry or of the Jewish conspiracy as a whole. Detection and


confiscation of Communistic literature in the Athens Soviet embassy


was a matter of common occurrence, and every one of the


frequent raids on the embassy with the subsequent arrest of members


of the Soviet diplomacy, unearthed much conclusive and


damning evidence.


The 5th Party Day of the Communists in Greece in March, 1934,


was the occasion for the issuance of a protocol which was


sanctioned by the Moscow representatives of the Comintern,


Wiegler. In this the following lines from the final chapter are


significant: “In factories and workshops as well as among ships’






crews, a more intensive propaganda for the goals of the Communist


Party of Greece must be initiated. In conservative organizations


and unions, revolutionary cells have to be formed in


order to plant the germ for their Bolshevization. For the pur-pose


of conquering the population of the country for our cause, some


traveling lecturers have to be sent out. For the education of


revolutionary leaders, schools are to be established by the Central


Committee. In case the Communist Party of Greece should be


outlawed, measures have to be taken to enable the work to go on


without cessation. In the latter case some special leaders are to be




In 1932 alone, the Communist Party of Greece received a financial


contribution from Moscow of 20 million drachmen or about


$125,000. Within the Greek military units the increased Communistic


agitation resulted, in 1933, in 56 cases of mutiny, and all


disturbances were without exception directly traceable to Communist


agitators.—Adolf Ehrt: Der Weltbolschewismus, Berlin


and Leipzig, 1936.


An adequate picture of the Jewishness of the world’s entire leftwing


movement may be gained from a report in The Netherland


National Socialist, April 20, 1935, stating that the congress


sponsored by the Workingmens’ International in Marseilles,


France, from August 22 to 27, 1925, was presented with six delegates


from the United States, of whom four were Jews. Germany’s


was a 100 percent kosher delegation, for all of its 13


workingmens’ leaders were Jews. France’s radical movement


likewise sent a 100 percent Jewish representation, for all 8


spokesmen were of that race, with Austria represented at the


forum with 12 Jewish members. Poland likewise had a 100 percent


delegation at the congress, as all six of its workingmens’ delegates


were of the Jewish tribe.


The continuous concentration of Soviet agents upon the population


of China ever since the Russian Soviet was established, has


made North China a battlefield for years. To incite to civil war —


thus weakening the country—and seize the reins of government


at the opportune moment, is, in China, too, the unfailing






method of the agents of Moscow and their bandit-soldiery. In the


province Kiang-tse alone, this warfare was responsible for the


loss of not less than 186,000 lives. An estimated 2,100,000


refugees had to abandon their homes on the farm land, and more


than 100,000 buildings were wrecked in the period from 1927 to


1931 with an estimated loss of over 300 million dollars. In 1934


the Chinese marshal Chiang Kai-shek issued a statement to the


effect that in the province Kiang-tse one million people had lost


their lives; and over 6 million had been deprived of their possessions


in the civil war instigated by Moscow. The Jew, Borodin


(Grusenberg) is the organizer of the Communist Party in China,


and currency issued by the Red invaders and put into circulation


in the Red-occupied territory in China, bore the pictures of Marx


and Lenin. On March 5, 1933, the population of the cities of


Canton and Honan protested to their government against the


reopening of the Soviet consulates there, since experience had


taught them to regard each member of such staffs as a


Communist agitator.


Other countries in the Far East have been similarly disrupted by


Communist agents from Moscow. Freely financed by these, the


rebellious elements are causing violent disorders everywhere,


with the final prospect of civil war. East Turkestan, Outer Mongolia,


Manchukuo, India, and Dutch India, as well as Australia,


are among the countries most seriously affected. In South


American states, too, the hand of Moscow has been severely felt.


As early as 1919, the Jew, Salomon Jaselmanns, incited a


Communistic uprising in Argentina in which—according to an


Anti-Comintern report of November 20, 1937—800 persons were


killed and several thousands wounded. Brazil, Chile, Argentina


and Uraguay have frequently been “taken for a ride” as a result of


showing too much “tolerance” towards those “officials” from


Soviet Russia who supposedly were preoccupied with trade or


“diplomatic” affairs. For instance the Soviet trade agency in


Buenos Aires, known as the “Yhuzamtorg” and led by a former


fur dealer—the Jew Alexander Minkin—had in its employ 1,506


such “officials” during the period 1926-1930, and all






of these were known Communists whose sole purpose in going


half around the globe was to spread the doctrines of Jewish


Bolshevism in South America. The ensuing and abnormal in-flux


of Jews was represented to the South American governments as


an asset—a point which Chile, at least, refused to concede. For


on becoming aware of the mass immigration of Jewish refugees


from Germany and elsewhere the Chilean Foreign Office, on


April 5, 1934, instructed all its consuls abroad not to visa any


more passports to prospective immigrants who might be


identified as Jews since the Chilean supply of Hebrews—”who of


course are all ambitious people”—was already more than


sufficient.— Anti-Comintern, Berlin.


Endeavors of Communistic Jews to dispossess Gentiles of their


property and nationalize it in the Judeo-Bolshevik sense, have


been observed in Venezuela, where during 1935 and 1936 the


seeds of Communism were carried to the native tribes. Workers


employed in the oil fields of the American Gulf Refining Company


then approached their employer with demands for wages of


$250 per month, annual vacations of one month with pay and a


free trip to Europe each year. The latter demand was the more


amusing and merely reflects upon the originators of these detailed


requests as those native workers were mostly illiterates who


neither knew where Europe was located nor what countries it


comprised, not to mention what languages might be spoken there


or how long it would take to make such trips to Europe and return.


This showed that the agents of organized Jewry under the


emblem of the hammer and sickle were at work to accomplish


even in such a small country as Venezuela the devastating results


that Jewish aggrandizement has executed thus far in the land that


was once the great Russian Empire. The police authorities of


practically all of the South American countries have become


thoroughly familiar with the Red activities of Moscow, and in


this connection the notorious career of Alexander Minkin reads


like a dime detective story. In his capacity as Soviet Trade Agent


General in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at Montevideo, Uruguay,


as early as 1926, he was in constant






conflict with the police on account of his incendiary activities.


The exceptional size of his staff combined with his extremely large


drawing accounts in various South American banks, furnished


sufficient proof of the plans of the Soviet crew for the South


American countries—most of which countries have now definitely


refused to become further infected with the Jewish-Communistic




In intimate connection with this Jew Minkin was an organization


known as the Procor—as reported by Keller and Anderson in Der


Jude als Verbrecher, page 137—an outfit set up to provide for the


settlement of Jews from the Soviet Union and whose members


were also known to the South American police authorities as


being associated with an organization named “Zwi Migdol” and


engaged in white slave traffic. Thus while disseminating the


Marxian-Bolshevik doctrine under the authoritative “Excellency”


Minkin, the other side of their derogatory mission was the


lucrative business of selling Gentile women in the South American


countries—in keeping with the immoral character of Jewish




After various raids on his offices in both Argentina and Uruguay,


“His Excellency” Alexander Minkin, in December of 1935, was


politely but firmly requested to let the “emancipation of the proletariat”


in the South American countries rest and to depart for


good for his native Russia. It was a stinging rebuke which he and


his perverted fellow Jews should long remember. A report under


date of April 7, 1936, from Anti-Comintern, Berlin, reveals that


among the effects of the Russian agent, Harry Berger—then in


Montevideo—were found circulars in the Portuguese language,


purporting to be nationalistic leaflets but actually inciting the


working class to simultaneous revolution in all the South


American countries. Mixed in with much tactical advice to the


organizers, in these papers it was emphasized for them to grant


special protection to the Jews of these South American countries


in event of a political upheaval. An identical exhortation to spare


and safeguard Jewish property had been issued—just to mention


one of the many cases known






—by the insurrection leader, Max Hoelz, of Saxony, in the course


of the communistic uprisings in Central Germany. Posters in the


Red sectors of internal unrest exhibited the following instructions:


“As soon as the Reichswehr approaches, the town hall


is to be set afire. The factories and private estates are to be


destroyed. But save the banks! The banks are not to be wrecked!”


Is any better proof than this required to establish that Communism


is a Jewish plot?


So it happened that the last of the South American republics


severed diplomatic relations with the Jewish government of


Soviet Russia, after the Brazilian revolts—which in 1935 alone


caused the deaths of not less than 150 persons and the wounding


of 400 others, and which were traced directly to the activities of


the Jew Minkin—whose preparations for still further rebellions


were thus definitely interrupted by the awakening of the South


American governments to such Jewish menace—race-conscious


South Americans say, “for good.” The background of the


“proletarian emancipation” has, in the South American republics,


been uncovered in its reality as the cleverly camouflaged Jewish


conspiracy it actually is.


Mr. Delgass, former president of the Soviet Union’s Amtorg


Trading Corporation in New York City, made a statement which


may be interesting at this point—in a speech on November 30,


1931—as follows: “In Countries which have recognized The


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, subversive activities are centralized


in the embassies, while in the United States and other


countries where the Soviet government is not officially recognized,


the general manager of the Amtorg usually is the chief of


the spy system.” With a statement like this on record, why was


the Soviet government ever recognized by the United States? In


no less degree have Cuba and Mexico been harassed by the Red


invasion. Both of these territories have their “Red Books, with


accounts of many deliberately planned attempts to break up


existing institutions and conditions. Most of these staged riots


have been directly linked to the activities of the Reds in the






United States, including their sympathizers in the ranks of Jewish


financiers, and as such, form a story complete in themselves. In


the recent Spanish cataclysm the hand of Jewish Moscow was


openly shown. Even before the actual outbreak of hostilities in


Spain, Jews were looked down upon as of a despicable alien


body, as a Kehillah spokesman of Jewry evidently observed; for


Inacio Bauer reported, in B’nai B’rith magazine, New York City,


June, 1933, that “Spaniards everywhere still spoke of the Jew as


though he were a cancer in Spain.” The arrival in Spain of the


Jewish fiend, Bela Kun, was as mentioned before, celebrated by


the looting and burning of two priceless cathedrals. In the


insurrection of October, 1934, the Spanish Reds had shown their


unspeakable bestiality by hanging the nude bodies of murdered


Catholic priests on branches of trees—with signs attached: “Pork


for Sale.” Such practices resemble the acts of butchering for


which Bela Kun became execrated in Hungary and conform


closely with the spirit of the Jewish “religious” scriptures.


Of no less significance was the transfer of Soviet Russia’s former


peace delegate at Geneva—the Jew Rosenberg (Moses


Israelsohn) with his staff of 140 members, to the office of ambassador


to Spain, in August of 1936—the execution of Jewish


Moscow’s war orders against Nationalistic Spain being his primary


task. In fact this former “peace delegate” in Geneva was


openly known to be Red Spain’s actual war-lord. As aids-decamp


to Rosenberg (Israelsohn) the Jews Companys, Prieto and


Dr. Maranon, and Margarete Nelken, a Jewess from Germany,


took the most prominent parts.


From 1492 to 1931, Jews were disfranchised in Spain. After King


Alfonso’s deposition the Socialist government re-admitted them;


and with the simultaneous reopening of the synagogues the


radical activities against the government rapidly assumed huge


proportions. Anti-Comintern reported that in November of 1934 a


Jewish “Lord” from Great Britain was expelled from Spain for


Communistic agitation. But the direct influence of Moscow


steadily increased, and soon became pointedly directed






against the Church as well as against the existing Spanish Gov.




The outbreak of the 1934 revolution was triumphantly hailed by


the Moscow Pravda in a two-and-a-half page article as an


achievement of the proletariat.” An outstanding “achievement” of


these Spanish Reds—during a twelve-day campaign that cost


over 1200 lives in Catalonia—was the following: “Twenty


orphans arrived in Madrid with their eyes gouged out. These were


the children of policemen who had been slaughtered by


Communists. …” Scores of similar stories could be added at will.


But the Pravda was rejoicing!


The Spanish Communist paper Trabajo said on January 1, 1936,


in an article entitled, “And Moscow Supplies the Money”: “On


August 20, 1935, Spain was offered 2 million pesetas, which sum


the Red Aid is to transfer”; while Bela Kun, as mentioned before,


added 3 million pesetas. The Communist Party in Spain received,


regularly, 45,000 pesetas per month from Moscow, besides many


special donations. The Spanish weekly, Workers’ World, was


converted into a daily, at the expenditure by Spanish Marxists of


$10,000, while the expansion of the daily Europa-America cost


an estimated 200,000 pesetas. The Spanish edition of the


International Correspondence required an additional 50,-000


pesetas; while finally 25,000 pesetas were granted for the


financing of the “League of Revolutionary Atheists.” The


German weekly Der Arbeitsmann of August 15, 1936, carried the


following account as a further indication of the active


participation of the Jewish Soviet in the Spanish civil war: “On


August 3, 1936, a grand parade of civilians and soldiers was held


in the Red Square in Moscow, and Swerdnik, president of the


Heavy Industries, asked for contributions for the Spanish Marxists.


Orders were issued under which each worker, besides voluntary


donations, was forced to yield one-half percent of his yearly


salary to the fund. By August 10th there was deposited in the


Moscow Soviet Bank, under Account No. 159783, over 36 million


francs for the Spanish “Popular Front.” Besides this, the


Comintern gave an extra donation of 1 million English pounds.






The Spanish Marxists therefore have received from Russia over


50 million gold francs for the continuation of the civil war.” This


report covers the item published by the Associated Press during


the first week in August of 1936, that 22 million dollars had been


sent from the Soviet Union to the Red regime of Spain.


Additional indications of direct participation of Moscow in the


Spanish “civil” war were given by the New York. American of


October 27, 1936, in an article stating that 60 percent of the Red


fighters in Spain were foreign Communists chiefly from Russia,


Germany, France and Italy. This report states further that on the


bodies of virtually all such that were killed in battle were found


cards of membership in the Third International, and that most of


them, in particular the officers, had pockets full of Russian gold


pieces and English bank notes.


While the conflict was raging in Spain, the stiff campaign of the


Christian, Nationalist-“rebel” forces against the atheistic,


“loyalist” troops, clearly showed the former’s determined will to


fight for self-preservation rather than succumb to the deadly


Jewish world-tyranny. H. R. Knickerbocker, writing in the New


York Journal, April 28, 1938, put the number of deaths at that


date at one million, and adds: “The savage theory of Karl Marx’s


class struggle has decimated a nation. One-tenth are buried, and


the other nine-tenths are desperately unhappy as long as they




The London Daily Mail, August 31, 1936, gave still further


evidence of Soviet control in the Spanish imbroglio by recounting


how directions for street fighting had been intercepted in a


broadcast from Moscow to Spain. “Show no mercy,” were these


directions, in effect. And Moscow has not only admitted these


accusations but in its propaganda literature even boasted openly


of its evil proficiency. Likewise, the Comintern proudly claims


credit for having organized and initiated every important strike


and civil uprising in practically every country in recent years!


The Moscow incitations of strife in Spain were not restricted






to mere armed encounters but included the destruction of thousands


of churches and other national shrines besides hundreds of


thousands of homes, and such were willingly executed by the


“international” brigades such as the Yiddish-American “Abraham


Lincoln Brigade.”


More than that, the pillaging as conducted by the “Loyalist”


forces gives proof that this was a regular part of Moscow’s foreign


warfare. Defender Magazine, Wichita, Kansas, September,


1937, discloses: “Rosenberg (Soviet Russia’s Jewish ambassador


to Spain) directed the transaction of several million of pesetas in


gold, confiscated by the communists from Spanish state and


private banks, which were deposited to the credit of a number of


private accounts in French banks so foreign courts could not


prevent its use in case General Franco, or other depositors from


Spain, should start suits. Ambassador Rosenberg . . . was not


cautious enough in selecting the people in whose names the


moneys were deposited. A lot of it disappeared …” Another press


report in February, 1939, revealed the “transfer” of valuable


church property from the “Loyalist” sector to the . . . (Jewish)


League of Nations at Geneva. The Moscow Reds boast not only


of inciting the Spanish national conflict but also claim the


following revolutions and disorders as their work exclusively:


October, 1917, in Russia; the Spartacus uprising in 1919 in


Germany; the Bela Kun revolution in 1919 in Hungary; the


insurrection instigated by Max Hoelz in Saxony, in 1920; the


riots in central Germany in 1921 and the Ruhr upheaval in 1923;


the Reval street battles in 1924 and 1926; the civil war in North


China beginning in 1927; the general strike on the Pacific Coast


in the United States in July, 1934; the October uprising in Spain


in 1934; the riots of April, 1935, in Cuba, and those of May,


1935, in the Philippines. Another result of the Marxistic


reasoning seems to be the wanton and deliberate destruction of


symbols and landmarks of Christian and Gentile civilization.


Thus—by order of the Soviet government—the world-renowned


Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria, was wrecked on April 16, 1925, by


the Jew Friedman, with the loss






of some 216 lives and the injury of about 200 persons; in July,


1927, the Palace of Justice in Vienna was set afire by Reds, this


destruction being accompanied by the killing of a hundred persons


and wounding of a thousand more; during the celebration of


the Lenin Festival on February 22, 1930, the ancient Siminoff


Monastery in Moscow was ordered demolished; and the burning


of the German Reichstag building, January 26-28, 1933, was


instigated by these same Communistic conspirators. A great


many churches in Mexico have been destroyed during the last


several decades, as has also been the case in Spain, times too


numerous to recount. A detailed compilation of activities of the


world-wide Jewish-Communistic network over several decades


may be found in a huge volume with hundreds of authentic illustrations,


and is published by the Nibelungen Verlag, Berlin, its


title being Der Weltbolschewismus.


The sinister threat of world-Bolshevism has been recognized by


discerning minds for a considerable period. One such was Mr.


Oudendyk, Netherlands Minister in Petrograd during the Bolshevik


revolution. This gentleman submitted a report to the


British Minister in Norway, Sir M. Findlay, who in turn forwarded


the same to Mr. Arthur J. Balfour of the British government


on September 18, 1918. Part of this report read as follows:


“I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the


greatest issue now before the world—not even excluding the war,


which is still raging—and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is


nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form


or another over Europe and the whole world; as it is organized


and worked by Jews, who have no nationality and whose one object


is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”


A leaflet which was circulated among the Germans in post-war


days and reprinted in the Jewish World, London, of January 15,


1919, contained the following eloquent appeal: “The international


Jews drove the nations into the great War, in order that they


themselves might make billions in money on war supplies. The


Jews have undermined the strength and bravery of our glorious


army by systematic agitation; they have egged






the German people on to revolution, so that they might be able in


the general chaos, to get hold of some more millions of German


wealth. The Jews want to rule the German people, so as to be able


to plunder them still more. The German republic is being fettered


by Jews. It is no German republic, but a Jew republic, in which


Germans are graciously permitted to work for the Jews. Hirsch,


Ledebour, Eisner, Haase, Landsberg, Kohn, Nathan, and


whatever the other leaders of the republic are called, are all Jews.


“German Soldiers! Save the Fatherland. Save the German people


from its worst and most pitiless enemies—the Jews!”


Little by little, the German people became sufficiently informed


and encouraged to take matters into their own hands, and so


actually saved the Fatherland from the Jewish scourge—so that,


in very fact, Germany has become the first bulwark in the defense


of the White Man’s civilization.


During an Anti-Communistic Conference at Asheville, N. C, in


August, 1936, a Gentile who had been living in Palestine made


the following statement: “I have had several discussions with


leading Palestine Jews regarding the future of Zionism. They


uniformly seemed to agree that it had already failed and that,


accordingly, there was nothing else for the Jews to do but to establish


Communism in every Gentile country, so as to make it


possible for the Jews to ’emancipate’ themselves according to


their own racial conceptions.”


This is indeed giving fair warning to the nations, of what they


may expect. But even as far back as April, 1919, George Pitter-


Wilson made this significant statement in the London Globe:


“Bolshevism is in possession of the Christian nations of the world


to such an extent that no capital will remain in the hands of the


Christians, that all Jews may jointly hold the world in their hands


and reign, wherever they choose.”


And at about the same time, the Paris Jewish magazine Le Peuple


Juif, of February 8, 1919, quite openly asserted: “The world


revolution which we will experience will be exclusively






our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten


the Jewish domination over all the other people.” These grim


prophecies seem rapidly nearing realization, notwithstanding the


constant ridiculing—in the Jew-controlled press—of the


awakened Jew-wise elements among Christian Americans. For


instance, columnist Dorothy Thompson, who appears to be unpardonably


ignorant of world conditions, in the New York Herald-


Tribune of July 23, 1936, referred to those informed groups


who are aware of the world danger inherent in the Jewish question,


as people who “have lunatic ideas about saving our culture


and religion.” Or on the other hand, is there just a chance that an


expression coined by the New York weekly, Time, a year or two


ago, “kept men of the press,” might account for this particular


case as well as a host of others?


It will have appeared from the foregoing that what is generally


understood by the word “Communism” is merely a part—although


at the present stage the most essential one—of the huge


world program being relentlessly pursued by Jewry. Another


most significant point concerns the means by which they propose


to stabilize the power to be usurped through Communistic


activities. The controlled press called one such measure their


“resettlement program”—as is in evidence under the New Deal.


The Jews from time to time admit that they fear nothing so much


as resurgent Gentile individualism and initiative. Wherever they


have usurped autocratic power, therefore, their treatment of


groups in which such qualities might be inherent and therefore


dangerous to them, has been especially barbarous. For, realizing


perfectly that race and soil have been the chief factors in the development


of such individualism, they are committing the ultimate


crime of “resettling” whole national groups, deliberately and


on an extensive scale, for the express purpose of effacing totally,


such national characteristics. Dr. Joseph Goebbels said in his


speech at Nuremberg on September 10, 1936: ‘In Ingria the


Finnish population is being systematically stamped out. From


1929 to 1931, 18,000 Finns were banished to Siberia,






and in the spring of 1935, 9,000 were forced to undergo the same


fate. Only two months ago the government of the Soviet Union


decided to drive out another 28,000 from their native land. “In the


Polish-Soviet frontier district 18,000 peasants of German stock


‘had their settlement transferred’ during the spring of this year.


From 80 to 90 persons were packed into cattle trucks and sent to




“Last year 4,000 Carelians were sent in banishment to Central


Asia and 3,000 to the Ural, where more than 50 percent of them


succumbed to the inhuman conditions of life and work.” It would


seem as if mad inhumanity could go no further than this to uproot


whole communities of people from the soil that had been owned


and tilled by their forefathers for hundreds, even thousands of


years, and carry them into abject slavery in foreign countries. But


in Soviet Russia it goes still further, for, Dr. Goebbels continues:


“In August, 1927, the Communist propaganda apparatus drummed


into the ears of the world, proclamations against the execution


of Sacco and Vanzetti. In millions of leaflets and newspapers


the Communists carried on their campaign in foreign countries


for the revocation of the death sentence. Yet what happens in the


Soviet Union itself? In one paragraph alone, of the Criminal


Code, fourteen different kinds of acts are laid down which are


punishable with death. By the law of April 7, 1935, the death


penalty was introduced even for children. “Starving children in an


educational institution had often told how good the conditions


were, that prevailed there in former times. This fact alone was


enough to bring them within the terms of paragraph 58. Ten


children were shot by the OGPU in the presence of their


comrades. In a newspaper article the Soviet Prosecuting


Attorney, Wischinsky, recalls Vith content and pleasure’ the first


anniversary of the day on which the death penalty for children


was established by law.” Further comment should be superfluous


and will not here be made.




What Communism Would Mean to United States


THE burning question of the day everywhere, is: Why are the


Jews taking such a disproportionately large part in the fomenting


of social unrest, and why do they work so assiduously for the


overthrow of all traditional governments so as to replace them


with Communism? Observing the various Communistic


“achievements” to which Jewish radicals “point with pride”—


such as the Russian “experiment”—Gentiles in the United States


would do well to investigate the true reason why the Jew is such a


passionate votary of Communism. The answer lies in the character


of Judaism itself.


Someone said recently that if the Jews in the United States should


be put to work in farm collectives, factories, mines and


quarries—like the mass of the Gentiles in Soviet Russia today


under Stalin—would these Jews call such a procedure Communism?


Obviously, they would not, but on the contrary would


proclaim to all and sundry that such application of Communism


—as designed by their own race—was the most horrible form of




Therefore in the last analysis the term “Communism” is a deliberate


misnomer, for the form of government that is practiced in


Russia today is in every sense nothing short of the most absolute


and cruel Jewish plutocracy that could by any stretch of


imagination be conceived.


Communism—to its Jewish propagators—serves as a form of


government which primarily assures to Jews the mastery and


admin-istration of all affairs of the Gentile population so that the


non-Jewish citizen automatically and unavoidably becomes








nate to the Jew and has to submit completely to ail conditions


imposed upon him by members of the “Chosen race” who have


managed to obtain control of his national government. The


Gentiles of Soviet Russia have long been aware of the character


of this despotism. Lawton, in his book The Russian Revolution,


p. 487, mentions the racial awakening that has taken place even


among the least enlightened Russian peasants and collectiveworkers,


reporting young Gentile Communists as saying, as far


back as 1926: “Our party is a national party; there is no place in it


for Jews!”


At this time, therefore, it becomes more important than ever to


hold up before the American worker the conspiracy of Communism


for what it actually is. Common sense tells us that those


who have nothing are unable to give anything. As homeless


gypsies live by getting something out of people for telling glittering


“fortunes” to fascinated listeners, in just the same way the


Jewish agitators are picturing the “Communist paradise” that they


are going to create for the American workers—after these same


workers have helped the Jews to overthrow the United States


government and our Christian institutions. It is deplorably true


that, so far, only a few of these workers are aware of the


conspiracy behind all this propaganda for that workers’ Utopia, a


future Soviet America, and it is for this reason that it is so


urgently necessary to spread the understanding of the aims of that


ubiquitous and nomadic tribe that is so unceasingly promulgating


the theories and practices of Communism. Has a gypsy anything


to give away, or can he honestly promise anything to anyone


living under orderly conditions? No! Neither have the Jewish


radicals—as most of the Communist leaders are —anything to


promise, except what may be obtained by wholesale robbery and


theft during a terroristic regime of lawlessness such as has


prevailed in Russia commencing with 1917. As to the character


and achievements of outstanding labor leaders, let us take the


example of the late Samuel Gompers. Most of the strikes


instigated by this Jew were lost battles for the






American union worker—who had faithfully paid his fees and


dues; the term “Gomperism” was on every worker’s tongue for a


time—meaning the “settling” of a strike to the satisfaction of


either—or rather neither—party. It was only to be expected, that


this Jewish labor leader, who was born in England, passed away


in 1924 as a threefold millionaire after having “settled” strikes for


some 30 years as president of the American Federation of Labor.


So as to sustain the confidence in this alleged representative of


the American working class, it became routine with the Jewish


newspaper publishers in the United States to emphasize


intermittently that Gompers in his noble task of promoting the


welfare of the American industrial workers, was himself working


without any salary! The best that can be said of him as a leader is,


that he successfully elevated himself from a poor tobacco factory


worker to a capitalist, continually deceiving the American


workers by misinforming them of the true prospects in each strike


period. The fact that a monument was erected to him in the


American capital, is just another indication of the extent of


Jewish propaganda in this country. Quite similar were the


grafting opportunities embraced by the Russian Jew “Socialist,”


Morris Hillquit (Misca Hilkowicz). In his self-chosen calling of


solving the social problems of the American Gentile workers he


exemplified his qualifications for service to the proletariat in the


fact that he left an estate valued at some $200,000.00 from his


sham battling of “capitalism.” —From Elizabeth Dilling’s The


Roosevelt Red Record and its Background.


ALL the evidence to date shows that unionism—with Jews as


leaders—means either the financial “emancipation” of those


Hebrew leaders, or that such Jews are taking advantage of unionism


and using it as a stepladder by which to climb to economic


and political power—for the sole purpose of furthering their own


racial schemes for world-domination including enslavement of


the Gentiles by Jewry.


Supporting our assertion that the Jews are primarily interested






in their own racial advancement and their personal elevation to


prominence, the Jew-owned Daily Mirror, New York, December


24, 1938, while telling about the disbandment of the Communist


Party in Checho-Slovakia seemed only concerned with the detail


that “… 38 Communist members of the Parliament will lose their


posts. …”


Indeed for Jewry all over the world, nothing else ever mattered


but its own holding of powerful political jobs over the Gentiles,


and never the real accomplishments of the communistic doctrines.


Otherwise one would expect to see the Jewish refugees


emigrating en masse to the communistic farm collectives and


“state” industries in Soviet Russia. But has the Jew ever been


interested in Communism as applied to himself, except as its


dictator or bureaucratic administrator?


Let us take an example typical of the tactics for the capture of the


dissatisfied American worker. After having fomented a strike and


caused a walkout, the agitator makes a point of approaching the


men out of work, for their minds are naturally susceptible at such


stage to the Communists’ promises of better and more stable


living conditions. “Socialism” is the formula generally employed


first for getting the workers into an organization, and to acquaint


them with the theories of a Marxian-socialistic state therefore


becomes the first and elementary lesson. Then, adrift between


ideas of a Marxian-socialistic society and those of an outright


Communistic regime, our young American worker may cling to


the former for a while. Although strikes generally are being


called by the Socialist faction of the left-wingers, the American


Federation of Labor, the Congress of Industrial Organization, or


other similar body— which naturally boasts Jewish organizers—


numbers of other Jews from the Communist section are admitted


as speakers at the Socialists’ meetings; and so the Benjamin


Gitlows, the Israel Amters, the Robert Minors and other Russian


Jews, keep dinning into the ears of the American workers their


doctrines of the “world-wide class struggle”—always, of course,


cunningly withholding the ultimate objective of their efforts. For


the average






American Communist, it is no longer a question of striking for


higher wages and better working conditions—it is “the overthrow


of the U. S. gov eminent by force,” and the replacing of all


“capitalistic” institutions with others of Red planning. Soon,


therefore, the idea of forming a Soviet United States after the


pattern of Russia, becomes the fertile seed planted in the open


mind of the unsuspicious American worker who never before


heard anything definite about Communism and certainly nothing


of the Jewish wire-pullers who invented the whole scheme. The


worker is next being told that “the American capitalistic system is


so totally rotten that only a thorough housecleaning— nay, the


total destruction of the present system—can give the ‘exploited’


American workers any lasting relief. In fact, the working-class of


the whole world has to be freed from its ‘capitalistic oppressors,’ its


present status of slavery, and its economic bondage.” While these


Moscow agents occasionally place upon the rostrum some blond


and blue-eyed Communist, it has become a truism that behind all


such propaganda in favor of a Soviet regime, stand the Jews.


That Socialist and Communist agitators are working together


intimately for the control of American workers, has long been an


open secret to those who have studied the backstage activities of


both factions. The Socialist Jew, Vandervelde (Epstein) of


Belgium, who certainly should be in a position to know their


interrelation, openly states: “The ideal of us all, our ultimate aim,


is Communism.” William Morris, also noted as a Socialist, gives


the following explanation: “Between complete Socialism and


Communism there is no difference whatever in my mind.


Communism is, in fact, the completion of Socialism.”—The Paul


Reveres’ The Rape of the Republic, p. 5. Thus, the official name


of Bolshevik Russia today is the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,”


and not “Union of Bolshevik—or Communist—Soviet


Republics.” The radical Jews employ the two terms, along with


Bolshevism, as suits the occasion. The main requisite is that the


Jews, in their efforts to control as large a number of Gentile


workers as possible, stay at the head of the labor movements, so






as to make sure that these workers at all times carry out the


planned groundwork for the establishment of a future Jewish


state. In pleading the Jewish case before the world, Hebrew


writers refer to themselves as a people, a nation, a religious sect,


or a race—if they do not find it more expedient to pose as a group


of people with minority rights, meaning, with privileges. In like


fashion they use the terms Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism,


with the sole idea of taking advantage of the uninformed


and befuddled Gentiles who may still be beguiled by the Jewish


manner of formulating language in such a way as to further the


ends of their racial greediness.


Thus our young American worker gets his ear full of Communist


teachings and the most glamorous accounts of the “Soviet


paradise”: “The former Imperial castles are now workers’ clubs


and recreational centers for Communists. For the workers there


have only eight-hour shifts, and two weeks’ vacation with pay


each year. Free doctors are also available. Just help us to create a


Soviet United States and you will have all this, with no more


‘capitalistic exploitation’ or any other of the social injustices you


are encountering today.” With such assertions does the Communistic


orator—with his Yiddish accent—try to convert the


American youth to his ideas.


Out of a hundred or so Gentile strikers who may be listening,


perhaps ten or fifteen are beginning to display some real interest


and want to know more about that fairyland, the Soviet Socialist


Republics of Russia! Indeed, did the speaker not say that Russia


is a country where free love is permitted, with no barriers whatever?


With women being nationalized as public property—with


marriage almost as easy as exchanging a book in the public


library! And there will be no more priests to interfere and tell you


what to do and what not to do! What a marvelous country! And


so our potential Communist is warmed up. Although without


funds, at the next dance that is being given by the local Communist


party he makes the acquaintance of a girl Communist not


exactly of his own race, and free love is sampled as at least one of


the fulfilments of the many promises the Reds had made. And






what a fine place that dance hall is! Was not the “House of


Abundance” on E. 20th Street, in New York, financed and kept


up by Jewish bankers of Chicago and New York City? What a


club atmosphere! Free food and drinks, pretty Jewish hostesses,


free literature, and plenty of everything! . . . “This is a land of


mixed races!” . . . “No distinction of race, creed, class or color.”. .


“In Soviet Russia all people are alike, they are all comrades.” . . .


“Workers of the World, unite!” . . . “Long live the Communist


International!” . . . So it goes by the spoken word, and by signs


displayed along the walls. . . . “Take some of this literature


home,” says his Jewish dance partner. “It’s good stuff, I’m telling


you,” and his new girl friend hands him some more for


distribution at his rooming house. At home a few days later he


actually starts reading such literature as The Emancipation of the


Workers from Capitalistic Slavery, Marxism Scientifically


Explained, Down with Hitlerism, The New Masses, Lenin and


Stalin on the Jewish Problem, The Emancipation of the U. S.


Negro. . . . And a leaflet tells him of another rally to be held on


Union Square. He has heard much about Union Square, but


finally goes to satisfy his curiosity. A Negro takes the soap box.


“Funny,” thinks our young American, . . . “does America need


Negroes to solve the American workers’ labor problems?” . . .


Then he sees signs carried by hard-faced girls and Negroes:


“Defend the Poor Scottsboro Boys,” “Long Live Soviet Russia,”


“Union Wages for the Unemployed,” “Free Rent, Light and Gas


for the Unemployed,” “Down with the Constitution,” “Make this


a Soviet America,” “Raise the Red Flag,” “On with the World


Revolution,” “March to City Hall next Saturday 1 p.m.” etc. Still,


without paying any membership fee, our young American


worker-on-strike actually becomes a disciple of the Marxian message


of Communism, even though he has not so far been at all


attracted by its promulgators. “Just come and hang around,” is the


invitation from a curly-haired and hook-nosed short, dark


fellow—with an accent he has heard only once before, in one of


the second-hand shops where he bought a pair of trousers.






Another young Jew suggests to him to bring his friends along –


“to help fight Capitalism,” he throws after him. Somebody takes


him to the office of the Daily Worker which he has heard called


“the only workingman’s paper in the United States.” In the dark


and dingy hallway, he is being told that last year, in one month


alone, four million pieces of Communist literature were


distributed in the United States. He learns furthermore, that over


700 branches of the Communist Party are already in existence in


this country, that more than 300 magazines and newspapers with


Communist tendencies are being published here. “Just have


patience—he is being told—the Communist Party is growing.


Soon there will be a Soviet United States with no more


unemployment.” Another dark-skinned fellow, intimates that


Moscow spends over six million gold dollars a year in the United


States for the Communist movement. “Roosevelt likes


Communism, and so does Mrs. Roosevelt—even if they don’t


show it,” whispers one shady figure. “The number of Communist


schools is increasing,” he hears from another, who jostles him in


the hallway. “Do you want to make money?” finally asks the


party worker who had wanted to take him to “headquarters.”


“Sure,” our American youth answers. “All right, you are going to


sell papers tonight.” And so he calls out, as he runs through the


subway cars: “Read the Daily Worker, the only workingman’s


paper in the United States,” “Hear the leader speak,” “New Attack


on the French Government,” “Hitler’s Government is Crumbling,”


“Read About Hearst, the Liar,” “Daily Worker just out,” and so


on, He does not know what it is all about, but his new friend at


the office on East 12th Street had told him what to cry out when


going through the trains. “Even if nobody buys, just keep on


telling what we want the world to know.” And so he does, more


or less half-heartedly, what he is told to do. But he feels like a


gambler, and one adrift. He did not make any money at all, for


hardly one man in a ten-car subway train ever bought the Daily


Worker—or the “Dirty Worker,” as someone called after him.


Just for the thrill of it he tried it once, but he had no con-






fidence in this job he was told to do. Nor did this Communism


seem a prospect to make him happy or to safeguard his future.


Nevertheless he went to hear the leader speak in Madison Square


Garden. “The forces that have created a Soviet Russia, will create


a similar government in Germany, and in the United States,” he




Now, what were those forces, and who were they, that had


brought about the Soviet government in Russia? Were they of the


same calibre as those repellent ones that our young factory


worker had met in Union Square, or at the office of the Daily


Worker? Or even as those sitting all around him right there in


Madison Square Garden? What was it that all these foreignlooking


people wanted to make out of the United States? A


Soviet United States? What does “Soviet” mean, anyway?


“Knishes (meaning fried potato balls, a Jewish tidbit) five cents a


bag,” someone was yelling beside him, and he looked shyly at the


creature. Even that ugly vender cried out: “Workers of the world,




Unite with whom? Would he unite and associate with gypsies —


even now, when he was “broke” and out of work, borrowing from


all the friends who still had something? . . . What’s that? “A


telegram from Mayor LaGuardia, and one from Rabbi Wise.” “So


they also associate with Communists,” was his first conclusion.


“Moscow Daily News!” another dusky foreigner shrieked. . . .


“What have we to do with Moscow, here in the United States?”


our young American asked himself, wondering what part that


paper could play in solving his problem of unemployment, and


how he would get his next decent meal. “Smash the bourgeoisie


and the capitalistic system!—to-hell with Washington,” shouted


another brash-looking foreigner. . . . “World revolution,”—


“World revolution,”—”World revolution.” . . . Would these


politicians bring him relief from the troubles in which he was


now involved? What, indeed, was meant by— these “forces that


have created a Soviet Russia—will create a similar government in


. . . the United States?”






Are there really forces in existence which can change a government


at will without asking the people, and without legislation?


Right there somebody out of the crowd flashed the answer: “To


hell with legislation!” . . . “World revolution!” replied another


fellow back of him. . . . “Dictatorship of the proletariat!” cried


someone else with a pair of weird-looking eyes. “Does the United


States have to ape Russia anyway, or any other country?” he


wanted to ask.


“Morning Freheit just out,” . . . “Camp Nitgedaiget folder free!”


he was told during the intermission by a young Jew, in that babel


of alien gibberish.


He had never before heard so many foreign words or seen such


strange faces, nor had he ever been approached by such a horde


of “comrades”—of whom he almost felt afraid. “What was


Communism, anyway? What was behind all the excitement of


those Communist leaders and of those who fancied themselves as


belonging to the front ranks? Could anyone explain?”


Would the outcome—if this country should actually turn towards


Communism—be identical with what has happened in Russia?


What would the transition stage be like, after the Communists —


as he had seen and heard them—started to run this country? And


how would those American citizens who were opposed to that


foreign Communism, react under a regime that had been


actualized not only without their consent but in spite of their most


strenuous opposition?


What would it look like when the Communists—as in Russia—


had seized the United States government and abolished all the


constitutional rights as yet enjoyed by American citizens? The


world does, indeed, owe the young American worker an explanation,


and a full account of how the change of government


actually did take place in Russia and of what the “change” has


done to the Russian people—including the workers. Since the


Communist leader is the “front” for the Jewish conspiracy both in


this country and throughout the world, his state-






ments cannot be dismissed as mere idle talk. It is therefore


entirely reasonable to suppose that measures identical with those


taken in Russia would be duplicated here, and the American public


is entitled to every possible enlightenment as to what may be


expected, if and when this “change” takes place. A few aspects of


what may actually happen, will be given in the following pages….


Even to a greater extent than at present, Jews of foreign birth —


financed by American and European International bankers—


would invade the country. The first active step would be to seek


to bribe the executives of the army and navy, and then to confiscate


all the industries and the private property of the American


Aryans. In this connection it will be remembered that intimate


details pertaining to all businesses and industries in this country


were obtained by the “Code Authorities” established under the


National Industrial Recovery Act back in 1933, and made


available for Jews and others in position to profit by them.


Seizure of all jewels and precious metals would follow. Those


who offered opposition in any way would be murdered by hordes


of bandits—bribed by the Jewish bankers and camouflaged with


Army uniforms. Any persons objecting to the assumption of such


outrageous power by these criminal Jews would immediately be


imprisoned without hearings.


In line with the new “liberty” and the “new standard of social


order,” the nationalization of women would become the sensational


new “thrill.” . . . Christian Americans might become personal


witnesses to violations of their womenfolk—which would be


given “legal” sanction throughout the “United Soviet States of


America” for the satisfaction of Jews and their Negro dupes to


whom Jewish Communists have long made promises of this kind.


In girls’ boarding schools one would find self-appointed Jewish


male teachers sleeping in the dormitories—where the honor of


one’s sister would be no safer than that of an outcast on the




The American clergy would be starved to death. The Jewish






commissars responsible for the adoption of the new “Talmudic


laws” would brand the entire Christian clergy as madmen who as


“reactionaries” must be eliminated. Since these same Commissars


would administer the distribution of all food cards, and no food


would be available except as allotted on food cards to “workers”


or for sale at exhorbitant prices in luxury stores for the


“comrades,” the Christian clergy—being refused food cards —


would be worst-off of all.


There would be certain “luxury” stores for those Soviet officials


who could afford to buy there. These would be seen making their


daily purchases in such stores established for the privileged


class—in a supposedly classless society—while the honest,


toiling Americans would have to stand in line and wait for the


rations allowed them by “law.” And what starvation rations they


would be!


Out of a hundred officials in key positions in the Soviet United


States, at least eighty would be Jews. Under Bolshevism all the


Christian office-holders would be disposed of, for only Jews and


their obedient sycophants would be “fit” to run the country according


to the Jewish pattern. For did not Marx stipulate that


Jews would have to “free” themselves before they could “free”




All Christians and the lesser Jews would be placed in


“collectives” under Jewish authorities, since all industries as well


as all farming would be “nationalized.” All foodstuffs would be


rationed so that the Jewish overlords could control the entire


dispensation of all available food, as well as all means of


livelihood. The national emblem The Stars and Stripes would be


replaced by the Red rag with the Hammer and Sickle, and the


Jewish six-pointed star of David would adorn all of our official


buildings —as it is already being used by some of our


government departments.


Americans—always fond of traveling—would have to adjust


themselves to staying at home, for traveling to foreign countries


would be prohibited for non-Jews. It would be only one kind of


people—the group of Commissars and other “loyal” folk of their






race—who would be allowed to travel in foreign lands. For


Americans of Christian stock the borders would be closed, like


the gates of a jail—as is the case in Soviet Russia—for the Christians


in America would be closely confined to their “collectives,”


mines, or labor camps, as the case might be. To own an automobile


would also be the almost exclusive privilege of members


of the “Chosen race.”


One of the first acts of the new “United Soviet States” government


would be the establishing of a terror-police whose foremost


duty it would be to “protect” the Jew in every way. In this


country—which has frequently been called “the cradle of


liberty”—every expression or act displeasing to the “Chosen


race,” would call down swift retribution of the most ruthless kind.


To this end an immense government spy net would be


established, so that even in the bosom of his family the white


American would have to scrupulously watch his words and




In her book Red Virtue, Ella Winter cites two cases of Jewish


sensibility in Russia. In one instance a man was immediately arrested


for having made the remark:. . . that is a Jewish name. . . ,”


and in the other case she states: “A man was imprisoned for


making an anti-Semitic joke.”


The procedure in such cases might be—as it has been in Soviet


Russia—that parents would be taken out of the home at night,


leaving young children to go on the streets, and the home closed


by order of the “United Soviet States” government. . . . The


parents would be interned, or “liquidated”—the new term for


“killing,” coined by the Jews in Russia. . . . These American


children would be homeless and forced to exist in the same


manner as do stray cats and dogs. It would then be a mere matter


of time until these children would become infected and liable to


carry any kind of disease, since they would be living in


unsanitary places, seeking shelter in any covered spot such as


hallways, under the arches of bridges, in railroad tunnels, and so




If it should happen that the number of such dissipated and dis-






eased American children should reach a formidable figure so that


the state and city hospitals simply could not accommodate them,


there would be a precedent for the remedy: the machine gun.


These young American children would be taken out of the city


under the pretense of being taken on a picnic, and when seated


nicely on the ground, destroyed by hidden machine guns. This


procedure would appeal to the “United Soviet States” officials as


far preferable to the tedious, troublesome and expensive


hospitalization of such children. And it would have the advantage


of being in perfect accord with “Talmudic law”—the new official


law of the “United Soviet States” government, and which states,


in Baba Mecia, 114, 6: “You (Jews) are human beings, but the


nations of the world are not human beings, but beasts.” So, if


“beasts” in such numbers happened to be afflicted with disease,


our Jewish masters would not bother wasting money and time on


such creatures!


While mentioning machine guns, it might also happen that some


few hundred former American officers, wounded in the fracas


incident to the establishment of the Soviet in America, and


hospitalized, would be taken outside on stretchers and “liquidated”


in the same quick and efficient manner. Why not? This has


been the procedure of the Jews in Russia and in Spain —since


1917! So what else could American Christians expect? The right


of free speech would belong exclusively to the “United Soviet


States” officials, to their race and their obedient servants. It might


happen that some millions of American farmers who had not


agreed with the Jewish idea of wholesale government farming but


who had nevertheless been forced to turn their entire harvest over


to the Jewish farm Commissars, might die of starvation. For the


“United Soviet States” government would need all the grain for


export so as to obtain sufficient foreign currency for propaganda


purposes—that the doctrines of Jewish Communism might


“bless” every corner of the world. This fact would be brought to


the attention of all the “United Soviet States” judges—who would


be, with scarcely any exception, of the ‘Chosen race’—for who


else could be trusted with the ad-






ministration of “holy Talmud justice”? Any such judge—his


name might be Louis D. Brandeis—might make the observation,


that since these millions of American farmers were only Christians,


why should anybody care?


According to the new Talmud law of the land, this would be quite


all right, and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.


For this same “Honorable” Louis D. Brandeis had a large share in


establishing a united Jewish front, when he urged in his Zionism,


pp. 113-114: “Organize, organize, organize, until every Jew must


stand up and be counted—counted with us, or prove himself,


wittingly or unwittingly, of the few who are against their own




Since the churches and all their affiliated institutions would be


pronounced “reactionary” by the new “United Soviet States”


government, it would become of paramount necessity to cast the


American mentality in a new mold, so as to eradicate permanently


the “silly and sentimental” conceptions with which Christianity—


the “opium of the people,” according to Lenin, the “grand


master” of Communism—had “drugged” the world. Therefore it


would be necessary to remove from all American homes and


prohibit from sale, all “sentimental” pictures and statues such as


those of Christ and His followers, and replace them with pictures


of “real” heroes such as Marx, Engels and Lenin. Let the people


pray to these gods, would be the Soviet dictator’s order— for had


they not been descendants of the world’s most “aristocratic” race,


and the “liberators” of the “working classes” besides? Because,


therefore, the influence of the Church on the American character


would be considered as diametrically opposed to the spirit of


Judaism, it would be necessary for the new Jewish government to


sanction and openly subsidize the Jewish-atheistic, Godless


movement—which is already well under way. Since the


usurpation of material world power is and always has been the


central point of the Jewish “religion,” the Jew has always felt


qualified—and even divinely appointed—to place his ‘David’s


star” of materialism on anything within his reach. So as to tempt


the taste of those Americans to whom such a






Godless movement might not appeal, the various atheistic movements


in which the Jews have played so active a part would also


be continued in full force, and be made semi-official. All these


groups enjoying the favor of the new Soviet government would


work closely together, and if any Christian church offered


opposition to the ruthless process of Judaization in spite of all


discouragement, then the members of the Godless and atheistic


groups would get together and vote for the razing of that church


or—even better—have it converted into a warehouse, a movie


theater or a dance hall. In the case of a smaller church, it might be


turned into a Communist club, or a house of prostitution. The


Judaized U. S. government would usually sanction any such


suggestion coming from the Communist party, which, of course,


would not bother to consult the church members to whom the


church rightfully belonged.


And thus it might happen, that soon the dictator would issue the


proclamation that after twenty years not a single church would be


allowed to remain on American soil. It would be a matter of


common observation however, that not only would the Jewish


synagogues not be disturbed, but money would even have been


appropriated by the government for the erection of many new


Jewish temples.


All this of course would be causing great consternation among


the Gentile people of the former United States of America— but


few of which people had taken any steps whatever to protect their


nation and institutions while the Communist party was still in its




The new “United Soviet States” government’s independence or


modern scientific invention might be shown by its method of


constructing some important canal work, for instance. For, as in


the days of the great Solomon, would there not be millions of


Gentiles—Christian-American “white collar” convicts—available


to blast the rocks and carry away the dirt? . . . Mere “beasts who


would be forced to submit to the rule of the “Chosen tribe”? . . .


And of what consequence would be the physical collapse of even


hundreds of thousands of such?






Since it has become a matter of world-wide recognition that no


other race is capable of turning-out newspapers acceptable to


Jewish low moral standards, it is a foregone conclusion that none


but scions of the “Chosen People” would be trusted to control or


dispense any kind of government publicity whatever. And there


would, of course, be no other. As is the case in the “model state,”


Soviet Russia, no dissenting voice whatever would be allowed.


Also, for the representative viewpoint and the “proper” historical


evaluation of the changing of America to the “new order,” only


Jews would be found to possess the “proper” qualifications; none


else would be considered capable of recording and adequately


publicizing the “marvelous achievements” for the “benefit of the


people” under the “glorious” regime of Jewish Communism. For


it would be of the first importance, of course, that the rest of the


world should obtain authoritative information of the “complete


success” of the Marxian doctrines, and of how they had entirely


“liberated” the working masses in America.


ALL the high military posts would at once be taken by Jews. For,


since the Jew assumes that he is born to dominate the weak-kneed


Gentiles, it would be only natural for members of his race to be in


charge of all military establishments throughout the land. Even in


civil aviation Jews would be at the top. Not because they have


ever excelled as aviators—that profession is much too dangerous


to life and limb—but only for the sake of holding absolute control


of a department so vitally essential in our modern times.


Heavy and light industry, agriculture and finance, mining and


forestry, public construction and mechanical research, interior departments


and foreign affairs—the key positions in all these


branches would be taken by members of the “Chosen race” which


had its early home in the Arabian desert!—for it would be


considered that hardly any Christian-Americans could be found


who are capable of administering such positions to the


“satisfaction” of the “United Soviet States” government. It goes


without saying, that all ambassadors to foreign countries






would have to be full-blooded Jews, so that all the world would


be properly impressed by the “leadership” of their race in the


“United Soviet States of America.”


The “old racial dreams” of dominating all the Gentile world were


going to come true sometime, so why not now—with Communism


already penetrating the world to such a formidable




So as to make sure that the minds of the people would develop


along the proper Judaistic lines, it would be of supreme importance


that the children be trained in the orthodox Marxistic


channels, and therefore Jews would be appointed to all presidencies


and principalities of the governmental-educational institutions—


and there would be no others. What trouble and expense


had not the “Soviet American Government” already had, with reforming


the “misled minds” of these obstinate Christians!


Certainly it would be seen to that all inclination to Christianity


was totally eliminated, by training the minds of the children along


Marxian lines from the very start.


None of these things, or worse, can happen in America, if the


Gentile workers refuse to lend their support through the radical


labor unions to the Communist Party—of the real nature of which


the mass of American workers know literally nothing. Would they


have given such support as has been given to date, if they knew


that within a few years they would find their sisters and daughters


the prey of lewd Jews and Negroes? Advocating “equality of


race” and indifference to the sanctitv of family relationship, the


Communist Party has consistently sponsored the idea that the


Negro and the Jew should be at perfect liberty to violate any


Aryan-American woman, and red-blooded Americans have long


realized that Jewish lawyers in this country would be sure to


defend Negroes caught in the act of spoiling the blood of white


women. Under Communism in actual practice therefore, white


women are subject to assault by any beast of a man who happens


to be in the mood; for white people under Communist rule would


have no rights whatever—being, according to the Talmudic text,


“mere beasts.” In line with what has






taken place in Communistic Russia, American society women


would probably have to dance for the “entertainment” of immoral


and semi-savage Jewesses and their Sadist-Bolshevistic


henchmen; and refusal to comply with such beastly requirements


would simply mean death under indescribable torture.


ALL these details—based on actual happenings in Soviet Russia


and revealed in some cases only through Jewish boasting —have


been cunningly hidden by the Communist agitators, especially


since the recognition of the Communist Party by the United


States government.


In a speech in the interests of Zionism, at the New York Hippodrome


on June 8, 1936, Communist leader Earl Browder furnished


obvious indication that he was betraying the “cause” of the


workers when it conflicted with the interests of his Jewish


employers. In discussing the appropriation of land for the Jews in


Palestine, he frankly stated that Jews arriving there should be


allowed to settle on the land as it could be bought up from the


Arabian owners; adding, however, “But to get hold of this land,


the Arab peasants who live and toil on it, have to be driven off.”


This “workers’ leader,” though a Gentile, plainly subscribes to the


Talmudic law—Baba Batra, 54: “The estates of the Goyim


(Gentiles) are like the wilderness. Whoever first settles has a right


to them …” and seems to find it perfectly consistent with his role


as workers’ leader, to support the Jews’ Talmudic first-rights as


against the native Arab’s right of ownership. Instead of defending


the rights of the workers, who happened to be Arabian Gentiles,


shabes goy Browder felt obliged, in order to assure his future pay


check, to openly insist upon Jewry’s being given preference and


priority rights wherever desired. This was even demanded in the


case of Palestine—where most Jews arrive as capitalists who


carry along the loot from their former domiciles, in


contradistinction to the poor Arab peasants who “have to be


driven off” their fields to make room for more Jews. Some


workingmen’s leader, this Browder!


Senator Gaudin de Villaine of France, in a speech on May 13,






1919, expressed this very plainly in the following words: “The


Russian revolution and the Great War of 1914-18 were only


phases of the supreme mobilization of the cosmopolitan power of


money, and this supreme crusade of gold against the Cross is


nothing more nor less than the furious aspiration of the Jew for


the domination of the world.


“It is the high Jew bank that has fomented in Russia the revolution


prepared by the Kerenskys and finally perpetrated by the


Lenins, Trotskys and Zinovieffs, as was yesterday the


Communist coup d’etat in Hungary, for Bolshevism is nothing but


Talmudic upheaval.


“The Russian, revolution was a Jew revolution supported by Germany,


the cradle of modern universal Jewry—and the


Bolsheviks, the executioners of the bloody Russian agony, are all,


more or less, of the race of Judas.”


Later events have amply shown Germany’s repudiation of her


role as the “cradle of modern universal Jewry.” Browder will be


unable to hide the fact that the Jews in the United States are


zealously working through him for the overthrow of the


American government by means of thinly-disguised Communist


activities in the ranks of labor and politicians. Just as the Russian


worker has been degraded and enslaved in the Soviets by these


same forces, the American workingmen are being hoodwinked


into supporting unions which are being used for the destruction of


all the rights and privileges which the American citizen has


enjoyed to the present moment.


THE Jews are interested only in Jewish supremacy, which is all


that Communism stands for, and in this lies the sole and


fundamental reason why the Jews so ardently embrace the idea


and program of Communism, for it has been a most effective


screen behind which to work toward their real objective—the


capturing of economic and political control in one nation after another


until they can be the undisputed masters of the whole




In view of Browder’s bald announcement of the coming








tion of the United States, it becomes a life-and-death matter for


the American people to learn exactly who and what those forces


are that have turned the Russias of the Czars into the shambles


now touted as the “workers’ paradise” under the name of the


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics—and where and how such


forces obtained leave to create such a hell on earth. The various


strike riots as well as other more or less successful putsches


instigated by the Communist Party, have always shown that Jews


are the main fomenters of all social unrest. Col. E. N. Sanctuary


of New York, stated that in the strike on the Pacific Coast in 1934


organized by the Australian Jew Harry Bridges— who entered


this country as Harry Dorgan—out of 19 Red agitators arrested


no less than 11 were Jews. In other words, 11 Jewish agitators out


of a Jewish-claimed population of 4,250,000 —and 8 agitators


out of the Gentile population of 125,000,000. Again, during the


strike of the hotel and restaurant workers in New York City in


1934, out of 18 salaried officials of the strike committee 15 were


Jews. Few if any of these strike organizers had ever been


connected with hotel or restaurant work, but were simply


professional agitators who were incapable of understanding or


not interested in any improvement of social or economic


conditions of the workers. Instead, they were engaged in


aggravating discontent and fomenting revolution among the


workers, and encouraging them to refrain from working at their


jobs—while they themselves, as instigators of the strife, profited


in their salaries from the dues paid in by their dupes. Proving that


they miss no chance of attempting to undermine the national


stamina, Communist girls—mostly Jewish—are using their sex


appeal in approaching enlisted men with Communistic literature


so as to demoralize the armed forces of the country. In their


pamphlets, too, much explicit advice is given for the preparation


and carrying out of mutiny.


The fact that even a number of notables in this country, such as


senators, congressmen and executives of a certain standing, are


subscribing to the tenets of Communism, merely testifies to their


total ignorance as to its real nature. When such a well-known






writer as Upton Sinclair joins the group of other misinformed


intellectuals and exclaims in his book Oil, on p. 500: “Where


would the radical movement be without the Jews?” one can only


pity him for his ignorance of the underlying facts. The Communist


movement is like the iceberg in that only a tenth appears


on the surface, while its real bulk is temporarily submerged but


ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice—at the call of its


Jewish masters.


All this irrefutable evidence leads to the definite conclusion that


the radical movement is entirely in the hands of the Mongoloid


Jews and completely controlled by them. Communism IS a


foreign importation, and out-and-out un-American. The National


American Bulletin, New York, of October 8, 1936, records a


New York Communist as having stated, that “the day is not far


away when we will shoot the rich as they ride by in their limousines,


for,” he continued, “the only way to get rid of the rich is to


eliminate them!”


THE Communists’ frequent announcement of the coming violent


overthrow of the United States government, and their openly


stated intention of using terroristic methods in seizing possession


of all the key institutions and major industries in the country, are


all parts of the incitement to civil war, and therefore anti-national


throughout. One of the subtle features of this real “American


tragedy”-in-the-making, lies in the fact that the Chief Executive is


so blindly following the dictates of his coterie of Jewish braintrusters,


who covertly if not openly sympathize with and give


their tacit support to the most dangerous elements in this country.


One might, for instance, recall the suddenly checked press


disclosures of the thoroughly corrupt Minnesota political machine


of the late Floyd B. Olson—with whom the Chief Executive


expressed himself as being in accord. It does not seem out of


place here to throw some light on one of his late advisers, who,


though himself a Gentile, was assiduously promoting the


Communistic outrage being prepared by the Jews here. This man


was none other than Rexford Guy Tug-






well, late professor of Economics at Columbia University and


also late Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture in


the President’s cabinet, and called, by the way—in The Saturday


Evening Post of August 1, 1936, “The President’s Idea Man.” Of


what particular value Mr. Tugwell’s ideas may have been to the


President and incidentally to the country, may be concluded from


the following example:


Mr. Tugwell visited Russia in 1927 as member of a trade commission,


and subsequently, along with Stuart Chase and Robert


Dunn, edited the commission’s report “Soviet Russia in the


Second Decade.” Here, in the chapter on “Industry and the


Gosplan” by Stuart Chase, are compared the figures of the


domestic animal stock of the year 1913 with those of 1927, according


to the Soviet government tabulation as submitted to the




They were for 1913


35,500,000 horses


60,300,000 cattle


20,300,000 hogs


120,800,000 sheep and goats


a total of 236,900,000 head of live stock


and in 1927


29,100,000 horses


64,100,000 cattle


18,100,000 hogs


121,600,000 sheep and goats


232,900,000 head


However, in 1933 another report of live stock in Russia was issued,


which the Tugwell commission failed to submit to the


people of the United States. It appeared in the official Pravda on


December 6, 1933, and sheds a quite different light on Soviet






Russia’s Communistic “experiment” in collective farming. The


figures in this report are:


Russia had in 1913


32,000,000 horses


60,000,000 cattle


21,000,000 hogs


113,000,000 sheep and goats


226,000,000 head of live stock


and in 1933


7,000,000 horses


5,800,000 cattle


2,500,000 hogs


7,400,000 sheep and goats


22,700,000 head,


in other words, only about one-tenth of Russia’s pre-war figures!


Neither before nor after the official recognition of the Soviet


Union by the United States in November, 1933, has the American


public received either from its government or through its


Judaized press, any truthful report of the Communistic developments


in that country. The whole system having totally


failed, the authoritative Tugwell et al. have never seen fit to furnish


any adequate picture of the social and domestic conditions


there, nor have they given the public here, even a belated correction


of their misstatements about Soviet Russia. Having been


appointed by the New Deal “brain trust” as a supposed expert on


national economic matters, Tugwell—as growing numbers of


Americans now perceive from a thoroughly Judaized


predicament—evidently considered it sufficient to report the erroneous


data furnished by the irresponsible Soviet government—


such presumably being the orders of those who appointed the


commission. If this Tugwellian report is typical of the ideas with


which he furnished the President, is it any wonder that the Chief


Executive seems to entertain such a favorable opinion or






this government he let himself be railroaded into recognizing?


The disproportionately large number of Jews now officially and


unofficially connected with the United States government, the


entirely Judaized press as well as the international news exchanges,


such other propaganda agencies as the stage and screen


and the commercialized radio, are all responsible for the deplorable


misinformation and consequent ignorance of the people


as to the true conditions in Soviet Russia.


And to Soviet Russia, where the Jewish element has totally submerged


Christian and Aryan civilization by its anti-Christian


government activities, the President of the United States dispatches


his “sincere felicitations on this memorable anniversary,”


according to the London Morning Post of November 9, 1935!


Nothing could better testify to the President’s sympathies with the


Jewish revolutionaries who made possible the events of


November 7 and 8, 1917, in Russia, than this telegram to Kalinin,


Jews and Jewish-minded Gentiles in the Roosevelt administration


have actually established definitely Communistic experiments


here, one of which is the Tennessee Valley Authority power project.


Col. E. N. Sanctuary of New York, quotes in a pamphlet


recently published, the following description of certain conditions


in Norris which is the principal township of that district: “There


is no church or place of worship in the town of Norris, Tennessee,


except a Community House built by TVA as an agency of


the United States Government. There is no Protestant Church and


no Catholic Church in Norris. All property in Norris is owned by


the United States Government. If this does not mean Federal


control over religion, it can mean nothing, for the simple reason


that the Government owns the Community House in the same


way that the Baptists of your city own the Baptist Church there.


The Government-owner of the building can dictate its use. . . .


Literature published by TVA shows that no one is employed


unless he be socially minded. There are no persons living at


Norris except Government employees, and in order to live in one


of the three hundred and fifty residences there, the tenant must be


socially minded, and employed by the






TVA. . . . There is no doubt that this scheme brings about a


correlation between State and Religion, though without any


specific church being mixed up in the matter.” The above is an


account of the Communistic conditions already affecting a


considerable area of the country, under the authority of our


Federal Government, and presages much greater curtail-ment of


freedom and initiative when and if the New Deal program is


carried to its logical culmination—complete sovietization of the




Some idea of the nature and extent of the Jewish power and influence


in this country for many years past, without being generally


recognized as such, may be gathered from an account


dating back to 1920.


It was in December of that year that an outstanding Russian,


Major-General Count Cherep-Spiridovich, arrived from Europe.


This man had compiled an exhaustive collection of data concerning


the Jewish rape of Imperial Russia, and was for this reason


detained at Ellis Island by the immigration authorities, until he


promised not to engage in anti-Jewish activities here; that is, not


to disclose the actual facts of the treatment meted out to the


Gentile majority in Russia. It had been represented to the


American authorities, of course, that such disclosures would be


an unjust exposure of Jewish activities and might possibly cause


anti-Jewish repercussions here. And it was of course “in the


interest of America,” that American Jewry brought pressure to


bear on the authorities at Ellis Island to have them exact this


promise from Count Spiridovich. Any disclosure of the facts at


that time might have seriously interfered with the smooth


progress of the Marxistic plans of establishing here the same kind


of “workers’ paradise” that had been so successfully set up in




AS YET only a comparatively few people here seem to realize to


what a large extent the Jew-Communists have already acquired


control of the working masses and of our social and economic


structure, and the awakening of such citizens is in






part due to the discovery and the wide distribution of the working


plan of Jewry which is universally known as the “Protocols of


The Learned Elders of Zion.” This document, a copy of which


was deposited in the British Museum in 1906, has come to be


recognized as an indispensable key to world events to such an


extent that it has been translated into most of the world’s languages,


and today boasts a circulation second only to that of the


Christian Bible. In spite of the ceaseless efforts of the Jews to


brand this document as a forgery, it has been definitely established


as being part of the secret record of the First Zionist Congress


at Basle, Switzerland, in 1897. Even without such verification,


events throughout the world, as well as Jewry’s zealous


participation in every form of Communistic activity, have dispelled


any reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of these infamous


“Protocols” as the satanically circumspect working plan for


Jewish world-conquest. In spite of the Jews’ constantly reiterated


denials of such an objective, the American Hebrew of November


30, 1934, went so far as to say: “Even supposing the authenticity


of this book (the Protocols) to be demonstrable, what bearing can


it have upon the matter? It would at most show that a group of


people wished to dominate the world. And when has there not


been a nation which at one time or another in its history has


wished to dominate the world? Well and good, let us suppose that


certain leaders of Israel have cherished this idea. Why, indeed,


should they not have done so?” Furthermore, a very large number


of leaders of Israel have openly committed themselves to the plan


of Jewish world domination. As to results, a quite surprising


document has lately come to light in the form of a letter, written


in 1925 by the rabbi Maimon to the late Barthold Lunden, editor


of the Swedish Weekly Vidi and published in the National-


Socialisten, Aabenraa, Denmark, of August 22, 1936. In this


letter occur the following passages: “For reasons egotistical or


otherwise, you have seen fit to poke your nose into the so-called


Jewish question and make yourself the mouthpiece of a whole


nation. To judge by your fantasies in






Vidi you want to have the Jewish people expelled not only from


Sweden but from all Europe. What lunacy! You seem to be


totally ignorant of the power and the organization against which


you go to war. Little dwarf, take care that the mountain does not


collapse and bury you! You are fifty years late with this ‘cleaning


up.’ Are you really so ignorant, or do you refuse to see that we


already rule Europe’s greatest people? As an editor you surely


ought to know that our symbol—the star of David -the points of


which some time will fly over every single European capital,


already from the old walls of the Kremlin has spread its influence


into the world’s every direction. Is it unknown to you that the


world press, with few exceptions, already is in our hands? That


we direct the trend and thinking, in the development of the great


masses of Europe? That the most exclusive woman’s world,


through our fashion journals, follows our least hint? Theater,


film, and the whole world of amusement are all subservient to us


and must follow our dictates. The new art is a work of our taste


and must, too, follow our directions. In the money market with all


its business transactions, we hold undisputed sway.


“Empires, Kingdoms, Republics, Cities, Communities, and Individuals,


are our debtors. According to the covenant made by our


forefathers, Industry and Commerce are bound to fall into our




Does not this letter tell the whole story? Could words be plainer?


Is there still room for doubt?


And still, thanks to the controlled press, the legend about the


“poor, persecuted Jews” goes on and on. An item on the Church


page of the supposedly Christian New York World-Telegram on


July 3, 1937, stated that in at least 2500 temples and synagogues


of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, the sesquicentennial


of the American Constitution would be celebrated both


on July 3 and 4, and added: “The exercises will not be restricted


to an act of thanksgiving for the benefits a free government has


brought to an oppressed people, but will include prayers for the


continuance of such idealism.”






Witness Lenin’s orders to the Communists in Russia: “We must


be ready for any and every sacrifice, and even, if necessary, to


practice trickery, to employ cunning, and to resort to illegal


methods—to sometimes even overlook and conceal the truth—all


for the sake of penetrating into the Trade Unions, to stay there


and by every and all means carry on the work of Communism.”


And here a quotation from Protocol 3 seems quite to the point:


“The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers,


was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy


and strong. We are interested in just the opposite—in the diminution,


in the killing out of the Goyim (Gentiles). Our power is


in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the


worker, because by all that this implies he is made the slave of


our will ….”


There is no exaggeration whatever in the statement that when the


full light of pitiless publicity shall have been shed on the Judaistic


plan of despoiling the Gentile nations of the world, the whole


diabolical scheme of which Communism is but a part, cannot but


fall to pieces.


Although Jewry’s plan of obtaining control of the state through


labor’s voting power is obvious, it is frequently and openly advocated


by the Jewish leaders, not to wait for such development but


to overthrow the present government by violence, at the convenient


moment. Such seizure, according to the Communist


leader’s statement, would mean nothing short of open civil war.


The identity of the forces that Sovietized Russia has been clearly


revealed in the chapters on Lenin and Trotsky, by ample historical


documentation, and it is the now quite open and undisguised


plan of this Jewish Capitalist-Communist combine, to


capture the United States—as they did Russia—at the earliest


possible moment. The Jewish daily, The Day, New York, of


April 9, 1936, contained the following open defiance: “The Jews


of America, because of their numbers, interest, and ability,


constitute a great political force. They have not usurped this


power; it belongs to them as of right! They are going to exercise


it as they see fit. What are you going to do about it?”






ACCORDING to the Daily Jewish Bulletin, New York, of


February 1, 1935, the Jewish population of the United States


numbered 4,250,000. However, figures from Jewish sources have


come to light indicating that by 1937 the Jewish popu. lation in


America had grown to approximately twelve millions of which


nearly four millions were of foreign birth; and these figures have


no doubt been considerably increased by reason of the influx of


Jewish “refugees”—political and otherwise—since the summer of


1938. This minority appears to possess the power and influence


today to enforce its desires over large numbers of the Christian


citizenry, especially in New York where freedom of speech and


press seems to belong to the Jews exclusively.


The American writer James Russell Lowell was a case in point,


according to his biographer, Horace Elisha Scudder. In his


Biography, II, p. 305, Mr. Scudder writes of having asked him:


“When the Jews have got absolute control of finance, the army


and navy, the press, diplomacy, society titles, the government,


and the earth’s surface, what do you suppose they will do with


us?” “That,” Lowell answered, “is the question which eventually


will drive me mad.”


At the present time, conditions in Russia are such that the surviving


Christian population literally has been driven to the edge


of desperation, being held in abject slavery and deprived of all


power and influence in their own country.


What would become of our national holidays and our patriotic


and Christian sanctuaries in general, if the future of our Christian-


Aryan country were left to our Asiatic minority from the ghettos,


might be conjectured upon reading the statement of the Jew


Zamen Yoffeh in the Jewish Menorah Journal, New York,


December, 1929, p. 272: “New Year’s Day, Lincoln’s and


Washington’s Birthdays, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day,


Christmas—meant for us a day or so off from school. Our real


holidays were those of the Jewish calendar.”






COMMUNISM in the United States would mean a duplication of


the civil strife that has been rampant in Soviet Rus-sia for these


last twenty years. It would mean the total abolishment of personal


and national freedom in favor of the most vicious group of


humans that has ever held power in the world’s whole history.


The “class struggle” with which the American workers have been


hoodwinked is nothing but a cunningly Jew-devised slogan to


create and sustain strife between artificially and arbitrarily


created classes. All these facts should be broadcast to every


home, and every workshop, factory and farm in this country


where Communist agents are at work.. Since the Aryans in


America constitute 80 percent of the total population, there is


every reason in the world why the less-than-10 percent Jewishminority


could and should be drastically prevented from further


deceiving the white workers of this country into a conspiracy


directed ultimately against all Christians. However one of the


officials of the American Communist Party, according to


Congressional Report No. 2290, Communist William Z. Foster


pronounced these words: “Our party considers religion to be the


opium of the people, as Karl Marx has stated, and we carry on


propaganda for the liquidation of these prejudices amongst the




How sure of their victory here the Communist overlords already


are, may be gathered from a report which appeared in the London


Saturday Review of July 25, 1936: “In a speech made by a Jewish


Communist in France not very long ago, the following words


were greeted with tremendous applause: ‘We are the supreme


masters of peace and war. So far we have succeeded in


overthrowing most of the thrones of Europe; the rest will follow


in the near future. Russia has already worshipped our rule. France


with her masonic government is under our thumb. Spain and


Mexico are toys in our hands. Many other countries, including


the United States of America, have already fallen before our




Jews throughout the world seem to be well aware of the satanical


nature of the plots and schemes with which they are accomplish-






ing a penetration which bears promise of ultimate domination of


Gentile society. The Jewish Menorah Journal, New York, for


November-December, 1930, page 197, states: “The whole existence


of the Jew is insane. . . . Why shouldn’t we have an insane


scheme?” Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism as planned


and practiced by the Mongoloid-Jewish minority are simply


camouflaged expression of Jewish insanity. The “liberation” of


the allegedly oppressed Gentile workers is merely a cunning


pretense on the part of the originators of these “socialistic”


doctrines. The real goal of Jewry is the domination of the Gentile


nations, through the medium of the radical, left-wing movements


at present in evidence.


That the hand of Judah has directed the playing-up of the word


Democracy in the press for many years, as a means of diverting


attention from the real purport of political and economic developments


in the United States and European countries, may be


seen from the following statement which appeared in the Jewish


newspaper Nepuenk of Oradea, Roumania, December 10, 1937:


“It is no longer permissible that the connection between Jewry


and world democracy can any longer be denied. We Jews are the


most thorough interpreters of democracy. We Jews must become


its lawful defenders. New York’s Jewry has done the right thing


when they announced that its five million Jews know only one


salvation, namely: To fight openly for true and world-embracing




Is the great American-Aryan majority going to persist in its traditional


indifference and neglect to inform itself of this vast conspiracy,


which the Jewish minority has been slyly engaged in


working-out in America these many years?


Must America fall before this gigantic World Hoax, Communism?




Is C I O the Opening Wedge ?


BUT one point remains to be discussed: What tacit progress has


Jewry-in-action made, here in our United States, to bring about


the conditions on this side of the Atlantic so fulsomely described


in these chapters you have read? The terrible financial Depression


which this country has suffered since 1929 has been a rich


harvest-ground, of course, for the fruition of Marx’s program—


quite as rich a harvest-ground as the world-war aftermath was, in


the countries whose recent histories we have been examining.


Nevertheless, remedial financial legislation could swiftly have


cured the evils of the stock market crash, had constitutionally


minded Gentiles remained in charge of our government. So to


take full advantage of the evils of the Depression and turn them


permanently into revolutionary channels, two things had to be


done: A bureaucratic Administration had to be installed in


Washington that should secretly be in sympathy with such revolutionary


measures, without revealing too suddenly its


unhallowed objectives; second, a nation-wide radical labor


movement had to be thrown together, overnight so to speak, to


bring about a condition in industry where the former Red-minded


bureaucracy could assume dictatorial charge as a “natural” and


without unduly arousing the Gentile masses to repudiate and oust


it. By 1932, Herbert Hoover and the Republican Party were so


emasculated in bringing economic relief to America’s


impoverished millions, that it was a comparatively easy matter to


introduce the quasi-invalid Roosevelt to the nation as the Man of


the Hour who would “fix everything” if given the chance as the


Chief Executive.


The Jewish-kept American press found matters to its advantage to


encourage this selection. The Jewish-controlled American radio


yowled its static into twenty million Gentile homes that






the Democratic Party had the cure-all, personified in the then


governor of the State of New York.


No mention was made of the anomaly that while this Roosevelt-


Can-Save-the-Country campaign was being waged, returned travelers


from Russia were reporting that Bolshevia was plastered


with portraits of Governor Roosevelt under which showed the


highly interesting caption: The First Communist President of the


United States.


At any rate, Roosevelt was elected, and his program to save the


country was embodied in the now-defunct NRA. Various


authorships for NRA have been ascribed—to Justice Louis D.


Brandeis, Judge Samuel Rosenman of New York, Felix


Frankfurter, and Stuart Chase. The origin is unimportant. We do


know that Stuart Chase had written a book on Controlled


Production for the United States, and in one of the chapters of the


first edition he made the bad slip of including this observation: In


Russia, such things could be effected by fiat, but in America they


must be introduced by the traditional method of legislation.


Those were Chase’s words in substance, all copies of that first


edition for literal quoting having long since disappeared. In


subsequent editions, the observation was deleted. Smart non-Jews


had noted that fecund statement and brought it to annoying


Gentile attention.


At any rate, a vast machinery of Relief was set up under Roosevelt,


which in effect was a gigantic public dole to the jobless, the


funds for the same coming from the sale of New Deal bonds or


confiscatory taxes levied on the nation’s propertied gentry. The


national debt was run up to the unprecedented total of almost


forty billion dollars. Banks and corporations were denuded of


their resources. The country throughout the entire Roosevelt


administration continued to slide into the “red”—both literally


and figuratively—at the rate of over nine million a day. This


“Relief” money was put out in such a way that it would do no real


good in permanently reestablishing the buying power of the


masses; it merely kept the masses in tawdry food and shelter till


the industrial spoliation was complete. At all costs, the Jew-






ish bureaucracy installed as NRA under Roosevelt must have the


appearance of doing its frantic best to salvage the country in all


good faith, else maddened Gentiles might turn on these New Deal


Jews—or Jews everywhere—and add America’s first pogrom to


the national history.


Only one incident occurred to seriously interrupt the perfect


working of the Relief Hoax during this period. That was the payment


of the Soldiers’ Bonus.


Politically minded congressmen and senators, fearing to further


antagonize the ex-soldiers, rode roughshod over the insistence of


the Jewish Treasury heads to the contrary, and paid directly into


the hands of the veterans the stupendous sum of true relief


amounting to approximately two billion dollars. This was the sort


of relief that relieved. It actually put a purchasing power into the


hands of these veterans and their families that was something


more than daily meals and rent. The same tactics in long-term


credits to the public would have wiped out the Depression in its


very first stages if the revolution makers had not wanted it




Anyhow, industry began to come back. Employment began to


rise. It looked for a time as though Prosperity actually was just


around the corner.


Something had to be done, swiftly and drastically, it appeared, to


thwart and counteract this gradual return to prosperity before


well-fed and satisfied workingmen again laughed the revolution


makers out of court.


With America on this upward trend, therefore, the Moscow Jews


called a Seventh World Congress of the Communist International


in Moscow in 1935. Immediately this congress was adjourned,


the United States suddenly witnessed the induction of a most eccentric


organization into the ranks of American labor. It became


known as the Committee for Industrial Organization, now the


Congress of Industrial Organization, or the CIO, and its leader


one John L. Lewis—a former Lithuanian leader of coal miners—


who suddenly appeared on the industrial scene equipped with


outlandish sums of money. Its






announced purpose was to supplant the American Federation of




Immediately a program of sit-down strikes disastrous to the automobile


and steel industries followed under the sponsorship of this


eccentric body. Strikes, strikes, and more strikes, began to tie up


American industry—which was doing very well, all things considered—


the effects from which were to checkmate and sabotage


the prosperity accruing from payment of the Soldiers’ Bonus. It


has been made of official record in the Congress of the United


States, that from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 work hours were lost to


American workingmen in a single year through the strikepromotion


activities of John L. Lewis and his following of Communistic




THAT LEWISISM (CIO) is nothing less than the theory and


tactics of Leninism transferred from the soil of Russia to the soil


of the United States, is plain to everyone who can read, observe,


or think. Just as the Jew Lenin, by his crusade of class hatred and


glittering promises to the masses of Russia, agitated them into


class violence against employers and against the system of


government in Russia, so it is atrociously apparent that the Lewis


CIO “crusade” is being made to “sweep” the United States today,


that Jewry-in-action may attain to its objectives.


In 1937 there appeared from the press of the National Republic


Magazine, Washington, D. C, a pamphlet entitled Leninism—


Lewisism. This pamphlet has covered the genesis of the CIO


adroitly and remarkably. From it we quote, Page 10— “As far


back as August 7, 1920, the Communist International adopted


doctrines which have a direct bearing on the radical situation in


labor ranks in the United States today. In “Thesis and Statutes”


published on that date, the Third International of Moscow, in


inaugurating its program of interference with the peace of other


nations, announced that through certain doctrines they would


strive “towards a single aim: the overthrow of capitalism; the


establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat






and of the International Soviet Republic, and the realization of


socialism, the first step of the communist society.” At this


Congress, the world revolutionists established a Trade Union


section to carry on world-wide turmoil in the labor ranks of every


country. In this connection, they stated that their program


included, “a violent defeat of the bourgeois, the confiscation of its


property, the annihilation of the entire bourgeois governmental


apparatus, parliamentary, judicial, military, bureaucratic,


administrative, municipal . . . leading the proletariat in the


pitiless, decisive and final struggle against all the forces of


capitalism” and to “stubbornly and mercilessly denounce any


leader in any labor movement who may be manifesting reformist


or center trends.” This declaration also dealt with the establishment


of “secret factory committees” within American factories


for the purpose of organizing for spontaneous strikes within industries,


and the inauguration of the “industrial union” plan


within all basic industries. They realized a general strike in all


basic industries could destroy a nation. These committees were to


continuously encroach upon industry until the union organizations


obtained full recognition as sole bargaining agencies


and complete control over “plant production.” They stressed the


fact that a “constant stream of struggle” must be inspired by the


factory committees. Communist members of labor unions were


called upon to “strive to create a battle front of labor unions.”


Financial relief in the event of strikes was planned, together with


labor defense (i. e., federal relief and labor acts). They explained


that “the mass struggle means a whole system of developing


demonstrations, growing more acute in form and logically


leading to an uprising against the capitalist order of government.”


By constant strikes (and one industry signed up by CIO has had


over 200 since signing up) they hope to carry out the “Resoluions


of the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International—


The Tasks of the Communists,” which urges that: “The


misery and oppression of the masses must be intensified to an extraordinary








As soon as strikes are settled, new reasons are manufactured by


the Reds within the CIO units to incite the workers to renewed


conflict. As blood is spilled in the streets, Communists agitate for


additional blood spilling. They consider misery and bloodshed as


drills for the Communist revolution. Russia’s continued mowing


down of its own populace reflects the blood thirst of its


Communist agents in the United States.


With the refusal of Kansas miners to strike, the CIO mowed


down scores of them. It is alleged by Chicago police that only


through their interference in the 1937 strike riot there, were


hundreds saved from injury by the CIO followers. The return of


workers to their jobs in steel plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania was


accompanied by bombings. Following the return of workers to


their jobs in Johnstown, Pa., the Communists demanded that all


CIO members “halt the back-to-work move.” In both instances


the Communists called on the CIO to “use every resource at your


command.” They demanded that “all the striking steel plants” be


closed, and “to disarm ail vigilantes.” Weapons of every


conceivable type were confiscated from scores of strikers.


Strikes are growing more acute.


THE Communists have followed their program. They met with


setbacks, time after time, but they analyzed each setback and


continually strengthened their efforts until today their determination


to succeed appears to be bearing fruit in the United States,


the “hardest nut” the Bolsheviks have had to crack. In addition to


concerning themselves with the building up of Communism in


this country, the Moscow Reds foresaw other benefits to be derived.


In this connection they stated: “The continued sharpening


of class antagonism compels all trade unions to lead in strikes,


which, flown on a broad wave over the entire capitalist nation,


constantly interrupt the process of capitalist production and


exchange, the basis of all capitalist calculations. … In this way the


unions become the organs for the annihilation of capitalism.” In


other words, this is a double method which supplies Russia, the


base for world communism, with new market






outlets, also incites workers to revolution and paves the way for


new Soviets.


In the pamphlet “Problems of Strike Strategy,” published in 1934


by the communists, the following statement is made: “The


problem of building the revolutionary unions, as well as the


problem of building a mass Communist Party in the United


States, is largely a question of a correct strike strategy. With this


is bound up the possibility of destroying the reformist illusions of


the A. F. of L. … It is clear that we must show the workers that


we know not only how to make a revolution, but also how to lead


and direct these movements for partial demands.” They have


pretty well demonstrated this recently. The “Report of the 8th


Convention of the Communist Party” contained the following


declaration: “The revolutionary elements, directly under our


guidance, are established leaders of around 150 locals, with


minority opposition groups in about 500 more local unions. This


considerable beginning is of significance because it emphasizes


the enormous possibilities that exist when we get a full


mobilization of all available forces in the field.” They also


reported the establishment of 338 shop nuclei in 68 basic


industries in the United States, and that “it is clear that precisely


at this point we have the key to the future growth of our party and


of the revolutionary trade union.” The Communists continued to


progress, for in their “Manifesto of the Communist Party of the


U. S. A.,” published April 8, 1934, they report: “From auto,


marine and unemployed,” especially municipals, “rising struggles


indicate that the working class of America was ready to fight; that


it is rising in numerous battles; the only thing it needs is


organization and leadership along revolutionary lines. At that


time the organized effort began to create turmoil within the A. F.


of L. unions, ultimately leading to the break in the convention


held in Atlantic City. The Communists denounced the A. F. of L.


for “refusal to accept Communist leadership,” and accused it of


being a “reformist” organization and painted its leaders “strike


breakers.” The Reds declared themselves as favoring an


“industrial union”






plan which “means combining workers of every industry into


large unions, as against the A. F. of L. craft unions.” They also


favored “rigorous and militant strike struggles” calling sympathetic


strikes” and for taking “the revolutionary way out.”


These are the very tactics used by the CIO to build the industrial




The Moscow Pravda, September 8, 1934, informed the world


thus: “The American Communist Party has worked out a list of


fighters who understand to answer blow after blow. The party has


a list of strategists for the class struggle, who are improving in the


language of the proletariat to talk about its daily troubles. The


party has built up a united front from below which gains steadily


larger sympathies of the masses of the workers. The party stresses


especially the value of the Marxistic-Leninistic doctrines as the


most important preparation for the enlargement of the work.


On June 29, 1938, the U. S. Communist Party leader Earl


Browder further stated: “The Communist Party in U. S. is part


and parcel of the Communist International in Moscow.” A


systematic and broad campaign was inaugurated at the American


Federation of Labor convention by the Communists against


“company unions,” and Communists were ordered to “strive to


occupy every eligible post” in all union locals (both A. F. L. and


company). It ordered the “building of a broad class trade union,


center of all class unions, outside of the A. F. of L., as a part of a


wide revolutionary trade union,” or, as they often call it, “a broad


A. F. of L. opposition.” They pointed at that time to the


noticeable rapidity with which industries in the United States


were surrendering to the results of general strikes. This, they


contended, encouraged more frequent struggles. In its companion


pamphlet, The Communist Party in Action, this statement may be


found: “We must build our revolutionary unions and the


revolutionary opposition of the A. F. of L. unions first of all in


the shops. Our slogan is: Every shop must become a fortress of


Communism.” The Communists further state, in another


pamphlet, The Manual on Organization: “The way of






the final overthrow of the old order, and the establishment of the


new—the proletarian dictatorship. . . . These experiences will be


learned in the day-to-day struggles . . . , in strikes for higher


wages and shorter hours, in struggles for relief, for unemployment


insurance, against eviction. . . . “


“The workers learn through their own experiences that they must


hare a Communist Party, which leads, them in their struggles . …


In order to achieve this, every available party member must join


the union of his industry, craft or occupation, and work, there in a


real bolshevik manner.”


“The shop unit is trained to work in a conspirative manner, in


order to organize and lead other workers, to safeguard the organization


and to prevent its members from being fired.” Communists


explain their stand in their publication The Way Out: “It (the


Communist Party) must work toward the bringing together of the


independent and revolutionary trade unions into an independent


federation of labor. The building of such a broad class trade


union, center of all class unions which stand outside of the


American Federation of Labor as part of a wide revolutionary


trade union movement, is an important task of our party. . . .


The outstanding events of the recent period are a most rapid and


deep-going radicalization of the workers, already expressed in the


growth of a militant mass strike movement already embracing


large sections of workers in the basic industries.” It is interesting


to note that as early as July 10, 1933, the Communists had high


hopes of success in the auto industries. In an “Open Letter to All


Members of the Communist Party,” issued by the Central


Committee of the Communist Party, they claimed that “the


success of the party and of the Automobile Workers’ Union in


Detroit shows what can be accomplished by the party and the


revolutionary trade unions in other districts when they vigorously


defend the interests of the workers and carry out the principles of


concentration in the proper way.” The CIO has continually


“concentrated” its efforts, first on auto, secondly on steel and


announces a continued plan of “concentration.”






In the “12th Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist


International,” “Prepare for Power,” issued in 1934, they


declare: “The revolution, to a certain extent, veils its offensive


operations under the guise of defense. . . . Strikes are mere dress


rehearsals for the revolution.” It is noticeable that the various


moves of the CIO are painted as “defensive.” The following


quotation is taken from the “11th Plenary Sessions Report:


“Every shop must become a fortress of communism, and every


member of the party an organizer and leader of the daily struggle


of the masses.”


In August, 1935, in New Steps in the United Front, the Soviet


agents advocated “united struggles of the workers and unity of


the trade union movement in each country,” and ordered the establishment


of “one trade union for each industry; one federation


of trade unions in each country; one international federation of


trade unions in each industry; one general international of all


trade unions based on class struggle.” This apparently is the CIO


plan, for its sections are set up to cover all industries and each is


an International.


At this Congress in 1935, the head of the American section of the


Communist Party of the United States reported: “We in the


United States have already before the Congress in the main


solved the problem of trade union unification,” believing evidently


they had Lewis and his crowd sold on the plan. Earl


Browder, in detailing the proceedings of the Third International


to the members of the Communist Party attending its convention


in New York City held the same year, called for a greater


intensification of the communist drive for strikes, for industrial


union, cancellation of farmers’ debts and mortgages. He also


urged his followers to fight against the deportation of aliens, and


condemned the Supreme Court, Germany and Japan. Since that


time we have the CIO drive linked to the fight against the


Supreme Court, for industrialization and against deportations.


The report of the “Resolutions of the 9th Convention of the


Communist Party of the U. S. A.,” made in 1936, declared that


“the immediate task is to drive forward more energetically on the






issue of organizing in the basic industries, industrial unions, and


following a policy of class struggles. We must seek to isolate the


reactionaries (in the auto, steel, etc., industries) who stand in the


way of organizing the unorganized, demand that the CIO pass


over from words to deeds . . . ; to promote the organization of the


power of the working class for the higher stages of struggles, for


the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of socialism.”


It called for the strengthening of “shop units” and for their


increased prestige in the trade unions, to establish additional units


in auto, steel, rubber and key industries, and “to develop within


the A. F. of L. a struggle for industrial unionism.” “Company


Unions Today,” mentioned as the communists’ main targets in


1935, particularly those unions in the Chrysler, General Motors,


Wierton Steel, Fisher Body, Jones and Laughlin, U. S. Steel,


Chevrolet, Nash, Auburn plants and in the rubber, oil and packing


industries. The reds called for strikes and picketing until all


demands were met, and to “reject all efforts at labor truce” even if


made by the Roosevelt government. It demanded the formation of


unions which would “not depend on congressional laws and


presidential boards, but rather one capable of striking and


picketing until demands were met.” Certainly these are CIO


tactics today.


As an example of success the Communists pointed out that there


were 1,898 strikes, bringing out 1,141,363 workers with the loss


of 15,641,329 working days in 1935, as compared with 894


strikes in 1931, which had brought out 279,299 workers with the


loss of 6,838,183 working days. They bragged over these losses


in wages to the workers as Communist successes.


Noteworthy and significant is the fact that the official expulsion


of CIO agents and functionaries from his home district by the


Honorable Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City, N. J., in the fall of


1937 was answered for many months with daily front page


attacks on that courageous city chief by the Jewish U. S. press,


notably the New York Post. If the latter’s Jewish staff of editors,


plus their employers of the same race, consider themselves hurt,


and hit back whenever CIO activities are objected to, is






further proof needed to convince the American public that the


originators of this Communistic International Organization in the


U. S. A. are none other than the leaders of Jewry?


BOIL it all down, therefore, and what do we get? We get, in


short, the unsavory picture of psychopathic Judah making a


desperate last stand here in the United States to use this nation as


final arena for the accomplishment of the aspirations entertained


a century bygone by the German Yiddisher Karl Heinrich Mordecai-


Marx, that the proletarian masses be utilized to make Judah’s


plans supreme over a world of nationals predominantly Christian.


This is not, of course, the place to argue whether or not all Jews


assent to this objective, or whether they believe that it can be


successfully achieved, or give it their blessings as a race. The


terrible fact stares all of us in the face, that although individual


Jews here and there profess—perhaps sincerely—an ignorance as


to what their leaders are about, Jews as a race are making no


telling efforts to combat the menace of Bolshevism, and wherever


they join Gentile organizations having such objectives, frustration


and emasculation of those organizations inevitably follow. The


Gentile, therefore, must go back to the sterling principle expressed


by Christ Himself: “He who is not for me, is against me!”


Jews as a race, the Jewish rabbinate, the Jewish press, are


preponderantly against any attempt to intervene to save the


Gentile world from the same dastardly fate that has overtaken


Russia. The Gentile Christian therefore, is thrown back upon the


inevitability of a clashing of two opposing philosophies, Judaism


with its Bolshevistic basis, and Christianity with its aggressve


Constitutionalism. These two great philosophies must fight out


their war. All of it is bigger than the individual Jew or the


individual Gentile. So long as Jews as a people show no symptoms


of disapproving of Communism as we Gentiles oppose


Communism as a people, the hapless truth stands forth that Judah


as Judah must be considered and treated as Communistic and the






fate meted out to the one must be the end that befalls the other.


There are those who still cling to the archaic notion that a whole


people cannot be indicted for the acts of a few. But when the


“few” are the admitted and avowed spokesmen for a race, and no


general protestation of their declarations concerning their whole


people is forthcoming from that people, its organizations, its


clergy, or its press, then the axiom is again just another bit of


brickdust in the eyes of the gullible or unwary. Why else are


leaders recognized or tolerated, unless they speak or act for great


masses of individuals making up a “people”? If they speak and


act without rebuke, then their utterances and behaviors must be


accepted as having the approval of that people. And for such


approval a whole race can be indicted!


It can be indicted in penalty, at least, when vast issues—and


masses—come to blind grips.


THUS is Communism presented, not any movement of the lowerbracket


laboring classes to get their rights, but the most gigantic


world hoax ever advanced by a minority to subdue and subjugate


the majority, that human history has recorded. Happily, in these


United States, the Jew as supreme hoaxer of the Gentile in this


regard, is being partially found out in time to have his


Gargantuan game seriously disrupted, exposed, held up to the


opprobrium and reprisals which it so fulsomely deserves. Matters


are not going so good for Jewry in the light of such exposures,


therefore; and everywhere throughout Gentile America, the Jew


is “on the spot.” . . . What will be the outcome?


You have read this book. In the light of its attestments, should the


Jew be disfranchised and eliminated from civil government and


further economic monopolies, or should he be allowed to conduct


this country to that status of insufferable devastation that in


reprisal the Gentile rises up and exterminates him literally? Day


unto day the decision draws nearer.


Make it, inevitably, the awakening masses of American Aryans








What is your decision?


You are a unit in that preponderant Gentile mass whose ultimate


fiat is America’s destiny! It is your fight, my reader, and as you


do or do not condemn through your press and your lawmakers


this megalomania of Jewry, will that fight succeed or fail.


Success means return to the type of nation which you knew in


your childhood. Failure means the programs of Lenin, Trotsky


Bela Kun, enacted on your soil. What real choice have you? How


long then, reader, will you assent to being hoaxed?






On December 12, 1938, the Daily Worker, New York City,


official organ of the Communist Party in the United States, featured


the following editorial:




January 12, 1931, Comrade Stalin gave the following reply to an


enquiry made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of America:


“Replying to your enquiry, National race chauvinism is a survival


of the man-hating ethics characteristic of the period of


cannibalism. Anti-Semitism, as an extreme form of race


chauvinism, is the most dangerous survival of cannibalism. Anti-


Semitism benefits the exploiters for it serves as a lightning conductor


to divert from capitalism the blows of the toilers. Anti-


Semitism is dangerous for the toilers, for it is a false track which


diverts them from the proper road and leads them into the jungle.


Hence, Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be


irreconcilable and bitter enemies of anti-Semitism. In the USSR


anti-Semitism is strictly prosecuted as a phenomenon profoundly


hostile to the Soviet system. According to the laws of the USSR


active anti-Semites are punished with death.”




Said Earl Browder, Communist candidate for President in 1932:


“‘We Communists are unscrupulous in our choice of weapons we


allow no consideration of legality, religion, patriotism, honor


duty, etc., to stand in our way to the adoption of effective weapons.


We propose to develop, and we are developing, regardless of


the capitalists’ conception of legality, fairness, rights, etc., a


greater power, and then wrest from them by force the industries’.”


Listen to Moissaye Joseph Olgin, Russian born editor-in-chief of


the Jewish Daily Morning Freiheit, New York City, and head of


the Jewish section of the Communist Party, U.S.A., as quoted in


the Congressional Record:


” ‘We Communists say there is but one way to abolish the capitalistic


state (referring to the U. S. A.) and that is to smash it by


force; this means Civil War!'”


Major General George Van Horn Moseley, U. S. Army, retired,


quoted the above statements in addressing some 2,000 patriotic


Christians in Philadelphia, March 28, 1939, on preparedness


against the local, national and international menace and said,


“Thank God, we still have our constitutional right to bear arms!”








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