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I dont know what more evidence you want, here are evidence abundant that Hitler was forced to go to war – Hitler did NOT want war. But this dont start with Hitler, it started many years before anyone heard of Hitler.

There are two major factors that shaped the world from 1880s to present, one is jewish zionism. The book here at this blog: The Hidden History of Zionism is mandatory reading. If you dont understand what jewish zionism is, then you can simply not understand your own history.

Religious judaism says that when God says so all the jews shall return to Israel. What the zionist-jews said was: -We cant wait for God, we have to fix it ourself. Most jews rejected zionism as blasphemy, against God’s will.

The first zionist settlements started in the 1880s, all paid for by Edmund Rothschild, Great Britain. This is the start of the problem we are in today in the Middle East. BUT – another factor is oil in ME and Great Britain.

To understand the GB factor and oil you have to understand what GB was at the time, the biggest empire in the history of man. The GB empire was global, America – north and south, Australia, Africa and everywhere in between GB had colonies. Look at a globe – what do you see? Blue – that is water, 71 percent of earth is water. If you have a global empire you must control the seaways, and to do that you must have a navy.

GB had the largest navy in the whole world, so GB was king of the waves. And this is what ww1 really was about seen with GB eyes – to rule the waves. If you have 100 navy sail ship and your enemy have one coal driven navy ship you lose. In the late 1800s the GB navy shifted from sail to coal. Then came de oil driven navy. If you have 100 coal driven navy ship and your enemy on oil driven navy ship – you lose.

So what do you do if you are GB and want to stay on top? Get a oil driven navy.There was oil in Pennsylvania in America and in the Middle East. If you are GB, you can not put your navy at the mercy of America and rely that you will have all the oil you need to keep your navy going from one sourse. So what do yuo do if you are GB and all your might – the navy – depend on oil? You go to the Middle East an take oil wells that you control.

GB had here own stratiegic reason to be in the ME – oil. This had nothing to do with jews or zionism, that was all about the navy, to be a able to keep ruling the waves. The first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. There was 200 jews from the whole world present. You think: -200 jews, and what of it?

Well, these 200 jews and some hundred more jews changed the worlds history from then on. Most people do not have a clue what this few jews did and what they did and how they did it. I know what they did and I will tell you in short what and how they did it.

Some non-jews like jews and the zionist idea, other non-jews do not like jews, and they also liked and supported zionism. The reason is that when the jews got a homeland of their own, then the non-jews who dont like jews can tell the jews that they have a homeland and can go there instead. They wanted to get rid of the jews and that is why they supported zionism. There is some religious mumbu-jumbo about zionism, that is why the non-jews that like jews also supports zionism.

What you have to understand is that the zionist jews are a very small group of jews, most jews simply refused to have anything to do with zionism. But its not about the number, its about who you know and what you want, and the zionist jews wanted Palestine. The only question to those few zionist jews was: How do we get Palestine?

Palestine belonged to the Ottoman Empire, so the zionist jews did go to the Sultan and asked if he couldnt give Palestine to the zionist jews, or they could pay for it. The Sultan refused, so that way was closed. What to do? Tsar Russia, the worlds largest country, 1/6 of the land masses in the world, wouldnt mind to get rid off a rivel OE, so of course the zionist jews went to the Tsar and asked him if he couldnt take over OE and give Palestine to the zionist jews.

Why would the Tsar do that? Well, again, some non-jews dont like jews and the Tsar had big problems with the jews in Russia. What the zionist jews told the Tsar was in essence this: -Give us Palestine and we will help you get rid off your jewish problem, in essence, make all the jews in Russia to go to Palestine. Then the zionist jews did the same thing to Germany’s Kaiser and to the Queen of GB.

GB, Russia and Germany had their own strategic reason to get rid of the Sultan and the Ottoman Empire. This had nothing to do with jews or zionism, it was about oil and to get rid off a competitor. If they at the same time could get rid off the jewish problem, that would be a great benefit. This is the reason why so few jews could get so much power, they got help from the kings and queen.

What you have to understand is that Palestine is next to the To understand the importance of Suez you only have to look at a globe. Its a shortcut to India and the rest of GBs empire to the east from London. No Suez the mightiest sea nation in the world had to go around Africa. And on top of that you have the oil in the ME.

The question was not if the OE days was numbered. the only question was: Who is going to do it and hand over Palestine to the zionist jews? GB was losing the war. Germany helped Lenin to Russia and the reason is that he promised to make peace with Germany. Then Germany could take the troups on the eastern front to the western front. England was close to finished, then the zionist jews told GB that they dident have to lose the war if America came into the war.

The Balfoure declaration is a promise from GB to give Palestine to the zionist jews – if they could get America in the war, and that the zionist jews did. Most likely you will say: -How did they do that?

I did that myself the first time I heard about this: -How the hell did a few jews get America in world war one?

Lets look at the irrefutable facts: Some 90 percent of all americans was against american involvement in ww1 – despite that its a fact that America was in the war. If America hadent gone into ww1, Germany would have won, but America did go into the war and Germany lost ww1. How did the Global Jew Mafia do that and why have none told me this before?

Can you write? Moste people cant write – they can only read. So the question is: Who write what Im reading? Jews are writing everything you ever read in your whole life, and if you can write and get it published, who do you think will shape your mind: The one that can rwrite and get printed or the ones that only can read?

You can only read, and even if you can write you will not be printed. Why? Because a small group of jews own the whole propaganda-machine you call “media”. Everything you ever read has gone thru a jewish filter. How the Global Jew Mafia did get America into world war one.

“This author has been in a position since 1912 to witness what was going on behind the scenes. This author served on the National Democratic Committee in the 1912 campaign that elected President Wilson to his first term. No doors have been closed to this author since then.”

Seven U.S. Presidents, Jewish Pawns

Benjamin.H.Freedman – an ex Mafia Jew tells how the Global Jew Mafia got America into ww1 – Seven.U.S.Presidents Jewish Pawns

The Hidden History of Zionism

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  1. Crap, the truth REALLY does hurt , but I’m a big boy, and fear revisionist writings From those who distort what actually happened in the past. Keep up the good work, because everything I read from you guys, my parents told me when I was young , and I thought they we’re the only ones who thought like that . Thank you, Daniel Kleinmeier , in Freeport , NY.

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